Welcome to FE’s Lelo Spring Sale. What better way to celebrate a world in bloom than to awaken your spirit to new possibility?

For the next two weeks in celebration of seasonal rebirth–March 29 thru Memorial Dau–you can purchase select Lelo products for as much as 30% off our listed price!

Crazy, right? Let’s get busy!

Introductory Products: 20% Discount Off of Regular Price

If you are a first time buyer, a newbie to the sex toy scene or a curious shopper hunting for a deal, start here.

Lelo Sona


Sona is a sonic clitoral massager. It doesn’t rely on vibrations like a conventional sex toy. Instead, it uses sonic waves and pulsates to stimulate the entire clitoris.  The Sona pleasures more than the part you can see and touch.

Eight different settings allow you to experiment until you find your perfect sensation. The Sona is 100% waterproof, perfect for the bath, shower or hot tub.

A great way to discover Lelo products.

Regular price:  $69.00

Sale price: $55.20

Lelo Sona Cruise


Toe-curling sonic waves offer fast yet gentle clitoral stimulation for mind-blowing pleasure.

The Sona Cruise offers the biggest mouth for complete satisfaction inside and out.  Its cruise control feature increases intensity when pressed hard against your body.  Don’t worry, you’ll be pressing hard and experiencing consistent pleasure—every time.

Regular price:  $79.95

Sale price: $63.95

The Lelo Mia 2


Going on a trip and want to sneak a friend along for a secret rendezvous? Invite the Lelo Mia 2 for a Lelo tryst.  It’s small, discrete and looks like a tube of lipstick.  And, it promises to put a smile on your face.

The Mia 2 offers six vibration patterns with adjustable strength. In addition, it is fully waterproof and will love to join you in a hot bath or shower once you reach your destination.

Regular price: $85.80

Sale price: $68.64

Intermediate Products: 30% Spring Sale Discount

Lelo Femme Mona Wave


Lelo Femme Wave Deep Rose Vibrator for the orgasm to end all orgasms. Surrender to wave upon wave of intense sensations, with the world’s first G-Spot stimulator that truly massages you internally. With its voluptuous form and beckoning come hither finger like motion,  FEMME MONA Wave not only takes you to the limits of pleasure, but pushes you over the edge to a whole new world. All of this in a sleek, 100% silicone design that is both rechargeable and waterproof, with 10 vibration settings that will leave you gasping for more. Features: contoured design for targeted G-Spot massage. Rises and falls like an expert lovers fingers. 10 vibration patterns and with adjustable speeds. 100% waterproof and rechargeable approximately 2 hours use. Ultra smooth, body safe all over Silicone design.

Regular Price: $179.00

Sale Price: $125.30

Lelo Alia Deep Rose

Alia is an elegantly playful intimate massager, where gorgeous simplicity inspires a host of exciting possibilities. Entirely couple friendly and a beautiful gift idea, her smooth outer shell glides over the skin, as near silent vibrations draw from the powerful motor housed within. Made with the smoothest body safe Silicone with an ABS plastic core, Alia is completely waterproof and boasts a signature 3 button interface that controls vibration intensity through 6 variable modes. Fully rechargeable to offer no less than 4 hours of pleasure, Alia arrives in LELO’s award winning packaging complete with an USB charger, satin storage pouch, and insignia brooch.

Regular Price: $169.99

Sale Price:  $118.99

Lelo Ora 3


Lelo Ora 3 Oral Pleasure Stimulator Deep Rose for women who will settle for nothing less than award-winning oral sex, Ora 3 allows you to melt into a moment of genuine bliss. PreMotion Technology uses more firm and precise nub rotating motion, for 25% faster real feeling oral stimulation. The pleasure nub rotates and vibrates, like a tongue, but better. The world’s most intuitive oral sex simulator offers sensation of oral sex that will have you coming back time and time again. Ora 3 uses a mind blowing combination of different vibration patterns and an ultra smooth rotating node that simulates the feeling of indulgent oral pleasure. Ergonomically perfected for a firm, controlled tongue like feeling. 12 pleasure settings. Whisper quiet. 100% waterproof. Fully rechargeable.

Regular Price: $169.95

Sale Price:  $118.95

Experienced Shoppers:

25% Spring Sale Discount

The Lelo Tiani 2


The Lelo Tiani 2 is a remote controlled couples’ massager that promises satisfaction for both partners during intimate lovemaking.  Its soft silicone exterior is pliable, waterproof and responds directly to your movement.  In other words, when you tilt your remote, Lelo’s “SenseMotion Technology” responds with a different sensation. The toy moves as you move. And, aroused bodies respond to that sensation as you hope they might. In addition, the remote control offers eight different vibration modes.

Created for female insertion, the Tiani is designed to stay comfortably in place while providing ample room for a male partner to join in the fun.  Simultaneously, an exterior vibrator stimulates the clitoris adding to the pleasure you will be experiencing inside.

Regular Price: $159.00

Sale Price: $119.25

The Lelo Gigi 2



Ever have those nights where you can’t get to sleep? You know if you could just enjoy a quick discrete orgasm, you could drift right off to dreamland. But, you don’t want to wake your partner.  And, you just want to quietly do your thing without any big production.

If so, the Lelo Gigi 2 is your ticket to dreamland. It’s very quiet with a curved design and flattened tip that lets you go inside or out, g-spot or clit. And, no one else has to know.

Regular price: $139.00

Sale price: $104.25

The Lelo Tor 2 Couples’ Vibrating Ring


Intercourse is about sharing sexual pleasure, right? The Lelo Tor 2 does just that. Imagine a cock ring designed with the clitoris in mind. Oh baby!  Plus, it’s double the female pleasure: a clitoral vibrator along with penetrative sex. And your male partner revels in his own multiple pleasures. Not only does he indulge in the intercourse ride but gets to enjoy his own vibrating pleasure and a sustained cock ring erection.

Regular price: $139.25

Sale Price: $104.25

The Advanced Practitioner: Spring Sale Discounts

The Lelo Sona Cruise 2

As reviewed in a previous FE blog, our favorite product is the Lelo Sona Cruise 2.  It is a clitoral massager that changes the nature of the game. Unlike other devices that use vibration to stimulate only the visible clitoral nob, the Sona Cruise 2 uses sound waves to reach the entire clitoris. The result is an orgasm that will keep you cumming back for more.

Regular Price: $99.99

Sale Price: $86.45

The Lelo Soraya Wave

OK, Lelo has the clitoris covered, how about G-spot stimulation?

The Lelo Soraya performs G-spot magic like the Sona Cruise answers clitoral prayers. It is a soft, pliable rabbit vibrator that not only satisfies the G-spoit but invites the clitoris to the party.  Again, Lelo maximizes sexual pleasure with a device that promises multi-dimensional orgasm.  And, like most Lelo sex toys, it is compatible with water.

Regular Price: $185.95

Sale Price: $167.35

The Lelo Ida

Ida is the “ultimate couple’s toy.” A wide range of powerful vibrations combine with internal swirling rotations to maximize vaginal sensation. While the delicate internal rotation gently massages the G-spot, the Lelo Ida’s exterior base simultaneously parties with the clitoris.  This unique combination of multiple sensations is a first of its kind.

Invite a penis down the love tunnel to join the party and menage a Lelo is underway. Talk about a bonus!

Like all Lelo products, the Ida is waterproof and fully rechargeable. Its packaging is exquisite and directions are so clear even we could figure them out. The remote control includes Lelo’s SenseMotion technology where a slight tilt of your hand will create a new set of welcome vibrations.  Get ready for hours of delight.

Regular Price: $179.00

Sale Price: $159.95

Men’s Toys: Spring Sale Discounts

The Lelo F1S V2

Lelo describes the penis sleeve as the “next generation of the ultimate pleasure.”

A pleasure console connected to the Lelo app lets you control the pleasure instensity.  In case you miss some of the details during extended ecstatic moments, the app provides feedback that promises to guide you to your “ultimate orgasm.”

As a result, you just have to slip the device on your willing penis and enjoy the ride. Lelo will take care of the rest.  Its two encased motors provide both vibrations and sonic waves to double your pleasure. In addition, the soft silicone interior feels like a place your penis wants to be.

All you have to do is lube up, slip your dick in the sleeve and play with the 10 different sittings.  Don’t worry, you’ll find one in particular that sings to your penis just as you like it.  Link your F1S V2 to the Lelo app and you can return to your preferred place whenever the mood beckons.

Regular Price: $229.00

Sale Price: $194.65

Lelo Hugo


The device looks like a wishbone turned on its side.  The upper side is a bit thicker than its counterpart and has a more pronounced bulbous top.  When anally inserted, the bulb massages your prostate. The lower side looks the same, just smaller.  It’s for stimulating the perineum. While the larger size massages the prostate, the smaller part plays with the erogenous zone between your testicles and anus doubling your pleasure.

Believe me, the combination feels really good, really, really good.

The Hugo has six different strengths and vibrations. Take time on your maiden voyage to play with the tilt of the remote control. You will find a lower intensity when holding it horizontal that increases to maximum strength when completely vertical.

The more you play with your Hugo, the more you will discover what best pleases you. For instance, if you tilt the remote back, the inserted bulb will massage the back of your prostate.  It’s a rare opportunity to fully explore your erogenous zones and be able to return to the sensation whenever you like.

Regular Price: $219.00

Sale Price: $186.15

Spring Sale Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t love a good sale? You will not find these same sale prices anywhere else. So, jump into the FE Spring Sale while it lasts. You won’t be sorry. Visit our shop to peruse discounted items and other great bargains. And once you receive your Lelo item, follow these simple steps.

  1. Add a generous amount of Uberlube personal lubricant to the device.
  2. Play with the available settings until you find the right one for maximum pleasure.
  3. Enjoy the ride.

Let Lelo open your springtime bloom. Don’t forget to smell the roses while you take it all in. You’ll be glad you did.

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