Reasonable questions exist. Why are Lelo sex toys expensive. Does the price of love have to be that high? But, just how expensive are Lelo sex toys for men and women? Expensive means something costs a lot of money.  What’s a lot of money?  How can we make a judgment that an item is overpriced? Exactly how are prices determined?

A number of factors are involved in pricing.  A final product goes through a long process before it finally is ready for sale. Many variables contribute to cost along the way. Design, engineering, production, materials, labor, time, marketing, and supply chain all add to final price.

To consistently make top selling toys, more attention has to be paid to detail and quality throughout the entire process.  That attention to detail translates into higher prices. In Lelo’s case, careful attention to detail is an integral part of the entire process.  Ultimately, a company like Lelo wants to make the next best sex toy and it costs money to accomplish their goal.

Are Lelo Sex Toys Too Expensive?

In order to answer that question, we compared prices of popular Lelo sex toys with similar products from other manufacturers.

For example, Lelo makes a highly rated clitoral stimulator called the Sona.  They also offer additional variations; Sona Cruise and Sona Cruise 2. All of the devices offer various settings of sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris.  All the Sonas are rechargeable, made of soft silicone and safe for the shower.  Their retail price runs from $79 to $125.

In addition, another highly rated Lelo clitoral stimulator, the Sila, retails for $169. Its mouth is wider than the Sona and, therefore, fits a diverse range of body types.

For comparison purposes, we looked at the Aer Suction Toy. The New York Times Wirecutter service ranks the Aer Suction Toy as its favorite clitoral sex device. It sells for $95.  In a head to head comparison with the Lelo Sona the Times cites the Aer’s wider mouth as an advantage.  In contrast, the Sona’s power was deemed superior.

The Lelo Sila offers both the wider mouth and the superior but for a higher price.

So, when Lelo clitoral devices are compared with other leading products on the market, comparable prices exist.  Lelo becomes more expensive when it comes to its higher end options where few companies offer a comparable product.

Love Honey Extra Powerful Wand Vibrator vs. Lelo Smart Wand 2

What about familiar wand vibrators? Both Love Honey’s Extra Powerful Wand and Lelo’s Smart Wand 2   rank high in numerous reviews.  Each features multiple intensity levels and are easy to use. Where the Lelo product is waterproof, the Love Honey is not. And, where the Lelo Smart Wand 2 uses soft silicone throughout, the Love Honey Wand uses hard plastic in spots.



Pleasure and ease of use with both products rank high. The biggest difference is price. The Love Honey Wand retails for $69.99. The Lelo Smart Wand 2 sells for double that price.

In this instance, the Lelo product is more expensive than a comparable competitor.

Why Are Some Lelo Toys More Expensive?


Lelo states on its site that its pleasure products “aren’t cheap.”

The reason why “comes down to production.” In contrast to competitors, Lelo manufactures their scientifically engineered products in a factory it owns and controls. They make the product from beginning to end; from conception to finished product. And, they’ve down so for years.

Other companies simply do not.

As a reviewer writes, Lelo is a premium brand and its price reflects its high quality.  Like many, they are loyal, satisfied customers. “You have to pay to play” is their mantra.

Not surprisingly, a wide range of customers reflect a similar sentiment. Lelo products perform as advertised, they are made of the highest grade silicone and they last. Their attention to detail is best captured by the fact that Lelo sex toys don’t have seams.  Product material is not only soft but the surface does not cause irritation to sensitive body parts. Lelo toys are rechargeable and rechargeable toys, like Lelo, are always more expensive. In addition, Lelo also offers great customer service and warrantee.

So, yes, for many budgets, Lelo sex toys cost a lot of money.  Do they cost too much money?  Given the quality and longevity of Lelo sex toys, they’re worth the cost. One of our associates offered their view on Lelo products. “They’re an investment that we decided to make in our relationship and it continues to pay off.”

Kardashians Love Lelo

Let’s face it, regardless of your opinion about the Kardashians, they are ultimate trendsetters and they indulge in high luxury items.  So, it’s worth noting that when the Kardashian family gifts each other sex toys, they select Lelo.

OK, this juicy anecdote does not answer key question, are Lelo sex toys expensive? But, it does put Lelo in a distinguished category.  Let’s be real. When the Kardashians gift each other, especially when it comes to something like a sex toy, it’s going to be top of the line. It augments what most Lelo customers say.  Lelo is worth the price no matter what your level of investment.

The following observation is from one of those satisfied customers. “Most toys are expensive. There has to be profit made from all the investment.  Profit not only pays salaries, but it funds research and development. Lelo is the industry leader when it comes to developing new and improved products. Lelo is worth the price…So, I always wait until they are on sale before I buy.” (italics added)

Well, wait no longer your sale has arrived.

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