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Finding Erotica

Finding Erotica is a romance for the ages. Two people fall in love, a wondrous ebony woman, a smitten white man, and embark on an erotic journey that lasts a lifetime. Along the way, they face life’s many challenges and, strengthened by their shared commitment, explore worlds they never thought they would go or, in some cases, never knew existed. Ultimately they discover a deeper place filled with love, passion, romance, and, yes, ultimately they find a new understanding of each other when they find erotica.


Finding Erotica Book 2

Finding Erotica Book Two: Happy Ending

By My’Kuyah Anteros with Ms. Erotica “I was dying to find out what happened to Ms. E and MK. to tell you the truth, I missed them. Happy Endings rewarded me for my patience. Their tale is both a story of our times and a lesson for our times. We all deal with the ups and downs of life and love. Book Two gives us hope that no matter what challenges we face, love, romance, and deep passion can not just endure but can grow. Can’t wait for Book Three…”— Vee Niz, Los Angeles CA
Erotic Stories

“It’s a story that they are writing together, one with many chapters, and neither partner knows how it will end. There’s always a place they haven’t gone yet, always something about the other to be discovered.”

– from ‘Mating in Captivity’ by Esther Perel. –

Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories
Finding Erotica is the tale of star crossed lovers, Ms. Erotica and MyKuyah, whose search for love is enhanced by a shared exploration of eroticism…  


Erotic Stories
Looking for ways to start exploring your sexual desires? Or do you need to reclaim your sexuality after fighting cancer? Interested in bringing toys into the bedroom? Ms. Erotica and MyKuyah offer tips and advice on these topics and more.


Erotic Stories
No topic is off limit in the Forum. Here you will be able to openly talk about, and explore areas of sexuality that you are curious about. No judgement or negative talk is allowed! Just a safe, supportive community of open-minded friends.


Erotic Stories

Want more? Read about Ms. E and MyKuyah’s story, follow them on a journey of exploration of their erotic stories desires and their search for love and connection. Browse items to rekindle the passion in your relationship and explore different facets of your sexuality.

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Erotic Stories
Erotic Stories
Finding Erotica Book
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