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Finding Erotica Book One and Two

Book 1 Chapter 1: A Song of Beatific Erotica

He lies between her thighs; his face inches from her most sacred place and takes in every detail. He sees her beauty in the nuanced delicacy of her brown sugar lips and his quest for Erotica begins with that single simple detail. Like a solitary note in a song that hangs in the air and is so resonant that it makes his heart ache, a note so rich, so full he never wants it to end. When it does he wants to hear it again. The single note is accompanied by another and the new note enhances and extends the initial sound. Her beauty is like that. A single detail of her body: glistening moisture gathered on delicate lips resonates between her golden thighs like a single note so rich in its depth that it makes him yearn. He doesn’t ever want to lose the thrill he feels every time he sees her. It’s always like the first time his eyes beheld her, naked, lying before him offering herself entirely at that moment and she let him breathe her touch her taste her knowing that at some point the moment would end but hoping against hope that it will go on forever and she offers more details, more notes and together they create a melody and the melody causes his heart to break because it is so fucking beautiful and the melody becomes a song and the song is her and she sends vibrations through him, touches the untouched recesses of his soul and it leaves him with a single utterance: oh my God how I love this heartbreakingly beautiful song of a woman, my song of Sweet Beauty, my Beautiful Ms. Erotica.

Book 1 Chapter 2: First Good bye

They agreed to meet at three o’clock behind the pot bellied stove. Nerves jangled his judgment throughout the day. Simple decisions grew complicated: what should he wear; would his good bye gift be too much; when should he tell her his good news?

He arrived early, a bit too early, early to the point where doubt seized every opportunity to unravel his excitement. Ms. Erotica arrived late, radiant, but late. “Sorry My’Kuyah, traffic…” She kissed him on the cheek and then sat down across from him. They ordered drinks and chatted, warmed by each other’s presence, warmed by the fire of the stove. This was their spot—hidden, away, quiet, a place where they could just be two ordinary people enjoying each other’s company, a place where they could simply be alone.  

Animated conversation ensued. Laughter punctuated engaging stories.  She wore a form fitting simple black dress that accentuated every graceful movement of her chocolate fit body. A silver necklace pressed against her breasts and grazed over her nipples each time she swayed with laughter or lifted an arm to emphasize a point.  “This is glorious,” he remembered saying to himself, “absolutely glorious.” 

His mind went to the first time he imagined her naked. He got aroused fantasizing about the golden globe of her right breast, erect brown nipple standing at attention in the middle of an eminently delicious areola; her womanhood framed between golden thighs. Oh how he wanted to dive between those parted legs and taste her chocolate delight; oh how he wanted to do the same right now!

They sauntered down the hill to a restaurant where reservations at a secluded table awaited. A familiar hostess seated them and brought a bottle of wine he had ordered in advance, an Oregon pinot noir, the one that made the state’s wine industry famous.  They each tasted the small sip offered by the waiter for their approval. Her broad smile said it all: scrumptious, so good you want to drink it with a spoon. He poured them both a glass and they toasted. “To us.” They clinked glasses and savored deep drinks of the nectar they held in their hands.

“I have to tell you something,” he said after setting his wine glass back on the table.

“I need to tell you something first,” she said.

“OK, you go first. What is it?”

“You know I went down to LA to interview for a position with a film company, well, I got the job!” 

“That’s wonderful. Great news, way to go! I never had a doubt. Another toast!”

They raised their glasses and drank heartily.

“And that’s not all,” her look indicated something big was to follow.

“I’m on the edge of my seat; you found a place to live?”

She inched closer to the table. “I met a man.”

The world as he knew it, as he wanted it to be, fell away.  The table began to spin.  There was not enough room in his body for both her words and for air. He felt sick.

“You OK?” she asked.

“A bit too much wine in that last toast,” he scrambled to regain his composure like a boxer trying to make it to the bell after suffering a first round knockout blow.  Feigning a cough he grabbed a glass of water sitting untouched next to his wine and gulped half of it down.  “I’ll be OK.” He didn’t want to know the answer to the question he was about to pose. “Who is this lucky man?” Each word deadened his soul. He felt himself drift away. 

His reaction didn’t dampen her palpable excitement. She described a Hollywood Don Juan: sleek, blinged out, a man on the make poised to chew up the most beautiful woman My’Kuyah knew.

The rest of the evening was a blur. He never gave her his gift; never shared his good news. Reality ambushed his dreams and left town in her backseat. He tossed them all away when he kissed her good bye.

For years he chastised himself. He should have known better. He never should have fallen in love with a younger woman, never should have indulged in fanciful dreams about her, never should have created a future based around his puppy dog feelings.

And now she’s back along with every feeling he’d fought to keep suppressed for the last quarter century. 

A persistent nightmare returns along with her. No matter how he tries he can’t make it go away. They’re together: happy, laughing, about to make love. Something happens, different things in different versions of the dream. Tonight’s has him getting up to blow out a candle. When he turns back to kiss her, she’s gone.

Book 1 Chapter 3: Second Chances

He lies on his back and sucks in deep gulps of air. Pronounced exhales whistle past pursed lips. “What the fuck am I doing?” His dog rises from a deep slumber at the foot of the bed and glances his way awaiting an answer. “I don’t quite know old buddy,” is the best he can offer. It’s enough for the dog who is quickly back to chasing wild creatures in his dreams.
Daylight can’t come soon enough. He’s on edge—too much anxiety, too much wanting her. He sticks to his regular routine. Hot green tea followed by three hours of writing, breakfast and then he takes his patient dog for a long walk.
He worries about what to wear and then smiles. When worries reduce to mundane questions about what to wear the world is good. His eyes lift from the ground and behold the sky. He considers the geese circling overhead and feels the east wind bite his cheeks. The day calls for roses, the darkest red he can find, something befitting the woman who monopolizes every moment of his thoughts, the lovely Ms. Erotica.
Three p.m. approaches. Lines from a Raymond Carver poem run through his mind as he closes in on their meeting place: “Fear of being late and fear of arriving before anyone else.” He’s early. Not good, he doesn’t want to sit alone at a table with a dozen roses waiting for her to show. She won’t be on time. Hell, she might not even show.
3:10. Perfect. A parking spot opens close to the front of the establishment. He gathers his coat, the flowers, his courage and opens the door. The room is dark. His eyes take a minute to adjust. Their spot behind the pot bellied stove is unoccupied. “Fuck!” He fights an overwhelming urge to leave but thinks better of it and claims a seat. A waitress comes over and he orders a bottle of red wine, two glasses.
“You must be My’Kuyah,” she says.
“Must I be?” a feeble attempt at humor that gets no response.
“I have a message for you; your party will be late. She said she’s caught in traffic.”
“Thanks.” He forces a smile and awaits the wine. A half of bottle later, still no show. The roses, too close to the wood stove, wilt, much like his spirit. 45 minutes late and counting. He decides to give her until 4:00 and pours himself another glass of wine.
Bewitching time. The bottle of wine is spent along with his patience. He gets up to pay his bill and leave. “These are for you.” He hands the roses to the waitress and heads for the door. The late afternoon sun is blinding. He’s light headed from the wine and squints towards the parking lot. The last thing he wants to do is drive home. A chair enveloped in a pool of sunshine and invites him to sit. It’s the firmest offer he’s had all afternoon. He obliges, lights a cigar and closes his eyes to the sun feeling its warmth mix with the wine and cigar across his cheeks.
A cavalcade of crashed romantic endeavors rushes through his mind. A familiar despair settles over him along with a second line from Carver, “Fear of waking up to find you gone.”
“This is the last fucking time,” he mutters to himself.
“The last fucking time for what?” Her voice startles him out of his funk.
“It’s you. Right on time.”
“It is indeed me in all my glory. Sorry I’m late.”
He looks away hoping to mask the emotions that are boiling inside.
The late and lovely Ms. E places her hand on his shoulder. “I am truly sorry my dear man. This is not how I wanted our reunion to start. Please forgive me.”
He doesn’t want to grant forgiveness. He wants to vent anger. The wine wants anger. The gut wrenching hours of anxious waiting want to yell “fuck you” and walk away. He wants to scream “it’s ruined, it’s over, I don’t want to let you make me feel like this ever again” but he doesn’t.
“I love you old man. I really do and I truly am sorry. Let’s get this right. I’m going inside, sit at our favorite spot and act like I’m the first one to arrive. If you would like to join me, I’d be thrilled. If not, I’ll understand.” She kisses his forehead and walks toward their designated spot. It remains empty.
“He just left,” the waitress announces from behind the bar. “Here,” she hands over what’s left of the roses, “I believe these are for you.” Tears unexpectedly gather at the corners of her eyes. She turns and runs for the door and surveys the area for any sign of him. The chair in the sun is empty. His cigar sits in an ash tray on the ground. “Oh no, don’t go, please wherever you are, don’t go.”
Ms. E runs down the path to the main parking lot. No sign of him. Her eyes scour the horizon to no avail. She slouches back to the chair—not a trace.
“I thought you were meeting me inside.” It’s MK!
“Oh my god, you’re still here? My dear man, I thought I’d lost you.”
“Just had to use the men’s room.”
She can only laugh, “Of course.” They wrap up in each other’s arms. “Please don’t ever walk away without me, ever. Promise me that. Never again.”
“I’m right here,” he says, “I’m not going anywhere without you.”
An extended embrace seals their promise. The rest of the world falls away. With tiny steps they move to the shade of a nearby tree. She leans back against the trunk and wraps her legs around his hips. Twenty five years of unrequited love explode in crazed kisses. Tree limbs seal their embrace, leaves quake with their passion.
“Fuck me now, right here,” she manages to eke out her words between urgent breaths. She reaches under her dress and pulls her thong to the side. “Let me feel you inside me MK!”
With one hand he continues to hold her close, with the other he unzips his pants and unleashes his hungry desire. She grabs it and plunges him into her soft pussy. A loud moan follows. “You have no idea how many nights I dreamed of your dick inside me. Every other part of you has been with me since I left, everything but your body.” She leans back into the crotch of the tree lifting her hips to meet his penetrations pulling him as far into her as she can. “Oh my fucking god.” The tree shudders with every thrust as if its limbs are caught in a blustery dance with an unexpected wind.
“Get a room.” A voice from behind breaks their extended reverie and reminds them of their whereabouts.
“Good idea,” he whispers in reply. “I reserved us one in the hotel.”
MK lifts her from the tree. She locks her feet around his waist. They waltz in coital embrace to the hotel leaving ecstatic moans in their wake. First down the hill, then up the stairs to the room, they make love with every step, pausing for mad kisses and deeper coupling every 10 paces. He struggles to get the key out of his pocket managing only to drop it on the floor. “Hell with it.” He leans her against the corridor wall and they continue to devour each other. Paintings shake. A door opens two rooms away. They fall to the floor. He’s able to grab the key, get it into the lock and shove open their door. They fuck their way into the room and kick the door closed behind them. Clothes fly everywhere. They taste, bite, suck, kiss, lick, squeeze, pinch, caress, penetrate every pore, every orifice, every curve of each other’s naked bodies moving from the floor to the bed, the bed to the wall, the wall to the tub, the tub back to the bed where they coo and catch their breath. Their lovemaking goes on all night, sometimes quiet, gentle kisses, other times roaring, ecstatic exclamations of joy until they finally fall asleep wrapped up in each other’s skin. He awakens before daybreak to find his valiant dick hanging on to the rim of her rectum. He nuzzles her kitchen, smiles at the sound of her contented purrs and prays for the night to never end.

Book 1 Chapter 4: Morning After

Late morning, Ms. Erotica rolls over to feel his chest against hers. “What time do we have to check out?”
“We don’t.”
“What?” Her right eye cracks open ever so slightly.
“I extended our stay for another night. Will that work for you?”
“Hmmm, I will make it work. Let me make a few calls first. OK?”
“No problem. I’ll go get us something to eat.” MK searches for his pants in the pile of last night’s passion. “I’ll pick up a couple of toothbrushes while I’m at it.”
“You are a smart man indeed, My’Kuyah.”
He returns with a complete breakfast for two, a couple of toothbrushes and a small tube of toothpaste.
Adorned in a white terry cloth robe, Ms. Erotica bounds across the room to meet him. “I’m yours dear man. I was able to move some things around until tomorrow.” She helps him with the food, unbuttons his pants and takes his dick between her lips. “Mmmm, tastes like me.” Her tongue draws him deeper into her mouth until it feels like she will swallow him whole. Before he knows it, MK is weak in the knees, panting and filling Ms. E’s mouth with ecstatic gratitude.
She leads him to their newly made bed and feeds him breakfast. Every morsel is followed with kisses. MK licks her fingers clean, licks her nipples and sips nectar from between her parted legs. Again they make love and drift into an early afternoon slumber. The color of her golden brown ear brings a tingle to his dick; the naps of hair on her neck make him hard. He buries his erection between her ass cheeks as they fall blissfully to sleep.
She awakens to find him staring at her face, tears in the corner of his eyes. “What’s wrong baby?”
“Nothing, nothing at all. I was just taking you in assuring myself that all of this is real.”
“And were you successful?”
“Indeed. It’s beautifully real sweet woman, beautifully, magically real.”
They spend the next couple of hours sipping juice and talking about their previous 24, laughing uproariously at the image of themselves fucking in the tree, at the clothes desperately strewn around the room. Eventually they begin to talk about the past and what might have been.
“Remember when I told you about the man I met at dinner way back when?”
“Ugh, how could I ever forget?”
“Before I dropped that bomb, and I’m sorry…he turned out to be a complete asshole with a stable of star struck innocent things like me, what a mistake that was, but that’s another story…anyway, you said you had something to tell me. But you never did. I don’t think I ever gave you the chance. What was it?”
Ms. Erotica feels him tense and rubs her hand across his chest. “It’s OK baby. I don’t want you to feel bad, I’ve just always wondered.”
MK’s eyes moisten. She kisses them before the moisture becomes tears. “I didn’t plan on telling you, ever.” A deep breath allows him to gather his thoughts before he decides to proceed with his story. “I was going to tell you that I had received a fellowship to do some research and writing in LA. I was going to move there so I could be with you.”
Silence hangs heavy between them.
She grabs fistfuls of her hair. “You’re fucking kidding me. Let me get this straight, you were going to be with me in LA,” her words spurt out as a statement, not a question.
“Yes. I couldn’t wait to tell you.”
“But when I told you about Mr. Man…”
“I decided not to ruin your party.”
“Did you turn the fellowship down?”
“What else could I do? You had your own life to live and it was eminently clear that you were well on your way. The look in your eyes when you told me that you met someone, well, I knew that I needed to let you be.”
“So you never told me. Oh my god.”
“And I planned to never tell you.”
“Oh my god!” Tears seep down her sumptuous brown cheeks. “Oh my sweet man, I get so sad when I think about how much we lost. All these years apart when it didn’t have to be…Let me love you old man.” She rocks him in her arms. Their tears meet at the juncture of their lips. “Let me love you for every minute we missed, for every minute we have left. Let me love you sweet, sweet man.”
She makes love to him: soft, slow, gentle love. His body shudders at her touch, quakes with every kiss. For hours she tenderly exorcises demons long buried in his soul. He feels re-born.
“I dream of moments like this,” she says, “but I never thought they’d ever come to be. So many times I wanted to call and talk. The only time I did, I’m sure you remember, was the night before your wedding. God, I felt so stupid.”
“What made you call that night of all nights, some sixth sense, coincidence?”
“I had a dream. I don’t remember the details; I only remember that you played a starring role and that I felt lovingly bathed in your warmth when I woke up. Something said to call and I did.”
“It’s a moment I’ve run over in my mind a million times: finally I got to hear your voice and then, bam, you asked me what I was doing. I wanted to be marrying you Ms. E. You know that, right? Your call confirmed what I knew in my gut, I was marrying the wrong person. The marriage was a disaster. She ended up fucking any scoundrel with a dick and a wallet. The only good thing to come from it was my daughter.”
“We’ve been star crossed from the get go MK.”
“You’re right. We have been. I wanted so much to reach out to you but never did. It just didn’t seem fair or right or whatever. Instead, you became my virtual lover, the lovely Ms. Erotica starring in all my best dreams. I’d be disoriented for days just moping around wanting the real you after one of your nocturnal visits.”
“I like that, virtual lover, that’s what you’ve been for me, too. You know how many times I’ve masturbated thinking of you? I affectionately called my favorite vibrator ‘Kuyah.’ Wore that damn thing out! It wasn’t like I didn’t have lovers. I did. And it’s not like they weren’t good, but there was always something missing, always this empty space that I thought maybe I was saving for you; other times I just thought it was the price I paid for turning my back on what I knew was real love. Tell me about those dreams dear ‘Kuyah. What was the box office favorite?”
“That’s easy, it’s a dream I still have and, to be honest, I want to act it out with you sometime.”
“Mmmm…sounds kinky sweet man. What kind of girl do you think I am MK?”
“I don’t quite know yet but after finding my white dick in your benevolent pussy outdoors, in a public place, with your beautiful brown ass in a tree, I think you might like what I’m about to tell you.”
“You have my undivided attention, My’Kuyah, lay some of your salacious imagination on me.”
“With pleasure, my dear Ms. E. It always starts like this…”
You’re alone and wearing a white gown. Sometimes it’s a wedding dress, sometimes not. It’s strapless, luminescent against your radiant brown skin. It hugs the contours of your glorious figure. I’m watching you get ready for an event, sometimes you’re completing final touches of makeup for your wedding, sometimes it’s your honeymoon night. You don’t know I’m there. I’m in a corner of the room, a shadow. You are looking at yourself in a mirror. The mirror is surrounded by lights. It’s the only illuminated spot in the space. You’re startled by movement behind you, a blur reflected over your shoulder in the mirror causes you to turn, somewhat alarmed, to see if anything or anyone might be lurking in the dark. As you cautiously search the room’s exteriors, I jump out and force my hand across your mouth. “Shhh”, I say, “it’s just me. I had to see you alone, just once.” Those are the last words we say.
You’re scared but soon calm down once you grasp it’s me. We kiss madly, hungrily. I reach around your shoulders and unzip your gown. I pull it down just enough to where your breasts dangle like a sacred offering above the line of the unfastened top. Your nipples grow hard as I rub the loosened bodice across them, swollen fruit ripe for the picking. I suckle each one. Drops of sweet nectar from your nipples fill my mouth and run down my chin.
I turn you around so you’re facing the mirror. You place your hands on the dressing table, lean forward and watch our reflection. I lift the hem of your dress over your bare bottom and proceed to eat your cheeks. Crushed soft berries the color and shape of your nipples drip down the crack of your perfect round bottom and I feast on the fruit of your ass. You want my dick inside you and I lubricate myself well with the juice from your breasts and the berries. My dick slides easily in and out of your receptive body. A kaleidoscope of colors engulfs us like flashing dance floor lights. You throw your head back and begin to breathe hard. Your ass is like a harvest bounty and I want to eat it and fuck it at the same time. In my mind I do. My hands surround your throat and hang on to your neck. Your ass anchors my dick. It feels like we’re flying and I’m the cape you wear.
I crave the taste of your pussy. It’s dripping wet like a freshwater spring. I take it whole into my mouth and I guzzle your bounty trying to satisfy a deep, unquenchable thirst. I can’t believe how good you taste, how good you feel, how stunningly beautiful you are and then, before I’m about to cum, I wake up, dick hard in my hand. Sometimes I just lie still and feel you pulsing through my arteries. Other times, I lotion my hand, close my eyes, picture you and stroke my dick until my hand fills with unrequited sperm. On the worse mornings I just lie there feeling a hole in my soul. That, I swear, is my dream.”
Ms. E cradles his head like she would a newborn and kisses his brow. “I love it, I love it a lot MK, but I have to tell you that you’re a sick man. Don’t worry you’re in luck because I’m a wicked woman. Let me tell you my dream.”
“I can’t wait to hear my dear.”

Book 1 Chapter 5: Ready This Time

“I’ll be down to see you,” he promises. “As soon as my term ends, so we can spend some quality time together.”
“You better MK, otherwise I might have to make some phone calls and you don’t want to know to who, or is it to “whom” my dear man that those calls will be made!” Ms. E winks amidst a broad smile.
“No calls necessary whatever the correct grammar. You think I want to let you get away again? I’ve learned from my mistakes. Shoot, I miss you already and you haven’t even left yet. You’re a part of me. I have to see you.” He reaches inside his jacket and pulls out an envelope. “Don’t worry, you won’t have to call anybody. I already have a ticket. I’m coming down to LA LA land to see you in a couple of weeks.”
“Let me see that.” She grabs for the envelope. He yanks it away. “Ohhh, don’t tease your girl, let me see.”
Holding it away from her grasp, he pulls out a plane ticket from Seattle to LA.
“Awwweee, you do love me.” She throws her arms around his neck and plants a big smooch on his lips. “I can’t wait dear man.”
“I got a hotel just to make sure I don’t cramp your style.”
“What style?” she laughs.
“I know you got a life.”
“Well I just might have to move into your hotel room. I could stand a break from the four walls of my apartment.”
“I was hoping you would. I’m going to see a friend and then drive down to see you. I’ll call when I get there. Meanwhile, you got a flight to catch.” Long, deep kisses are accompanied by a few tears. “Thank you for the last couple of days. It’s been a dream come true. I never thought I’d have the chance…”
“Me neither sweet man. Sometimes there are chances that come back and, if we’re lucky, we don’t miss them. We’re ready this time My’Kuyah. Let’s not miss what is right before us. OK?”
“Ahh, such sagely wisdom from a beautiful young woman.”
They kiss good bye, not the good bye of 25 years ago when she first left. This time it’s good bye for now; good bye until we see each again real soon. Ms. E runs off to catch her plane stopping to wave before disappearing into a crowd of people heading down the concourse.
MK yells through the crowd. “Your fantasy Ms. E, you never shared your fantasy.”

Book 1 Chapter 6: Revelations

Separated by a 1,000 miles, the distanced lovers share phone calls late into the night. MK decides to lessen that distance by writing love letters to Ms. Erotica. The letters become stories; the stories bring his distant lover to life. His first letter is a re-telling of events from the first time they touched.
Ms. E sits next to My’Kuyah on his couch, her profile highlighted by a candle atop the mantle behind her. The flame’s reflection flickers off her pronounced brown cheeks. The flame and cheeks exchange hints of her smile. Her smile speaks of the depth of her Beauty like a shimmering sea reveals sunlight.
MK hangs on every word that emerges from her lips. All he wants is to be there at that moment alone with her simply listening to her every utterance, taking in each sound, imbibing each nuanced movement she offers. No more: Just that.
Their conversation covers prior relationships, one of those ‘getting to know each other’ talks. Ms. E tells him about one man in particular saying, ‘And he brought me to a dungeon,’ she pauses and looks directly at him and asks, ‘you know what a dungeon is, right?’
MK thinks to himself, ‘She can’t mean what I think she means, can she?’ He nods his head and says “yes” but, really, he’s not sure.
She continues on about the man and the dungeon. MK has to be certain he knows exactly what she means so he stops her for a second and says, “Just to be sure we’re thinking of the same thing, what do you mean by ‘dungeon?’”
“What do you think I mean?” Ms. E asks.
“S and M.”
“Yes, BDSM.”
“Good,” he says, “that’s what I thought you meant.”
His body shakes thinking of her in the context of a dungeon and he unpacks fantasies from each successive word she utters. When she says ‘whip’ MK sees her dressed scantily in a black garter belt and him holding one. When she says ‘BDSM’ he imagines her in tall platforms, leather collar around her neck, strong black legs and him straddling her as she lays tied up on the couch.
She tells him she’s “curious” and wanted to know more of what BDSM was all about and some pretender deigned to show her but he wanted to show a number of women at the same time and that wasn’t her style. She tells MK that she is 100% with such things; he could offer only 10% at best.
“He was a domme,” she says.
Her words rocket MK back from his fantasies. He had already told her earlier in the evening of his crush for her, why stop the honesty there?
MK decides to go for it. ‘”The woman I was telling you about earlier that I was with for awhile was a sub.” He had never mentioned those words to anyone before and had never told anyone how much he missed being his former girlfriend’s master. And now he finds himself next to Ms. E, this beautiful woman who would give 100% of herself in the right situation, a woman he has adored for as long as he’s known her and with whom he is falling in love. The universe was opening up a door he feared would never open.
He tells her about the erotic stories he’s written and Ms. E asks to see them. He takes her to his office and reads two of them aloud.
She sits on the guest bed, arms embracing her legs, eyes sparkling, smile radiant, more beautiful than any woman could possibly be at that moment.
“I love these stories My’Kuyah. The sex parts are good but it’s the love and caring in your words that moves me the most.” She pauses for a second and readjusts her position looking away for a quick second. “I want to feel like that woman in the story, the one you bathed, oiled and cuddled while she slept. I want to know what that’s like. I want to know that feeling of being loved the way that you loved the woman in your stories. Can you do that for me or is that being selfish?’
MK feels the universe’s door open wider. “Yes, I can do that for you and, no, you’re not being selfish at all. Just give me a couple of minutes.”
He makes a fire in the living room and puts some vintage Aretha on the stereo. Her voice fills his home with songs that he has imagined dancing to with Ms. E so many times he’s lost count. MK returns to lead his Sweet Beauty from the office to his front room, gives her a cup of hot tea and covers her with a blanket. The fire’s warmth and MK’s strong arms embrace her; he asks her to dance. Ms. E submits to MK’s request and lets him and Aretha whisk her away. Slowly, gently, almost imperceptibly he removes her clothing piece by piece, dropping them in a pile on the couch. It is one of those rare perfect moments when she lets herself get swept away by a man.
He slow dances her over to a quilt he has spread before the hearth and lays her face down upon it. A bottle of oil placed by the edge of the fire waits for them, nicely warm from the toasty flames. He rubs his oil laden hands together and caresses her fit naked brown body from head to toe. Leaning forward MK whispers in Ms. E’s ear, “your skin glistens before the fire like moonlight on black ice.”
His hands circle her ample curves, ride the slope of her bottom to her lower back and follow her spine to her shoulders and neck and then back to her bootie before moving to feel the tender insides of her thighs. Ms. E smiles, her hopes that his touch will find their way to her dripping wet pussy realized. He flirts with her moist red stripe for a minute and then returns to her ass. Ms. E cherishes the ride. MK grabs both cheeks and caresses them, squeezes them, loves them. Ms. E moans in response, “Fuck yes MK, this feels so damn good.”
He parts her golden thighs and kneels between them like he’s kneeling before something holy, as if he’s bowing before the bottom curves of her ass, kissing each cheek, slowly, deeply, silently giving thanks before cupping them into his mouth. “You have no idea how much I want you inside me MK.”
His face follows the same path his hands just finished: exploring, pausing to leave light kisses along the way. He kisses her shoulders, neck and ears and then straightens up to massage her entire backside finishing with her calves and feet sucking each toe before fucking the space between them with his tongue.
MK turns Ms. E over to lie on her back. A tear escapes from his eye at the sight of her naked body lying fully exposed before him. He cradles her in his arms like a father holds a child. Another tear escapes and drops upon her forehead. MK follows it with kisses. ‘What a beautiful, beautiful woman. Years of fantasy and dreams never got close to imagining the magnificence I now hold in my arms Ms. E.’
MK lays her back down and slowly caresses every detail of her front side with his hands, his chest, his lips, warm oil allowing him to glide over the shapes that define her naming them as he goes: “your round breasts, your beautiful black areolas, your erect nipples, your rippled stomach, the “V” shape of your pelvic bones, the magic that lives in the space between your thighs, the curves of your hips, the supple strength of your athletic legs.”
‘Oh my god,’ he repeats quietly over and over like a prayer to what lays before him. He caresses and kisses every bit of her and then asks permission to kiss her pussy.
She wants to scream ‘yes, yes, fuck yes,’ but whispers “Yes, you may, sweet man” instead and MK gets busy. He licks her labia until her pussy lips part. He tastes the sweet nectar of the moisture gushing from deep inside Ms. E. He kisses her deep pink magic, simple tender kisses again and again and again.
Ms. E reaches down, takes the back of his head in her hands and pulls his face tight to her body. MK drinks deeply from her womanhood and savors every delicious drop.
“Fuck me MK. I want to cum with you inside me.”
His strong hands spread Ms. E’s legs. She takes hold of his swollen dick and thrusts him deep into her pliant pussy. “Oh yes MK. Fuck me hard. Make me howl. Make me cum like the women in your stories!”
He does. He fills her with boundless desire to the point where she gasps for air. They fuck wildly, warmed by their lust, warmed by the fire, warmed by their intense hunger for each other. They fuck until they both howl at the midnight flames. They fuck until they can’t, they fuck until they collapse on the quilt and can only lay back and indulge in the waves of orgasmic delight that wash over their satisfied bodies.
Ms. E falls asleep spooned in MK’s arms covered by a soft blanket. She awakens to find him bathing her with a warm cloth in front of the fire’s comforting flames.
“No one has ever loved me like you just did MK, no one. Thank you.”
“My pleasure Sweet Beauty; I adore you. I have from the moment we first met.”
Barely audible, she whispers back, “I know MK. I feel it in everything you do.”
“Let’s explore some of that curiosity that you have Ms. E.”
“I’d like that.”
“110 % Ms. E, not 10.”
Ms. E smiles and kisses his nose. “I’m all yours MK. Show me what you got to offer your Sweet Beauty.”

Book 1 Chapter 7: Virtual Love

He misses her so. Writing her helps fill the void and MK sends Ms. E daily letters. She writes back that the letters tell stories, romantic, erotic stories and she loves them. “Your words are so FULL and sweet. They’ve added a measure of peace to my soul. How comforting and loving your thoughts are towards me. Ohhhh, how I needed this; your stories touch me in more places than you know.”
He reads and rereads her responses hanging on her every word and then retreats to his office to write more, to find this woman he adores in the spaces between words. For hours on end, she’s with him. Sitting at his computer, he can touch her, taste her, smell her, make love with her and she responds back like a lover does when touched in the right place, in the right way. Her words moan in response to his, “Ummmmm, honestly I am speechless. I’m marinating in a blissful state from what I just read. I think I came 1,000 times. Please…more.”
He writes more. When he’s not writing her, he thinks about writing her even during mundane everyday tasks. While selecting broccoli at the market he invents getaways with her to Mexico. Stopped at a red light in his car, he constructs a lovemaking scene in a breezy tropical paradise.
One of her responses includes a selfie of her bootie. Drawing as close to his computer screen as he can, MK follows the curves of her round brown cheeks to their meeting place at the bottom of her ass. Words fly onto the screen as he imagines Ms. E’s ass in his mouth, his face between her cheeks, his tongue exploring every bit of her beautiful womanly lines. And then she sends a carefully cropped picture that reveals hints of pussy lips peeking out the side of a white lace panty; tantalizes him with the bottom of her full breasts, the suggestion of luscious black areolas—just enough to where he strains to see more. He sees more in his writing. In his letters her areolas are wet with his saliva, her pussy fully revealed, her teasing images laid bare.
“You should publish these,” she suggests in a phone conversation.
“My letters? They’re just stories for you.”
“And I love them, I do. But I’m serious. These stories are great. I read one the other day at work and got so wet I had to go to the restroom to wipe my pussy. No lie. Apparently I said ‘OMG’ loud enough to where the woman in the cubicle next to me asked what was going on. Your words get me hot MK. I hope you don’t mind, but I shared one of your stories with a friend of mine and she thought the same thing. I wanted to know if it was just me. It’s not. They’re good.”
“I want nothing more than to have my words bring you pleasure. I don’t know about trying to get them published. Let me think about it.” After two more days of rabid writing he makes her an offer. “OK. Let’s write something together. I haven’t written like this in years and it’s because I’m writing to you and about you. You’re my muse. So, write with me. Read what I send. Tell me what you think about it and give me prompts, suggest things you’d like to hear. Send me more pictures and share your secrets. What turns you on? What gets you wet? And write with me. Let me read what’s in your mind. Give me details of what you feel. Oh and tell me your best fantasy like you promised. Sound like something you’d be interested in doing?”
“I don’t know about the writing part. I’m not much of a writer…” she pauses for a moment before committing. “Sure. It’s a deal. Let’s do it. I certainly can give you some choice nuggets to fuel your imagination. Let me start with this to get you going: I like kink, for instance I love sucking dick without using my hands, but sometimes the real pleasure isn’t always found in the kink, it’s found in the simple joy of lovemaking. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read the freaky shit, but the thing that gets me wet is the tenderness that I find in everything you write.”
He flashes back to their two nights together in the hotel room and the contented purr that emanated from her when they quietly spooned naked in each other’s arms, his dick hard from being in her mouth, resting in her wet pussy, rocking her to sleep.
“So let me write about some hands free dick sucking in the context of serious love and see where that takes us Ms. E.”
He continues to spend each day banging away at his computer–ten stories; 50,000 words—until it’s time to see her. Every detail gets packed in his memory for his flight to LA.
He calls her first thing from the airport.
“My’Kuyah, how are you, how was your flight?”
Her voice is musical, so welcome to his ears. “I’m well,” he says, “flight was good. I can’t wait to see you. I’m planning on driving down Friday and was hoping to take you out for dinner. Will that work?”
“Yes, for sure. Dinner? Absolutely. I know a quaint Italian restaurant that sits on a corner where the view is just right that you’ll love MK.”
“Perfect. I got a hotel room close by you like I said. I’ll check in and then meet you for dinner at six.”
“I got my overnight bag packed old man. You still OK with me spending the night?”
“Ha! You kidding me Ms. E? I can’t wait to spend the night together. Maybe I can read you some new things I’ve written or maybe you can share that fantasy with me.”
“I’m planning on sharing a lot, what exactly do you have in mind?”
“I’ll leave that up to you. I just ask one thing, though. You must, you must, you must,” he repeats the phrase like a song, “expose yourself to me in a way that you’ve never done before.”
“Hmmmm, I’ll have to give that some thought but okay. I’ll come up with something. See you at six. I’m hungry already.”
“For me or for dinner?”
“Both old man.”
After two days of getting his ass kicked by his old friend on the golf course, he drives south to see the woman who has become the woman of his dreams. A multitude of images appear in his mind as he braves LA’s decaying freeways to meet her. He is sky high with anticipation by the time he gets to his destination: it is so damn good to see the real thing.
“My’Kuyah!” she greets him at six pm on the dot. “Good to see you again, I’ve missed you so much.” They lunge into a long awaited hug and squeeze hard. Fantasy merges with reality; images melt in with real flesh; mind’s eye matches physical eye. His world comes into focus. He has arrived. He is home.
She looks glorious in a nicely fit black dress that doesn’t give away too much of what’s underneath and he can think of nothing else but what may be underneath. The smell of her body is breathtaking, like fresh morning air. He wants to smell more.
Eventually they break their intimate embrace and work their way into the restaurant. They’re greeted by a maître’d who ushers them to a private table Ms. E has reserved. As soon as they sit down, he puts his hand on her knee and begins to rub up and down the length of her thighs. “I have missed you so. As much as I love the images of you, there is nothing, absolutely nothing as good as seeing you in the flesh.”
“If you’re a good boy, you just might get to see all of me in the flesh.”
“I’ve imagined you naked all day every day, for the last three weeks.”
The lighting in the restaurant is dark offering just enough illumination at the table to highlight their shared space. Background noise creates the illusion of a wall between them and other patrons. “You can start with this.” She reaches between her legs, pulls her lace panty to the side of her pussy lips and grabs his middle finger. “I want you inside of me.”
He luxuriates in the wet warmth that welcomes to the sacred space between her parted thighs.
“Fuck me with your finger,” she says silently by just moving her lips. His mind flashes to a similar scene from a story set in Mexico, the one he imagined while shopping for broccoli in his local market until the tight soft moist walls surrounding his finger brings him back to the real pussy at hand. His pace increases. Barely audible moans, just loud enough for him to hear, reward his clandestine efforts.
Her eyes capture his, again her mouth whispers, “Wipe me on your lips.”
Like a parched man crawling for weeks in an arid desert, he circles her taste around his chapped lips before plunging the lucky finger into his mouth accompanied by his own barely audible moan. “Thank you Beautiful. There is nothing on any menu that can hold a candle to the taste of your sweet cream. That’s all I want for appetizer, main course and dessert—your sweet cream. Your sugar on a platter, your sugar spread on warm bread, your sugar as a condiment…”
She smiles and calls a waiter over. They order appetizers, dinner and wine to complement her sugar. After completing the order, she instructs the waiter to lean down and whispers something in his ear. They exchange a smile. “No problem Madame. I’ll make sure you have that before leaving.”
The meal is delightful: a tangy Caesar salad, pasta fra diavolo and tiramisu for dessert. “I’ve always been attracted to you. You know that, right?” she asks as she feeds him that last of the cake. “I’ve always dreamed about making love with you, imagining how you kissed, what your touch would feel like…you have any idea how many times I’ve masturbated fantasizing about you eating my pussy? A lot, old man.”
She reaches between her legs and massages her wet red stripe. “Just like this My’Kuyah, except now I can do it with my eyes open and see you, right here.” She rubs more of her juices on his lips and then kisses him to share in the sweet taste of her delicious moisture.
“Come here you beautiful woman!” He enfolds her in his arms and takes back her sultry sexy taste and more with his tongue. “And here you are, looking better than your gorgeous pictures could ever hope to share.”
They kiss and giggle like young lovers all the way to the hotel room. “Make yourself at home. We have the whole night so relax and enjoy. There’s a nice big Jacuzzi tub. I’m going to run you some hot water. You can relax, sip champagne while we talk. I just want to go over some things about our writing venture and get that out of the way. Maybe even read a new story while you soak in the tub.”
“Yes, by all means.” She plops on the bed face down, dress up, butt exposed for his viewing. While he fills the tub with lots of bubbles, she spreads her knees and starts to grind her hips like she’s getting fucked. Extending her hands behind her back, she spreads open her cheeks exposing her anus and the pink of her pussy. “My’Kuyah,” in a soft sexy tone, “what’s on the agenda regarding our book?”
“Oh my goodness,” he gasps upon seeing her, “forget the book, let me get some of this bootie.”
“Stay focused old man; remember you said we need to talk about our stories.”
“Now you know I can’t focus on any stories with you like this. Let me see…stories or your naked bootie, stories or your naked, brown, perfectly round delicious ass. I want the real thing. I’m going to take your clothes off of you piece by piece and kiss every inch of you while I do. You relax. I’ll do all the work.”
“Oooh, yes. Whatever you say. Just turn on some sexy music for me, would you please?”
“Whatever you want Ms. Erotica. You just let me know.”
Slowly, gently, in rhythm with the sultry music of Eric Benet, he peels off her dress, her black lace bra, her thong. She lies completely naked before him, moisture leaking from her pussy, ass begging for a bite. He steps back to let his eyes feast on her beauty. “Mmmm, mmm, mmm! Look at you. What a stunning woman.”
“And it’s all for you sweet man.”
Images from their time apart intersperse with her naked presence. Her breasts and pictures of her breasts, her pussy and fantasies of her pussy, her full naked body, legs slightly parted, right here, right now, he lies between her legs and tastes her with the tip of his tongue. “So sweet Ms. Erotica, so warm and sweet.” He savors every drop and samples every morsel of her glorious body.
He has to suckle her breasts, lick her nipples until he feels them harden between his lips. He takes them into his mouth slowly rolling her between his lips, sighing, repeating quietly as if in a prayer, “You are so pretty my sweet girl, so beautiful.” He caresses her back, her hips, her ass, his hands rub the length of her body, circle her bottom, touch all of her curves, sometimes with a single finger, sometimes with only his palms, sometimes pausing to savor and squeeze a perfect undulation. His reverence for her never stops, “my, my, my you are so lovely, my beautiful baby, you are so fine.” Finally his hands settle on each side of her face, “what a precious gift you are, thank you.” They make slow, devoted love, their bodies, their breath, their minds, their souls connected in every way possible.
He lifts up her in his arms, cradles her to the waiting bath and settles her down gently in its hot water letting soft bubbles embrace her sacred body. Sitting on a stool beside her, he stares at her beauty, his Beauty, watching as his love quietly dozes safely wrapped in his gaze and the warmth of the tub.
She awakens to his eyes. “Come in here with me old man.”
He can’t get there soon enough. She lifts her legs and invites him to sit beneath her.
She knows how much he loves seeing her in front of him, completely naked and wet; the beauty he sees lovingly reflected back upon her. It feels as good as his lips and his touch. She wants it to last a lifetime.
She washes him with a suds filled cloth. When she finishes, she scoots forward so that his dick rubs against her parted lips. “I want you inside me sweet man.” Her fingers part her pussy; her hands stroke his eager dick and pull him inside her. Gentle waves in the water follow the movement of their hips and help pull him deep inside her generous body. Their arms embrace and lips lock. They fuck amidst splashing waves. Contented sighs echo in a porcelain tub that struggles to contain their passion. The lovers fuck hard for the time missed, the time found, they fuck like it’s their first and last chance and every bit of it feels so damn good.
They linger in the tub until she whispers. “Let’s lie down.”
He helps her out of the tub, dries her off and they walk hand and hand to the bed. “Get a towel for me, ‘Kuyah will you please?” She lifts her bottom and instructs him to place it underneath her bootie. “Remember when I whispered in the waiter’s ear..?
“I almost forgot, yes, I do remember. What was that all about?”
She answers with a coquettish smile, “There’s a container over by my purse. Get that for me please kind sir.”
He does.
“Now open it. What do you see?”
“That’s right, a little double chocolate treat for my man… pour it all over my pussy and eat to your heart’s content.”
His palpable excitement almost causes him to drop the container but he recovers and engulfs her chocolate pussy in melted chocolate syrup matching the color of her skin.
“Feast, sweet man, at the table of your queen.”
He dives between her legs and helps himself to multiple servings of his dark chocolate upon chocolate treat. “This sauce is the perfect topping for your sweet pussy.” She lays back and listens to his contented sounds and feels his mouth eat every bit of the sweets on her platter. “Oh my God, this is so good…I think I’m going to cum again.” He strokes his blissful dick, his face covered with chocolate sauce, his mouth filled with the taste of chocolate covered pussy, he strokes his dick until he cums and she joins him adding just the right amount of cream to his double chocolate treat.
She takes the towel to wipe his face. “You like your Erotica dessert?!”
“The best ever Ms. E, just like you.”
My’Kuyah licks his lips tasting what remains of Ms. E’s imagination on his mouth. A pussy eating grin tells all she needs to know about how much he delighted in her story.
“I’m glad you enjoyed that My’Kuyah, I have one more request.”
“Anything you want.”
“Can you please rescue whatever life that big dick of yours might have left, put it in me and rock me to sleep?”
“I will do just that my love.”
“Thank you. You know, sometimes the pleasure isn’t in the kink; it’s in the simple joy of honest lovemaking. By the way, tonight is the first part of that fantasy I promised to share, thought I’d show rather than tell.”
“And show you did Sweet Beauty. I can’t wait for the next installment.”
“Oh there is more to come…pun intended dear man.”
He kisses her neck, spoons her in his arms, puts his sex inside hers and rocks her until she falls asleep.
“Yes there is more to come Sweet Ms. E: trust me, just wait and see. I’m just getting started.”

Book 1 Chapter 8: Mexico

MK brings Ms. E some morning coffee and a surprising proposal. “Let’s go to Mexico.”
She interrupts her first sip almost choking on the steaming hot java, “what?”
“Let’s jump in your car and drive to Mexico. I know some great places. Come on, me and you on a road trip to secret places…it will be a blast.”
“Let me get something in my stomach first before I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”
“It’s something I’ve fantasized about doing with you forever. All you have to do is pack a bag. I got it all planned.”
Before Ms. Erotica knows it, she and MK are in Mexico, a small town south of Ensenada. Off season and off the beaten path, it feels like they have the humble resort to themselves. Their room opens to a balcony overlooking the ocean and a long sandy beach where they’ve just returned from a leisurely walk: just them, the waves and a plethora of shells that she delights in picking up and showing him.
“This is amazing MK, I’m learning to not doubt you when you come up with suggestions that at first seem a bit much to me, this is glorious.” Every few steps they stop to take in the overflowing beauty of successive shared moments, the most beautiful element of it all being Ms Erotica.
After a full day enjoying a banquet of Mexican delights, they return to their room and dress for dinner. The evening is warm enough to where Ms. E can wear a dress and MK, a light shirt. She emerges from the bathroom stunning in a long white linen gown, two sides criss-cross over her chest like a robe, held together by a slender belt at her waist. The design cuts low enough across her chest to reveal a seductive hollow between her breasts. Below the belt, her gown parts to offer glimpses of her toned, glistening thigh. Red heels finish off the outfit.
“Wow! You are magnificent my dear.” He approaches and kisses the back of her hand. “Simply magnificent.”
“I have a surprise for you.” A coquettish smile spreads across her face. She parts her dress below her belt. A bright red thong matching the color of her shoes packages her pussy. “Would you like to take this off for me please?”
He kneels before her and ever so slowly slides the red lace garment over her delicious thighs. He leans forward to gather the scent of her and kisses the hood above her clitoris before taking her panty all the way off.
“Just me and this dress,” she says. “Nothing on underneath, all for you MK.”
“Thank you my love, I cherish the thought.” He tastes her panties before placing them on the dresser. “Let’s go eat otherwise I might try and keep you here so I can eat you all night.”
“Promises, promises,” she smiles.
He pauses to consider his options, runs his tongue along the bottom of his mustache tasting her essence that lingers on his lips and says “I will save you for dessert.”
They sit at a table atop an elevated patio. What little chill emerges from the evening air is countered by a fire burning in a pit close to her chair. The sun sets before them. Its colors radiate off of her ebullient cheeks. Red and golden tones dance with her smile.
He feeds Ms. E fresh lobster dripping with butter occasionally kissing what remains off her bottom lip. She straightens her legs and moves her chair closer to him. Her white dress parts all the way up her thighs. Her pussy is barely covered. She watches his eyes work their way up the path of her sculpted brown legs. “Go ahead MK,” she says, “touch me.”
His hand touches all of her it can. It follows the length of her exposed thighs and then extends the part in her gown ever so slightly to reveal her naked pussy. His beloved Ms. Erotica is wet. His fingers ply open her lips. She feeds him the last piece of lobster on her plate playfully rubbing it around his mouth, letting him taste it then pulling it back out. “Little bites,” she says. He does just that, savoring every last morsel before it disappears between his lips. Below the table she feels his finger disappear between hers.
A waiter clears their dishes and asks if they’re interested in dessert. “No, thank you,” he says, “We have some waiting upstairs.”
He leads her by the hand back to their room. “Now it’s my turn. I have some surprises for you,” he says.
“Oooh, and what might that be?”
“I can’t wait to show you. Trust me. You’re still curious, correct?”
They enter the room. It’s dark. She goes to turn on a light.
“Don’t.” he says and grabs her hand.
“Come,” he says, his tone different, more assertive than she’s previously heard. “Remember, trust me.”
She follows his instructions and walks toward the king size bed. He removes a leather satchel from his suitcase and lifts a sharp knife from within. He grabs the light belt that holds her gown together and cuts it with the knife. The belt falls harmlessly away. Her dress parts leaving the front of her body uncovered.
“Close your eyes Ms. E.” She complies. He returns the knife to its proper place and pulls out a black, silk scarf which he ties around her closed eyes, tight enough to where she can’t see but not tight enough to hurt her. For what seems like an eternity to her, MK does nothing. They both stand perfectly still.
She hears motion behind her. She feels a hand lift her parted dress first over her left shoulder and then over her right. It slides down the length of her torso and gathers at her feet. Footsteps circle around her. She swears she can feel his eyes devouring her body. She has never felt so naked.
My’Kuyah pauses in front on her. She feels the warmth of his breath close to her right breast, then her left. Chill bumps form around her nipples. They grow rock hard. He bites each nipple one time and then she hears him walk away.
He’s rustling through the satchel. He returns and places a collar around her neck, what feels like leather and she hears a lock snap shut over her throat. A cold metal chain dangles down between her breasts. She’s tugged forward by the chain, led to edge of the bed where she is turned around and pushed back. She falls into a pile of pillows. He kisses her gently, sweetly, kisses her forehead, her cheeks, her neck, her lips, all the while tenderly caressing her face and head.
He spreads her arms out to each side and applies restraints to her wrists. The restraints are attached to bed posts at either end of the head of the bed. He does the same with her legs: clasps secured around each ankle, legs separated, chains attached to bed posts.
She lays still. Her breathing increases. She takes deep breaths to calm herself. “Trust him,” she says to herself, “trust this man.”
More silence, more stillness. She feels something on her skin. She can’t tell what it is. He’s running something along the insides of her thighs. It feels cold, maybe sharp, she can’t quite tell. He holds a dull butter knife against abdomen, ice cold from being in the freezer. He runs it from her thighs to her breasts. It follows her curves and circles around her erect nipples. He gently moves its dull blade up the side of each nipple. “OMG,” Ms. E shouts to herself, “he can’t be touching me with that big ass sharp knife. Trust him, trust him.”
Her heart beat starts to race. She begins breathing hard again. He takes the knife away from her breasts and runs the blade along each side of her pussy. She gasps. He presses its flat side down across her vagina and leaves the butter knife there for a few seconds, maybe a full minute, she can’t tell before tossing it aside. She also can’t tell if it’s hot or cold. Whatever it is, her pussy melts at its touch. She has never been this turned on. Whatever it is, she wants more.
MK kisses her, deeply. He runs his tongue around the inside of her mouth and moves it in and out of her puckered lips. He puts his hands on each side of her face and kisses her repeatedly as lovingly as he possibly can.
Something pinches her nipples—sharp pain! But the pain subsides. Wooden clothespins adorn each breast. He flicks them with his index finger. More pain. Again, she winces but feels tremendous relief as the pain retreats. Again, he kisses her. Again, he flicks the clothespins. Again she winces. She is amazed at how relaxed she feels each time the pain disappears.
She feels drops of heat explode along her thighs, almost too hot. More mystery drips along the top of her quads that then roll down the sides of her loins. Each initial sensation makes her jump but then the feeling morphs into warmth and it feels good. She wants more. The heat moves its way up her body: her tummy, her shoulders, the tender insides of her extended arms. Pain and then warmth; she’s covered in warmth. She exhales, feels her body let go. An aroma of coconut soothes whatever anxiety remains. He applies more hot oil and then rubs it all over her naked brown skin, his hands roll down every curve, his fingers explore every crevice, every fold, “there’s no part of me this man hasn’t seen or touched.” Ms. E’s chocolate darkness glimmers in night’s blackness. MK gets harder with every shimmering detail.
He flicks each clothespin and then removes the collar from around her neck. She hears the chain jangle on to the floor. He replaces the collar with kisses and then runs his tongue along her shoulders and collarbone. She’s feels something else being rubbed along her body, something soft, something firm. She has no clue. Her nostrils fill with the aroma of more coconut oil. He squeezes whatever he is using to rub her between her breasts, rubs it up along her neck, her face, across her lips. She feels his tongue on her lips, his tongue in her mouth and then she tastes coconut. It’s his dick. MK’s rubbing his dick around her mouth. He kneels to the side of her head and runs his dick back and forth across the length of her lips. She kisses it back in return. He pulls it away. Her tongue reaches out to retrieve it and lifts her head to find it. He pushes her head back and removes the clothespins from her nipples, gives each a gentle bite and then straddles her shoulders placing the tip of his cock close to her mouth. Her tongue barely reaches it before he teases it back. Finally, he lets his dick touch her puckered lips. She runs her tongue around its head. He lets her draw it into her mouth, takes it out, kisses her and then puts his dick back in between her lips, a little further, a little deeper. She swallows as much of him as she can. Slowly, he rocks back and forth fucking her mouth, feeling her lips, feeling the warmth of her saliva. She wants to swallow it whole. Every time he pulls it back Ms. E lunges forward to bring him back. And he gives her what she craves. He fills her throat to the point where she thinks she’ll gag but he takes his dick back at just the right moment and when she catches her breath he returns, again and again.
MK moves down between her legs. He plies open her pussy with his fingers and tongue. She hears a low humming noise and feels a vibrating dildo being placed inside her body. While his tongue circles her clit, he moves the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy, going deeper with each thrust. He lets it vibrate inside a second or two longer with each penetration and then she hears the dildo tossed aside. He unlocks the restraints from her ankles and brings her legs together lifting her ass off the bed to place a pillow underneath. She feels her ankles rise to where they rest on his shoulders, one foot on either side of his face. He kisses each foot, bites them, sucks her toes at the same time he deftly separates her vaginal lips with his fingers. She feels the tip of his dick rubbing against her clit, first slowly then more rapidly, it feels so fucking good. His tongue does the same to her toes. He starts slapping his erect cock against her clit. She wants his dick inside her and raises her hips to receive his entry. She’s going to cum tonight, she knows it, she’s going to cum like never before.
He gives her pussy his dick, hugs her legs with his arms wrapped around her knees and rocks back and forth between her tender thighs, inside her stunningly beautiful body, her beautifully soft sugar that continues to caress him welcoming him deeper into the recesses of her womanhood. Once fully in, he stays there for a moment, reaches down with both his hands, grabs her ass, separates her cheeks and pulls her as tightly to him as he can. She feels the tip of his big, thick love stick touch her cervix and then pull back and My’Kuyah begins fucking her, rocking her back and forth, squeezing her ass, moaning with each thrust. It feels so good. The rhythm of their interlocked bodies goes on and on into the night. She feels wonderfully alive, her senses heightened to a new level of ecstasy.
She hears another humming sound and feels the vibrator gently massaging her clit. He continues to hold her legs up with one hand, his dick thrusting in and out of her coochie and somehow manages to vibrate her clit with the other. She doesn’t want it to stop. She’s cums and she cums and she moans loudly as the pleasure of what she has been allowed to feel sends waves of joy through her entire body. He releases her hands from the restraints and she grabs his ass pulling his body as far inside of hers as she can. She throws her feet around his waist and pleads, “don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”
He removes her blindfold and kisses her wildly, passionately, deeply, he kisses every bit of her face, her neck and she does the same.
Ms. E lays back, exhausted. He lies to her side and surrounds her with his arms spooning her from behind. Within minutes her breathing sings a song of contentment. He covets every note emanating from this beautiful woman he has come to love.
In the middle of the night, he awakens her with kisses to her pussy. She is clothed only in the velvet cover of sleep, the softness that comes only with deep restful slumber. His tongue brings her slowly back to life. Her nipples are a little sore from the clothespins but otherwise she feels good. She doesn’t move other than to take his head and pull it close to home. He continues to eat her until she cums in his mouth.
“Dessert,” he says. I’ve been waiting a liftetime to taste that sweet dessert that only you can serve.”
“Come here you silly man,” she says. “Wrap me back up in those arms of yours. Oh, and by the way, what else you got in that little brown bag of yours?”
“Lots of loving surprises for you my Sweet Beauty.”
“Like what MK?”
“In due time Beautiful, in due time more will be revealed.”

Book 1 Chapter 9: Date Night--Erotica’s Surprise

“You showed me a new you in Mexico MK. Let me show you a new Ms. E. I want a date night. Meet me at this club I know. I will send you a text with the details. Let’s say the night is on me, Ms. Erotica’s surprise for My’Kuyah.”
MK gets to the arranged destination early. He watches Ms. E walk in to the bar. It seems like everyone else in the room does as well. She’s that kind of Erotic Beauty–everyone takes note.
Her plan is to pretend they don’t know each other. My’Kuyah is going to seduce her into in a hotel room for an evening of wild sex, but first he has to successfully pick her up.
A strange man takes a seat at Ms. Erotica’s table. Apparently My’Kuyah’s not the only one with designs on seduction tonight. He can’t say he’s surprised given how hot she looks. And, man, does she look hot. Ms. E glances over to see My’Kuyah staring at her. A shy smile follows; her eyes turn away and return to the intrusive stranger. Erotica’s cheek bones glimmer in the evening light. Red lipstick highlights her full lips. He imagines kissing those lips, imagines his tongue between them, imagines watching them glide up and down his dick leaving a trail of red behind.
A tight fitting black and white tiger striped dress hugs her muscular shoulders and cups her round, full breasts. The slightest trace of excited nipples demands closer inspection. My’Kuyah fantasizes about the moment he uncovers them. He can feel her breasts in his mouth, feel the chill bumps that will gather around her areolas, feel himself shudder with sensations of his lover’s bosom wet with his saliva pressing against his face, the sensation of her leaning into him for more of his adoring tongue.
Her hips and fit brown legs are what send him over the edge, though. He can’t wait to lie between her thighs and taste the sweet essence that is his Erotic Beauty.
My’Kuyah summons a waiter.
“Yes sir, what can I do for you?”
“See that woman sitting over there?” He turns to point to Erotica. “Well, she was sitting over there just a second ago…” His eyes scour the room for any trace of her: nothing. “Never mind, thank you.”
His heart sinks. Miss Erotica disappearing with a strange man was not part of the plan. My’Kuyah stands to get a better look but sees only empty seats and half empty waters. He wanders to their table trying to not be conspicuous in his search. Her scent lingers in the air. A note with his name on it sits on her recently occupied chair.
“MyKuyah, we will be in room 232. Join us. You know I love you. E.”
Pangs of jealousy, uncertainty, urgency, lust, desire and doubt all mix in the pit of his stomach. “What the fuck?” One internal voice demands a quick exit; another reminds him to calm down, catch his breath and find room 232. He’s learning that one never knows what to expect with Ms. Erotica, ever.
MK returns to his table to begin the calming down process and orders a drink to help him along. So consumed with Ms. Erotica, he has no idea who the mystery man is, no recollection of a single detail of his appearance.
My’Kuyah makes his way to room 232 and knocks. No answer. He waits a few seconds and knocks a second time. Finally, the door opens. The mystery man, handsome, maybe Filipino with jet black hair and high cheek bones greets him. “Welcome dear fellow.” The man leans through the doorway and plants a gentle kiss on My’Kuyah’s cheek. “I guess you’re wondering just what the fuck is going on with your date night.”
The man’s directness elicits a reluctant but welcome smile, “the exact words did cross my mind.”
“Come on in and find out. Welcome to the party. I’m Leandro, a friend of Ms. E.”
My’Kuyah looks for Ms. Erotica but she is nowhere to be found.
“In the bathroom,” says Leandro, “she’ll be right out. Have a seat and get ready for the show Mr. Man.”
Leandro sits next to MK. The bathroom door opens. Out walks an elegant, long legged coffee with cream Black woman who is a combination ballerina and 800 meter track star. She is the woman of MK’s longest held fantasies: tall, muscular, high bubble-bootied athlete framed in black lace lingerie—garter belt, thigh high stockings, strapless bra barely covering firm breasts, naked pussy–and a gorgeous smile that demands more attention than any other physical feature. “Wow!”
“That’s quite an extensive vocabulary for a woman as stunning as me.”
“Any other expression would be inadequate.”
She smiles and sits on his lap. “I’m Zora, you must be My’Kuyah.” Her voice soothes any lingering anxiety My’Kuyah still carries from Erotica’s changed plans.
“Zora as in…”
“Yes, that Zora, both my parents were fans. They loved her uninhibited Blackness.”
“And what brings you here?” My’Kuyah surveys her glorious body, “Like this…”
Zora places an elegant index finger on his lips, “shhh, all questions will be answered in due time.” Her lips replace her finger and her kiss renders him helpless. If he could speak, he would say “do with me as you please, I’m yours, and I’ll do anything for more of your kisses.” Her tongue explores the depths of his mouth and Zora says, “No words necessary, I know.”
The bathroom door bursts open and out walks Ms. Erotica, her outfit an homage to Michael Jackson: white on black wing tip shoes, baggy black pants with white pinstripes held in place by white suspenders pretending to cover the nipples of her naked breasts, a black fedora with a small red feather on the side is pulled down low across her brow, pants unzipped, a black strap-on dick extends from her parted zipper.
Both men feel their hearts race. Zora purrs a surprising “Wow!” of her own. All three sit stunned, jaws agape, deep desires for Ms. Erotica churning like unbridled waters of spring.
She beckons Zora forward. Zora kneels before Ms. Erotica and takes the strap-on dick in her mouth. Her hands further separate Erotica’s trousers. My’Kuyah and Leandro stare at the brown skin and black straps revealed by Zora’s hands; riveted, speechless, salivating for a taste of Ms. Erotica’s raw sensual beauty.
Leandro reaches across from his chair and takes My’Kuyah’s erect dick in his hand, and strokes it gently, all the time staring at the two knockout women before them. To his surprise My’Kuyah relishes every single sensation.
Zora slides Erotica’s suspenders over her sculpted shoulders leaving her well endowed chest fully exposed. She caresses Erotica’s breasts rolling her nipples between thumb and index finger. Erotica’s head bends back in response, her pants trickle down over her thighs, her hips thrust forward and fill Zora’s throat with her prosthetic black dick.
Ms. Erotica leads Zora to the end of the bed nearest to their rapt audience. Erotica sits down first, Zora sits upon her, both women face the panting boys. Together they ease the strap-on into Zora’s receptive pussy. Zora’s thighs spread wide open; her gold streaked muscles extend out from her engorged mocha brown pussy. She plays magic tricks with Erotica’s dick—one minute you see it, the next it disappears into parts unknown.
Erotica removes Zora’s bra. “Oh my fucking god!” Her breasts are the breasts of poetry, of classic African art, golden brown orbs, large silver dollar size areolas, erect dark brown nipples that point to the sky. Erotica’s hands squeeze, massage, and thoroughly indulge in the soft full flesh of Zora’s breasts as she fucks the hell out of Zora’s pretty pussy.
Zora extends her head back exposing her neck to Erotica’s lips. Ms. E bites Zora’s ears, licks her nape. Their fucking slows, lips search for lips, mouths for mouths. Zora lifts herself off Erotica’s strap-on and turns to face her. They rub nipple on nipple, entwine salivating tongues, and take turns sucking on each other’s breasts.
She tears off her partner’s pants. The women dive into a “69” position and indulge in voracious swallows of each other’s sweet jelly. Zora’s round ass gyrates before the lusting men. My’Kuyah has to have a taste of some female body part. He can’t stand to just watch much longer. He takes Leandro’s hand and moves forward to the edge of the bed. “May we join?” Neither woman says a thing. Most important, neither says “no.” My’Kuyah helps himself to a bite of Zora’s bootie. It tastes like morning fruit with just a trace of sex generated dew. He sits beside the two beauties on the edge of the bed. Leandro kneels between his legs and takes his dick into his mouth, positioned to watch the women eat each other while sucking on a male treat to enhance the visual feast.
Zora ekes out a few words between exasperated breaths. “Somebody…oh yes, ohhh… one of you… fuck me in the ass…oh fuck, yes…somebody fuck me!”
It’s like words from heaven. My’Kuyah takes in his circumstance: the love of his life is lying before him eating and being eaten by a gorgeous 6’2” rock star who is now begging for a dick to fill her ass while the only man who has ever touched him sucks his cock. Unbelievable! He pinches himself to make sure the entire scene is nothing more than a dream like fantasy.
“Leandro, excuse me, but duty calls, I got an ass to fuck.” My’Kuyah kisses Leandro’s forehead, wrestles a condom out of his pocket, hastily rolls it down his erection, lubes himself up, straddles Zora’s perfect behind, spreads her sumptuous athletic cheeks and thrusts his dick into her begging ass.
“Ohhhh, oh fuck…yes…harder MK, fuck me harder… ohhh fuck yes…” Music to My’Kuyah’s ears, a siren song that draws him further into Zora’s sacred ass canyon sending Zora’s tongue deeper into Erotica’s pussy driving Ms. E to return the favor.
Ms. E beckons Leandro forward; he kneels astride Erotica’s face and rubs his dick along her neck and shoulders. Her lips leave Zora’s pussy for a taste of Leandro’s erect dick and then return to Zora. They all turn to Zora: Erotica eats her, My’Kuyah fucks her ass, Leandro leans in to bite her nipples.
Ecstatic moans emanate from every orifice on Zora’s perfect body. An orgasm rolls like thunder across her lanky frame accompanied by a joyous downpour of sweet cream that fills Erotica’s mouth. Her delight flashes like bursts of lightning that explode across the lovers’ faces. No one wants to stop.
They all descend upon Ms. Erotica. My’Kuyah licks what remains of Zora’s cum from Erotica’s mouth. He sucks her tongue between his lips and fills her mouth with his own. Leandro licks her pussy drinking deeply from her sugar fountain. Zora suckles her breasts, nipples standing upright at full mast. Three sets of hands fondle every inch of Erotica’s curvaceous figure: her hips, bootie, breasts, and thighs. Erotica squirms, shakes, grinds, sighs, and moans, dancing and singing to her ardent lovers.
My’Kuyah turns Ms. Erotica over and positions her “doggy style” on the bed. Leandro slides between her thighs and continues to feast on her pussy. Zora squeezes Ms. E’s dangling breasts suckling and licking her nipples. My’Kuyah does the same with Erotica’s ass while straddling Leandro, their erect dicks grinding against each other in rhythm with their ecstatic partners.
Her ass tastes so damn good, My’Kuyah strains his tongue as far up her hole as he can reach, licks the rim of her rectum, revels in Erotica’s delighted reaction to his wet tongue darting in and out of her ass. “Fuck me ‘Kuyah. I want to feel your dick inside me, please, put your dick up my ass, fill me up My‘Kuyah.”
“Your wish is my command beautiful Erotica.” Conscious of always using a fresh condom, MK changes his, and slides his dick up her rectum, his hands separate her mouthwatering cheeks, his ears fill with her joyous moans, his heart overflows with love for this woman he adores kneeling before him, ass raised, riding his dick with abandon. “Oh fuck yes…ohhh yes…fuck me harder My’Kuyah, yessss…that’s it…ohhh, I’m almost there…ohhhhhh…oh fuck yes….oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh!” An orgasm for the ages connects the foursome in shared glee, body upon body amid a chorus of ecstatic moans.
After a brief bask in afterglow, Erotica and Zora lay the men on their backs next to each other on the king size bed. Erotica sits atop Leandro; Zora on My’Kuyah. “I always wanted to see my man get laid.” Erotica laughs and slaps hands with Zora. Together they ride the men’s dicks in syncopated cadence continuing their laughter throughout. “One, two, shake on three, rotate your hips girl, that’s it, swing around that dick, join me in a little coochie shuffle, make these motha’fucka’s howl.”
And howl they do, like wolves baying at a full moon. The men revel in the delightful frolic unfolding atop their grateful cocks. They, too, slap hands; neither one wants to cum. Neither one wants the intimacy to end, ever. They hold back as long as they can but the feeling is too good, their sensations too rich, the men succumb and cum together bathing in an exalted bliss made possible by Erotica’s surprise.
“What else you got in store for us Ms. E?”
“You’ll just have to wait and see Daddy K. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.”

Book 1 Chapter 10: The Counter

Back at Ms. E’s place, Marvin Gaye suggests they get it on. The lovers take a break from dinner preparation to dance to his classic love jam and consider his suggestion. Candles provide soft light to the room and flicker with delight as the couple circles by. She wears a tight black top, a string of white pearls, a short black apron and black heels. Her bootie and legs are naked; her love cove barely covered by the white lace adorning the apron hem. They join Marvin for the chorus and then kiss in the middle of the room. He wraps her bootie in his hands and lifts her to him; she wraps her legs around his waist.
“I love you so much!” MK barely manages to eke out his heartfelt exaltation between a rushing stream of kisses. “Your date night surprise has left me speechless and you know me, rarely am I at a loss for words.”
“Mexico did the same to me MK.”
They breathe hard, kiss hard, squeeze each other tight. He sashays her backward to an empty kitchen counter and seats her bare bottom on the tile surface. Their kisses follow the rhythm of the music. She scoots her hips forward and rubs her pussy against his love stick in time with the sensuous beat.
“I want you inside me old man.” She undoes his belt buckle, his pants slide down to the floor. The erection that has been growing in his pants all evening explodes out of his underwear like a deep sea diver emerging from unseen depths desperate for air. MK’s dick slides to her waiting pussy. She takes him inside her and they slow grind together, still dancing, his dick a metronome, her pussy harmonic strings.
“I’ll never think of this song in the same way again. I think I might get wet every time I hear it.” She mixes her tongue with her words whispered into his ear. Chill bumps rush down his back.
“I will never slow dance again without thinking of being inside you Ms. E.”
He leans back to watch his dick rock back and forth between her golden thighs, sugar lips extending out each time he withdraws and tightening their grip with each return penetration. “Oh you feel so good inside me. Just leave your dick right there …”
“Shoot, there’s something burning…” Ms. E pulls back and sniffs the air.
“That would be us.”
“No silly man, that would be garlic.” She scoots her bare ass back on the counter.
His fingers transfer a kiss from his lips to her wet pussy, “I’ll see you later.” He hustles to the stove, erection bobbing up and down, and moves the offending skillet off its burner.
“Saved by a dick!” she applauds.
“Quite a unit, isn’t it? What an aroused dick can’t do.”
“Apparently most anything but fit back into some underwear once it gets excited.”
She playfully slaps it. “Down boy, we got a dinner to cook.”
He leaves off the drawers and steps back into his pants. “Don’t let Mr. Man get caught up in that zipper now. I’m not ready for a ‘There’s Something About Mary’ pre-prom moment.”
Laughter joins the candles to further light up the room. “Remind me of that next time I’m about to shoot a load of cum. I wouldn’t want it to end up as part of your curls.”
He stands back to watch her chop up replacement garlic, her brown round bootie perfectly framed by a black drawstring and apron edges. “Look at that…my goodness.” His eyes take it all in.
“You, that’s what, no way I can resist. Don’t let me interrupt you. I just have to sneak a little taste of a legit gourmet meal.” He kneels behind her and makes sweet love to her ass taking her cheeks into his mouth, licking her, sighing deeply with each delicious taste. He swivels through her spread legs and sits on the floor, face between her thighs. Cupping her ass in his big hands, he licks the length of her pussy before circling her clit. Her wet response ignites his already raging desire to the point where she has to put down her knife.
“Follow me,” she takes him by the hand and leads him back to the counter where they minutes ago suffered coital interuptus. Hopping back up, she spreads her legs and pulls his face firmly between luscious brown thighs. His hands find their way to her hips and he satiates himself on her pussy until she cums in his mouth.
“Ahhh, a little sauce for the barbecued lamb chops.”
“You are a sick man.”
He stands up between her legs and runs his tongue around her mouth. “Have a little taste my dear, from one lip to another. I don’t care what we have for dinner; there is nothing that compares to the taste of you.” A kiss on her forehead follows. “But, that said; let’s get back to preparing our sumptuous banquet my beautiful woman.”
As mouthwatering as her sweet cream tastes, dinner presents its own delight: flame licked lamb chops rubbed with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and black pepper; grilled asparagus, a garlic and parmesan cheese laden Caesar salad and fingerling potatoes fried crispy in a wok tantalize their taste buds.
More candlelight illuminates the dining room. Piano jazz floats from the stereo. They sit next to each at the dining room table. “Who sits next to each other at the table in their own home? Man you got it bad MK.”
“Yes, I do. How can I kiss you between bites if you’re all the way on the other side?”
“Where did you come from?” she smiles and shakes her head at this man whose every action announces his love for her.
“I’m from another era Ms. Erotica; you brought me back to life.”
They bite, chew, swallow, kiss, and marvel at how perfect everything is: they repeat the process until their plates are clean, stomachs full, taste buds overflowing with a multitude of delectable tastes.
She insists on washing the dinner dishes. He insists on kissing her neck while drying every item she cleans. Dessert is saved for the movie they plan to watch after cleanup: “Love and Basketball.”
“I don’t care how many times I watch this movie, I still love it.”
“I have to agree MK. I like the innocence of her love. It never changes. It’s the perfect dream come true fairy tale. You think love can be like that?”
“Like what?” putting down the remote, he turns to face Ms. E on the couch.
“Innocent. Pure. Unscathed by the baggage we gather along the way to getting where we are now.”
“I want to say ‘yes’ because I want to believe in untarnished romantic love.”
“All my girlfriends say that guys have a harder time getting involved in new relationships after a break-up than girls do.”
“Do you agree?”
“I do, guys always saying things like ‘no way I’m getting married again, that’s the last time I let a woman do me like that.’ You know I’m right. That’s what you think, isn’t it MK?”
He considers her question before responding. It’s safer that way. Don’t want to say the wrong thing and have a woman jump on it—worse yet, to have her bring it up later…’you remember that time we were talking and you said…’ No, he’s got to think this through.
“Well…” she wants an answer.
“Let me ask a question first. So, you’re saying that women get over things and are more ready to move on after they’ve been burned. They let go of things better than guys, right?”
“That’s right.”
“I’ll admit I’ve been a little gun shy since my divorce. I don’t want to just jump into something and have it turn out bad. So, yeah, I may be more cautious. But…”
“Oh, here we go with a ‘but’…but what dear man?”
“But if the right woman comes along, I like to think that I would still be willing to take the leap.”
“You mean get married?”
“No, not a leap into marriage necessarily, but a leap into a serious relationship while leaving a door open for a possible marriage some day.”
“Hmmm, your attorneys write that for you?” He doesn’t have to look to know her posture but he has to peek anyway so she doesn’t ask why he can’t look at her when she’s talking. Legs crossed, right index finger touching her cheek just below and to the side of her eye, lips pursed—exactly how he imagined. A smile spreads across his face.
“You find me amusing?”
“I wouldn’t say I find you amusing as much as I find you to be absolutely delightful, especially right now. May I kiss you?”
She shakes her head, her demeanor softens, “yes you may dear man.” A simple kiss leads to a passionate make out session. During a shared break for air he whispers, “You bring back an innocence to love that I thought was only reserved for folks much younger than us. Being with you makes me feel giddy, willing to believe that anything is possible and I thank you for that. Whether my attorney would approve or not, I love you dearly and want nothing more than to be with you for a long, long time.”
Ms. Erotica looks My’Kuyah directly in his eyes and says nothing for what feels like to him forever. Finally, she breaks her silence, “Can we watch the movie now?”
“Great idea.”
She sits on his lap, enveloped in his arms, he lets go only to feed her small bites of cobbler and to kiss her neck throughout the film. “Put your finger in me MK,” she purrs as he does so, her waiting pussy already wet. She turns to kiss him, “get me real wet.” His index finger joins his middle one and together they fuck her pussy while his thumb rubs her clit. The rhythm of her breathing increases along with the pace of his fingers. Chaka Khan’s soundtrack contribution “Sweet Thing” augments their lovemaking.
She grabs his hand out from her pussy, rises from the couch and leads him back to the kitchen counter. Legs spread, hands outstretched in front of her, she raises her naked ass, “fuck me My’Kuyah, fill me up with that big love toy of yours.”
He reaches between her thighs and guides his pulsing erection into her dripping wet pussy.
“Harder, Daddy ‘Kuyah, fuck me harder.”
Standing on his toes, he obliges her command and pumps his dick in and out of her with everything he has.
“Yes, that’s it, oh yes, fuck me.”
Both hands grab hold of her hips and rock her back and forth on his ecstatic dick.
“Don’t stop. I’m going to cum, don’t stop. Ohhhh!” she screams. MK continues to fuck her while Ms. E continues to cum with audible pleasure.
They collapse on to the counter, gasping for breath. He withdraws from her pussy and carries her back to the couch where he covers her with a blanket and lays her across his lap. Maxwell sings “This Woman’s Work”, the movie is about to end.
“What a date I turned out to be,” she says in a sleepy voice. “You’re going to think I’m one of those ‘feed me, fuck me, put me to bed kind of girls.”
“And the problem?”
“Hush, don’t ruin a perfect evening.” Her words get out just before she falls asleep in his arms.

Book 1 Chapter 11: Sweet Sorrow

“I can’t believe you have to leave MK, I was just getting used to having you around.’
“I can’t believe it either Sweet Beauty. I don’t want to go.”
They look in each other’s eyes and kiss.
“This is what I don’t like about long distance relationships. How do we return to ‘normal’ after what we’ve just shared?”
MK kisses his beloved Ms. E’s cheeks. “I don’t like it either Sweet Beauty. We’ll see each other again soon. We’ll make a new ‘normal’.”
“And what do we do in the time in between? I don’t want us to stop living MK because we’re apart.”
“You shouldn’t and neither should I. We have our lives, we continue to live them and we take advantage of every chance we have to be together. Hopefully we can live closer together at some point.”
“MK, really, I would never ask you to give up your life to move down here to be with me and you know I can’t stand that Seattle weather…And what do we do if we meet someone interesting who lives nearby in the meantime?”
“I’m not looking for someone else Ms. E. I just found you after all these years.”
“I’m not looking either MK, but I do want to go out and enjoy myself and you never can tell. We’ve both tried long distance relationships and I promised myself I’d never get involved in another one. But then I connected with you.”
“Then you should do what your heart tells you and if you meet someone you like, you should go out with them.”
“It’s not like I don’t love you MK, I do and I will look forward to moments together and to times in between. I’ve still got some surprises in store for you. Don’t worry, I want to be in your life and as I told you once before, your patience and loving ways with me will be rewarded.”
“I’m not worried Ms. E, nothing is going to change the way I love you. I will imagine the details of you over and over.”
“And I’ll give you some reminders MK, Face Time can work wonders.”
MK waves before disappearing down the concourse. Ms. E turns to walk away and then remembers something she forgot to say. “MK…”
My’Kuyah pauses for a second and looks back hoping to gain one more glimpse of his Sweet Beauty. She’s nowhere to be seen. His world feels empty and dark like a cold autumn afternoon that portends winter’s arrival. He starts to walk back. There’s more he wanted to say, more he wants her to know. An all too familiar futility slows his pace. He stops in the middle of a stream of anxious travelers and wonders whether to fight his way upstream or ride the current back home.
He swears he hears her call his name: “MK…”

Book 1 Chapter 12: LA LA Land

“Amazing time,” Ms. E thinks to herself, entering her apartment after taking My’Kuyah to the airport. She dwells on images of their time together: dinner on the Mexican patio; eating fresh fruit and each other in bed surrounded by lush ocean breezes; chocolate sauce all over MK’s face; his tongue all up in her coochie as she tried to make dinner; his face as he said good bye. “What am I going to do with this love we share?” She busies herself with long overdue tasks in order to avoid answering the question that dominates her thoughts.
Finally Ms. E has a moment to unpack her suitcase from Mexico, a task that has gone untended for days. At first, she begins to separate what needs to be laundered from what she didn’t get to wear but then decides to wash it all. It will be easier, a welcome clean start for a new chapter in her life. She strips naked and adds her travel clothes to the pile destined for the washer.
She places her suitcase in a closet and decides to take a hot shower. “No,” she says quietly, “let me put my tired bootie in a tub.” She begins to fill the tub and looks to see if she has any bath crystals left somewhere in the bathroom closet.
Finding none, she moves to a cabinet beneath the sink. Catching a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror Ms. E pauses her search for bubble bath and considers herself fully in the mirror. “So MK loves me and loves being freaky as well, who would have thought…” She shakes her head, smiles and turns her focus to the naked image standing before her. She contemplates her shoulders, strong from exercise, defined, firm and her breasts, round, full still holding on after two babies and almost 50 years of living. She cups them in her hands and feels their heft. She imagines MK’s gaze over her shoulder. What did he think of my breasts? What did they feel like in his hands?
She pinches each nipple between her thumb and index finger and rolls them around until they grow hard. She watches herself watching her breasts imagining him taking it all in and feels a chill that manifests in goose bumps on her arms and across her chest.
Ms. E raises her left nipple to her mouth. She imagines the warmth of his breath suckling her and it feels good. Her right hand to her tummy and runs it in circles around her belly button. Her left hand moves down to join the right and together they follow her pelvic bones to her shaved pussy. She stops and simply looks at herself. When was the last time she just stopped and looked at her naked self for no other reason than to look? She is pleased by what she sees: dark brown on her tummy yields to golden highlights on her hips. The further her eyes and hands descend the darker her skin grows and the more excited she gets.
She cups her pussy in her right hand. It’s warm and slowly unfolds like a spring flower responding to morning sun. She feels the sleek skin in the space between her thighs and her vagina, the delicate tenderness at the core of her beauty. Her fingers part her sugar lips and her eyes look at the shock of bright pink that radiates from deep within her. She hears MK’s voice, “Few things compare with the beauty of that contrast Ms. E: bright pink pussy framed by dark brown lips. You take my breath away.”
She imagines his lips upon her: he would devour every bit of this picture, taste every drop of her pink, take her soft black lips between his own and run his tongue over each shade of color. He would drink from the pink treasure hidden deep within her blackness. She imagines his tongue enter her love cove. “You taste so good Sweet Beauty. I could drink your sweet cream all night.” She withdraws her moist finger and places it in her mouth: salty, sweet, delicate, and demure. She sees MK’s smile, hears his sigh, feels his love, feels what his love is doing to her.
Her hands caress her breasts, graze across her stomach, find their way back to her pussy and give her clitoris a few love spanks before rubbing herself, slowly, tentatively at first, then a little faster, then in a rapid continuous motion. While her right hand stimulates her pussy, her left squeezes her nipples. All the while she watches herself in the mirror imagining him imagining her writhing in his hands, feeling his kisses upon her neck, feeling his hands upon her body, in her body, plying open her soft center, caressing her, rubbing her, his porcelain dick loving her until she cums. It feels so fucking good. All the tension of travel and the sadness of saying good bye wash away. Her knees buckle slightly and she leans forward to brace herself on the edge of the sink. Damn, she feels good.
She never does find any bubble bath but it doesn’t matter, the hot bath water provides more than enough comfort. A content Ms. Erotica closes her eyes, lays back and feels the water penetrate to her soul. It’s good to be home, good to have experienced Mexico with MK, good to be in a hot bath, good to know that someone, somewhere, loves her, good to know it isn’t about to stop.

Book 1 Chapter 13: Photo Shoot

Every morning MK awakens with tender feelings for his Ms. Erotica. Today is no exception. Nonetheless, he marvels at the strength of today’s.
His feelings conjure images; the images become the stuff of fantasy. This morning’s fantasy is simple, wonderfully simple.
He spoons her in motionless embrace. The first scent of morning is her scent. The first sensation is her velvet skin against his. The first movement is her bottom stirring against his thighs. Overwhelming feelings of comfort and care surround him like the flannel sheets that have kept them warm throughout the night.
It’s the care, the care for her and about her, which is most striking. He imagines her draped in his love: long, flowing fabric floats around her animated by an attentive tropical breeze. She feels his eyes upon her, glances over her shoulder and smiles, content, secure, delighted. He kisses her brown shoulders. She closes her eyes and exposes her neck for more.
In his mind is an album filled with pictures of her, some she has sent, most he has imagined. He creates a scene where she models for his camera. Together they fashion a series of three photos: a Miss Erotica triptych.
In the first picture, she wears tight, tattered, faded jeans. Her waist is unbuttoned; the zipper undone. Her hands pull the parted material down over her hips. His eyes descend along the narrowing “v” of her pelvic bones adorning the sides of her flat brown tummy to where they meet at the head of her shaved pussy but their descent ends just short of revealing her most private part. A bright red thong interrupts his visual journey barely covering what his eyes long to see.
The second image is similar. Again, his eyes follow a path between her parted jeans. This time, no thong to block his vision, just the jeans so tantalizingly close to showing her pussy that he thinks if he stares long enough his vision will be rewarded for its steadfast desire.
The third image is similar as well. Her jeans are pulled further down over her hips raising his hopes for a peek at her hidden beauty. His eyes dart to where her pussy should logically be revealed in all its naked glory. Instead, he sees his hand covering her magic place reaching down between her legs.
His mind’s eye takes over. He feels his hand cup her pussy, his finger part her moist lips, his dick get hard.
A second triptych focuses on her breasts. In the first photo a bright red bra shimmers against her chocolate skin and frames the golden tones of cleavage. The cups are unhooked, the brassiere slightly parted. He can see the curves of her sumptuous breasts. His eyes beg for one additional tiny fraction of movement so he can catch just a glimpse of her dark brown areolas but his supplications go unheeded.
In the second image, her bra is gone. His heart leaps hoping a silent wish has been granted. In place of the missing bra, Miss Erotica’s arm runs across the length of her breasts. A hint of an erect nipple tries to peek through the middle and index fingers of a protective hand. The lower halves of her full breasts are visible beneath her arm. His eyes latch on and ride her curves.
The third image features his arm and hand in place of Miss Erotica’s. Again, his mind’s eye assumes control. He feels her soft skin against the inside of his forearm. His hand fondles her breast and plays with her nipple. His lips nibble her ear. He feels her body move, listens to her breathing, inhales her scent.
A final triptych combines the teasing images of the first two. He stands naked behind his beloved Miss Erotica, one hand in her pants, the other playing in the garden of her breasts. Her bare back moves ever so slightly against his stomach and chest. Her eyes are closed. He kisses the space behind her ears; he nuzzles her kitchen with his chin. She eases her jeans further down her hips. His heart jumps. He lifts his hand from the space it has enjoyed between her legs. She pauses her jeans descent to let them linger at the portal of her unfolding pussy. He dreams of ripping them down over her thighs and taking all of her into his salivating mouth.
They return to the photo shoot. She wears white lace panties. Her lips extend beyond the edges of the lace pulled tight into her pussy. He licks her exposed lips until they glimmer between the white of her panties and the dark brown of her thighs. He takes a picture: the top of the frame is bordered by the bottom of her breasts, a hint of areola suggested by shadow; the bottom is framed by her parted thighs. Her pussy lips shine.
He licks her one more time before pulling the white lace to one side opening the curtains on little Miss Erotica nestled between her mama’s luscious thighs. He has no choice: he has to kiss her, has to taste her, has to lick the insides of her parted thighs until they lead his tongue to her pussy, the treasure at the end of the rainbow. He takes her lips between his, feels her come to life in his mouth, lets the tip of his tongue graze the fleshy terrain of her delicate pink stripe. She sighs a gentle “ohhh.” Her pussy seeks out more of his tongue. He lets her find it and feels her moisture fill his mouth. This is a picture he will save for the album in his mind: her wet pussy filling his mouth with the sweet cream of aroused desire.
The camera tries to capture her bootie. A thin line of purple thong runs the length of the deep chasm between her full round cheeks. She lies face down on a bed, bottom up. He takes pictures from a multitude of angles trying to capture the glory of her perfect round curves: the slope from the top of her bum to the valley floor of her lower back, the crease where her bootie and thighs meet, the rising moon of side views. He shoots with the camera balanced between her shoulder blades, from every side angle imaginable and finally from between her legs. He covers her with massage oil for a second series of similar shoots. He plays with the lighting trying to further highlight her curves with shadow and shine.
Again, he finishes between her legs. Again, he has no choice: he has to kiss her, he has to lick her, has to take her in his mouth. His body quakes with each taste, with each caress, each sample of her ass. He pulls her thong to one side, separates her cheeks with his hands and dives head first into the depths of her bootie. His tongue rides the curl of her crack, circles her rectum and flirts with her anus. Again, she sighs a gentle “ohhh…” Her ass seeks out more of his tongue. He obliges her desire, opens her asshole with his fingers and inserts his tongue as far up her rectum as he can reach. He fucks her ass with his tongue. Her sighs turn to moans, her moans to words, “Oh yes, fuck yes.” His tongue rides in and out of her ass serenaded by the sound of her sultry, ecstatic voice. This, too, is a picture he will save for the album in his mind.
The day continues on this way. She adorns sexy outfits, assumes suggestive poses, he tries to capture her beauty with a camera. Each scene results in tantalizing photos. Every photo elicits a response. Each sensuous detail results in him having to taste some part of his delicious Erotica which he does repeatedly, at times ravenous, other times slow as a summer afternoon.
They lie together in bed contemplating their shared day. Erotica takes his face between her hands and considers his eyes. “I think you kissed me all day.”
“I did.”
“You really do love me.”
“Yes I do.”
“You just love me.”
He nods his head.
“Thank you dear man.”
“My pleasure Miss Erotica, bask in it. It’s rare.”
She envelops his lips in hers. “I want you inside me.”
She straddles his hips, covers him with kisses and buries his dick deep between her grateful thighs. Her hips rock him in and out of her most sacred space. Every pore of him senses every bit of the depth of every successive moment they are blessed to share: a gift of Beauty.
This is the picture he will frame and set on the mantle of his memory, this is the one that he will look at and say, I do love you that much. It is the image that will carry him through all the lonely moments when he wonders about what will happen to their relationship with all this time apart. MK knows there’s a whole lot of men attracted to his Sweet Beauty. What would he ever do if she got involved with one? How could he ever deal with losing her again.

Book 1 Chapter 14: Watching

MK’s phone rings. It’s Ms. E. He hurries to find it finally retrieving from the pants pocket of a pair of jeans hanging in his closet.
“Hey Beautiful!”
“Hi MK, I didn’t think you were going to answer.”
“Just couldn’t find my phone. Glad I did, I don’t ever want to miss a call from my Sweet Beauty. What are you doing?”
“MK, I’m going to check out that place I was telling you about.”
“What place might that be Ms. E?”
“You know—that club with the dungeon that I’ve been saying I wanted to see.”
“Oh yeah, I remember. When are you going?”
“Tonight MK. It’s something I’ve been curious about for awhile and have meaning to do.”
“You going by yourself?”
“I am.”
“Be careful Sweet Beauty. I hope you have a good time but be careful. I don’t want anything happening to my beautiful Ms. E.”
“I’ll be fine. I’m a big girl MK. I’ll let you know how it is and if I like it, maybe you and I can go there next time you come to visit.”
“Thanks Ms. E. I’d like that. Hope you have fun, can’t wait to hear your report.”
Ms. Erotica sits alone in a sequestered space. The room is dark, the only light from a single window on one wall. Outside of her bunkered room is a dungeon where a man and woman partake in sex play with each other. Much to Ms. Erotica’s relief, the couple is attractive. She is petite, dark complected, her body curvaceous and fit. Handcuffs bind her hands; a simple white v-neck dress fits loosely over body. Straps threaten to fall off of her shoulders and expose erect nipples that impregnate the cotton cloth. He is tall, broad shouldered and muscular. His skin is the tone of someone who is bi-racial, maybe Mediterranean. A black mask covers his eyes; every other part of him is bare. He holds a flogger in his hand. Ms. Erotica watches their every move.
The woman seems afraid. Her eyes look down at her cuffed hands lying powerless against her tummy. He circles her like a hunter deciding what to do with captured prey tapping the flogger against the palm of his open left hand. She follows his movement out of the corners of her eyes cautious not to stare.
Ms. E stares for her.
Ms. Erotica watches as he lifts a dress strap from the woman’s shoulder with the handle of his flogger and lets it slide down her well toned arm. She can feel the chills that the handcuffed woman must be feeling. Ms. E watches as he runs the same handle across the woman’s shoulders and along her neck. Her breath shortens when he uses the implement to raise the woman’s chin and when he presses it against her exposed throat.
The man lifts the remaining strap from the cuffed woman’s shoulder. The only thing keeping the material from falling to her waist is her breasts. He traces their curves with the back of his hand, rubs his index finger up and down her taut nipples. His pace is slow, deliberate, calculated. Ms. E watches and feels her own nipples grow hard.
Barely making contact with her exposed skin, the masked man draws his flogger across the woman’s naked shoulders. He lets it dangle over her barely covered breasts, lets it drop down her cleavage, and lets its suede strands tickle her titties before dragging it back across her shoulders and around to her back. It feels good to the woman, comforting, soothing. She seems to relax, closes her eyes and lifts her head back like a cat soaking in morning sun.
He stands facing her. Her eyes meet his. He reaches forward, grabs her fallen straps and rips apart her dress. Her breasts bounce from the shock of his sudden movement. He tears away what remains of the shredded material and leaves her standing naked from the waist up. She shudders as if an unexpected cold wind has lashed across her body. Ms. E gasps in her sanctuary across the hall.
Again, he circles his bound prey. Ms. Erotica can feel the woman’s nakedness, her vulnerability as she stands at the mercy of a stalking man. Ms. E feels as if the man’s eyes are upon her, as if it’s her breasts that are bare, her safety that is subject to this stranger’s sexual whims. She becomes aware of the tension that has gripped her body and takes a deep breath to ease its hold. She adjusts her position, crosses one leg over the others and realizes that her pussy is wet. All the while, she watches.
He toys with her naked breasts: bounces them, slaps them, pinches her nipples, squeezes them hard, flogs them. The woman recoils with each slap, with each too hard squeeze or pinch, with each lash but offers no resistance. The masked man continues, increasing the severity of his actions until the woman yelps and recoils in pain. He pauses, leans forward and licks her beleaguered breasts, kisses her neck, her face with his barely visible lips, caresses her head in his powerful hands and then flogs her breasts repeatedly until the woman begins to cry and begs for him stop.
Ms. E can barely watch. She needs a break. This is just too intense. But she can’t leave. She has to see what happens next. Her hands clutch the seat of her chair. She re-crosses her legs. Her panties are wet.
The man places a blindfold around the woman’s eyes and releases her hands from their cuffs. He leads her to a medical table, lifts her to a reclining position where her legs are spread, her feet lashed to stirrups as if he is readying her for a vaginal exam. The blindfolded woman’s arms are bound to restraints above her head.
He selects new items of torture from the dungeon walls to augment his flogger–a leather slapper, a cane, a feather duster—lays them on a platform adjacent to the table and circles around the spread eagled woman.
Ms. E watches the woman’s body grow tense. The longer the man waits to do something, the more Ms. E feels her own body tighten. The wait is intolerable.
He moves between her open legs, picks up his flogger and runs it gently up and down the inside loin of her thighs. Its suede straps wash over her exposed pussy and brush across her tummy. Erotica jumps as he readies to swat the woman’s vulva. He stops mid stroke and instead toys softly with the woman’s most tender parts. He accompanies the flogger with a cane, taps her clitoris, pokes her vagina and lashes her thighs. She tugs against her restraints. Another gentle wash of the flogger follows and then he strikes her pussy, flogs her hard. The woman writhes, tries to close her knees but can’t. More lashes to her pussy cause to her cry out. Ms. E hugs herself and momentarily looks away. The woman’s pleas for him to stop bring Ms. Erotica back to the scene framed by the window.
The man backs off, retrieves ice from a small refrigerator and rubs it over the woman’s afflicted areas. Her breathing begins to slow, her writhing body calms. He kisses her pussy, licks her clitoris, puts his finger inside of her and rubs hard. “Oh, oh no, oh, please no…” The woman’s voice echoes around the dungeon and explodes in Ms. E’s ears.
He licks her clit again, gently, lovingly. He mixes more ice with his tongue before finger fucking her hard, this time with two fingers. Again, the woman shouts for help and again Ms. E squirms in her chair and averts her eyes. She hears slaps of the man’s hand against her clit, along her thighs, upon her tummy accompanied by increasing desperate cries from the aggrieved woman.
When the din ceases, Ms. Erotica looks up and sees the man holding the feather duster. Before Ms. E can ready herself she watches him tease the woman’s clit with the feathers, do the same to her nipples, finger fuck her, slap her clit and repeat the process. An extended gasp responds to his every action. The woman’s face is wet with sweat and tears. Ms. E can’t take much more. She catches her breath and promises herself “ten more minutes.”
The man cradles the woman in his arms and whispers to her. Ms. E strains to hear what he says but can’t decipher much beyond “shhh…” She can hear the woman, though. “I know you love me…I love you too…yes, this is what I want…no, don’t stop, I’ll let you know when it’s too much…yes, I do, I trust you. I promise you it’s what I want.”
The woman lies back down. Her domme attaches clips to the woman’s nipples with light chains that connect to new restraints clamped around her knees. Every time her knees move even the slightest bit, the chain tightens and tugs on her tormented nipples. Hot wax from a large red candle is dribbled across her breasts. Her knees instantly quake and yank on the newly secured breast clamps. She pulls violently against her restraints howling from the overwhelming combination of burning wax and agonized nipples. He follows with more ice and she quiets, she rests, she gathers her strength for what is yet to come. An exhausted Ms. Erotica does the same.
From a drawer under the medical table, the man pulls out a vibrator and forces it against the woman’s clitoris. She can’t hold still. Her knees yank to the side causing her nipples to stretch and she bellows with pain. Her head flails from side to side. A litany of agonized wails escapes from her trembling lips. “No more, please, no more. Fuck me now! I’m ready for that big dick of yours. Now!”
The man kneels between the pleading woman’s legs; his big dick extends out from his body parallel to the floor.
The man unhinges his lover’s nipple clamps and caresses her abused breasts. His hands lift her ass. His dick penetrates her starving pussy. Ecstatic moans replace her agonized screams. He rocks her up and down his hard patient shaft.
Ms. E’s hips follow their rhythm. She imagines My’Kuyah pinching her nipples, pictures his thick dick filling her rapacious pussy. When she watches the man plunge his dick into the bound woman’s red stripe, Ms. E feels herself filled up with MK. When he withdraws, Ms. E rides up high on to the tip of MK’s dick.
Ms. E watches. She watches a strange man fuck a strange woman through a window and what she sees is herself fucking MK. She rides MK’s dick until the images of physical and mind’s eye merge into a single chorus of collective delight. The couple reaches orgasm. Ms. E follows suit. She watches as they cum and what she sees is she and My’Kuyah wrapped up together in each other’s arms singing the praises of love.
After a long drive home, Ms. E checks her phone for messages. There’s one from MK: “how was it Sweet Beauty? You know I’m dying to hear about your night out.”
She thinks about what she just saw at the club; thinks about her fantasies fucking MK; imagines his tasty dick in her mouth, between her legs; imagines them cumming simultaneously howling the same orgiastic delights and feels her pussy getting wet. Her fingers begin to rub her sweet sugar; her mind imagines it’s MK whose touching her. Ms. E decides to give MK a surprise that she knows will rock his world. She turns her phone to its ‘record’ mode, lies the phone next to her head as she lays back and plays with herself until she cums.
She writes back to MK, “Listen to what I sent: this is how it was MK. I was thinking of you the entire time.”

Book 1 Chapter 15: Massage

Understand what a story—just that moment when it starts, when so much is still possible—has allowed me to feel, happy to be there, carried away–“Request” by Lawrence Raab
MK awakens from a labored sleep feeling more tired than when he went to bed. He limps into his morning routine, back stiff, eyes barely open. A cup of hot green tea sets in motion a series of actions that define every entrance into a new day. After a sip of steaming tea, he opens his e-mail. A message from Ms. E immediately catches his eye. It contains an attachment. MK races to open Ms. E’s latest surprise: an audio file. He opens it and listens.
What he hears is thrilling: Ms. Erotica’s familiar gorgeous, sexy, sultry voice making love. His dick rock hard, MK listens all the way through. Ms. E sighs, moans, begs him to fuck her pussy, calls out his name, and leads him through a trail of passionate foreplay to orgasm.
My’Kuyah listens again and again and reconstructs a mental image from their recent time together to accompany the luscious sound of Ms. E’s soothing voice: He sees Ms. E lying naked on her bed. Face down, head turned slightly to one side, supported by arms serving as pillows. The full length of her backside is exposed save for a cream colored thong that struggles to remain visible between luscious mounds of bootie cheeks.
He quakes at the sight of his beloved Ms. Erotica. Ravenous eyes capture her every detail: short, natural coils of hair, strong shoulders shaped by hours of conditioning, slight bikini line from four days in a Mexican sun, pronounced crease between her round bottom and thighs, birthmarks on her legs, shades of smooth brown skin with red and gold highlights that run from head to lovely toe.
His Beauty, Ms. Erotica, exhausted, sore, asks to be massaged. A small bottle of oil sits next to her hips. He squirts some into his hands and rubs them together warming them for his first touch. Kneeling to one side he squirts more oil. “You can straddle me, it’s OK.” Her smile opens a door and invites him in, “don’t worry, it’s OK. I want you to touch me.”
His touch begins with her shoulders and neck. “Ohhh…” she quietly moans in response to his touch. They’re tight, tied in knots, his hands try to soothe Lord knows how many months of tension from them. My’Kuyah feels for the tightest spots and applies pressure to each one then follows with long strokes until he finds another spot that demands similar attention. He digs beneath the surface of her skin searching for the rocks lying on the streambed deep below that give the visible surface its shape and in Miss Erotica’s case, her tension. “Oh yes MK…” More oil; he caresses the jagged stone at the heart of her shoulders’ stress, smoothes rough edges of her aches and pain. His hands spread his love. His fingers whisper “you can let go, you can feel good, that too is OK.” Dripping a line along her spine, massaging the muscles that form the valley of her backbone from her neck to bottom, he wonders if she feels his arms shake as he marvels at the depth of her honest beauty, as he reaches deeper beneath her surface for more.
My’Kuyah’s hands ease Ms. Erotica’s thong down over her bottom; he rides the curve from her lower back up her glorious naked cheeks letting it rest midway down the thigh side. “Just take it off,” her quiet instructions send a jolt to his soul. He slides her panties slowly down her legs; kisses follow their calculated descent until he slips the cream colored lace over her heels. Sacred orifices lay unveiled. His tongue hungers to taste each one.
“Would you rub my legs too please?” They are bathed in oil before the “please” leaves her lips. He kneels between her feet. My’Kuyah’s well lubed hands reach forward and surround Ms. E’s thighs, one on either side. They squeeze, ply, and penetrate her muscles. Every stroke up the inside of her parted legs ends up closer to her pussy. His fingers flirt with her lips, trace circles around her mound; glide the length of her blossoming pink stripe. He works her calves, her feet, takes her toes into his mouth and rubs his face over her soles. “Oh fuck yes.” MK lingers on every sound she makes. He can feel the pleasure he hears in her voice.
Sliding back between her thighs, cheeks parted, he kisses Ms. Erotica’s bootie before straddling her hips to finish rubbing her back. His erect dick kept at bay under a pair of shorts pokes her ass every time he extends forward to massage her neck. He slows the pace, lightens his touch, savors every moment atop his naked Beauty.
Ms. E’s barely audible voice announces that she is going to roll over so he can massage the front of her body. Moving to one side, My’Kuyah helps her turn. He watches in slow motion, what he sees is absolutely stunning, the body of a woman revealed, “my, my, my, you are so beautiful my dear sweet Ms. E.” He sits back and stares, speechless, motionless, stunned by the sight of her raw Beauty.
My’Kuyah’s hands encircle Ms. Erotica’s thighs. Streaks of oil paint them a darker shade of brown. She parts her legs. Her pussy unfolds before him. His hands brush the delicate skin surrounding her lips. He leans forward and kisses her clit. More oil for her tummy and breasts, long strokes calm his shaking arms, his fingers explore each morsel of her fully exposed glorious body.
Ms. Erotica’s pussy sparkles between well oiled thighs. My’Kuyah has to taste her. His tongue spreads her lips, he licks the moisture that gathers between them. “Oh fuck yes MK.” She tastes so fucking good, like fresh water from a spring that calls him back for another swallow. He settles between her thighs and eats her, his tongue feeling the details of her sacred terrain from her swelling clit to her blossoming vagina. Ms. E presses her pussy against his mouth emitting quiet sounds of pleasure. My’Kuyah’s hands caress his Sweet Beauty’s breasts, her tummy and settle around her hips. He pulls her closer to his face. Her hips dance with his hands in rhythmic thrusts for more. Fuck me with your tongue. Lick me until I cum. I want to fill your mouth with my sweet cream. Yes My’Kuyah, let me feel good, let me have this moment, make me cum.
And My’Kuyah does: Ms. E’s hips shake amidst quiet moans, her cream seeps into his mouth, covers his lips, rewards his tongue for its loving touch. She cums. He licks. Her hips writhe in pleasure. His mouth drinks from her pussy, breathes in her essence, savors every second of their intimate embrace.
My’Kuyah scooches from between her legs to lie beside her. He spreads another layer of oil on her tummy and breasts and gently caresses the woman he loves, her taste on his lips, her naked body in his hands. Quietly he whispers, “you beautiful, beautiful woman, I love you so much. Thank you for inviting me in.” His eyes register every detail of the moment; his body feels them through each enlivened sense. These moments will become the image for the screen saver of his mind’s eye: his default setting, the memories he will conjure in the transition moments right before sleep and right before waking, the recorded manifestation of love expressed and love felt that will accompany him through times of joy and times of sorrow, times of intimacy and absence, times of certainty and doubt, the place he will go to remember what is possible when one loves a woman and when that woman opens her pussy to his mouth to be loved.
He writes back: “Thank you my beloved Sweet Beauty, Ms. Erotica. Your surprise was the best, almost too good. I have to see you. I just do.”

Book 1 Chapter 16: Night Time Visitor

“I just have to Ms. E, I don’t want to spend any more time apart. I have to see you.”
“I feel the same way My’Kuyah. Hurry, I feel like I’m going to burst.”
“Hearing your audio broke me. I can’t take another day of trying to imagine the real thing.”
MK finds the next flight to LA and books it. Unfortunately it gets in late Friday night. He doesn’t care; at this point he’d walk from Seattle to LA if he had to. He has to see Ms. E.
A bouquet of flowers and a small package sit outside Ms. E’s door and welcome her home after a long week at work. Ms. Erotica brings both inside, sets them down on her kitchen counter, drops her bag from work on the floor and reads the card that accompanies the dozen dark red roses.
“Please leave your door unlocked when you go to bed tonight and put on what you find in your gift box. I don’t get in until after midnight and will take an Uber to your place. Love MK.”
She tries to be delicate with the package bow but after a few tugs at the lavender ribbon she realizes that delicate ain’t gonna’ make it happen so she tears apart the paper and the tie that adorns it. Tissue wrapping gets tossed aside; a lavender teddy lies at the bottom of the box.
“Oh Lord, what does this man have in mind for me tonight?” She smiles thinking of My’Kuyah, a man whose love and desire for her has never wavered throughout all the time they’ve known each other, it’s only gotten stronger.
Ms. E takes the flowers and lavender outfit to her bedroom and then goes about her business. She puts some food in the microwave to warm and turns on hot water for a hot soak in her tub. She lets the water cool while she eats her dinner and catches up on her shows. “Got to find out what’s happening on ‘Bloodline’ she says to no one in particular and settles in to see what older brother Danny is really all about.
Two episodes later she has her dishes cleaned and is ready to languish in the perfect warm water that awaits her tired body. She imagines MK watching her as she undresses, remembers how much he loves to do just that: see her take off her clothes and settle into her tub to bathe. She misses him, misses his eyes upon her, and misses how good it makes her feel to know how beautiful she is in his eyes. She imagines him washing her, imagines his hands caressing her body, playing with her, teasing her, helping her release the tensions for another long week, loving her with every gentle stroke and touch.
She fantasizes about what might happen later this evening when she readies for bed. Her nipples harden imagining him grazing each one with his fingers. She feels that feeling she gets deep in her gut when she awaits his tongue on her pussy, his fingers inside her, anticipating the intense feelings to come.
The bath and dream filled soak are so good that she dozes off for a few minutes. A noise by her door awakens her. She waits for the sound of splashing water to subside. Finally quiet, nothing but silence from her other room, Ms. E lifts herself from the tub to investigate wrapping a white towel around her wet chocolate self. She walks quietly down the hallway and peers into her living room. Nothing. She leans next to her door. Again, nothing. Cautiously Ms. Erotica opens the front door. On her welcome mat is another package. She looks from side to side and sees no one. Quickly she grabs the package and locks the door behind her. The wrapping is the same as what adorned the blindfold. She opens it. A note sits atop lavender tissue paper. “One more thing for you to wear to bed tonight Sweet Beauty if you would be so kind.” Beneath the tissue paper is a delicate gold necklace. Ms. E shakes her head, puts the package on her bed and returns to finish her bath.
After completing all the things a girl has to get right with her hair, her face, her lotion plus getting ready for a night time visitor, Ms. E puts on MK’s gifts and lays atop her covers. She’s tired and isn’t sure how long she can stay awake waiting for this man to arrive. Just before nodding off she remembers to unlock her front door–something she’s not totally comfortable with. Finally she gets between her delicious sheets. “Mmmm, been waitin’ for this since last Sunday.” Before she knows it, she’s asleep.
My’Kuyah knows her patterns well. He knows the steps: warm the food, fill the tub, eat and catch up on her shows, clean up, languish in the tub, get ready for bed. He waits until he knows she’s asleep. He eases her door open and closes it without making any noise. MK stands still until the sound of his breathing recedes into the quiet of the night. He tip toes towards her room. He can hear her sleeping. He imagines her lying face down bootie all up in the air, one leg bent the other straight out towards the bottom of the bed, one arm under her pillow, the other thrown out to the side. He peers into the darkness of her room and the image he sees matches the one in his mind’s eye.
MK slides onto the bed next to her, careful not to wake his sleeping Beauty. He places his hand upon her chest and whispers “Hi Sweet Beauty…” into her ear. She jumps at the sudden invasion of her well deserved slumber but extends her arms to draw MK close. They kiss wildly, deeply. They kiss for all the time in between when they dreamed of kissing again. MK envelops Ms. E in his arms squeezing her as tight as he can. It feels so good. “Don’t let go MK.” Her hands encircle his face; her lips cover him with kisses.
Ms. E emerges from her covers and straddles MK. “Let me feel this body of yours MK. Let me make sure it’s real.” She tears at his clothing, yanks off his shirt, rips apart his pants, throws them to the floor and grabs hold of his dick with both hands. “I’m glad you remembered to pack my friend MK. I’ve been saving a place for him inside my thighs. But first a little taste of Mr. Man.” She fills her mouth with his erect desire. “Oh MK, I’ve been missing you so. You’re really here.” She relishes each inch of his dick, licks every bit of his length and caresses its top hat between her lips. MK watches himself disappear in her mouth. This is home.
Ms. E straddles MK’s hips and runs his saliva laden dick along her wet red stripe. He feels himself grow in her hand and longs to feel the warmth of her love cove that he knows will soon surround his desire. And then she takes him into her sweet sugar. “Oh my God Ms. E, you feel so fucking good. You have the sweetest pussy on the planet.” MK rises up to kiss her. Ms. E pushes him back.
“I’m fucking you MK. Lay back and enjoy the ride. Let me welcome you back home.”
He closes his eyes and listens to the familiar sounds of Ms. E sexual pleasure. Just to make sure it’s not another scene played out in his mind MK opens his eyes back up and takes in the visual splendor of Ms. E, dark brown skin against the dark light of night, purple satin caressing her bouncing breasts, wet sugar riding up and down his dick: it’s as real as it can be.
She lifts her new purple top and shows him her breasts. Deep dark brown nipples so hard they catch the material and keep it from covering her full round breasts. “Oh yes Ms. E, you are so fine.”
MK starts to say more. Ms. E puts a finger upon his lips. “Shhh, just feel me MK, feel yourself inside me: let it all feel good. We’ll talk in the morning. I got a lot to tell you, got some surprises for you too. But right now, let’s fuck each other all night long. Whatever else we need to say can wait until tomorrow.”

Book 1 Chapter 17: First Kiss

Lying next to his sleeping Sweet Beauty, MK thinks back to his first kiss–ninth grade, in the basement of his girlfriend’s home, an old TV in one corner, a pool table in the middle and a couch against the far wall. They kissed on the couch. His lips trembled, his hands shook, fortunately this wasn’t her first and she patiently showed him what to do. “Relax, it’s OK, it’s just me.” She squeezed his cheeks to make his lips pucker. “Like that…here watch.” She blew him a kiss. “See my lips? Now you try.”
He did.
“Try again.”
He did.
She bent the knuckle on her index finger and put it between his lips. “Suck on it, not too much, just draw it in a little bit. There you go.” She replaced her knuckle with her tongue. “Same thing, slowly draw it into your mouth.” Her lips brushed his as she spoke like eyelashes across an unexpecting cheek, what she called a butterfly kiss. A different kind of butterfly fluttered across his stomach. His dick wondered about all the commotion.
“Give me yours.” Their tongues met at the portal of his mouth. Hers circled his. He felt his mouth moisten. She had a taste so fresh and pure that it offered no parallels. Details didn’t matter. He wanted more. The taste of her tongue mixed with a breezy exhale from her nose felt like sweet topping on an ice cream shake. She placed her hands behind his ears and drew him in, his lips puckered and they kissed. “That’s it! That’s how you kiss.”
It was like his first exhilarating ride on a bike with no training wheels. His feet were off the ground, airborne. He had to be flying. He wanted more. They made out for hours.
His first kiss with Ms. E was like that but better. He embraced the woman he loved and sought out her lips. She put her hands behind his ears and drew him to his desired destination. Their lips barely touched. Sweet exhale from her nose joined them and sweetened the sensation. She drew him closer. It felt like a virgin kiss. They tasted each other’s mouths, sampled each other’s souls, locked lips and wouldn’t let go.
Their tongues were the first to pioneer into the sacred places of each other’s hidden realms, the first attempt at two connecting as one: a loss of virginity but a regaining of innocence.
“Let’s just kiss,” she whispered, “our first kisses. Let them be enough.”
He cradled her body across his and raised her up until their lips met in full embrace. They kissed. Slowly, they savored every nuanced detail of each other’s mouth. They kissed. Their pace intensified. Their mouths opened wider, they breathed each other in, their essence mingled, they lingered on each other’s lips.
Locked in each other’s eyes, he whispered back, “I’m seeing you for the first time and you are more beautiful than ever.” They kissed again. His body trembled. Butterflies fluttered across his stomach. His dick rose up to investigate the commotion. He cuddled her in his arms and they kissed.
“Let it be enough.”
“It is.” She leaned back, neck exposed, lips slightly parted, and offered her spirit to him. He gladly accepted and they kissed.

Book 1 Chapter 18: Sound

MK is not alone in his early morning romantic imagination. Ms. E has her own fantasies. She shares them snuggled next to MK. A recurring fantasy starts with him tasting her sugar, her pussy lips, delicate, quiet, almost imperceptible, a stranger sneaking into her sleep in the middle of a dark night. She stirs between warm sheets feeling one of her dreams coming true: MK’s face is between her legs, his lips upon her delicate lips. MK gives kisses to them; he shares kisses with them. Her lips respond. Her lips kiss back. Her lips awaken, and they stir to life in reaction to what feels like early morning offerings of his breath breathed into her. Her lips welcome him. Her pussy invites him in, gradually, opens to him, carefully, slowly. The invitation is not spoken, it is suggested by a gentle unfolding, a tender parting of her sanctified sugar.
Moisture gathers to greet her guest, to ease his entry through her palace gates. Together they give birth to a desire expressed in sublime sounds; sounds like water lapping against a midnight shoreline, accompanied by moonlight, faint sounds against a background of dark silence.
His lips are joined by his tongue. His tongue licks the length of her pussy. Together they slurp her moisture into his mouth mixing it with his saliva saying thank you to the kind invitation offered by her parted sugar. The pace of his breathing increases. The rhythmic waves of his slurping tongue massaging her clitoris increases. The muffled sound of his lips sucking her engorged pussy elevates. Together a symphony of tongue, lips, kisses, slurps, sucks swimming in her warm wet pussy lures her voice from the depths of the moonlit darkness: contented sighs, delighted hums, extended purring moans.
“Oh, ohh, oh yes, kiss my pussy, yes, mmm, you’re tongue feels so good in my pussy, yes, right there, that’s it, oh my God, oh God, mmm, yes baby, right there, make me feel good old man, yessss, right there.”
His pace increases, his tongue dances to the rhythm of her voice. Her words float over his skin like an evening breeze, they entice him, tease him. “How bad do you want to taste the sweet cream of my pussy?” He gasps for air. Now her pussy pushes back. Now her pussy grinds against his mouth. Rapid syncopation, her pussy in his mouth, her hands grab the back of his head and pull him deeper into her palace. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, mmmmmm, let me fuck your tongue with my pussy. I’m going to fuck your tongue with my pussy. How bad do you want me to cum? I’m going to fuck your tongue. Ohhh, ooh, fuck my sweet pussy with your tongue. Oh God! Mmmm! Oh God.”
Her voice wavers amidst shortened breaths. “Oh, here she comes, I’m almost there, oh my God I’m going to cum in your mouth. Oh, oh, oh, of yes. Here she comes.”
She pulls him even closer, tighter, her body straightens. She throws her head back. Her sweet cream empties in his grateful mouth. She cums. “Oh yes, oh yes! Oh fuck yes.”
She convulses and she cums. She moans and she cums. She gives thanks to the heavens and she cums. He sucks every drop of her, tastes every bit of her promised sweet cream, draws out every ounce of tension until her body softens, relaxes, her breathing slows down, until her sounds return to the darkness of midnight upon a moonlit beach.
He kisses her pussy one last time and she whispers to the man who has just filled his mouth with her sweetness, “thank you My’Kuyah. Rest well my love.”
MK leans to her bedside and turns off the recorder that has captured the sounds of her rapturous delight. He will share it with Ms. E later in the morning.
Her beautiful smile eases into deep sleep and he imagines her joy when they love again to the sound of her voice.

Book 1 Chapter 19: Pillow Talk--First Glimpse

The lovers linger in each other’s arms and share stories from their past. MK tells Ms. E about the first pussy he ever saw.
“It was my next door neighbor. I think we were both in second grade at the time. We made a deal. I’d show her mine and she agreed to show me hers. The first part went as planned. I pulled down my pants and let my dick peek over the top of my Fruit of the Loom briefs. She recoiled and gasped.
I took her hand and brought it close to my body. ‘Pull down my undies, you’ll get a better look.’ She complied with my request. ‘Go ahead, touch it, it’s OK.’
Again, she complied. Chills ran the length of our early adolescent bodies in the dank heat of a dark garage. My dick came alive like the mysterious Sea Monkeys of comic book ads expanding in virginal waters.
Her initial repulsion gave way to curiosity. Cautiously, she circled my dick head with her index finger and then followed an emerging vein down the length of my small but extended shaft. It was our first time, ever.
‘My turn,’ I announced rather abruptly.
She wasn’t sold on the idea.
‘I showed you mine, now I get to see yours. Remember?’
‘OK,” she replied, ‘but let’s get out of this garage, I’m hot.’
We exited through a side door and tried to hide behind a pear tree in the very back of the yard. ‘Not here,’ she protested, ‘somebody might see.’
I argued that no better place existed. ‘I’ll make it look like we’re playing.’
My suggestion temporarily eased her fears. “OK, but make it look for real.”
I returned to the garage and emerged after a few seconds holding a coil of clothesline. ‘I’m going to tie you to the tree. How’s that?’
After thinking for a few seconds she nodded her head and said ‘OK.’
We both moved to the weathered trunk. I circled cord around her and the tree until she was bound from the waist up. She smiled and said, ‘This is fun, you’re a pirate and I’m your prisoner just like Peter Pan.’
I kneeled before her, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down around her ankles and in too loud a voice exclaimed ‘What happened?’
My question startled her. ‘What do you mean? What’s wrong?’
‘What happened to yours…to your thing…your pee pee?’
I dove in for a closer look at my first unveiled private female parts, when BLAM! I was knocked to the ground by a ferocious slap to the side of my head: her mother, hair tied up in a kerchief, adorned in a flowered house dress untied her daughter and dragged my butt to my house smacking me upside the head the whole time.”
Ms. Erotica roars with laughter rolling in MK’s arms. “No! Did that really happen?”
“Yes, I swear. I still have an involuntary reaction every time I see a pussy for the first time. It happened when I opened the glorious picture you sent me of little Miss Beauty between your legs. My head jerked violently to the left. Here, I’ll show you.” I crawl beneath the covers and settle between her naked thighs. “OK, I’m going to look at your pussy,” my head flies to left. I hear her laughter outside the sheets.
“So why are you revealing your youthful BDSM confessions to me this morning?”
“Because you need to know the true depth of my kinky desires…only kidding Beautiful, because I want you to role play that story with me, without me getting slapped so violently upside the head. I want your pussy to be the first one I ever see and I want my dick to be the first one you touch…plus I’m looking for a new reason to tie you up.”
“You know you don’t need a reason to do that you old pervert.”
I smile at the beautiful woman next to me, her brown skin softened by white linen, “I know, but I’m always looking for new ways to do old tricks. You remember the first time you wanted someone to behold your pussy? Do you remember the feeling? I want to share that with you and I want you to be the first one to see my dick. Let’s create our own innocence Ms. Erotica, our own precious untrammeled sense that anything is possible. Clean out the baggage from our lives so we can cherish our own new first times, together.”
Ms. E shakes her head at the 60 year old little boy looking up from between her legs. “OK old man let me show you mine first but let me put on an outfit befitting the occasion.”
When she returns, he ties her hands to the posts at the head of the bed. “Got to stay true to the story Ms. Erotica.” She lies before him in a white tank cotton t-shirt and schoolgirl skirt. Lifting the hem of her skirt above her waist, an outline of her pussy becomes visible on the surface of her white cotton panties. He kisses the cloth that conceals the object of his desire and rubs his nose up and down its textured terrain. He lifts the side of her panty and puts it inside her lip exposing one side of her labia. His kisses run up and down its length. ever so lightly licking her newly exposed parts. Both hands grab the waist of her panties and pull up. They slide deeper between her lips. His mouth touches every part that gets exposed.
She hears his breathing increase, feels his arms shake as he toys with her panties. The pressure on her clit feels good. What feels best is his mad desire for her. One peek at one little part of her private domain sends him into orbit. She’s never been wanted this much before and it feels so fucking good. No longer does she worry about not feeling the same about him, not sharing his same mad desire. What they have works and in her own way she loves him for that.
She feels her panties slide down over her hips; his lips caress her pelvis, his chin rubs against her clit. He’s going to see her pussy for the first time. She’s going to let him see it. That’s the rare gift she offers. He shakes like a kid on Christmas morning ravenous for whatever is wrapped in the big box from the far corner of the room. He’s almost there. His lips brush across her tummy; his teeth take the white elastic waist band of her white cotton panties, slide them down and unveil her sugar. Frozen in motion, he gasps at the sight of her. “All those hours I tried to imagine this moment and I didn’t even get close to how magnificently beautiful you really are. I didn’t make all this up. Look at you Ms. Erotica, just look at you.” He does, tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. “Your pussy Ms. E, your precious little pussy, here it is, the splendor of your gorgeous little pussy.”
He looks some more, touches her, kisses her, takes her clit between his lips and massages her. Slowly, he explores the rest of little Miss Erotica, the prize between Ms. Erotica’s thighs. His eyes examine every little part of her love cove. His tongue and lips soon follow. His fingers explore, spread her open, his flattened tongue licks it all. “What a pretty pink Ms. Erotica.” His tongue dives deep to see what such pretty pink might taste like. “Nectar, Ms. E, pure nectar. I just want to stay here between your thighs for as long as I can: Nothing more; just this.”
He puts his mouth over her pussy and inhales her essence. “Just this Ms. E.” He takes another taste of her and thinks of all the years he has imagined this moment, envisioned peering over her pelvic mound, letting his eyes roam the faint line that runs from her pussy to her navel, following her flat tummy to the mounds of her breasts and then re-tracing the path of his eyes with his hands, gently, light enough to cause chill bumps around her nipples.
As his tongue reaches for the sweet pink deep inside, she feels herself unfold in his mouth and he marvels at the circumstances of this moment: a woman he loves trusts him enough to lay on her back, open her legs, spread her pussy and invite him into her softest most vulnerable space. He’s humbled and kisses her pussy as lovingly as he knows how, coddles her nubile breasts as affectionately as he can, embraces her body with his hands and his heart. The moment overwhelms him. He places the side of his face on her tummy, wraps his arms around her hips and rocks her in his arms. “I love you so much Ms. Erotica.” Kisses join tears and leave a track of desire across her brown hips. Every second with her is precious, nothing else matters at this moment besides her and the intimacy they share.
Untying her hands, MK flips her over and rains more kisses upon her lavish round bootie cheeks. A pillow underneath her body raises her ass and MK buries his face between her sumptuous cheeks. His tongue finds her pussy. His wet nose flirts with her anus. His hands squeeze her to his face.
“You make me feel so good” she sighs in a deep, sultry voice.
Music to his ears. His finger joins his tongue ravishing her pussy. His thumb replaces his nose in her ass. His face remains between her legs and resumes indulging in the banquet between her legs.
“Oh yes, dear man, yes, right there, yes, that’s the place, don’t stop, don’t stop.”
He doesn’t. He won’t. He keeps feasting on her pussy. She exhorts him to pinch her nipples. His hands find her breasts and he fulfills her request. This is what he has dreamed of: his face wedged between her thighs, her pussy in his mouth, sounds of her joy filling the room. This is his dream come true. He savors every second of these infinitely deep moments knowing that soon she will roar with delight. And she does, waves of orgasm ripple across her senses. He leans forward and kisses her back, her shoulders, and her fingers. “You really do love me; I can feel it in everything you do.” She stuffs his dick into her pussy and wraps her thighs around his hips.. The sounds of peaceful slumber accompany his dick gently rocking his Sweet Beauty to sleep. She awakens for a moment and whispers, “did you cum MK?”
“No Sweet Beauty.”
“Let me help you with that.”
Ms. E squeezes his dick deep inside her sugar and draws out his desire. MK cums until he can’t and then joins his Sweet Beauty in mid-morning peaceful, deep sleep.

Book 1 Chapter 20: Pillow Talk--First Orgasm

“Tell me about the first time you came?” she asks, lying naked next to him in bed, idly stroking his grateful dick.
“Probably a wet dream.”
She slaps his dick head. “No silly man, the first time you had an orgasm when you were awake, the first time with someone. Tell me about that.” Her hand resumes a gentle cock massage.
A smile extends across his face. “That’s easy. It was in junior high school, with my first girlfriend.”
“The first Black girlfriend you’ve told me about?”
“My first Black girlfriend was my first girlfriend.”
“In junior high?”
“And you ain’t been the same since.”
“Isn’t that the truth.” He leans forward and kisses her black nipples. “You know what they say…”
“Once you go Black…”
“I’m living proof.”
“Well what happened? Lord, sometimes you can take forever to tell a simple story.”
“Sometimes taking one’s time isn’t such a bad thing.”
She leans forward and licks his dick. “Point well made My’Kuyah. For that, I’m thankful. Now get on with the story if you don’t mind.”
“As I said,” he clears his throat to emphasize his point about patience, “we were in junior high, sneaking around, trying to be undercover. Actually, having to be undercover, it was the Civil Rights era. Her parents were cool, though. They’d let us hang out downstairs in their basement. Mom and Dad would be right upstairs and checked periodically to see if all was OK but they pretty much left us alone. We listened to records, played a little pool and messed around with each other.”
“Finally you are getting to the good part. Tell me about the messing around.”
“And we would mess around with each other…” MK cuts Ms. E a quick glance. She…”
“This girl have a name?”
“No, her parents never gave her one. Yes, she had a name.”
“I know they didn’t call the girl ‘she’, what was her name, please?”
“You probably won’t believe this, but it was ‘Susie’.”
“You’re right, I don’t. A sista’ named Susie.”
“Actually, Susan, but everybody called her Susie. Still do…Anyway, Susie would take off her panties, sit across from me and show me her pussy. I’ll never forget, thin brown lips barely covered with coils of black hair, she’d pull her lips apart and the most brilliant pink would shine out from between her dark delicate skin.–took my breath away. And if that wasn’t enough, she’d pull up her bra and show me her breasts, pretty round little things, when her nipples got hard those titties would stand straight up. First breasts I ever put in my mouth. I’ll never forget that either.”
Ms. Erotica circles her hands in a ‘let’s go on with the story’ motion.
“We spent hours doing nothing but looking and it wasn’t just her putting on a show, I’d pull my dick out of my pants and let her look as well.”
“Aren’t you the benevolent soul.”
“It was delicious prolonged torture. We’d whisper to each on the phone every night fantasizing about what we wanted to do with each other. We finally decided that we’d take our chances and make it all happen. It was a Saturday night. We started out like we always did playing a little pool, listening to Motown and looking at each other. Susie said she had a surprise for me. She was wearing my favorite dark green sweater… with nothing on underneath. When she lifted that sweater up over head, my hands flew to her breasts like a bee to a spring flower. My God, they felt so good. I rubbed my palms across her nipples and fondled what seemed like the most perfect breasts I would ever experience and did so to my heart’s content.
Then she said, ‘I have another surprise for you sweetheart.’
“She hopped onto the edge of the pool table and sat there with her legs spread. With deliberate, calculated slow movements she lifted the hem of her green and red scotch plaid skirt until it just barely covered her pussy—no panties on underneath! She took my hand and ran it between her thighs. She was wet. I didn’t know girls got wet. Shoot, I didn’t know much about anything to be honest but I knew enough not to ask anything that might jeopardize whatever was going to happen next. Susie knew some things, though, and she gave me my first lesson on how to make a girl cum. I had to put my hand over her mouth so she didn’t alarm the parents. I rolled billiard balls across the table to keep whatever suspicions they might have at bay. My dick was leaking by this point. We used to call it ‘pecker tracks,’ I was leaving them all over the inside of my pants.
Then she led me to the bathroom, unzipped my pants and took my dick out for a walk. Let me remind you, I never came before, never masturbated, I was as naïve as a young boy could be. Susie took juice from her pussy and saliva from her mouth, moistened her hand, wrapped it around my dick and rubbed up and down my erection. My knees buckled, I started sweating, I didn’t know if I was going to pee or go blind, I knew something was about to erupt but had no idea what and then I came. She squeezed every ounce of my cum into the toilet and I dropped to my knees in front of the porcelain throne. Being a good Catholic boy, I thought that anything that felt that good had to be bad. So, I started saying the Lord’s Prayer.”
Ms. E roars with laughter. “No you didn’t!”
“I swear I did.”
“What did Susie do?”
“She said, ‘what in the world are you doing?’ I said I was giving thanks for what felt like a religious experience. And then she laughed like you just did.”
“OMG, you were scarred for life.”
“You got that right Ms. Erotica. But my scarring didn’t end there. After that joyous night we decided to take the next step and fuck each other. You talk about anticipation! It’s all we talked about. True to form I had no idea how to fuck a girl so I had my best friend, a guy credited with ‘de-flowering’ more girls in my hometown than anyone else to write down instructions for me.”
“Stop! I know you’re lying.”
“I swear as I lie naked next to you that I did Ms. E. He scribbled down step by step what I was supposed to do. The big night finally arrived, a Saturday, her parents were having a party upstairs: lots of laughter and music so we thought we’d be safe. Susie lay down under the pool table. I rolled a few billiard balls across the top in case anyone might be wondering what the hell we were doing all quiet downstairs. Holding my written instructions in one hand, I dropped my pants and tried to put my dick inside her tight little pussy. It kept flopping out and slapping against the cold linoleum floor. She would stroke me a few times getting me hard and then try to help me inside her body. No luck. Finally, I said ‘fuck it’ with the instructions and tried my best to enter Susie. I had her knees bent, my hands spreading her thighs, my bare ass trying to push my dick inside her much too dry pussy and her mother walked down the basement steps holding a meat and cheese tray. She saw my skinny white ass between her daughter’s legs, slipped from the shock of it all on the stairs, fell down, the meat and cheese tray went flying and she started yelling for her husband. I never got dressed so fast in my life. I sprinted out the back door knowing I had hell to pay.”
“MK, that’s hilarious, but it’s so sad. What happened?”
“The shit hit the fan. I ran out the back door as fast as I could. Her father called my father. I was put on lockdown for an eternity and we weren’t allowed to see each other after that.”
“What happened to Susie?”
“Same thing: forbidden love and unfortunately the incident confirmed every stereotype our parents had about inter-racial love.”
Ms. E caresses MK’s head and kisses him. “I’m so sorry for you. And you never stopped loving each other, right?”
“Well what do you say we give you a little sexual healing.”
“Work your magic Dr. Erotica like only you can.”
“You got that right Mr. Man. Let me take you back in time. I’m your forbidden love. We’re in the basement and we’re going to experience some virginal fucking. This time, no meat and cheese tray.” Ms. E takes MK’s hand and runs his fingers the length of her soft, wet red stripe. She inserts his index and middle fingers into her pussy and fucks them making sure they are touching just the right spot. She closes her eyes and focuses on the sensation between her legs. Her breathing increases, small, tender “oh’s” escape from her lips.
“Let me show you how to do this just right Mr. Man.” Ms. Erotica moves MK’s finger to her clitoris, massages herself, slowly, carefully and then vigorously, wildly, her pelvis humping his hand. “Oh yes, fuck yes, fuck my pussy old man, make me cum, me holler old man, that’s it, just like…Ohhhh!” She cums, she leans forward on to MK’s chest, pulls his fingers deep inside her body and cums some more, “oh yes…” She rides them until the end of her orgasm.
Ms. Erotica lies back on the bed to catch her breath. “That was good my dear man. Susie taught you well.”
I smile and kiss her forehead. “I love it when my Erotica cums.”
“I know you do sweet man and I thank you for that, I really do. Now you.”
She takes his tumescent dick in her moist hands and strokes it up and down, slowly, gently, lovingly. To make the ride smoother, she takes MK into her mouth and covers his patient dick with her saliva. She knows just where to touch him, how to touch him tantalizing his most sensitive parts. She makes him glad he has a dick and even more glad that he’s with a gorgeous woman who knows how to make his dick sing. And sing it does…she massages his dick like she has one of her own: one finger up and down the bottom of his erection taking him to just the point of cumming then switching her hand to the topside talking his desire down with strokes from the tip of his dick to its base. She does that repeatedly. MK’s whole body quivers. She squeezes hard, turns his dick a shade of purple and sucks its head like a lollipop. The best part she saves for last. Kneeling between his thighs, Ms. Erotica takes My’Kuyah’s entire dick into her mouth, down her throat, to the point where he swears he’s about to feel her tonsils. The sensation is almost too much. Just MK and Ms. E’s mouth, no hands to distract her loving oral copulation, she sucks him until he’s just about to cum.
“No instructions necessary MK.” Ms. E sits upon his throbbing dick, takes him inside her sweet dripping wet sugar and rides him until he experiences an orgasm so sweet that he is left breathless, speechless. It’s that beautiful, just like Ms. Erotica.
MK’s weak; sweat gathers all along his brow. He lies back in contented, satisfied reverie.
Ms. E licks his dick and kisses his mouth. “Glad you enjoyed that sweet man.”
“Thoroughly Ms. Erotica, I am humbled by your tender touch.”
“Not humbled enough for a prayer though.”
“I’ve learned to keep that silent Ms. E, confessed only to you during moments like this.”
She smiles and kisses his closed eyes. “I might learn to love you and all your stories after all.”

Book 1 Chapter 21: Pillow Talk--First Marriage

“You’ve told me about your first kiss, your first glimpse, your first orgasm…” a sudden fit of hysterical laughter interrupts Ms. E’s flow. After wiping tears from her cheeks she manages to give voice to the source of her amusement. “I will always crack up every time I think of you dropping to your knees and praying in front of the damn porcelain altar right after Susie tithed your sperm into it…Lord if that had been me…”
“What would you have done Ms. E?”
“Before or after I showed you the door?”
“Cold, Ms. E, cold. You would have left me with irreparable scars.”
“Shoot, I would have left you with more than that. You should be thankful it was Susie instead of yours truly.”
“Oh Lord.”
“Here we go with the Lord after orgasm again.” Ms. E rolls her eyes to the ceiling.
Propping himself up on one elbow MK asks, “You are never going to forget that, are you?”
“That’s what I just told you.”
He shakes his head. “Speaking of what you just told me, I think you were going to ask me something before you got lost in that image of me losing my innocence. What was it?”
Ms. E gets a tissue to dry some remaining tears and blow her nose, “That is some funny shit MK.” Anticipating his reaction Ms. E puts up a hand and says, “OK, OK, I got you. I’m done. Now, you’re right, I was about to ask you something, what was that? Oh yes, tell me about your first wedding. What was that like?”
“How so?”
“I mean, was it big, small, did you have fun, do you have any good memories of it?”
“It was fun. A lot of people came. We partied for three days, great food, you know how a wedding is.”
She turns her attention to MK, “I hear you saying ‘it was fun, but…”
“Yes, a big but, and I’m not talking about the size of anybody’s bootie.” He reaches under the sheets to squeeze hers. “Keep in mind you called the night before and the timing of that phone call from way out of the blue put me into a deep funk. Whatever doubts I had about my impending nuptials, and I had some serious doubts, got a whole lot bigger after I heard your voice. It didn’t help that I was two hours late to my bachelor party because my ‘ex’ insisted I do something about water not properly draining in the laundry room sink immediately. It’s hard to look back and think about the wedding being fun knowing that the marriage that followed was such a catastrophe. What about you?”
“Mine was wonderful MK. We had a blast. It was a big party, everybody danced, we drank, I wore a beautiful gown…it was great.”
“Why are you asking about my wedding?”
“No reason, just seemed that since you had been entertaining me with all those funny ‘first time’ stories that you probably had some good ones about your first wedding, that’s all.”
MK looks away, silent.
“Hey, MK…” Ms. E reaches for his arm. “I didn’t mean anything by it.”
“I know, just brings up memories I like to leave behind.”
“They have a way of catching up to us, don’t they old man.”
“Yes, Ms. E, they do, as much as we might try to keep them locked away somewhere.”
“If you were to get married again, what would you want it to be like?”
“I haven’t really thought much about it, to tell you the truth, have you?”
“Yes, sometimes, like when I’m looking at a magazine and see photos of a happy couple or if I’m watching a movie. Like that time we watched “Love and Basketball” together.”
“That time when burning garlic interrupted us mid-stroke on the kitchen counter.”
“Exactly, and we tried to talk about marriage and weddings on the couch.”
“Before you rushed me away to fuck you doggy style…”
Ms. E releases a pronounced exhale. “Leave it to a man to remember that one detail above all else we were doing.”
“How could I forget that moment Ms. E… just thinking of it rekindles the fire.”
“Don’t tell me Mr. Man is getting aroused.” She reaches across to check and feels an erection growing in his pajamas. “Down boy, Mommy and Daddy are talking here.” She gives his dick a gentle slap.”
“Oooh, Ms. E, do that again.”
She scoots away from his reach. “MK, I was asking you something.”
“I’m listening.”
“I’ve been thinking…”
MK’s inner voice sends out a warning, the kind of warning that follows lead-in phrases like “I’ve been thinking” or “we need to talk” or “I have a question for you”. He fluffs up his pillow and listens.
“We’ve been spending a lot of time together and have become very intimate in a short period of time.”
“It’s been great Ms. E.”
“I agree; it has. I don’t know if the same is true for you, but every time one of us leaves, well, it’s not easy.”
MK’s inner voice sends out another warning.
Ms. E continues talking. “I wasn’t really seeing anybody before we got together.”
“Neither was I.”
“So I wasn’t in the practice of having sex and once I get in the habit of having sex again, I have a difficult time not having it. I want it on a regular basis.”
“Me too Ms. E.”
“I’ve let you see a side of me, a ‘she’ that I’ve kept under wrap for a long time MK and once she’s out, she doesn’t want to go back. That last time you left I thought about calling up a friend of mine to come over and fuck me just because I needed to have sex so bad and you were a thousand miles away.”
MK’s inner warning mechanism shifts on to full alarm status.
Ms. E looks straight at him. “I didn’t call him, don’t worry but I’m telling you I wanted to.”
“That’s hard to hear Ms. E. The last thing I want our love making to do is to drive you to someone else.”
“I don’t want that either but my point is, my point is it’s something we need to discuss.”
“What, that you want to fuck someone else?”
“MK, I just shared that to let you know how horny I become when you leave. It’s not just being horny, it’s more than that, it’s a craving that comes from opening myself up to you like I have. I’m not planning on fucking anyone, don’t worry.”
“I want to be the only one you want to fuck Ms. E.”
“I know. I get that…It’s not like I want to have a relationship with anyone else. I wanted nothing more than to open up to you but in the back of my mind, given the distance between us, I was afraid of this happening.”
“So what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, we can start seeing each more often or I can move down here or…”
“Or we can stop being sexual with each other until we figure something out.”
“Whoa! That’s not happening. We’ve waited 25 fucking years to finally get together. The sex is great. Our time together is great. No way are we suddenly going to stop fucking each other.”
“Even if it means I fuck somebody else when you’re not around?”
“No, that’s not OK, you need to be saving the pussy for me.”
“It’s easier said than done MK.”
“Not if you commit to doing it. How would you feel if I told you that I am going to fuck someone else because I’m horny when you’re not around?”
“That’s your business.”
“Serious? You’re telling me that if I laid on you what you just laid on me and told you that I had sex with someone, your only response would be what you just said?”
“That’s right.”
“Wow, this is news to me. It may be our business but if you plan on having sex with another man, you need to tell me.”
“Now you’re trying to control me?”
“It isn’t about control Ms. E, it’s about respect. Whatever we have is about more than sex but that said, yes, we’ve had a lot of sex lately but hopefully the sex is something special, something we want to be careful with. I mean respect for the intimacy shows the kind of trust and respect that we have for each other and is not something you just give away because you’re feeling like you need to get laid.”
A long pause follows. Ms. E and MK lock eyes and then look their separate way. Ms. E is the first to break the silence. “OK, you’re right, the respect matters. I do respect you and will continue to do so. I just want you to know that the distance makes things hard. That’s all.”
“So what do you want to do?”
“Honestly, I don’t know right now and we’re not going to figure this out tonight. It’s late, we’re tired and after this conversation I don’t think either one of us is going to fall asleep very easily.” She picks up the TV remote control. “Let’s watch a show MK. This isn’t the end of the world. We still have a couple of days together to figure some of this out. OK?”
Soon they’re commenting on 90 day fiancés crossing the world in search of what they think is love. Laughter returns. Sleep follows shortly thereafter. Ms. E’s right: whatever problems exist will be solved in due time. For the time being, all is good.

Book 1 Chapter 22: A Hike in the Woods

Usually MK is the first one to rise in the morning. Today Ms. E breaks the pattern. Smells of coffee brewing and sausage frying awaken him. Eyes closed, he lays still for a couple of minutes enjoying the kitchen sounds and aromas. It reminds him of joyous times in his life, holidays with a house full of family busily preparing a big meal. The memory warms his soul. Thoughts of Ms. E wanting to fuck someone else try to crash the party but a large exhale of air blows them away. Finally his need to pee over rules his desire to linger comfortably between the sheets.
Out of the corner of her eye, Ms. E sees him heading to the bathroom. “What are you doing sleepyhead?”
“Pee, wash up and brush these teeth of mine.”
“Well hurry because Ms. E got some delicious morning treats fo’ yo’ ass.”
He can only smile and think to himself what a wonderful way to enter this day. Rather than kneel before the toilet to give thanks for the woman in the kitchen, he expresses his gratitude sitting down. He finishes his bathroom business and stands in the hallway watching her bustling around in her full morning glory: sleep bonnet on her head; night shirt barely covering her bootie; blue house shoes sliding across the floor. “How long have you been up Beautiful Woman?”
“For awhile MK, I couldn’t sleep, thoughts about last night kept running thru my head so I decided to do something different today. Come over here, let Ms. E say good morning to you.”
She meets him halfway, offers a hug and a kiss on his cheek. “About last night, I didn’t mean to drop all that on you. And you’re right, it is about respect and I don’t want you to think, ever, that I don’t respect you MK. I do and always will. We just have some things to work out, that’s all and that ain’t nothin’ we can’t do. So, Ms. E has a plan for today. First, I’m going to feed you then I’m going to surprise you with something. You up for that?”
“Absolutely Ms. E.”
After a delicious breakfast, Ms. E says, “MK, when I woke up this morning and was lying in bed I thought about what you said last night that sex is just one part of what we share and in case I didn’t make it clear, I love having sex with you. In fact, that’s one of the problems is that I love it so much I don’t want it to end. But I think that we need to enjoy other kinds of things together. So, today, we’re going to one of my favorite spots, a place I haven’t been to since forever. I’m taking you on a hike, you ready for that?”
“Ms. E, one thing I have to say about you is that you are full of surprises. Heck yeah, let me get ready. Lead on my Sweet Beauty.”
After breakfast, they drive about an hour and one half out of town, maneuver into a spot in a parking area and head towards an old wooden sign that points to a hanging bridge spanning a gushing river. A beautiful 4 mile trek alongside rushing water through a lush green forest, delivers them to a point below a majestic waterfall that thunders 100’ over a cliff into the stream below. The trail ahead climbs through rocks and ends at a protected spot behind the fall.
Ms. E shoots MK a look, “let’s go MK.”
He hesitates. Ms. E takes off through the rocks. When she turns back to check on MK, she finds him right behind her. After about a 20 minute scramble they reach their destination. Sitting on a flat ledge, they marvel at the view through the cascading water to the river and valley below.
“Amazing Ms. E, I see why this is one of your favorite sports: absolutely gorgeous.” Her mile wide smile says it all.
“I was afraid for a quick minute that you weren’t going to follow me MK.”
“One look at your cute bootie in those shorts was all the motivation I needed.”
“I’m so glad you decided to climb up here. Gorgeous, huh?”
“Better than gorgeous.”
After pointing out a palate of details to each other, Ms. E leads the way back down. By the time they reach the river trail, their shorts are streaked with mud. The walk to the car goes all too quickly even with a number of stops to appreciate where they are: deep green pools fed by crystal clear water; sunlight dancing across the rippling stream; the scent of cedars mingled with mountain fresh air.
Once home, they shower, change into clean clothes and prepare a taco dinner together. Binge watching of favorite shows follows. Ms. E controls the remote stopping at regular intervals to comment on what they watch followed by deep, extended laughter. The world is right. Their time together is rich. They indulge in the simple joy of just being together. During a commercial break, MK turns to Ms. E and says, “as long as I have moments like today, like now, with you, I’m good with all the rest.”
She kisses his forehead, “I know MK, so am I.”
When bedtime beckons they fall asleep in each other’s arms, content with sharing a wonderful loving full day.

Book 1 Chapter 23: Blood Lines

Ms. Erotica rolls over on her side, extends an arm across My’Kuyah’s chest and says, “Let me ask you something.”
“Please,” replies My’Kuyah, his hand caressing Ms. E’s naked shoulder.
“I’ll understand your boundaries if you prefer not to answer…”
“OK, thanks, I can’t wait to hear your question.”
“Have you had sex with a woman when she’s on her period?”
With no hesitation My’Kuyah says, “Yes, I have Sweet Beauty.”
“What did it feel like?”
“Warm, intimate, wet, very sexy. I’ve also licked women to orgasm during their periods and by most accounts they felt more aroused and had stronger orgasms.”
“Oookay!” Ms. E’s voice goes from cautious questioning to delighted curiosity. “During tongue stimulation…did they wear a tampon? Was it while their flow was light, not on a heavy day?”
“Some wore tampons, especially if it was heavy, some not, my experience was that their flow lessened during sex.”
“And you were OK with that? I’m asking to make sure you wouldn’t be grossed out if you saw some blood leak from me.”
“Grossed out? Never. To be honest, I love it. There’s something very intimate that happens.” My’Kuyah smiles and kisses Ms. E’s forehead, “I get hard thinking about doing it with you while you having your period.”
“Cool. I just wanted to make sure. Honestly, I’ve never done it before during my cycle…I get really turned hearing you say you want to fuck me and give oral while I’m on it. I’d like to try.”
”Hmmm, I just might have to make that happen.”
“How about making that happen right now?”
MK gives her a questioning look.
“Yes, I just started my period.”
“Well let me get a taste of your royal beauty.”
“Come over here and claim this pussy, MK, she’s waiting for you in all of her feminine splendor.”
He takes in all of her splendor as she lies naked against drifts of white cotton sheets. “You are stunningly beautiful Ms. E.”
“It’s all for you Daddy.”
What his eyes miss, his hands find. He starts with her breasts, sucking on her nipples until they rise from the chill bumps gathering below. His lips work their way down across her tummy to her pelvis. His hands part her thighs and he kneels between them staring at the chocolate delight they frame. Smooth sculpted golden skin spreads out from her pink center, brown lips part the bathroom just enough to reveal a moist red stripe. A white string dangles from her core.
“I must have a taste.” He bends forward to kiss her pussy. His tongue circles her delicate lips eventually finding its way to her clit. Ms. E grabs the back of his head and pulls him closer.
Amidst a song of growing sighs, she manages to say, “You’re the first man to be intimate with me during my period, you sure this is OK, it’s not too much?”
Steady strokes of his tongue answer her question and calm her concerns. Her hands pull him even closer. He kisses, sucks and licks her until her head shoots up from the pillows and she cums.
“MK, the sensation’s…it’s so strong! I need to catch my breath.”
“Don’t lose that feeling, there’s more to come. I’ll be right back.” MK returns to the bed with a towel. “Lift your hips beautiful woman.” He grabs her bootie with one hand and slides the towel underneath her with the other.
“OMG! I could feel your hand before you touched me MK. It’s nothing else I’ve ever felt, like sparks, no it wasn’t sparks. I don’t know what it was, but I feel something with you that I’ve never felt.”
Pulling the tampon out of her body, he wraps it in toilet paper and hustles to the bathroom to dispose of it.
“Get back here MK!
“I’m on my way, hold on Beautiful.”
Her hands grasp her knees and pull her thighs apart. MK stands at the bedside and marvels at the sight of the woman he loves lying naked before his eyes. “You are so fucking beautiful Ms. E.” As he gets to his knees to enter her body, he notices a small trickle of blood leaking from her pussy. He rubs his dick up and down the length of her spreading lips. Red drops gather on its tip causing his desire to peak. He plunges himself inside her.
“Oh my God MK, oh fuck yes!” Overwhelming sensations take over her body. Every nerve ending feels ready to explode. Again, it’s too much but she takes a deep breath and feels more. Never has she felt this close to MK. Feelings she has been saving for what she thought would be the ‘right time’ with the ‘right person’ are busting out of a space where she has stored them far in the depths of an anticipated future—a bond that she was resolved never to let herself feel until the time was just right. She fights the feelings and then let’s go until their intensity again urges her to fight the feelings and again she succumbs, she let’s go and when she cums she releases her resistance, she releases her resolve and she feels it all, embraces every overwhelming sensation, feels MK where he touches her and where he doesn’t, feels a bond forge between them and feels him cum along with her.
Satiated and struggling to regain their breath while letting a barrage of feelings run their course, Ms. E and MK collapse on to their respective sides of the bed. It’s awhile before they can speak in complete sentences beyond simple exclamations of wonder.
Finally Ms. E manages to say, “MK, that was fucking amazing.”
After another period of rest, they step into a hot shower together. “I want another taste MK.” She kneels before him and takes him into her mouth. Try as she might, his dick doesn’t respond to her loving touch. It just lies limply on her bottom lip.
“Had your fill of me?”
“Never, Beautiful, I think Mr. Man is just worn out. He’s not used to this much intensity.”
“You’re sure it’s not because of all that blood.”
“Ms. E, the opposite is true, all that blood turned it up a notch for both of us if I’m not mistaken.”
“It did MK, and I still don’t know how to express what I’m feeling.”
“We have plenty of time for that, no worries.”
As they dry each other off, Ms. E says “Let’s spend the afternoon relaxing. I know a great Korean spa in downtown LA. How does that sound?”
“Another Ms. E adventure, sounds terrific. Let’s do it.”

Book 1 Chapter 24: When Did You Tell Me That?

They start in a large round Jacuzzi set into the ground adjacent to an Olympic size pool. Ms. E is resplendent in a light blue string bikini; MK wears a blue and white striped swim suit. They look good together: she is as fit as can be; MK is clearly trying his best to keep up.
Sitting next to him in the hot tub, Ms. E caresses his dick. “So what’s up with Mr. Man? I’ve never seen him shy away from Ms. E before?”
“Good question. I’m not in the habit of having to explain his disappearing act. Usually he can’t get enough of you.” He thinks for a minute and then says, “I recently started a new medication, maybe that has something to do with it.”
“What medication MK and for what? You need to tell me these things. I’m your partner, remember?”
“I know, I just didn’t think much of it. Maybe the meds are the problem for the disappearing act, maybe not, I’m not sure.”
“You still haven’t told me what the meds are for.”
“I’ve told you that I have a history of prostate problems.”
“When have you told me that?”
“I thought I shared that info with you somewhere along the way.”
“You didn’t MK. I would remember. This is the first I’ve heard of it.”
“Well I’ve had prostate issues since my late ‘20’s. It gets enlarged and when that happens I have to pee a lot.”
“So that’s why you’re always having to use the bathroom.”
“Yes, that’s why.”
“So how is this related to you not getting hard?”
“My urologist changed my medication before I came down to visit and a limp dick may be a side effect.”
“It may be but you don’t know.”
“Yes, it may be and, yes, I don’t know for sure.”
“Don’t you think that’s important information?”
“I do, “anticipating Ms. E’s inevitable next question MK says, “I guess I assumed the doc would tell me if it was going to be a problem.”
Ms. E shakes her head. “That’s important information for you and for me. You need to know these things MK. It’s not like you have to depend upon a doctor to fill you in. We have computers now; you can just look that stuff up.”
“I know, I know.”
“Dang MK, why didn’t you just look it up?”
“It got away from me. I had other things on my mind. I don’t know, I just didn’t.”
“But you will when we get back home, correct?”
“Yes, Ms. E.”
“And if the medication is a problem, what will you do?”
“I’ll see if there is an alternative.”
“Good boy MK. You’re a grown man, sometimes you seem to forget that.”
“OK, I got it.’
“MK, listen to me, take care of the problem.” Ms. E’s comment that she might have to invite another man’s dick over to satisfy her desires flashes through both of their minds.
“I told you I got it. Can we just enjoy our time together in the spa please?”
“I know you got it, but you really need to find out exactly what is going on and how it will affect us both in the long run. That’s all I’m saying.” She splashes him with water bringing a welcome smile to both of their faces.
“Kind of a quick leap after one failed attempt at liftoff but I will take care of everything, I promise.”
The rest of the afternoon fulfills the spa’s promise. Four different saunas set at varying temperatures sweat away any tension that developed between them. After one more session in the Jacuzzi followed by a cleansing shower they head to a neighborhood spot for some unique variations on classic Asian dishes: hot link fried rice; Jerk chicken stir fry along with Szechuan fried catfish. The food is outstanding, the ambience unique and the couple’s playful interaction is contagious. They get it all to go so they chill in Ms. E’s living room watching one last night of episodes that demand sarcastic commentary.
Before they go to bed, MK researches the medication he’s been taking. The list of side effects includes: impotence; loss of interest in sex; trouble having an orgasm; abnormal ejaculation.
“Important information MK, wouldn’t you say? It’s our last night together, I would love to taste your dick and feel you inside of me, think you can do that? I don’t want to be disappointed.”
“Let me eat you and play with you titties, if that doesn’t bring Mr. Man back to life, I don’t know what will.”
Fondle and eat as he might, MK’s dick refuses to get hard. A deadly silence settles over the bedroom.
“Do whatever you need to do to fix your problem MK.”

Book 1 Chapter 25: NFL Confessions

MK’s 16 year old dog welcomes him home like he’s a returning war hero. They don’t leave each other’s side. A couple of long walks, a few culinary treats, and the pup settles in for a deserving contented nap. There’s nothing like some unconditional love to soften the blow of his final couple of days with Ms. E.
The phone rings. It’s one of MK’s best buddies, Jimmie, calling to remind him of a birthday gathering scheduled for the next evening. They’ll be joined by some out of town visitors all of whom grew up playing football together. Three of the fellas went on to play in the NFL.
“Sounds great Jimmie, what should I bring?”
“No need to bring anything but a few stories to share. See you tomorrow.”
It’s a joyous occasion. Great food, lots of beverages and a whole bunch of hilarious tales from the past. MK ends up talking with an out town guest who was a legend in southern football circles before going on to enjoy a stellar career in the pros.
Inevitably the conversation finds its way to two topics popular among men of their era: aging and women. After sharing what have become obligatory anecdotes about ailments, medications and friends who have passed away, the legend confides that he used “to get rock hard and stay that way all night.” He balls his hand into a fist and extends his forearm up at a 90 degree angle from his elbow, “my shit hasn’t gotten hard like that in a long time.”
“Prostate issues?” MK asks.
The football legend lowers his fist and takes a sip of his drink. He doesn’t have to say “yes.”
Another former baller, Marcus, sitting close by overhears the conversation and shares that the same thing happened to him. “Man, I began to doubt my manhood. Forget about getting rock hard, I couldn’t even get hard and when your dick ain’t getting hard for 13 months, let’s face it, you start to have doubts. I started to think that my wife would look for something else and, to tell you the truth, there was a part of me that wouldn’t have blamed her. Thank God she and I were able to talk about it.”
The Carolina legend chimes in with “And thank God for Cialis.”
Everyone laughs heartily, bumps fists and enjoys a few swallows of their respective drinks.
MK decides to get some of his story off of his chest. “Truth of the matter is I’m facing the same thing. I was just down in LA with a beautiful woman and suddenly, bam, my dick did a disappearing act. I felt like shit. She made it clear that she was thinking about looking for something else and that she had a friend who offered to fuck her if she ever needed a dick.”
“What a benevolent motherfucker that friend is!” Marcus puts into words what MK has been feeling. “It’s a bitch, man, even though I knew it was medication at the heart of my issues, I couldn’t help but think I was the problem; that I was doing something wrong. You hope your woman is going to stay by your side but you never know. A lot of crazy shit can happen.”
The evening goes late. MK feels a mixture of strong feelings as he drives home. It’s good to know that many people are going through the same thing he is, even great athletes, and a relief to talk about it. He feels lousy, though, thinking that Ms. E might so easily turn to someone else simply for sex while he’s going through health related challenges. He’s also angry. How’s Ms. E going to turn away from him after all this time because he’s facing a physical problem? Various clichéd phrases from old songs run through his mind like: ‘what have you done for me lately?’ and ‘what’s love got to do with it?’
Sleep doesn’t come easy. The usual ‘good night MK’ bedtime message doesn’t appear on his phone. He contemplates sending his own but decides not to. He reflects back upon his conversation from earlier in the evening: even though you know it’s something else, you blame yourself for the problem. Come morning, he’s going to make an appointment to talk with his doctor but he needs a different perspective, a female one. He’ll call Zora and see if she’ll join him for coffee and conversation.
Ms. E sits in bed about to text MK her regular ‘good night’ message but chooses not to. She’s angry, angry not so much that MK couldn’t get hard but that he didn’t bother to tell her about his prostate issues and didn’t do his homework researching the impact a new medication might have not just on his dick but on his health. As much as she didn’t want a wonderful time together to end on a sour note, her disappointment and frustration with MK’s inaction prevailed. So be it. He needs to take care of his business.

Book 1 Chapter 26: The Wisdom of Zora

MK’s doctor confirms what he discovered on his internet search. “Yes, the two medications you are taking definitely cause the side effects you are experiencing.”
“So what can I do about it Doc?”
“Well, you have a couple of options. We can wean you off of one of the meds once your prostate reduces in size. You can also choose to have a procedure that will increase the size of canal through which your urinary tract passes. I’ve had a high success rate with one in particular. You will be able to stop taking the meds and return to a more normal life. In the meantime I can give a prescription for Cialis, Viagra or both which will help mediate the side effects that concern you.”
MK leaves the office with literature about the various procedures and two prescriptions.
After a quick stop at his local pharmacy, he heads to meet Zora. She’s sitting at a sun drenched table waiting for him. Her stunning presence seems to slow down time as she unfolds her long legs from under the table, rises from the chair and glides towards MK to greet him with a big hug.
“So nice to see you Zora, thanks for getting together.”
“My pleasure MK, it feels like forever since I last saw you! I was starting to think I wouldn’t hear from you so I was very excited when you called.” She takes hold of his arm and leads him to the warm space she’s reserved.
“So what’s going on MK? How’s Ms. E? What have you guys been up to?”
“I’m not sure where to start. It’s been quite a ride trying to make up for all the time we lost over the years. We’ve been spending as much time together as possible. The only problem is the distance, you know, she lives in LA and I live here. How about you Z, what have you been up to?”
“Since we last saw each other, a lot MK—I feel like I have a whole new life. We’ll get to that, right now I’m more interested in hearing about you and Ms. E.”
After a solid 20 minutes of animated conversation, Zora gets up to refill her coffee cup. MK watches every graceful step. Standing at the café’s counter, she turns back to MK and smiles when she sees him following her glide across the room. “You want anything?” she asks.
MK shakes his head “no”; his mind says “yes, you.”
After settling back in her seat, Zora says, “You mentioned that the long distance thing is causing problems, what are you going to do about that?”
“Good question Z, that’s something we are going to have to figure out. I need a woman’s perspective on it. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?”
“I have been involved in a long distance relationship and still am, with our old friend Leandro, you remember him.”
“How could I forget?”
“Yes, you two had quite the introduction at Ms. E’s surprise date night.” She winks at MK.
His cheeks blush from both her wink and the memory her words evoke. “How do you deal with the distance?”
“Like you and Ms. E, we see each other whenever we can.”
“Yes, but how do you deal with the time in between?”
“We talk regularly, video chat, I’m sure you know the drill.”
“Let me be more specific Zora, after you’ve spent time together, especially after that time has included great sex, how do you cope with the absence of that intimacy when you’re apart?”
“Hmmm…I guess this is when I tell you about my whole new life: I’m poly.” She pauses for a moment and looks directly into MK’s eyes. “You might have guessed that, right?”
“Actually I didn’t.”
“Well I am, so when Leandro and I part, I spend time with someone else with whom I have a relationship. Where I might miss Leandro, I don’t lack for intimacy. And, yes, that works for me and for him.”
“Wow what?”
“Right before I left LA to return home, Ms. E told me that she almost called a friend of hers to come over and fuck her because she was craving sex after enjoying a regular diet of it with me.”
“How did you react MK?”
“I didn’t like it. I felt threatened. I told her to save herself for me.”
“And then for the first time ever with her, I couldn’t get an erection and I immediately flashed on her saying she would find another man to satisfy her needs.”
“But she said that in relation to your long distance, not about your inability to get hard. Your limp dick just added to you already feeling threatened.”
“You’re right.”
“I know what that threatening feeling is like. Before I decided to pursue polyamory, I got torn apart by a relationship with a man who had other women on the side. The problem for me was that he wasn’t open about it. He was cheating. So, at least Ms. E is being open with you. That’s a big difference. It gives you a choice. Cheating doesn’t. So what are you going to choose to do? She doesn’t want to have a relationship with any of these other men, right?”
MK shifts in his chair to move away from a shaft of blinding light. “Not now, but who’s to say that she won’t? What if she starts having sex with someone else and really likes it?”
“Then you both will have different choices to make.”
“I hear what you’re saying about the importance of choices, but real emotions are involved here. And not just emotions but health issues, I’m not wild about eating out Ms. E after some other guy’s dick has recently had an overnight stay.”
“I assume she’d use protection.”
“I assume so too.”
“So what’s really the issue?” Zora shifts in her chair and leans forward towards MK making sure she has his full attention. “Let me be honest MK, it’s hard to admit but part of the problem is probably rooted in insecurity. You’re afraid that she’ll find someone else who’s younger than you, especially if you are having difficulty with erections.”
“And I’m afraid I’ll lose a relationship I’ve waited 25 fucking years to finally have!” He takes a sip of his coffee in order to process all of what Zora has presented before trying to respond. In particular MK lingers over thoughts of insecurity and confidence. “I trust she has our best interests at heart, I do, but as far as your other questions, I have to think about it. I admit that I’m insecure about the key things you bring up: that my love isn’t enough, that I’m going to lose her in the end, that our age difference is more of a factor than I want to believe, that relationships rarely if ever have happy endings.” MK looks away and takes a deep breath before asking, “So what should I do?”
“You know I can’t answer that for you MK. Those are just some of the questions you have to answer yourself and discuss with Ms. E. The one thing I will say is that if you really cherish your time with her, trust that you’ll both make good decisions. Don’t let your fears of what bad things might happen over ride your joy of all the good that is happening. Let her live her life and you work at living yours. After all, you fell in love with the person she is, not the one you either want her to be or the one you’re afraid she might become. Love her and do so in a confident, consistent manner.”
“Thanks Zora. You are truly a wise soul. It all sounds easy and hard as hell at the same time. Guess I’ve got some work to do.”
“You’re welcome MK, I’m not sure I’d call what you feel you have to do ‘work’. You have some decisions to make on your own and some with Ms. E. You’ll do it. You OK?”
“Yes, Z, thanks for asking. I naively want to believe that I’ll be with someone and that the love will make the relationship easy.”
“It can get there, you just have to help the relationship find its way.”
“Wait, before you go, tell me about polyamory: how did you get there? What’s it like? How do you deal with envy and jealousy and, dare I say it, insecurity?”
“That’s the stuff of a much longer conversation. Just let me say this: being free to love multiple partners just feels right to me. We spoke before about feeling pressure in relationships. One of the big pressures I was feeling that often led to a kind of self-sabotaging with people I really cared about was the pressure to satisfy all of their needs. I can’t do that. And as much as I thought that being poly would spread me thin and unable to satisfy all of my partners, I actually feel less spread thin than when I was trying to please just one person all of the time and hoping for the same in return.”
“Interesting, I look forward to learning more Z, thanks.”
“Wait, MK, let me ask you a question: I hear you saying you’re not happy about Ms. E’s actions and I hear you talking about her anger with you, where’s your anger? I think that if I had waited to be with someone for as long as you have waited to be with Ms. E and when you finally get together it’s great until a physical problem pops or in your case, doesn’t pop…sorry MK, couldn’t resist…I’d be pissed off. You don’t seem to be, what’s up with that?”
MK thinks for a bit before shaking his head, “Good question, Z, I don’t know.”
“No worries, just thought I’d ask.”
They rise up together and share another big hug.
“Til next time MK and let’s not wait so long for a next time. Call me.”
“I will.”
“I’m serious, call me.”

Book 1 Chapter 27: A Good Man Is Hard to Find

After two days apart, both Ms. E and MK wake up aware of two things: they miss each other and it’s nice to have their beds to themselves, the dichotomous nature of love.
Her frustration with MK from the night before and the night before that has subsided. She sends MK a familiar text: “Mornin’, sleep OK last night?”
Fumbling for his phone, MK knocks his glasses to the ground; the glasses land on his dog and stir him from deep canine slumber. The dog rises from the floor, indulges in a morning stretch and the glasses get tossed aside eventually ending up under MK’s bed. When he finally retrieves them and reads Ms. E’s text, he feels deflated. He wants more. He wants “MK, I miss you. I feel bad for the way we parted and want you to know how much I love you.” But that isn’t going to happen, at least not now. He imagines Zora in his mind saying to him, “Accept what is without diminishing her words by comparing them with what you want to hear.”
Some of the tension he’s been carrying around for the past two days subsides. He texts back, “Slept well, how about you?”
“Just OK, took me awhile to get to sleep then I woke up early.”
MK finds himself thinking too much about what to write back, he wants to say “Me too” but remembers he already told her he slept well. Truth is he endured a fitful night and finally fell into deep sleep right before her text arrived. For a moment he contemplates sharing the story of his elusive glasses but thinks better of it and settles for “hope you find some rest today.”
Taking his dog for a walk, his phone signals the arrival of another text from Ms. E. The glare of morning sun won’t allow him to read her message no matter how much he squints or tries to shade his phone. It will have to wait.
As soon as he gets home, MK reads the message. It says,“video call me, I have a surprise for you.” When he does, there’s no answer. He tries a second time; again, no answer. Moments later, another text arrives, “I had my phone set up so you could watch me shower. Just finished. Talk to you later.”
A pang of despair stabs MK’s chest. You got to be fucking kidding me! He wants to scream “No, no Ms. E, wait for me. I was walking the dog and couldn’t see what you texted. Don’t take that away!” He does scream “Fuck!” and frightens his dog in the process. What else can possibly go wrong?
No matter what he does, MK can’t shake the dark cloud that follows him throughout the day. Moments of clarity manage to peek through the funk, often accompanied by Zora’s voice, “MK you can’t expect Ms. E to save you. That’s what I was trying to tell you when I shared how monogamy put me into a savior role. You have to find yourself, others can help you, but you have to do it yourself. Otherwise you end up on edge waiting for the next text, the next phone call hoping her words will make everything OK but they won’t, they’ll fall short and you will feel like shit and the dynamic between you and Ms. E will get more strained.”
Ms. E waits for MK to respond to her invitation to watch her shower thinking it will boost both of their spirits. She gets annoyed when he doesn’t get back to her. Rather than wait another couple of minutes, she steps into the hot water closing the door behind her. She’s been annoyed a lot lately but doesn’t spend much time thinking ‘why?’ she just is. It’s nothing she wants to discuss, nothing she wants to waste any more time thinking about.
She’s further annoyed by the fact that part of her plan was to masturbate on the video call with MK. Once again, she got her hopes up for a little sexual satisfaction and MK was a no show. Maybe she should call up her old friend and let him know she’s ready for the conjugal visit he offered. As the thought meanders around her mind, a text message arrives. It’s her neighbor from downstairs: does Ms. E have a minute, she needs to talk.
“Sure,” Ms. E texts back, “just let me throw some clothes on.”
Before she can get totally dressed, there’s a knock on her door. Wearing just a thong and bra, Ms. E hurries to open the door. It’s Sharon from downstairs.
“Girl, how are you going to answer the door with no clothes on? I could’ve been anybody.”
“I knew it was you, besides I’ve got something on.”
“Not much.”
Ms. E laughs and greets her old friend. “Get comfortable while I throw something on.”
Returning with a long night shirt she asks, “is this better?”
Sharon chuckles with delight, “you are a trip, I should know better than to think you have somehow changed and stopped walking around in here butt naked.”
“Some things have to stay the same.”
“Isn’t that the truth.”
“What brings you up here?”
“It’s funny that you said ‘some things have to stay the same’ because that is not what is happening with me. My man just told me he’s moving out, going back to his ex-wife who it turns out is not his ex-wife but his damn wife. Remember I was telling you there was something not right about that situation? I knew something was up. They were still married this whole time and now he’s telling me that if he wants to see his children again, he has to go back home.”
“And this after he crashed your car, didn’t do a thing to help you fix it and accepted all that money you were giving him when he was pleading poverty!?! I’d be glad to get rid of his sorry butt.”
“I hear what you’re saying, but now I’m back to where I started before he moved in, living by myself, no man in the picture…I just don’t know. I wish I had something like you have with that mystery man, MK, or whatever it is you call him, that you been spending all this time with lately.”
Ms. E isn’t sure how to respond. The empathic rage she was just sharing with her friend about her recent heartbreak dissipates.
“I say something wrong?” Sharon asks.
“No, not at all, you just got me thinking about MK.”
“I take it he’s not around.”
“No, he went back home.”
“And you miss him.”
“I do miss him but I’ve been so busy being angry with him lately that I haven’t given missing him a second thought and it just it hit me that I’m angry because I miss him. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it.”
“It does, but I know what you’re saying. This is going to sound even crazier especially given all the time I’ve shown up at your door complaining about all the dumb ass things that good for nothing man did, but I am going to miss him. He made my life miserable when he was here and now he’s making it miserable when he’s not. There’s got to be something better than different shades of misery.”
Ms. E bursts into laughter. “That’s the name of the book you eventually write, 50 Shades of Misery.”
“I like that, and I’ll write in this book ‘dedicated to my dear friend Ms. E’ right after the title page. My question is will we ever meet somebody who brings no drama, is a good man, actually loves us and treats us like we always have wanted to be treated? And if, God willing, if we ever do meet someone like that, would we know it when it happened? Or are we just so jaded about relationships at this point that we settle for less just to have someone around?”
“Well I stopped settling for less just to have someone around a long time ago. I had enough trouble taking care of myself, by bills and my children let alone take care of some grown ass man. But your question about would we know something good when we actually saw it really hits home. We get so used to seeing what a man isn’t doing for us that it becomes hard to not view every other relationship that way. Instead of seeing the positive, we see the negative.”
“And part of why we do that is common sense. We’ve been disappointed so many times in the past that we have to be wary of whatever else comes our way. Let’s face it, by this point in our lives, we just have to assume ulterior motives and that they have an ex-wife somewhere who they’re really not done with or that they have a huge unpaid debt or a laundry list of kids, something that we’ll end up dealing with, paying for, suffering over. Shoot, I need another glass of that wine!”
Both women break out into uproarious laughter and fill their glasses to the brim. Sharon proposes a toast. “Here’s to meeting a good man.”
Before they drink Ms. E adds, “And having the sense to recognize it when we do.”
They drink heartily to wisdom and hopes for a brighter future.

Book 1 Chapter 28: I Have What?

The phone number isn’t familiar. MK almost doesn’t answer the call. At the last minute he decides to see who is on the other end. It’s an assistant from his urologists’ office.
“Your test results from the blood sample we took during your last visit are in and the doctor would like to see you.”
What? You got to be kidding me! MK gathers himself. “Before we find a date, may I ask what the results say?”
“We like to leave that conversation with the doctor.”
Fuck this polite shit, give me some answers! “It’s Friday, I don’t want to spend the weekend wondering about whether or not I have prostate cancer.”
“Let me put you on hold sir.”
Worst case scenarios run to the front of the line of his possible fates. When each has their say MK counters with “I’ll deal with that”, followed by a deep breath and a look at how much time has passed.
The pop music dust bin hits featured during phone holding time are mercifully interrupted by the doctor’s voice. For a nano-second MK lets a fanciful thought puncture his dry mouth seriousness—maybe the hospital hits you with a load of bad music in order to soften the blow of the doctor’s news–“Yes, your results are in and the numbers show the likelihood of cancer. I can see you on Monday to further share what we know and to set up an appointment for a biopsy.”
Cancer? Biopsy?…MK says the words, listens to them reverberate inside his mind and lets the possibilities sink in. He tries not to succumb to an immediate sense of loss of control, to letting worse case scenarios run rampant: surgery, chemo, radiation, a loss of any normal love life he might have left.
“Fuck!” His dog jumps from a contented nap. MK reaches down to assure him he’s done nothing wrong. “It’s OK buddy, no worries.” Soon his canine friend is back asleep. MK wishes his escape from sudden reality could be so easy.
A person never feels quite as alone as when they face possible bad news by themselves in an empty house that no matter what the temperature might be feels cold and hollow. What to do? Regain control. Research the hell out of prostate cancer. Talk to someone who has gone through the same thing. Pet the dog. Smoke some weed. Try not to think about it. Fall into a loved one’s arms. Call Ms. E.
No! Ms. E is the last person I want to call right now. MK flashes on the annoyed look she had when his dick wouldn’t get hard. No, there’s no way he will tell her much less call her, at least not now. She will make it her issue rather than his.
The dog sidles over with a favorite toy in his mouth. How can MK not smile? “Thank you buddy, what a sweet dog. Thanks my friend.” He hugs and pets him furiously; they decide to go for a walk in the park. “A perfect remedy buddy, as usual, buddy boy knows best.”
A bright blue sky and warm sun greet them. MK takes it all in. He imagines the blue of the sky filling his lungs and his fears sent packing with each exhale. His dog gets lost in the endless scents that beckon him to closely examine every bush along their walk in significant depth. “It’s still good to be alive buddy boy.” A vigorous tail wag confirms MK’s declaration.
As soon as he opens his front door, his earlier thoughts are waiting to greet him. He has to talk with someone. “Zora, hope I’m not bothering you.”
“No, not at all MK, what’s up?”
“Do you have some time to get together by any chance?”
“What do you have in mind?”
“I would like to talk with you, actually it’s not about talking with you, I just got some news that might be bad news, and then again, it might not. To be honest, I’m feeling rather alone right now and am seeking company. I can come over to your place, you could come over here, we could meet somewhere, whatever you’d like…”
“Slow down MK, I’ll come over, just give me some time to get ready, OK?”
Within the hour, MK’s dog gives notice that they have a visitor. It’s Zora, a sight for sore eyes wearing sweats, hair in a top knot, carrying two cups of tea and some almond croissants.
MK’s dog gives the official greeting. “He loves women.”
“Don’t we all…” She hands the tea and goodies to MK so she can kneel down to return the love. “What a good boy! Yes, you’re taking good care of your Daddy, right?” He runs off to grab a bone to present as an official welcome to their humble abode.
She elegantly unfolds from her crouch and moves towards MK. “You OK?”
“I am now, thanks for coming over at such short notice, Z, what a pal.”
They sit at the kitchen table next to an open sliding door that looks out on MK’s backyard. He gives his dog a fresh bone to keep him occupied.
“So what’s up MK?”
His face scrunches up and his head wobbles from side to side. “I don’t want to make more of this than it might deserve…I told you about my limp dick and prostate issues, well, my doc called this morning and told me that recent test results indicate I might have cancer. I also might not, but I probably do so he wants me to have a biopsy in order to find out more information.”
“I’m sorry to hear that MK.” She asks a number of questions in regards to next steps and MK provides as much as he knows. “So you found all this out this morning and you called me.”
“I did.”
“I assume I was the first person you called.”
“How did you know?”
“Zora can tell such things.” They lock eyes and settle into a comfortable silence. “You’re lucky, I know someone who works at a prostate cancer clinic and I bet I can I hook you up with a phone consultation.”
“I should have known.”
“On some level you did.”
Zora moves around the table to sit next to MK. She places her hand on his thigh. “How’s the forgotten figure in all of this? He’s been through a lot lately. The mention of cancer can’t be helping Mr. Man’s state of mind.”
She moves her hand to rest upon MK’s dick and feels an erection come to life in response to her loving touch. “But maybe Zora can find a way to help.”

Book 1 Chapter 29: Remember to Bring Your Passport

The next morning MK is awakened by a video call from Ms. E. Her smiling face fills the screen. “MK, what are you doing?”
“I was asleep.”
“Well wake up sleepy head, Ms. E needs to talk with you.”
“Let me use the bathroom first Beautiful, I’ll be right back.”
He makes his way out of bed, places his phone on the adjacent night stand and stands in front of the toilet. “Remember to wash your hands when you’re finished. I know how you can be when you’re home by yourself.”
When finished with his business, he lets the faucet run longer than usual to emphasize his healthy habits. Her laughter resonates over the sound of gushing water. Only a broad smile can express how good it feels to experience Ms. E’s playful self once again.
“To what do I owe this wonderful wakeup call?”
“To the fact that I miss you MK. Plus I’ve been thinking about some things that I want to share with you.”
Her introductory remarks are far more welcoming than the “we need to talk” lead-in that preceded her comments their difficult conversation when last together.
“You know I’m not one to come right out and apologize for something. Not to say I won’t, but usually I do it an indirect manner.”
“I do know that Ms. E.”
“This time I’m going to be as direct as I can. I could have handled our last couple of days together a lot better than I did and I’m sorry I didn’t. I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you, don’t care about you and even though I don’t say it very much that I don’t love you because I do.”
“Thank you. What brought this about?”
“I’ve had some time to think and have been able to see things a little more clearly. You’re a good man MK. You are always very kind, generous and loving to me. I hope that I let you know how much I appreciate you because I do, very much. I think sometimes people need a break in order to get a clearer view of what’s important in life and what’s not. You’re important to me. I know that my comments about going to fuck someone else hurt you, that was not my intention and my timing was, well if I had it to do over again I would hope that I would have thought more about what you were going through than what I was in regards to your prostate issues.”
“Again, thank you, I appreciate and accept your apology. I probably should have told you more about it all.” A pang of guilt rushes through his body but there’s no way he’s going to talk about the cancer, not unless she asks for an update. “To be honest, I got to the point where I wasn’t hurt as much as I was disappointed and angry. I hoped for more understanding from you. But we move on and hopefully deal with things like this better if they happen again.”
Ms. E doesn’t ask about his health. He remains resolved not to offer up any info about the cancer, Zora, nothing. Instead, he simply basks in having the glowing animated Ms. E back in lovable form.
“So I’m going to make it up to you.”
“How are you going to do that Ms. E?”
“Patience MK, God rewards those who are patient. I want you to fly down here the weekend after next and I’ll let you know more when you arrive. I will only tell you this much: pack a suit and beach ware. OK?”
“You got it.”
“Oh, wait, and remember to bring your passport.”

Book 1 Chapter 30: The Affair

The first thing that catches his eye when MK walks out of the airport terminal is Ms. E sitting in her car. She beeps and then jumps out to greet him with a kiss on his lips, much to MK’s surprise. Usually it’s a hug and peck on the cheek. He’ll take the kiss, no questions asked.
She’s downright bubbly, giddy, overflowing with affection. And she looks beautiful.
Once MK’s bag is in the trunk and his long legs comfortably tucked into the passenger seat, they take off for a new adventure. Her conversation is as busy as the LA freeway traffic. A few profane outbursts at other drivers don’t dampen her mood one bit.
“MK, let me ask you something, where have we had our best times together?”
A cavalcade of images runs through his mind. There have been so many great times. Some do stand out more than others: fucking in a tree on their first date back together after all those years apart, sex on the kitchen counter, hours spent lying in bed talking about everything under the sun, and, of course, Mexico.
“I like how you think MK. And where have we enjoyed some of our best meals?”
“You’re local Italian trattoria.”
“We have reservations for two, you hungry?”
“Am I ever.”
Dinner is reminiscent of every good meal they’ve shared at the restaurant: the same host greets them at the door and leads to the same table in a quiet dark corner of the dining room; the same waiter makes them feel like VIP guests and brings a bottle of the same wine that they fell in love with during their visit as they were falling in love with each other.
What’s different is that it all feels better, the food and wine all seem to taste like the best things they’ve ever sampled. Like the food and wine, the energy between Ms. E and MK is richer, deeper, reflecting the kind of intimate connection that occurs only when two people love over time; when romantic love evolves into mature love; when two people know each other’s souls and delight in every familiar detail, every intimate moment that when put together become a tapestry of shared experience; when two strong minded people blend together into a genuine “us.”
When they get home, Ms. E lights a couple of candles and selects some luscious music from her Spotify collection. “I’m going to change into something sexy MK. This is your cue to go shower and wash up the parts of you that I like to taste.” Again, she kisses his lips.
“Before I do that, I think I left a surprise that I have for you in your car, give me your keys, I’ll be right back.”
Keys in hand, another kiss on the lips, and MK leaves out through the front door.
Within minutes, Ms. E’s phone rings. It’s MK’s number. “Yes?”
He responds in a voice that doesn’t sound like his. “I just saw your man leave the house. Put that sexy outfit on like you promised and unlock the front door. I’m coming in to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked. I’ll give you 10 minutes to get ready” and he hangs up.
At first, Ms. E doesn’t know what to do. She peeks out through the front door and sees no sign of him. Deciding to play along with whatever MK is up to, she rushes to the bathroom, washes her special places real quick, brushes her teeth, throws on some perfume and slips into the sexy outfit she has laid out on the bed for this evening.
There’s a knock at her front door. No sooner does she unlock it when the door swings open. She jumps back, startled by the sudden movement. MK stands in front of her. His body fills the door frame. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked.” His words fill what little space remains between them.
Ms. E lunges for a handful of his shirt and pulls him inside. He slams the door behind him. Between a flood of wild kisses she manages to say, “so you’re finally making good on your offer to give me some good hard dick?” MK grabs her shoulders and pins her against an adjacent wall.
Piece by piece they rip off each other’s clothes and tear at each other’s bodies. He takes her to the couch and instructs her to bend over. His tongue adds to the moisture already gathering between her thighs. She orders him to “fuck me, now.!”
They lose track of time. Their fevered love making creates an extended immediate “now” that defies any counting of minutes or hours. When Ms. E finally catches her breath, she secures a handful of MK’s revived manhood and says, “this is exactly the dick I’ve been craving but my man is on his way back from the car. You have to go.”
He licks her one last time. Before making his exit, he whispers in her ear, “Ms. E, this is the only dick you need.” Then he pinches her extended nipple and leaves.
Ms. E is in the shower when she hears MK walk down the hall. “Took you long enough; don’t tell me, you stopped for a quickie with your girlfriend along the way.”
“Ms. E, you know me too well.”
She fills her finger with a taste of her womanhood and runs it across his lips. “Where you been all my life MK?”
The smile that meets hers is the smile of the man she met long ago, the man she fell in love with and finds herself falling in love with all over again.

Book 1 Chapter 31: We’re Getting Married

It isn’t until they’re miles down the road and after steady prompting from MK that Ms. E shares hints of her surprise.
“I assume we’re heading to Mexico.”
“You’re a smart man MK.”
“But where Ms. E? You have to give me some details. I’m dying over here.”
“Ms. E is going to be kind to after your surprise visit last night. MK, you turned this girl out. Do you know that? Where did all that come from?”
“Let’s just say I had my own revelations when I went back home.”
“Dang, I might have to send you back home more often.”
“You just might. Before you get off track, you were just about to reveal some of your secret plan.”
“Wait, let me turn the music down.” She reaches for the volume dial and turns down her old school R and B collection just a bit. “Can’t turn it down too much, how can you have a road trip without good music?”
“You got that right…focus Ms. E.”
She shoots a huge grin MK’s way. “I got you right where I want you and you’re just going to have to show a little more patience with Ms. E before she spills the beans.”
“Oh Lord, you’re killing me.”
She turns the music back up. Frankie Beverly booms out Back in Stride. “That’s us he’s singing to MK, back in stride again.” She reaches across to squeeze his dick. “Yeah buddy, back in stride again.” It’s another 20 minutes before she again lowers the volume and says, “So you remember my friend Sharon who lives downstairs?”
“Yes, you’ve talked about her trials and tribulations quite a bit. How’s she doing?”
“Better now, she’s going through a tough time but that’s not why I brought up her name. We were talking the other night and she told me she had a friend who works for a resort close to where we stayed the first time you took me to Mexico. Her friend is trying to develop a new stream of income for the resort by putting together custom weddings.”
Seeing a cop car up ahead on the shoulder, Ms. E slows down for a minute.
“And?” MK can’t wait any longer to find out what in the world he is getting into: a surprise wedding? No way, that’s not Ms. E’s style.
“And she is launching her program this weekend.”
“And she needed some couples to agree to go through a mock ceremony in order to demonstrate various options that she has created to attract interested investors and potential customers. Its’ all expenses paid in a VIP suite and I signed us up. We’re getting married in Mexico MK!”
Out of the corner of her eye she sees MK break into a smile and shake his head from side to side. “Only you Ms. E. So let me get this straight. We are going to pose as a couple getting married at a beautiful resort in order to demonstrate an example of a custom wedding and in return we have the run of the house.”
“Not only act out a wedding but attend a reception in our honor complete with music, food, champagne, toasts, the whole nine yards.”
“You leave me speechless Ms. E. It actually sounds like a blast. In a sense it’s like attending your own funeral but you don’t have to die in order to enjoy it.”
“I’m not sure your example works but you grasp the concept. We get to have a wedding without all the months of planning, without the worry about who sits next to whom at the reception, and without having to actually get married to experience it. If that isn’t having your cake, in this case having a wedding cake, and eating it too, I don’t know what is.”
“If I read this in a book or saw it in a movie, I’d say ‘no way’, nothing like that would ever happen. But that’s the joy of being with you. So much of what has happened between us could fall under that same category. It’s too good to be true. So let’s live the fantasy my dear and indulge in a little marital bliss.”
“And a honeymoon MK, we get an all expenses paid honeymoon in our own private cottage right on the friggin’ beach. Who loves you old man?”
“My Sweet Beauty does.”

Book 1 Chapter 32: The Honeymoon

The wedding is a blast, better than either Ms. E or MK expected. Every detail is carried out perfectly. By the time it’s over, they are riding on cloud nine feeling as if they actually got married.
The band plays Roberta Flack’s version of “Feel Like Making Love” as the ‘newlyweds’ get a warm send off to their honeymoon retreat with a chilled bottle of Don Perignon. They work their down a torch lit path towards the ocean. The sound of waves breaking on the beach welcomes them to their secluded cottage. A bouquet of tropical flowers sits in a grand vase in the bedroom. Soft music interplays with the rhythmic waves. The scent of sea air flirts with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Ms. E and MK embrace on a moonlit balcony. All is right with the world.
“Today was quite the day Ms. E, you outdid yourself.” She giggles, pinches his nose and covers his face with kisses.
MK joins her laughter. “Thank you my Sweet Beauty. It all worked out. You looked so beautiful in your dress.” Slowly he unwraps from her white lace gown, “but not as beautiful as you are now in your birthday suit.”
She smiles back in response. Eric Benet’s “Come Together” filters through cottage. Ms. E and MK look out from their enclosed deck to a night sky filled with stars. “This is the perfect song to make love to MK.”
“What are we waiting for Beautiful?”
Their lips barely touch, hungry tongues reach out for their counterpart, they taste the sweet exhale of each other’s breath with deep kisses. Ms. E disrobes MK one article of clothing at a time, stopping to nibble on each part of his newly exposed naked self. When finished, she kneels before him and takes his erect dick into her mouth. Between deep gulps of his salvia lathered cock she says “You make me happy MK.”
“I’m glad I can do that Beautiful. I live to see you happy. Let me make you happy in the hot tub.” After helping Ms. E to her feet, MK takes hold of the bottle of Dom, two champagne flutes and a blunt that he hid in his luggage.
The hot tub is perfect, not too hot, hidden from sight but with a full view of the ocean, moon and stars. They toast to a great day and smoke to the glory of the moment.
“Come over here baby girl.” Ms. E straddles MK, knees on either side of his hips, water dripping from her nipples.
“ Put your fingers inside Daddy.”
Ms. E’s tongue swirls around MK’s mouth accompanied by a deep moan when his fingers enter her compliant pussy. “Yes, MK, that’s it.” Her hips rock upon his hand. Their lips never unlock. They consume each other in every way possible.
“I love you so much Ms. E.”
“I know Daddy. I love you too, more every moment. I’m ready for your dick Daddy. Does your dick want Sweet Beauty’s pussy?”
MK withdraws his fingers from inside Ms. E’s sacred space and spreads her lips wide. “Put me inside you beautiful woman.”
Ms. E reaches down and grabs MK’s rock hard dick. She massages the length of her sugar with him, rubs the soft tip of his stiff shaft around her clit and then eases him inside of her soft wet pussy, warm as the water that soaks and soothes their bodies.
They moan together. They grind together. They fuck together. They make sweet love together.
Ms. E puts her hands on the edge of the hot tub, her breasts in MK’s mouth while her hips ride up and down his erection. Their sighs combine into a rhythmic chant. The weed works its wonders. The music guides them, “…I’ll hit that magic spot girl, take our time with each position…” And they take their time feeling every stroke, every place where their bodies touch, every detail of their intimate connection.
Their bodies morph into a different pose: MK slides out from under Ms. E’s body, lifts her ass and enters her pussy from behind. They fuck each other like a slow dance, then their pace increases and then back to the slow dance. They continue that pace while the song repeats itself, while MK withdraws to lick his love’s pussy, to taste her delicious sweet cream, to bite her ass and to feel himself enter her sacred queendom again.
The music gives voice to their bodies’ question: “My baby can we come? Can we come together? Baby, let’s come together.”
Ms. E and MK share an unspoken “yes”, listen to each other’s sounds, feel each other’s sensations, know when the other is close, know just what to do to reach climax and hold each other at that place, that ecstatic place, that ripe moment right before orgasm, that moment when bodies are about to explode and rejoice in the delight they feel from the connection they have found with the person they love, when his dick inside her pussy is all that matters, when nothing else could ever feel so good, so right, so complete and then that moment can’t hold back the flood any longer and two people joined in intimate connection, joined in profound love, celebrate their passion with each other in each other and they come together, hot tub water splashing over the edge, joyous cries of pure delight filling the night air “Oh yes, fuck yessss…” And they come together until they collapse together and revel in the unbelievable happiness they have created with each other.
“That was beautiful MK, making love with you always is.”
“I know Sweet Beauty; it just gets better every time.”
They sip more champagne and snuggle in each other’s embrace. Night air settles around them causing a steady cloud of steam to fill the enclosed deck. Candles along the edges of the tub flicker through the growing haze.
“I realize more each day how much I want to be with you Ms. E.”
Ms. E kisses MK’s neck, “you are with me MK.”
“I mean all the time. I miss you when we’re not together.”
“I miss you too. It’s the nature of what we have.”
“It’s time for something different my Love.”
“Like what MK?”
“Like what we just experienced today.”
Ms. E gives him a confused look.
“I want to be with you every moment of every day for as long as I can imagine, as happy as I am with my life, I’m a whole lot happier when I’m physically next to you.”
“And I want to do what we did today for real.”
“Which part MK?”
“The wedding and if you aren’t ready for that I want us to live together and if you aren’t ready for that either I want to move and live close by you.”
“Wow…let me catch my breath.” Ms. E takes a sip of champagne and feels the delicious bubbles fill her mouth and trickle down her throat. “So are you asking me to marry you for real?”
My’Kuyah kneels on the bottom of the tub and looks directly in Ms. E’s dark brown eyes, “That’s exactly what I’m doing, Ms. Erotica, love of my life, will you please marry me and spend the rest of your life together with me?”
“Before you go any further MK, think about what you’re doing: you have me naked in a hot tub, high on love, high on weed, high on champagne, after fucking my brains out and sharing an orgasm… and you are asking me to marry you. Are you sure you don’t want to wait until a more sober moment before you ask that question?”
“I don’t need another day, don’t need to be sober, don’t need to leave the weed behind, I’m as clear as that night sky.”
I don’t know MK. You’re going to have to give me some time before I can give you an answer …”
A long heavy silence follows.
“This is not the right time to be considering such things. You’re swept away feeling the moment, I get it, so am I, but marriage isn’t a plaything MK, you of all people should know that. I’m sorry but I need time to think. Don’t fall into thinking you did something wrong, you didn’t. It’s just the timing isn’t right. If I choose to marry again, the proposal is going to happen differently; it’s going to make sense, not be something that pops out of a moment when we happen to be feeling good. You understand that?”
“Yes, of course I do, saying that doesn’t mean I like it but I understand.”
The evening ends on that note. Come morning, they pack up their things quietly and drive back to LA. Silence accompanies them all the way to the airport. “When will I see you again Ms. E?”
“I don’t know MK. As I said, I need some time. Don’t look so hurt, please, it’s not the end of the world, just some time to think, that’s all.”
“How much time…” he begins to say something about the years already spent apart but catches hims elf knowing his words will only dig a deeper hole.
“I don’t know MK.”
She kisses his cheek and sits back in her car. MK waves good bye.
“How long before you know Ms. E? How long this time?”
While his thoughts hang in an exhaust filled space between confusion, rejection and Ms. E’s disappearing car, his hand reaches for his phone and his fingers punch out a text: Zora, I’m flying back home tonight from LA, any chance you can pick me up?

Book 2 Chapter 1: Separation

They’re driving down a familiar street. Ms. E is at the wheel. MK rides shotgun. She glances his way and realizes that she knows him from a deeper place than this moment. He stares out the side window at a row of green trees. The car’s movement reduces the foliage to an indistinct blur. MK’s figure sits still against the muddled background. She notices new lines around his eyes. His lids seem heavy. His shoulders hunch forward as if to protect himself from an anticipated crash. Ms. E remembers an intimate time when she lay against those shoulders, when she lay within the hurt they now shelter. She feels sad. She feels the sadness she sees in his eyes; his sadness. She feels the pain that haunts him. She feels the distance between them.
MK feels the car veer towards the curb. He straightens in his seat and throws his hands out towards the dashboard. Ms. E brings them to a sudden stop. She reaches across the gulf between them and takes his head in her hands. She kisses the pain that surrounds his eyes. Tears gather in hers. “I am so sorry My’Kuyah. I am so sorry that I hurt you.”
MK thrashes thru a tangle of covers that binds his movement fighting the feelings from another anxiety filled Ms. E dream, resisting waking back into the pain of another day without her. Laying diagonally across his king size bed, he surrenders to the tangle of covers and lies still in their grip. It will be awhile until he emerges, a day or two until the sorrow that never completely goes away recedes. He wonders where she is, tries to imagine what she’s doing, fights back fears that she’s with someone new and that he’s nothing more than a fond reminiscence.
Ms.E lays poolside in Cabo, a long overdue respite from an arduous couple of months that tested the depths of her mettle. The sun warms her beleaguered soul. A cool drink soothes her spirit. Ms. Erotica closes her eyes and lets the tropics do its thing. Her thoughts drift to MK. She imagines him somewhere familiar, somewhere alone. She wants to reach across the miles between them and kiss him. She wants to tell him how much she misses him. She decides instead to let him be and make the best of this time apart.
A stranger sits on a balcony overlooking the pool and the ocean beyond it. Gentle sea breezes raise chill bumps across his body. A sip of hot coffee warms him. It’s time to relax, time to leave the pressures of daily life behind for awhile–no plans, no schedule, just simple pleasure for a few days.
A flash of beauty catches his eye. Ms. Erotica glimmers like a gold nugget shimmering in a handful of sand below him. He leans over the balcony railing for a closer look. Her fit brown body made darker by a few days in Mexico’s hot sun, framed by the bright colors of a thong bikini lies before him on a full length patio lounger. Whoever this is demands a closer look. Whatever plans he imagined for the day change: this day is going to be about connecting with the Beauty below.
What a crazy past few months, she thinks to herself. 2016 ended worse than it started. A long weekend in Cabo has helped but the fatigue she feels is not something that a few days can cure. Ms. Erotica needs a new direction accompanied by some serious changes in her life. She ponders some of those things she needs to get in order when a voice interrupts her self-talk.
“Good morning,” a strange male voice startles her. Ms. Erotica springs up on to her elbows. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to alarm you…”
“But you did.”
“I see that, my bad. I saw you from my balcony,” he points to the hotel behind them. Ms. Erotica strains against the sun to look in the general direction of the hotel, “and you were so stunningly beautiful I had to say hello.”
“And now that you’ve said ‘hello’…”
“Clearly I’ve interrupted you, again, my apology. I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing. I’m…”
“You’re sorry, I got that, thank you. Hopefully I can get back.”
Ms. Erotica drains her drink. Her admirer heads for the beach shaking his head at what just transpired. Damn! Excuse the fuck out of me!
There simply is no rest for the weary…where was I? Her privacy invaded, her concentration shot, Ms. E tries to get lost in a book she brought along on the trip. It’s about relationships, called “Mating in Captivity,” something MK gave her to read. She vaguely recalls glancing over some of the text on the plane ride from LA right before she fell asleep. A bookmark helps rekindle her memory. “For those who aspire to accelerate their heartbeat periodically, I give them the score: excitement is interwoven with uncertainty…” Dang! Given the state of my life I should be experiencing a whole lot of excitement.
Ms. Erotica puts the book back down. I want excitement but I also want a little more certainty—the horns of a dilemma. She tries to relax but can’t—reverie over. Back to the room, check in with the family and make some plans for lunch. First, though, she decides to go for a quick walk on the beach.
He sits on the sand, digs his toes into its warmth and reflects back upon his unfortunate interaction with what appeared to be a beautiful woman sitting poolside. What is it with Black women? They just as soon bite your head off as give you the time of day. I shoulda’ known, any woman that attractive probably has men catering to her every need, probably some sedity diva that is nothing but a headache. He thinks back upon his failed marriage: talk about a sedity diva! The memories still sting. No matter what he did, he was met with an endless refrain of ‘what have you done for me lately?’ But it was her affairs that killed him. He still doesn’t get how a woman he loved could have tossed him and his son curbside like she did. Yes, he’s moved on but some things are harder than others to move on from.
Ms. Erotica decides to leave the pool area and go for a walk. She adorns herself with a full length white gauzy cover, a wide brimmed hat, big sunglasses and saunters along the shoreline pleased with the azure ocean in front of her. Nothing restores her spirit like the beach. She loves everything about it. The repetitious sound and sight of waves breaking on white sand is like a massage for her soul. Now there is certainty! This is what I want love to feel like. She notices a man sitting close by the water: white fedora, linen shirt, sleeves rolled up, open at the collar, matching shorts, mocha brown skin. She imagines herself with him laughing over a crisp white wine at lunch on an outdoor patio, imagines getting lost in his smile.
Ms. Erotica usually never approaches a strange man but decides this time to take a little risk. She’s visited by lines from her book, “For those who aspire to accelerate their heartbeat periodically…” Her heartbeat moves into another gear. She heads towards the mystery man hoping to explore a little uncertainty.
“Mind if I sit with you?”
He turns to look at the source of the sexy female voice that has punctured his interior monologue concerning the sedity state of modern women. His view of her is mottled by the bright sun in his eyes. “No, please, have a seat.”
She sits next to him, sun behind her. He squints for a better look at the details of her face. The broad brim of her hat blown by the ocean breeze blocks his view.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?”
“I was just thinking the same thing,” he says.
“You here on vacation?” Ms. Erotica places her hand above her large sunglasses in order to minimize the glare.
“Just a quick getaway, recharge the batteries, catch my breath, you know.”
“I do know,” she says, “I’m trying to do the same thing.”
“Are you here by yourself?”
“No, I’m here for my brother’s wedding along with my whole family.”
“Nice, was that your group on the beach yesterday afternoon?”
“That was us. Perfect setting for a wedding, hope it’s a good omen. I really want them to make it.”
“Couples take their chances anymore, don’t they?”
“What do you mean?” Ms. Erotica has heard a similar lament from too many scorned men.
“I mean, chances are that it probably won’t last.”
“And then there’s the chance that it will.” She tries hard not to be combative.
“I wish them the best, that’s all we can do.”
“I used to say the same thing but that’s not all we can do. We can support couples and be there for them through the tough times.” Ms. Erotica is met with silence. “You don’t agree?”
“I don’t agree or disagree. People are going to do what they’re going to do whether they get support or not. They’re either going to honor their marriage or they’re not, ain’t a whole lot the rest of us can do.”
“Don’t tell me, your ‘ex’ cheated on you.”
“Am I that transparent?” Again, he tries to get a better look at Ms. Erotica’s face. There’s something familiar about her but he can’t quite put his finger on it.
“You are. I’ve met a lot of men like you—burned once and then forever cynical about love.”
“Wait, before you go too far with who you think I may be, cynical about marriage, yes; cynical about love, not yet.”
“OK, that’s fair. So you still believe in love?”
“I’m trying to, still hoping to meet someone who shares that belief.”
“Well, let me share an incident that just happened.” He turns to face her. “I was standing on my balcony taking in the view and I saw this beautiful woman lounging poolside and thought I’d try and talk to her.”
“Go on…”
“And I didn’t get what I would call a warm reception.”
“Maybe it was how you approached her, maybe you should try talking with a woman rather than at her.”
“I don’t think my approach was the problem,” the man says, “I think no matter how I approached ‘Missy Thang’ I would have got the same cold response.”
“Oh do you now?” His comments stoke Ms. Erotica’s ire.
“Some sista’s…I’m not gonna’ even go there…”
“That may be the best decision you’ve made all morning my man, because you already messed up this sista’s morning once by the pool and I’m glad you are showing enough sense not to do it again. Bye bye.” Ms. Erotica gets up and walks back to the hotel: So much for a little flirtation with uncertainty.
He shakes his head and checks for any wounds from having it almost bitten off. Women!
Ms. Erotica meets her family on the outdoor patio for lunch. Her mother gives her a kiss, the same sweet kiss she has bestowed upon her daughter since the beginning of time. “What’s up my baby? You seem upset, don’t tell me somebody contacted you from work, you were just starting to let some of that nonsense go.”
“No, Mama, just life, it always seems to catch up with me no matter where I go. I think I’m going to take a quick nap up in the room. What are your plans for later?”
“Not much baby doll, we’ll let you know if we get inspired to do anything special.”
The bed feels good to Ms. Erotica. She nestles between soft cotton sheets and let’s gentle breezes sneak through her open balcony slider to rock her to welcome sleep. She dreams deep dreams of love.
She imagines she’s back on the beach lost in a carefree reverie that comes with being inaccessible, anonymous, far from the pressures of everydayness where no one can find her. Lying on a towel in the partial shade of a large umbrella, a dependable rhythm of breaking waves settles her into a trance. She reaches for the hand of the man she loves. He takes her fingers between his, raises them to his lips and kisses her. All is right with the world.
Ms. Erotica snuggles next to him. He places his arm under her head and pulls her close, spooning her so she can rest comfortably on his bicep. Love is palpable in everything he does. She sees sparks flow from his fingertips leaving a stream of warm light across her body every time he touches her. She’s where she wants to be.
He covers her with a light blanket. Kind kisses carried on a tropical breeze graze the nape of her neck, her ears, and her kitchen. She curls deeper into his embrace. His free hand floats along her yearning body pausing to massage a knot in her upper back, to caress her breasts, to trace circles around the curves of her round, brown bottom. She feels him slip his hand under the waist strap of her thong bikini. His fingers inch their way down her bootie, pull her thong aside and explore the wetness that gathers between her thighs. She feels his tender touch penetrate her soft lips and his loving fingers stay there, the only movement the subtle rocking of her hips like waves against of a receptive beach.
She wants his dick inside her body but doesn’t say a thing. No words are necessary. He unfurls it from his shorts and rubs himself between her cheeks. Yesss. She reaches down, feels his erect girth knowing that it’s because of her, that it’s for her and places the tip of his desire at the gates of her queendom. Her hips resume their almost imperceptible movement drawing him into her ever so slightly until he’s firmly embedded inside her sacred palace. They stay just like that for the rest of her dream, her sighs blending with the sounds of dependable surf. She hears herself whisper, “My’Kuyah…”
Ms. Erotica awakens to find her right hand between her thighs, her middle and index fingers between her pussy lips. She’s wet. She feels like she’s waking from an orgasm. Her balcony curtains swirl in the arms of an ocean breeze. Sunlight pours between their undulating folds. Ms. Erotica tries to get her bearings. She vacillates between thoughts: Now that was a dream! And My God I miss that man. An atmosphere of well being lingers in her room. It’s the best she’s felt in too long a period of time.
She decides to shower and meet up with the family for cocktails. The hot water soothes her shoulders and neck. Images from her dream remain strong in her mind. It felt so good to be held. An air of comfort and familiarity surrounds her; a feeling of love mingles with the steam gathering in the bathroom. Memories of Ms. Erotica’s first trip to Mexico with My’Kuyah visit her and bring a smile.
A festive atmosphere surrounds the family cocktail hour. Stunning late afternoon sun enriches the already resplendent greens and blues of the ocean and sky. Ms. Erotica sits back and lets it all wash over her: the newlywed’s laughter, her mother’s proud smile, a chorus of children’s excited voices, and her father’s loving embrace of everyone within reach. Life is good. The pressures of her daily world back home have stayed back home and left her to enjoy the simple pleasures of family, love and the beauty of the tropics.
Her mother sits down next to her. “You look different, more relaxed, something…I can’t quite put my finger on it. You look good baby girl.”
Ms. Erotica lays her head on her mother’s shoulder. “Thanks Mama, I feel good. Something is different and I can’t put my finger on it either. But that’s OK, I’m just going to bask in it while I can.”
On their way out to dinner, Ms. Erotica runs into the man from earlier in the day. “Hey, I’m sorry if I was hard on you this morning. My mind was somewhere else. You didn’t deserve my wrath, at least not all of it.” Her smile assuages any recriminating feelings he still harbors. “I wish you love. It’s there, you’ll find it.”
She waves good bye and catches up with her family. “Who was that?” her brother asks.
“Just some guy.”
“Ooh, sis’…”
“No it’s not like that, believe me.”
“Then why you looking so…so like you’re in love?”
“Because I am,” she cuts off his next question, “no one in particular, I just am.”
Amidst the uncertainty of love we find love. Her heart beat accelerates. She feels light on her feet. “I just am.”

Book 2 Chapter 2: What Happened?

“Zora, I can’t thank you enough for reaching out. It means the world to me that you asked to get together to see how I am, to see how we are.”
“I’ve been worried MK. I mean, no word from you, then I find out you and Ms. E had a wedding of sorts in Mexico. You two just kind of dropped out of sight. No pictures, no messages, no nothing, so, what’s up? How are you doing?”
“Long story…”
“Good long story or bad long story?”
“Not a good one…”
“Oh MK, I was afraid of that. You guys are great together, what happened?”
“Hmm, where do I start?”
“Wherever you want, I’m all ears. Start from the beginning.”
“Let’s see, the story begins with the end of the wedding, which is ironic as hell because the wedding was a blast.”
“Sounds like it MK. Every time I think of your crazy ass ceremony with you two playing the part of bride and groom before a gathering of strangers, I can’t help but laugh.”
“Me too, Zora, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to smile about much of anything. By the way, if I didn’t make it clear, you have been amazing throughout the roller coaster ride of my relationship with Ms. E.”
“Thanks MK, I loved it. You’ve been pretty good yourself.”
“Pretty good?”
“There’s always room for new and better adventures Sweetheart.” She winks at MK eliciting a slight blush in response.
“My, my, my, you are something else Zora. You can get a fella’ distracted in a minute. Whew! Let me gather myself and get back to my sad tale of woe…”
“Let me help you, so the wedding ends, you two go on your honeymoon and…”
“We went to this great secluded getaway on the beach and our party continued until in a moment of weakness I asked a question that Ms. E wasn’t ready for and everything went south. We were deep into an extended soak in an outdoor hot tub, high on love, life, weed and fine champagne and I asked her to marry me.”
“For real?”
“Yes on both counts: yes, I really did ask her and, yes, I wasn’t playing around, I asked her for real. You might say I popped the question and popped the fantasy bubble at the same time.”
“But you and Ms. E are still together, right?”
“Not at the moment, the instant the proposal left my mouth, things changed dramatically. An unbearable silence followed. My stomach tightened. Ms. E looked away. I wanted to grab the fucking words and take them back, to shout out “no, don’t disappear Ms. E, it’s taken us so long to find each other, don’t let one question get in the way.” I waited for her to speak. Finally, she did. “I don’t know MK. You’re going to have to give me some time…”
“I was thinking to myself, ‘I’ve given you decades’, but instead I said ‘OK, take whatever time you need,’ and returned to the silence that stayed wedged between us until we went our separate ways the next day.”
“And now she’s taking that time. That’s not necessarily the end of the world, MK. You can’t let yourself succumb to your worst fears and wallow in them.”
“And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I keep going over that tortuous last night together. We retreated to opposite sides of a king sized bed and I kept on thinking, ‘how can one incident negate years of joy? How is it possible that two people accumulate a shared history of undeniable blissful moments and have them all rendered to some meaningless scrap heap as if they never happened by one single moment?’”
“I hear what you’re saying but you’re being a bit dramatic, don’t you think?”
MK shoots a stunned look at the beautiful woman sitting across from him.
“It may not be what you want to hear but step back for a second. Here’s what I just heard you say: you sprung a big question on your lover while you were drunk, stoned, and blissed out in a hot tub on a beautiful Mexican beach. You caught her off guard and she asked for time to think about it. Both of you were uncomfortable about what happened and now you have a chance to sort it all out. Sounds like a solvable problem to me. Yes?”
MK folds his arms in a pose of temporary retreat, scrunches his face and lets Zora’s words sink in. “I guess you’re right.”
“You guess I’m right?” Her playful smile unfolds MK’s arms.
“No, you’re right. Thank you. This is why I needed to talk with you.”
“Such a wise man…So how’s Ms. E?”
“I haven’t heard from her. I don’t know.” The hurt look that adorned his face when he first sat down threatens to return.
“Don’t go there MK, remember Zora loves you.”
She holds his eyes in the gaze of her own. Memories of their last time together flicker through his memory, “yes, I do know Zora and I hope you know I love you too.”
Zora moves to MK’s side of the table and enfolds his slumping shoulders with her long arm. “I’m sorry my friend. I know the uncertainty of it all sucks but this is when all the good times you two have shared kick in. Trust that it’s not the end of the world and that after taking the time she requested Ms. E will contact you. You’ll talk, like you always do, and work it all out. Look, I don’t want to be one of those people who resort to empty phrases like ‘things are going to get better’, but, in your case, things will get better. You have to believe that MK. You and Ms. E love each other too much for anything but a happy ending to this story.” She kisses his cheek. He leans to her side and rests his head on her shoulder.
“Thanks Z, what a pal.”
“That’s what friends do.”
MK returns home and tries his best to go about business as usual but keeps checking his phone to see if he’s missed a message or call. He hasn’t. He waits. He checks his e-mail: nothing there. He waits some more.
Finally, at the end of an excruciatingly long week, a text message arrives. It’s Ms. E. “Hey MK. Been thinking about you. Hope you are OK. Just checking in. E”
He reads and re-reads her words. His spirits rise with what she has expressed and fall with what she hasn’t. He frets over what to say in response finally settling on simplicity that matches her short missive. “I’m good, thanks for checking in. How are you?”
A day passes before she writes back. “I’m good. I got away for a bit with my family. Had a great time. Work is crazy but what else is new…we need to talk, when would be a good time? E”
We need to talk has never been a welcome phrase. Instead we need to talk has been a foreboding lead- in to things like: I can’t do this anymore.
MK tries to hang on to Zora’s pep talk and not give over to fears that continue to smolder in the remains of past baggage.
He writes back, “We do, I’m flexible, let me know what works for you. The sooner the better for me.” Before hitting send, he gives his words a careful second look and deletes them. Another attempt yields “I look forward to that conversation. How about tomorrow night, early evening?”
An hour later Ms. E’s responds, “Sorry, busy at work today. I’m full until the weekend. How about Sunday morning, that sound OK?”
“Great, thanks.” Now MK just has to wait until the end of the week.

Book 2 Chapter 3: One More Try

Ms. Erotica closes the door to her office and sits back in her chair. She misses MK but the time away has been good. The family trip to Mexico helped clear her head. If she is ever going to get married again, for real, it isn’t going to be the result of a proposal made in a hot tub after a weekend of partying: been there, done that. But even if MK had popped the question under different circumstances, marriage is not something she wants right now. A relationship with MK, yes, but there are things to work out beginning with the physical distance between them and that’s a tough nut to crack. She definitely does not want to leave LA for Seattle and she doesn’t want to ask MK to leave his home, all his friends and contacts in the Pacific NW, just to be with her in LA. Yes, she knew this going in to the relationship, but love can do unanticipated things to a girl like forgetting that long distance is daunting. She hopes they can work something out.
A knock on her office door brings Ms. E back to a different reality. Her best friend from work, Opal, sticks her head in. “Girl I got something you are going to want to check out.”
Opal closes the door behind and leans forward across Ms. E’s desk. “You know how you’ve been saying that here you are a single girl for a moment and that you needed some excitement?”
“Wait a minute, let me think of your exact words, ‘O, here I am a single girl for the first time in too long, I need some excitement, something new, something edgy. If I can’t get any, surely there has to be a place where I can simply watch other people getting off! I just want to watch two people fuck. Is that asking too much?’ You recall that conversation?”
“Stop messing with me Opal, of course I do.”
“Well, I think Ms. O has found the answer to your prayers.”
Trying to keep her voice down while bursting with curiosity, Ms. E implores her friend to share what she has found.
Opal describes a new dungeon she heard about while getting her hair done. “Live up close fucking and you can sit right there in the room with them…if that’s what you’re into.”
“I just might have to check it out. You want to go with me?”
“No, I can’t. You know how it is: I can’t be sneaking out to no dungeon while I got a jealous man at home, but you should go and let me know what you find.”
Ms. Erotica googles the spot–not a whole lot of info to be found online. Curiosity gets the best of her. Putting aside plans for a much needed kicked back Friday evening at home, Ms. Erotica decides to give this place a look-see.
She’s met at the front entrance by a man wearing a terrible hairpiece. “Not a promising start,” she thinks to herself. A nice enough guy, but damn, that thing on his head has got to go. He takes her on a tour of the facility. “Our rooms are color coded, they run from cool to hot,” he turns to face the stunningly decked out Miss Erotica and winks.
Tell me he didn’t just wink at me. She offers a weak smile in response.
“How about we start you off with a drink? It’s on the house. Allow me to take you to my favorite spot in our club. We call it the ‘Speak Easy’ and it’s in the back of the red room. As you might imagine, red means hot!” Again, he winks.
A little self-talk struggles to bring Ms. Erotica’s anxiety levels down a notch. ‘If this man with his Halloween headpiece winks at me one more time, I don’t care what color room I’m in, I’m outta’ here.’
She gathers herself, “That would be nice, thank you, I could use a drink.”
“We all can…and what is your name?”
“Miss Erotica.”
Her host stands back and takes her in from head to toe, “talk about a name that fits, you will turn some heads tonight Miss Erotica.”
Ms. E smiles and follows her guide through a labyrinth of rooms decorated with different color lights—white, blue, purple and finally red. She manages to miss most of what he says. Against the back wall of the red room is a bar. Her guide pulls out a stool for her to sit. Once settled she turns to take in her surroundings.
“This is what we call our ‘Infinity Room’. As you see, we have different levels.” He points to her left, “that’s our semi-private area. Couples can go inside, do what they want and you can watch through the one-way mirrors on the wall. The rooms are equipped with most anything you desire. Now, over here,” he turns Erotica’s attention to the right side of the room and stairs that lead to an elevated platform. “This is our ‘not so private’ section. If you want to enter the ‘forbidden zone’,” he chuckles and turns to see Ms. E’s reaction, “you do so at your own discretion,” again a fucking wink, “and you do so without clothes, towels only. Yes, we have a dressing room with showers right through that door. Any questions Miss Erotica?”
“No, I think you covered it all. Thank you.”
“I hope I’ve inspired you to uncover it all my dear.” Fortunately, he doesn’t wink.
Other than the guide’s head piece and winking eye, Miss Erotica is very encouraged by what she sees. A few couples share drinks at Speak Easy tables. Good looking singles drift through to check out the scene. It’s cool. She relaxes and licks some salt off the rim of her slushy margarita.
“First time?” asks the bartender, a rather nondescript middle aged white fellow.
“Not my first time in a club but, yes, my first time at this one, am I that obvious?”
“Just from seeing you on the tour, otherwise you look right at home. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything. I’m here to make sure you have a good time. OK?”
“Thanks, I appreciate that.” Ms. E takes another sip on her drink. “One quick question, can I check out the Forbidden Zone before I decide whether or not I want to trade in my cute outfit for a towel?”
He leans forward and says in a low voice. “Usually no, but it’s early, go ahead, take a quick peek, and, yes, that is a very cute outfit.”
“Aweee, thank you.” Ms. Erotica steps down off the barstool and walks up about three quarters of the way to the Forbidden Zone, just high enough where she can peer over the edge of the elevated floor. She looks back at the bartender who motions her to go further. She blows him a kiss and walks to the top of the stairs. What Ms. E sees astounds her: a variety of beds from a plush canopy style to a swinging red leather hammock suspended at four ends by heavy chains and lots of interesting choices in between. Hanging from one wall is the most diverse set of sex toys, implements and devices she has ever seen accumulated in one location. Floor to ceiling mirrors run the length of the other full wall.
Erotica returns to her spot at the bar, drains her drink and asks for another. The bartender quickly obliges. “Pretty amazing, right?”
“I’m speechless, and rarely am I speechless.”
“Think you’ll try on that towel?”
Ms. E’s eyes sparkle with mischief, “I might have to.”
The bartender lowers the lights a bit and turns up the electronic music. Just as Ms. Erotica is about to ask another question, a gorgeous couple emerges from the men’s bathroom wearing nothing but towels and heads up the stairs to the Forbidden Zone: a tall, blonde, very white athletic woman and a ripped, quite dark Black man about the woman’s same height. He lets her ascend first; a short towel barely covers her petite tight ass and lithe runner’s legs. He follows, taking off his towel about halfway up to the elevated floor. An erect dick swings back and forth between his legs with every step.
Soon, more couples follow. Satisfied moans drift down from the elevated playroom. Her curiosity aroused, Ms. E turns to ask the bartender her question but before she can say a single word he says, “Women only in the female parlor; the male side is co-ed.”
“Can I take my drink with me?”
“Only if you let me fill it up for you first.”
Drink in hand, Ms. Erotica heads for the women’s locker area. Not surprisingly, it’s red, decadent red, French bordello red with large prints of naked women adorning every wall. Thankfully it is very clean. Ms. E chooses a plush white towel from the middle of a stack off in one corner of the dressing area and hangs her clothes in a wooden locker. The thought of being naked in a strange place with people she doesn’t know sends chills up her body causing her nipples to get hard and a brief moment of hesitation. I’m gonna do this. She follows through on her promise.
The bar is more crowded than when she left to get naked. With one hand securing her towel and the other holding her drink, Ms. E works her way through a gathering of well dressed mixed couples to the stairs. Before climbing up the first step she tries to figure out how to hold her towel up over breasts and down over her bootie without spilling a drop of her margarita. She knows that every blue eye in the house is going to be checking out her black ass. Fuck it! I’m just going to have to give them a little show. Ms. E strides up the stairs, slowly, deliberately, with her perfect round brown bottom on full display.
Her courage is rewarded by what awaits her at the top of the stairs—the white woman on her knees in the canopy bed, hands bound and extended behind her back up in the air at a 45 degree angle lashed to a thick rope that runs from one end of the canopy top to the other. Her feet dangle over the edge of the bed, her ass extends up mimicking the angle of her arms, her swollen pussy hangs between open thighs ripe for the black dick that is just about to find its way into the pink recesses of her vagina.
OMG! You got to be fucking kidding me! Erotica is instantly wet. She must sit. The only available seat is a bench adjacent to the bed, almost too close to the lovers and their passionate fucking. She gathers herself, claims her spot and watches a black dick slide in and out of a tender pink pussy, watches the woman’s bound hands strain against their restraint, hears her muffled moans of ecstatic pleasure emerge from the pillow that supports her head, sees the man’s strong hands clutch her hips and pull her up and down his erect cock, smells the sex, feels tingles from her own aroused pussy, wants to touch herself but just watches. Ms. E’s towel comes undone. She sits partially naked next to two nude strangers fucking, focusing on every detail of their lovemaking. The couple is so engrossed in their world that they seem to not notice her presence, until the man turns to her mid-stroke.
“You like?”
Ms. E nods her head, “very much.”
“Care to join?”
“No, thank you, I’m good.”
“No, from what I see, you’re better than good.”
He stares at Ms. E whose mouth is slightly open, lips moist, dark brown nipples erect, thighs parted, pussy peeking out from behind the white towel…his dick gets harder with each detail of her naked body. He imagines how good she must taste, imagines her fit body riding his dick, imagines her…
“Ouch! You just poked me…excuse me, but I think you have a job to finish before you start fantasizing about someone else.” His partner’s voice breaks the enraptured man’s momentary reverie. “You might want to start by getting me ready again.”
“Massage her.” Miss E’s voice joins them in bed. “Cover her face and neck with kisses. Show me and your partner how much you treasure being with a woman.” At first, the man is taken aback by Erotica’s words, as is Ms. E who wonders what exactly gave birth to her bold advice. But she’s right. He finds a bottle of lavender oil and spreads it over the white woman’s nubile body, lovingly, tenderly, pausing to rub tension from knotted muscles, squeezing her protruding ass, fondling her soft, pillow-like breasts. He licks her pussy, kisses her anus, slowly brings her back to the place of arousal prior to his getting lost in an extended eyeful of Miss E.
“Almost there,” again Miss Erotica’s confident voice, “you see all of those toys on the wall? Get the feathered whip.”
He looks to the implement laden wall and the plethora of offerings. “The one to the right with the yellow feathers. I’ll get it for you.” Dropping her towel to the floor, Ms. E saunters over to the toys. She lifts her implement of choice off the wall and returns to the foot of the canopied bed. “Tease her, like this.” Ms. E glides the whip over the white woman’s back, then back and forth the inside of her thighs. She hands the magic wand to the man, “don’t touch her bootie or pussy yet, gentle touch Mr. Man, make her want more.”
He follows her instructions. His partner’s body lets him know he’s made a good choice: her hips move in circles, sighs float to the canopy above them and hover like reminders of what they once had, what they came to this place hoping to find.
“Whip her.”
He turns to Miss Erotica to make sure he heard her words correctly.
“You heard it right, whip up and down her pussy and white ass. Trust me.”
He does. His partner lifts her head and lets out a huge “ohhhhhhhhhhhh, oh fuck.” He whips her some more. Her body writhes in response to each flagellation.
“Now you can get to fucking her.”
He rushes to re-enter his partner’s throbbing pussy; she extends her bottom to pull him deep inside her body. They don’t just fuck, they make love, this time each motion is amplified, each response pronounced. They make love with a fury that Ms. E suspects left their lives too long ago. They love deeply and Ms. E watches. They fuck until the woman’s ecstatic yells quiet the crowd down below in the Speak Easy. They fuck like the first time they ever indulged in the pleasure of each other’s ravenous bodies. They fuck until she collapses satiated with orgasmic pleasure.
The man lies next to his satisfied partner and nuzzles her neck before untying her hands. Like a ragdoll, she falls into a tangled clump. His gentle rubs comfort her. She smiles and kisses his cheek, a smile that Ms. E guesses has been absent for too long, one that touches the heart of Ms. E’s desire.
“My, my, my…” the man turns his attention back to Ms. E. He shakes his head in wonder at her natural beauty. “That was good. What do I need to do to taste some of that chocolate?”
“If you are lucky enough to get a taste, you are going to have to earn it Mr. Man. I may be sitting here naked enjoying watching you with your girl but that doesn’t mean I’m yours. Show me something.”
“Like what?”
“Like what you think you need to do in order to interest a woman like me.”
“Whatever you say…”
He stands next to the bed and spreads oil over his muscular body. “You like?”
Ms. Erotica nods her head. “Ask your wife what she likes.”
“Honey, you heard the lady, what would you like to see?”
The white woman rolls over to face her man. She checks out his full naked body displayed before her. “Show me something new, make me hot watching you. Expose yourself—perform for us.”
The man is stymied. Two women are asking him to do for them what he has always asked women to do for him. He turns to consider himself in the wall of full length mirrors.
“More oil Mr. Man.” He looks at Ms. E’s mirrored reflection and reaches for the bottle lying behind him on the bed. He squirts a long line of oil across his chest. The women watch as it slowly drips down over his sculpted pecs and six pack abs, gathers at his navel and runs along his pelvic bones eventually meeting his hands waiting just above his dick. His eyes make contact with Ms. E. She watches as his erection comes back to life, as it rises from his body, as it grows in his hands, as it points at her reflection in the mirror wall. Both hands run the length of his aroused sex, up and down from tip to base, his dick swelling with each tug, his dick head looking like it couldn’t possibly get any bigger.
“The feathered whip,” his partner’s voice is little more than a whisper.
He looks to Miss E. She again responds with an affirmative nod. “Show us what you’ve learned.”
Their eyes follow as yellow feathers trace every line of his fit body. Ever so lightly, he brushes his face, his neck. The feathers float across his chest. His nipples contract. Ms. E’s harden in response. Across his stomach, up and down the sides of his body, he teases the insides of his thighs, his bootie cheeks, his dick—he places the handle under his erection and runs it back and forth from its tip to its base. Ms. E feels heat ignite her thighs–it feels good, almost too good, almost too sensitive, almost too much to feel.
Ms. E takes hold of the flogger and swats his dick. His partner’s head shoots up from the comfort of soft pillows. She whips his butt, hard. And then again and again, each stroke done with increased intensity; each stroke eliciting a stronger response. She does the same to his thighs, his chest, and his nipples. One hand lifts his dick, the other thrashes the soft meat of the underside of his penis. He squirms with each strike.
Ms. E turns to his partner who has fully emerged from her post coital slumber and who watches intently, similarly aroused by the show and says, “girlfriend, you wet yet?”
“Very!” She’s shocked to see how much she enjoys watching a strange woman dominate her man. She loves watching Ms. E perform acts she has been afraid to do but has secretly wanted to, things that Ms. E boldly does with what looks like practiced ease. She wants more.
Giving Ms. E her full attention for the first time, the white woman asks “So you like to ‘top’? My husband–yes, we’re married–likes to dominate, but watching you order him around got my juices flowing, it has always been my secret desire. Please don’t stop.”
“If your husband is willing…”
Before he can answer, his wife answers for him, “he is. The stage is all yours.”
Ms. E strides to the bewildered husband standing next to his suddenly assertive wife, surveys his fit physique and picks a leather flogger from the far wall. On her way back she retrieves a blindfold from an array of goodies on a nearby table and secures it around the man’s eyes. Next, she cuffs his hands behind his back and drips more oil across his shoulders and chest. Both women watch intently as the oil oozes over his rippled body, as it courses along the ridge of his pelvis and drips from the tip of his erect dick. Ms. E’s finger follows the oil’s path and forges forward along the length of his shaft. Suddenly she slaps his dick with her palm. The women laugh as it bobs up and down. Another slap. He stiffens in response. She squeezes him hard and they delight watching blood swell his dick head to the point of looking like it will burst.
Deciding to join the fun, the wife swats her husband’s butt, his thighs, and his penis. “Have you been a good husband Mr. Man?” His lack of reply results in a firm swat across his ass. “Don’t make me ask the Missus.”
“Yes, always, I take good care of my wife.”
“Is your man telling us the truth?”
“Well there was one time…” Ms. E spanks his bouncing dick.
“I think it’s time you show your husband how that one time made you feel.”
Before he can react, Ms. E undoes the husband’s cuffs, pushes him butt first on to the bed and restrains his hands above his head. “You like horse racing Mr. Man?” Another swat laces across his resilient erection. “Do you get excited when a jockey rides her horse hard down the stretch trying to be first to cross the finish line?” Yellow feathers spank his balls. “Well you are about to find out what that excitement is all about.”
“Miss Missy, it’s time to saddle up. Climb on board your mount and get ready for the ride of your life. It’s the Kentucky Derby and you are the odds on favorite to set a new record for length of orgasm.” Led by Ms. E, the curious wife sits atop her husband’s face, knees astride his head, whip in hand, facing towards his feet. Pointing to his dick, Ms. E says, “this is the horn of your saddle, grab it if you need something to hang on to while you put some ‘oomph’ into this stallion’s ‘giddy up’.”
Slapping the wife’s butt, Ms. E yells “and they’re off.” The woman bucks back and forth on her husband’s face. “Faster Miss Missy, make him run.” She leans forward, grabs hold of her husband’s love stick and rides him hard. Ms. E pinches one of the woman’s nipples, gathers her towel and heads for the exit. “I think my work here is done.”
Ecstatic cries of “yee-ha” follow Ms. E down the stairs as she makes a discreet exit and heads for the dressing room. A soothing, hot shower finishes her evening but, damn, she is aroused. As Ms. Erotica waits for her car to warm up for the drive home, she checks her phone for messages. There’s one from Opal who suggested she visit this place. It reads, “well….?”
Ms. Erotica texts back, “I don’t know where to start…I will tell you this, it was a wild ride…Just one thing missing, tell you more tomorrow…btw thank you.”
Before driving off, she texts My’Kuyah, “Want you with me tonight. Hope all is well. Something has become very clear to me: the only thing my Black bootie wants is you. Love you. E”

Book 2 Chapter 4: Contact

MK awakens to find Ms. E’s text. OMG! His body shakes; his heart races. He reads her message over and over, begins to respond but looks at the clock—it’s much too early—and decides to wait.
A call awakens him. MK thrashes around looking for his phone. He manages to locate it and answer. It’s Ms. E. “Are you up?”
He clears his throat, “yes.”
“Doesn’t sound like it.”
“No, I am, just finished reading your message and was waiting to call you back.”
“I want to come see you Kuyah. Would you like that?”
MK wants to scream into the phone, “Like that? Fuck yes I’m thrilled at the thought of seeing you.” Instead a quiet, guarded voice responds, “That would be nice. When are you thinking about?”
“I was hoping you’d be more excited.”
“Ms. E, I am very excited. I dream about seeing you every moment of every day.”
“Hmm, doesn’t sound like it. Maybe this is too soon.”
“No, no, I’m dying to see you. Please come to Seattle as soon as you can. I would love to spend some time with you.”
“You’re sure.”
“Sure as a heart attack.”
Ms. Erotica laughs. MK’s tension subsides a bit.
“Let’s find a date Ms. E and get your beautiful chocolate bootie up here.”
“So you liked my message?”
“I loved your message. I’ve read it at least 10 times. I love you too Ms. E. I love you more than ever and I want nothing more than to be all over you and your beautiful black ba-hind.”
“That’s what I was hoping to hear MK because I want nothing more than to have you all over me and my black ba-hind and believe me; I intend to be all over you.”
They both delight in a long overdue sharing of genuine joy.
“Sounds great Beautiful, I can’t wait.”
“I love you MK. I’ve known that for a long time but being away from you has solidified my feelings.”
“I feel the same way and want to be with you for as long as I can imagine marriage or not.”
“Slow down, MK. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about all of this. I want you to know one thing though. You have never wavered in your love for me, no matter what. I know where your marriage proposal was coming from. I wish I could have handled that better but I didn’t. Hear me when I say this to you, I don’t want to ever not be in your life. Now hang on for a minute until I get organized with my calendar…”
They end up talking for over an hour and decide to find a flight for Ms. E to fly up to see MK in two weeks. “Let me take a quick nap and I’ll shop for a ticket.” He can barely control himself; neither can Ms. E.
Once the excitement abates, Ms. E settles in for that much needed nap after her late night out. A text from MK cuts it short. “Bought a ticket to come see you instead Beautiful. I couldn’t wait. Be by your side very soon. Love you MK.”
She calls him immediately.
“When are you coming?”
“As soon as I set my eyes on you.”
“No silly man, when are you coming down to see me?”
“Next week! I’ll send you the info via e-mail.”
“I can’t wait MK.”
“Me neither Sweet Beauty.”
“In the meantime I have a treat for you.”
“What might that be?”
“Meet me on Skype MK.”
“I’ll be right there.”
Ms. E greets MK online in her birthday suit. She takes him from the bedroom into her bathroom. He watches as Ms. E sits down on the toilet to pee. MK hears her urine splash into the toilet water, sees her sleepy eyes struggle to adjust to her waking state, her breasts extend forward, her hips surround the seat, her thighs slightly parted so she can wipe herself clean. “You like that don’t you MK?” Her first post-nap smile lights up the yellow bathroom walls.
“You know I do Sweet Beauty.”
Her smile grows, “I do know MK.”
He watches as she stands, watches as she turns, watches as she bends and leans into her shower. Ms. E adjusts the laptop so MK can enjoy a full view. He watches as she steps into her tub, watches as hot water runs down the curves of her sculpted figure, stares at her glistening chocolate complexion.
White soap suds cover her pussy, adorn her nipples, the white froth on her breasts provides an alluring contrast to her dark brown skin. Ms. E glances at My’Kuyah’s image in her screen. She leans back against the shower wall, her fingers get lost between her thighs, get lost in the depths of the white soap suds, get lost in the folds of her pussy. Her pussy emerges from the suds like the sun breaking through cottony clouds. Her fingers separate her lips, she fondles her sex, her body pushes back against her hand. MK’s erection lifts his computer from his lap. Ms. E pinches her nipples, squeezes her breasts, her hands make love with her body. MK watches. The sexiest woman he will ever know delights him with sinuous movement, teases him, touching places, spreading spaces that she knows MK covets.
She rinses and turns off the water. “You are so beautiful my Sweet Baby, you make Daddy very happy.” He shifts his position so she can see his erect dick. “Look at what you do to me Sweet Beauty, look how hard you make Daddy’s dick.”
Ms. E sits atop her bathroom sink and spreads her legs. Her entire demeanor says “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Her pink pussy lies between sumptuous brown thighs. “For you Daddy, it’s all for you. I know you want to lick every bit of pink you can find, don’t you Daddy.” She fingers herself, removes the lucky appendages laden with sweet cream and eases them in and out of her mouth. MK’s dick grows harder imagining her fingers in his mouth, the sweet taste of her womanhood on his lips. He lets her see him rubbing his hand up and down his burgeoning shaft. Ms. E rubs her clit in response and extends her long pink tongue towards MK.
“I want to fill your mouth with my dick, Beautiful. I want to feel your tongue lick the length of me.” Her tongue seems to go on forever. He imagines the wet warmth of her on his dick. She imagines him in her mouth, gagging her with his girth. “I want to lick all of you MK, I want you to swallow you whole. And then I want you to fuck me. You want to fuck your girl, Daddy? You want me to spread my lips so you lose that big dick of yours inside my pussy?”
She lifts her legs and masturbates vigorously. Ms. E imagines MK standing between her thighs, his erection plunging firmly inside her body. Her hips gyrate in response to the image in her mind’s eye. “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard. Harder Daddy, harder.” The pace of her breathing increases, her eyes close. “Yes, that’s it Daddy, fuck your little girl hard, fill me up Daddy, ram all of your big dick inside me, all of it.”
And he does, “Take every bit of me Sweet Baby, Daddy loves fucking you, loves that you save your precious pussy for him. Daddy loves being between your thighs, loves fucking your sweet pink pussy. Make me cum Sweet Beauty, make me cum all over your beautiful brown body. That’s it baby girl. Yes fuck me just like that. Oh yes, oh fuck that’s good.” With synchronized strokes they reach climax together. Ms. E’s hand fingers laden with sweet cream, MK’s hand fills with the pleasure his Sweet Beauty creates.
They pause to catch their breath.
“That’s just a little taste of what’s waiting for you MK.”
“It makes me want to fly down there right now so I can hold you while we nap. Do you know how good you make me feel?”
She laughs, her beautiful smile fills the screen. “I love to please you Daddy.”
“I know and please me you do. Thank you Beautiful.”
“By the way, that’s the first time I’ve ever done that.”
“Masturbate on Skype in front of a man.”
“Wow! I’m deeply honored. May we never stop sharing “firsts” with each other. Thank you Beautiful.”
“I’m going to take you to bed with me Daddy.”
Ms. E sets her laptop up next to her bed so MK can watch her sleep. She lies naked atop beige sheets. He watches as she turns from one side to the other marveling at how the curves of her shoulders mimic the curves of her bootie: mountain passes between rounded peaks. His eyes follow the line connecting her two horizons.
Ms. E rolls onto her back. The mounds of her full breasts gather atop her chest, eminently suckable nipples point to the heavens. Slightly parted thighs frame her naked pussy. MK wants to lean into his computer screen and kiss her sex, caress her breasts, nuzzle her brown neck. A large exhale and Ms. Erotica shifts to her tummy, arms spread, head to one side, right leg bent and extended to her side, left leg pointing straight at MK; her ass begging to be bitten.
He imagines her curled next to him, arm resting on his chest, the sound of contented breathing in his ear. “Oh my God, how I love this woman.” He wants nothing more than this, to lie naked in bed next to the woman of his dreams. He falls asleep imagining it is so.

Book 2 Chapter 5: Finally

The week between now and very soon is tortuous. Ms. E wants him by her side now and dreams constantly of the very soon when he will arrive. This is not what she imagined when she and MK first began talking. She did not imagine mad love. She didn’t want it, didn’t think she was in a place to let it enter her realm of possibility at that time in her life. The reasons not to fly head over heels in love far outweighed any reasons to even consider approaching anything remotely close to such a leap. Yet here she is mid-flight. No, she is further along than that; she is fully launched into the dizzying free fall that only comes with crazy love made that much stronger by absence. They text, talk or Skype every day.
MK delights her with a gift certificate to buy something “that makes you feel beautiful” from “to wear when I see you.”
Ms. E peruses possible outfits online imagining herself adorned in lace, her fit brown body graced in bright white sexy-as-hell lingerie. She picks out a matched set: a cream lace thong with a triangle cutout in the back that seductively frames the top of her bootie, a matching floral design bra with revealing cups and gets wet picturing herself standing before MK modeling her selection. She decides to wear it to the airport when she picks him up. She’ll give him a peek when they get to the parking lot; tease him with a taste as she drives him back to her place; let him take off her coat after she closes the front door; make him watch as she dances for him, as she straddles him and invites him to slowly peel back the outfit until she’s half naked dying to make love with the man who will take her to now.
So much to do to make everything just right: clean, stock the refrigerator, the list goes on…everything has to be perfect no matter how many times MK says that seeing her is the only thing that matters.
The big day finally arrives. Ms. E acts out her fantasy, embellishes her natural beauty with the lingerie, covers herself with a coat, carefully selects some sexy heels and gets to the airport early. His flight is on time. She paces in the waiting area until she spots him; his face beams through the crowd around him, his eyes focused on her. Ms. E’s heart races, she runs forward to meet him. MK drops his bag, engulfs her in his arms and lifts her off the ground: two lovers airborne in an ecstatic freefall—their feet never again touch the ground. “It’s you MK. It’s really you.” Ms. E smothers him with kisses. “It’s really you. Oh MK, I was afraid I had chased you away. I’m so sorry. I missed you so much. And here you are. Oh my God it’s good to see you.”
“You can’t chase me away Ms. E. I love you too much to go anywhere else. I missed you too. I don’t ever want to live without you in my life.”
More kisses amidst extended hugs, they walk to the parking lot touching the whole time. She unbuttons her coat and gives him a peek of the treats underneath. “My precious Sweet Beauty.” MK thrusts his hands inside her coat, draws her close and kisses her. “Give me that tongue Beautiful Woman. I’ve dreamed so long of tasting your tongue.”
“Wait no longer MK.” The world drifts away. It’s just the two of them—the only light in a faded grey world. “Let me get you home so we can do this for real.” He leads her to the driver’s door, opens it and they kiss one more time. Ms. E settles in her seat and spreads her coat open. “You like MK?”
“I love Sweet Beauty.”
She pulls her thong to one side, fills her middle finger with a healthy helping of her abundant sweet cream and feeds MK some of her love. He’s speechless but manages to gather himself, run to the passenger side door and dive into the car. He bends forward and takes a drink of her nectar, her taste sweeter than anything his imagination could create. “The stuff of dreams Ms. E, always much better than any dream could ever hope to be.” She feeds him more of her succulent juice all the way home. “Eat to your heart’s content MK.”
They race up the stairs to her place. With the door safely locked behind them and his bag tossed to the side, MK rips off her coat, bear hugs Ms. E and kisses every bit of brown skin his lips can reach. She takes his face between her hands, fills his mouth with hers. Both gasp for breath and kiss, long, deep passionate, hungry kisses, kisses of starved lovers, desperate, mad lovers on fire from their unbearable time apart, from all the nights they fantasized about this moment, all the times they ached so much for nothing more than just this moment.
Ms. E takes MK to her couch, pushes him back into a bed of pillows and dances towards him. He sits in a trance mesmerized by the sensuous movements of the most beautiful woman he knows dressed in nothing but sexy lingerie and heels. “You are gorgeous my Sweet Beauty. Do you know how incredibly beautiful you are? Do you feel it?”
A gentle brown finger touches MK’s lips, “I do.” She moves forward and straddles his hips. MK eases her bra from her breasts leaving her full round globes completely naked. He licks the outline of Ms. E’s collar bone and down the golden crease of her cleavage. His hands caress her left breast, his tongue circles the dark brown shiny skin of her areola, his lips suckle her nipple until it grows hard in the warm moisture of his mouth. “Bite my nipples MK, make them harder. I dream of your lips on my nipples. That’s it MK, just like that.” He does the same with her right one but pulls back to gently blow air on her wet breasts. Chill bumps circle her areolas. Ms. E extends forward to better feed him her bounty. It feels so fucking good. Her head leans back and she tells him just that. “I’ve missed you so much MK. I’ve missed this, missed feeling your love, missed how you make me feel so special. I’m yours MK, if you’ll have me; I’m yours my sweet man.”
MK pulls Ms. E’s thong to one side, lifts her up until she can wrap her thighs around his face and takes her pussy in his mouth. “Oh fuck yes MK.” She grinds against his face, pulls him tight against her body, “oh yes, don’t stop MK, don’t ever stop.” He doesn’t. Her lips soften, spread then harden in his mouth until she screams, until she writhes, until she cums. He scoots out from beneath her, yanks down his pants and fucks her from behind extending the ecstasy of a long awaited orgasm. Ms. E continues to cum. MK continues to fuck her driving his dick in and out of her supple body until he too shares a long awaited climax. A chorus of satisfied cries fills her living room but they don’t stop. MK flips Ms. E on to her back, grabs her ankles and spreads her legs. She grabs his dick and fills her sweet sugar with his lust. They continue to fuck like participants in a primal ritual. She takes him deep into her body to a place where MK enters a secret opening buried in the recesses of her queendom. They make wondrous love until they collapse into each other, crash into a cloud of pillows, and fall into a deep healing embrace.
“I love you MK,” Ms. E whispers to his contented soul. A trace of a smile appears on his face. “You awake old man?” His smile widens. She smooches his smile.
“I’ve been thinking MK…”
He clears his throat, “and…”
“You know what I love most about you?”
“My singing voice.”
Ms. E has to laugh, “no…but you’re close.”
“My unbridled passion…”
“No, no, let me tell you before you offer any more suggestions. I love the fun we have together; that’s what I really missed when we were apart, playing with you, laughing with you, feeling light hearted and joyful.”
MK opens his eyes as if doing so will enhance his ability to hear every word his Sweet Beauty says.
“And making love with you which of course is a big part of the joy.” MK closes his eyes satisfied by what he hears. “How do I say this? I know there are times to be serious and we do serious well. You know, we communicate. If we have a problem, we solve it and move on and if I get loud and animated when I’m trying to make a point you don’t get scared or angry and walk away. You accept me, all of me and I love that about you. So, as I said, there are times for being serious but I don’t want serious questions to spill over and take away our fun, to spoil our joy. Maybe some of those questions like “will you marry me” were too serious for me and I just needed to answer them and all the little related questions for myself and for the most part I have. I know I love you. I know my time with you has been an answer to my prayers. I know I want to be with you. I know you love me and do so in wonderful ways. I simply want to enjoy what we have: it’s special and it is a whole lot of fun. Not just fun, that makes it sound trivial, it’s the pure delight that is at the heart of the joy I feel when we’re together.”
Ms. E pauses and looks at MK, “I agree with everything you’re saying. Don’t stop.”
“Our love making for instance, is a great example, it’s different with you. It’s not like there’s a script that we follow, a sequence of acts I’m expected to perform. Sex with you is always about the affection which is at the root of all we do. Sometimes it’s wild really hot sex…”
“Like the last hour…”
Ms. E feels herself blush like a young woman talking about intimacy with a first lover. “Yes, which began the moment you touched me in the airport; other times it’s just about being tender and close, each simple gesture satisfying in itself. Whatever we do, it’s always loving, genuine and fun.”
“I don’t want to lose that either Sweet Beauty. Ultimately, I want you to be happy. I want my love to make your life better. Loving you makes me happy every day. My marriage proposal was something I should have talked about with you beforehand rather than pop the question while partying in a hot tub. I also had clarifying moments during our time apart. I want to have a lasting relationship with you in whatever way makes sense. You bring me a joy I didn’t think was possible. I want to nurture the relationship, the love and see it all grow. One of the things I love about you is that you talk with me: you bring up difficult issues and you make sure we communicate about them before they become really difficult issues. Thank you for that.”
Ms. E leans into MK’s arms and kisses him. They indulge in sweet kisses until Ms. E’s stomach growls. She giggles, touches her tummy and says, “You hungry MK? We got so carried away that I forgot to feed you.”
MK revels in the fact that the woman he loves is only inches away. He tastes the aphrodisiac of her nectar still gracing his lips, inhales her scent that remains on his face. “Feed me Sweet Beauty, feed me whatever delicious treats you have. I will love every bite.”

Book 2 Chapter 6: Morning After

Morning comes too soon. After quietly watching Ms. E sleep beside him for real, relishing her quiet breathing, smelling her familiar scent, MK tip toes into her front room to catch up on some e-mails, read the morning news and ready a surprise for his Queen.
He hears her toilet flush and water run in the sink. Soon after, Ms. Erotica in all her morning glory saunters by My’Kuyah. “I need some coffee MK and forgot to get some while at the market yesterday.”
“You were too busy getting cute for me.”
“You call this cute?” She has on casual weekend sweats, no makeup, hasn’t done a thing with her hair.
“You look beautiful!” MK disengages from his laptop, his eyes take in every detail of the woman he loves.
“Stop! You and I both know I look a hot mess.”
“Ms. E, that’s the secret of your beauty, you don’t need anything to turn a fella’s head. You are fine as is. Turn around for a quick second.”
Eyes rolling, hand on hip, Ms. E pivots to face this out-of-his-mind-in-love-with-her- man sitting on the couch.
“Just pull that sweatshirt open a little bit for me Baby.”
Begrudgingly Ms. E obliges.
“That’s what I’m talking about. Just look at how luscious you are. Voluptuous Ms. E, voluptuous and fine as hell any time of day. Now just let me get a little peek at one of those fine breasts of yours.”
“MK, I’m trying to get out of the house and get me a little cup of coffee and maybe something to eat before I get aggravated… you know what I’m like if I don’t get something in my stomach. So let me be for a minute before I even think about exposing any more parts of my body to you.”
“OK, OK, I get it.”
Ms. E heads for the door.
“Wait Beautiful, hold on before you go, you smell something?”
She takes a few sniffs of the living room air. “Other than me starting to get hot under the collar, no, I do not smell a thing.”
“I swear I do.” MK gets up off the couch and walks to the kitchen. “Come here for one second.”
A loud sigh precedes Ms. E moving her tired self to where MK is standing.
“You still don’t smell anything?”
“I smell my neighbor’s breakfast which is making me more hungry than I already am but other than that, no.”
“Close your eyes for one second and take a good, long sniff.”
“MK you already dancing all over my last nerve…this better be quick and better be good.”
“That’s the opposite of what you were asking for last night Ms. E.” MK manages to get a smile to appear on his beloved’s gorgeous scowled face.
“That was last night My’Kuyah and you were following the proper course of action, ‘feed me, fuck me and put me to bed’.”
“And it was all good, wasn’t it?”
“Better than good, MK, you had me howlin’ at the moon and you know it, but…”
“No but, trust me here Sweet Beauty, just close your eyes.”
Finally Ms. E obliges and lets her heavy lids fall.
MK reaches to the far end of the kitchen counter, liberates a steaming cup of coffee from a dark corner, removes its lid and lets its aroma surround Ms. Erotica’s perfect nose.
“No you didn’t,” she starts to peek at the hot coffee cradled in MK’s hands.
“Keep ‘em closed Beautiful.” He opens the oven door and allows additional smells to escape from the warm dark space below the stove top.
“OMG, what in the world have you done?” Delighted brown eyes spring open. “MK!”
“A Cajun scramble for you my Beauty: andouille sausage, chicken of course, hot peppers and some Trader Joe habanera sauce.”
“My’Kuyah Anteros, no you didn’t! You do love me.”
“You just figuring that out?”
“I’ve known that since we first hooked up and you’ve reminded me every day since then. Thank you Sweet Man.”
“You are welcome. Let’s get you set up in bed, turn on your favorite series and catch up on some episodes while you chase that aggravation away with some home cookin’.”
Ms. E steps forward and kisses the man she has come to adore. “Maybe Ms. Erotica can find some way to show her appreciation for her man once her tummy is full.”
“As only you can Ms. Erotica.”
Ms. E settles into a sea of pillows, takes a couple of sips of her hot java and a big bite of the scramble. She pauses for a moment and lifts her lavender bra over her right breast.
“Wow, you got more luscious overnight.”
“Maybe it was all that sucking you were doing at two in the morning.”
“Maybe so, if that’s the case I might have to make that two a.m. feeding a regular part of my night time routine. May I sample your bodacious delight while you dine in bed Ms. E?”
“MK, just let me finish my breakfast and then you can suck on both of my titties to your heart’s content.”
Properly fed, Ms. E takes her dish to the sink, visits the bathroom and returns wearing an open robe and purple thong panty. Erect nipples push against the soft silk of her robe, the curves of her breasts fully visible.
“Mmm, mmm, mmmm! Please me…shoot, let me get a taste of that nipple before you change your mind.”
“You are impossible sometimes MK. It’s a good thing I love you because …”
“Because what?”
“Let’s just leave it at ‘because’.” A beautiful smile emerges on her face like the sun breaking through a morning fog. She grabs MK by the back of his head and feeds him her breasts. MK purrs like a kitten.
Her whole body tingles when MK’s gentle hand slides her thong down over her thighs. She erupts in chill bumps when he rolls her sensitive nipples between his lips. She melts in his strong arms as he pulls her close. It’s his gentle strength that has made it safe to fall in love, his tender domination, and his never ending thoughtful acts of affection. She reflects on how much she has come to need the way he loves her and feels herself let go, let’s him take over and he does, drawing her tender lips to his.
Ms. E turns off the TV and switches on some music. Eric Roberson provides a soundtrack for the romance movie that has become the story of their lives. His lyrics give expression to her emotions. “I just kissed the softest lips that God has ever made.”
On cue, MK whispers in her ear, “And I am so in love with the girl to whom these lips he gave…mmm…soft as a feather Baby…” Comforting warmth runs up and down her spine. She inhales his sweet breath, savors his spicy lips. She wants to consume all of him, eat him up like the delicious food that fills her belly. She feels herself captured by one of those magical moments that happen when nothing else matters except his lips upon hers, his body next to her body, one of those times when everything else can go away for awhile.
MK eases the robe from her fine sculpted physique, kneels beside her and lets his eyes run the length of her nude grandeur, pausing so as not to miss a single detail of his radiant beauty: the transitions of her rich complexion from red tones to gold; the full round curves of her breasts and hips, the soft definition of her thighs, the majestic glory of her chocolate pussy. She smiles as she watches his dick get hard from what his eyes survey.
Ms. E unties MK’s pajamas, seduces them bit by bit down the length of his long legs. She licks the tip of his erect dick, pulls back and watches him grow harder, harder from his limitless desire for her. Her bright pink tongue pulls him down her throat until he disappears in the wet warm soft recesses of her loving mouth. He watches his dick move in and out of her lips. Their eyes lock. Saliva drips from his erection and bubbles down her chin. She wants more. “Fill me up MK. Let me swallow all of you.”
MK takes hold of her head with both hands and thrusts his dick in out and out of her mouth.
Ms. E deep throats him until she gasps for air and gets back to sucking him until he’s about to cum. He withdraws choosing to save himself for further pleasure.
“Your turn Sweet Beauty.” MK flips Ms. E over, slides down her torso leaving a trail of kisses behind until he settles between her thighs. “You are so fucking wet!”
She rises on all fours. Her pussy anticipates his tongue, her hips inch back to greet him. He circles her pliant pussy with his tongue, kisses her clit, and explores the depths of her womanhood. “Oh yes MK, that feels so fucking good.” His pace increases, he takes her clit between his lips and relishes the taste of Ms. E’s burgeoning sweet cream in his mouth. “Oh yes Kuyah, yes, ohhh fuck yes, right there, suck that spot.” Her cries are a symphony to MK’s ears. She grabs handfuls of her gorgeous, round brown ass, arches her back, spreads herself wide grinding wildly against his tongue. “Yes MK, just like that, let me open my stuff up for you to eat, eat Daddy, eat your Sweet Beauty, oh fuck yes, just like that.” His face full of pussy, MK eats his beloved Sweet Beauty until she cries out, “Oh fuck I’m gonna’ cum MK, oh yesss, fuck yes, don’t stop MK, right there, oh fuck yes.” She falls on to her chest keeping herself as wide open as she can. And cum she does, her body riding MK’s mouth until she can stand no more.
“Give me a minute MK, I’m not done.”
“Neither am I Sweet Beauty.”
His eyes celebrate the sight before him: her strong sculpted back, her round brown mounds of ass, her fine athletic legs. She feels his legs spread her thighs, his hands separate her cheeks, his tongue lick the canyon between her cheeks.
His lips find her bootie and kiss it. The sensation breathes new life into her desire. Chills return when he penetrates her ass with his tongue and begins licking her, eating her, fucking her. His finger joins his tongue and ratchets up her longing to feel his dick inside her.
She feels him drip lube between her cheeks and just when she feels like she can’t wait another second to have him fill her up, she feels the tip of his dick work its way into her body. Initial slow, incremental penetrations give way to forceful thrusts until his dick packs her ass, fills her until she feels there’s no room for anything else in her body, no room for air, no room for anything but his dick up her ass, his hands on her hips pulling her to meet every deep plunge of his erect penis until she feels like she will burst and then finally she does, she explodes with an orgasm that comes from some place deep inside that she didn’t know existed, that has never been opened and she screams with pleasure and between each joyous cry she hears MK’s voice doing the same as if they are singing the chorus of a shared song, an ecstatic refrain that goes something like “Oh fuck yes, you feel so fucking good, ohhh yes.” And ends with Eric Roberson joining the tribute, “I am so in love with the person whose lips he gave, whose ass he gave, whose pussy, whose dick, whose body, whose spirit, whose love he gave..Feel it up and down my spine, I am so in love with this person whose soul I share.”
They roll into each other’s arms and fall into a contented sleep that only happens when two people find the magic of love, the magic of each other; those rare moments when nothing else matters…nothing but what they hold between them.

Book 2 Chapter 7: Come with Me

Ms. E and MK spend most of the day cuddled on her couch wrapped in a comforter catching up on some of their favorite TV series beginning with Episode 6 of Taboo. When the main character, James Delaney, commands his sister to take off her “fucking dress,” Ms. E leaps up and begins to disrobe. The couple laughs to the point of tears. She manages to eke out a few broken words, “shoot, forget your sister, take me” while pulling off her lounging outfit.
Mid-laughter, Ms. E stands naked before MK and stares into his eyes. No words are needed to express the desire blazing between them. They hold the stare until she takes her index finger, kisses it and transfers the touch of her lips to MK’s. She settles back into his arms and they finish watching the show in a warm, loving embrace.
When the show ends, MK gets up, opens the curtains in Ms. E’s front room and steps outside on her balcony. He pokes his head back in and announces, “It’s a beautiful day Ms. E. Let’s get dressed and go out and explore your neighborhood.”
She contemplates his offer for a minute and says, “you know MK, that actually sounds like fun. Just give me a minute.”
They both wash up and find something quick and comfortable to wear. “Show me the town Ms. E.” They head for the heart of her community, a ten minute walk at most. The day is gorgeous: bright blue sky, nice breeze, temperature in the low ‘80’s. “Every time I go outside, I understand why you live here.”
The small downtown area is bustling. Outdoor cafes are filled with a diverse group of sunglass wearing folks sipping coffee, wine, beer, engaged in lively conversation and active people watching.
“I have a favorite spot that I think you’ll like MK.” She takes him to an old hotel in the heart of the area which has comfortable shaded outdoor seating. They order a bottle of red wine with a meat and cheese plate. A nice breeze blows through carrying sounds of classic jazz. Miles Davis’s “So What?” gives expression to how the couples feels about the pressures from the rest of the world.
“Ms. E, I forgot to tell you but I had dinner with Zora a while back. She asked me to say ‘hello’.”
“Nice, and how is Miss Zora?”
“Good, she called me from out of the blue worried because she hadn’t heard anything from us since the wedding.”
“What did you tell her?”
“I gave her an overview of what happened.”
“What did she say?”
MK laughs and looks away for a moment. “She said I was being dramatic, that I should relax, give you the time you needed and everything would work out.”
“Sage advice.”
“She also said she missed us and wanted to be part of our lives.”
“She always will be. We’ve shared some great times together.”
“I felt bad, though, I was being one of those friends who only contacted her when I either needed something or when my primary relationship had gone south. I realized she deserves better and told her so.”
“I hear what you’re saying MK. I hope she knows it’s not that we don’t want to spend time with her but that sometimes life just gets in the way.”
“I think she gets that. Still, now that we’re sorting things out between us, let’s make more of an effort. She’s a great friend.”
They toast to Zora and get back to the food, the perfect day and each other. Everything else can wait.
After the bottle of wine is drained, they walk hand in hand down the main boulevard towards the sunset. “I see why it’s called “the Golden State.”
“You know something MK, I forget to appreciate the beauty of southern California. When it’s nice most every day, it starts to become a bit too normal, if that makes sense. Another thing I don’t do anymore is go to the beach and it’s so close. You want to? It’s at most a 20 minute train ride from here to Santa Monica.”
“I’m yours Ms. E.”
“We’ll walk on the beach then I know a great Italian restaurant where we can get delicious food and watch the rest of the sunset.”
A warm breeze carrying the ocean’s scents greets them when they disembark from the train. “What you said before about taking a place’s beauty for granted is so true. The same can be said for relationships. We lose sight of their beauty.”
“Of our beauty MK.”
“You’re right, we lose it to everydayness.”
“And we too easily forget how special what we share really is.”
“How do we avoid that trap Ms. E?”
“I think by doing what we’re doing right now: spending simple time together, getting outside of ourselves to appreciate the details of not just us but the ways in which “us” enhances the details of the world we live in.”
“You’re getting deep on me Beautiful. And I agree 100%.”
Dinner at the family owned Italian restaurant takes them even deeper.
“Everything is perfect MK, except one thing.”
MK takes away the warm bread dripping with olive oil that he was just about to taste. “What’s that?”
“The music.”
Taking a moment to focus, MK nods his head. “You’re right, I was only really aware of it as a bothersome background noise until you pointed it out.”
“One day we’re going to create our own experience, all based around the food, romance and eroticism.”
“And you’ll take care of the music Ms. E.”
She lifts her glass of wine to toast, “shoot, you know I will MK, I’ll take care of the music and whole lot more.”
Again, they toast, this time with deep heartfelt smiles.
The waitress stops by to check on them mid-toast. “What are we celebrating this evening?”
Ms. E and MK shoot each other a quick glance. “What are we celebrating Beautiful?”
“Us MK, just us.”
They decide to take one more quick walk along the beach before heading back home. A palate of colors lights the evening sky and rewards their choice. Ms. E takes MK’s hand to her lips and kisses it. “This day has indeed been perfect Mr. Man.”
“Even with the wrong music.”
“Especially with the wrong music. It was just one more thing to enrich our vision of what lies ahead, one detail to remember for the future.”
“Right now in my future what I see lying ahead is you, naked, on your clean white sheets.”
Ms. E reaches down and squeezes MK’s dick. “Ms. E sees MK joining her, naked, on these clean white sheets.”
The train roars into the station mid-kiss before whisking the couple away to what lies ahead.

Book 2 Chapter 8: The Land of Milk and Honey

They awaken to a sunny morning still spooning each other. “I have to get some work done MK but I have to pee first.” Ms. E hurries to shower while MK fixes her hot coffee and some oatmeal for breakfast. Over a quick bite he says, “I don’t want to be apart any longer Sweet Beauty. I want to try out living down here by you for awhile. You OK with that?”
“Wow! Really? I’d love it MK. Where would you stay?”
“Yes, I’m serious. I’m thinking about looking for a small house close by where I could still give you your space but not be a thousand miles away, and where I could bring my dog.”
“A two for one deal, sounds wonderful. I was just starting to get sad at the thought of you leaving. It’s been so good to see you again.” She kisses MK’s cheek and gets up to leave. “We’ll talk more later. Love you.”
“I can’t wait. Hope you have a great day Ms. E. I love you, too.”
One more kiss and she’s out the door. MK showers, settles in with his laptop and begins searching for a new place to live.
He manages to find some interesting real estate possibilities that warrant first hand inspection. After making a few inquiries with realtors, he heads out the door for what truly feels like the first step into a brand new adventure. Never did he imagine actually pulling the trigger and moving to LA when he reconnected with Ms. E. But, as they say, love works in mysterious ways. In one hand MK holds a list of possible new homes, in the other a whole bunch of hope.
His first stop is a cottage about 20 minutes from Ms. E’s abode and 20 from the beach. He checks out the grounds: it has a small but nice fenced in backyard, enough room for his dog, Mo, to roam and for him to BBQ. The house is also small but looks to be in good shape. Mid-inspection he hears a woman’s voice, “you must be My’Kuyah. I was just reading your message.” He turns to see a stunning, tall, caramel colored woman extending her hand out to greet him. She’s wearing perfectly fitting jeans, tan mesh half boots, a short sleeved black top, gold chain, black and white scarf, gold rimmed Ray- bans, her curly hair cascading on to her shoulders.
“Yes, I am.” Her hand fills his: strong and soft. They linger in the handshake. “And you must be Simone.”
“Yes, that would be me: Simone, the realtor.”
“A pleasure to meet you Simone the realtor.” MK’s attempt at humor brings only a small smile to her face.
They step back from their handshake. “So you are looking to purchase a home?”
“That’s correct.”
“For investment purposes, to live in, what’s your plan Mr. My’Kuyah?”
“My plan is to relocate to LA, find a nice home, move here and see how I like it.”
“Where are you staying now?”
“Why the move to LA?”
“Well, to begin with I’m tired of the NW winters.” MK gestures to the sun and blue sky.
“I hear you on that. I used to live in New York. As much as I loved it, the winters did me in.”
“How are you liking Los Angeles?”
“What’s there not to like? I admit the traffic is bad and summers can get a bit too sultry but each day when I wake up and feel that warm sun, I don’t regret a thing. Let me show you inside.”
MK follows Simone to the front door. Try as he might, he can’t take his eyes off her perfect long legs and finely sculpted physique. Ms. Simone is fine as can be. She opens the door and waits for MK to enter.
“Let me tell you a little bit about this place: it just went on the market. An older couple lived here for years. The husband recently passed and his wife thought it would be a good idea to further downsize, something she had wanted to do for years. As you will see, it’s in good shape. It needs some updating but at the price, I don’t think you can beat it.”
As they walk through, MK gets that feeling that you can’t quite describe other than to say “you know it when you see it.” This is the perfect house for him. He lets Simone know, “I’ll take it. What is she asking?”
Simone’s a bit taken aback by his sudden declaration. MK’s a bit taken aback by the asking price. “What do you think the seller will accept?”
“She’ll come down a little bit. To be honest, she wants a quick, clean sale so she can move on.”
MK makes an offer.
“That sounds reasonable. Let’s sit down in the dining room, complete some paperwork and then I’ll take it from here.”
Sunshine pours through the kitchen windows and bathes Simone in golden rays that make her cheekbones sparkle. My’Kuyah basks in the warmth of the moment augmented by the steady sound of her breathing, the movement of the pen in her hand, the fresh scent that emanates from every bit of her being and the few soft curls that remain unbrushed on the soft nape of her neck.
“OK Mr. My’Kuyah, sign here…here…and one more place right here.” Her fingers graze across the back of his hand as she reaches for her pen. MK’s eyes fix on them: a pink underside morphs into a mocha terrain interrupted only by a delicate gold bracelet. “Tell me about your name. It’s unusual, especially for someone…”
“…Like me?”
“Yes, I’d think of you more as a ‘Mike’…”
“Or a ‘Jim’…no worries, you’re not the first to ask. It’s a Filipino term of endearment, a sign of deep respect for someone who is like a big brother.”
“But you’re not Filipino.”
“No I’m not. The name was given to me by a close friend who is. Long story, I’ll have to tell you sometime.”
“I’d like to hear that. Hope you don’t mind me asking.”
“Not at all, as I said, it happens a lot. How about you, what’s your story?”
“Hmm, OK, a condensed version…I wanted a new start. Los Angeles seemed as good a place as any to try and make that happen. I had aspirations as a singer, an actress, you know—I had dreams. They didn’t quite pan out so I’m selling real estate in the meantime. It’s all good, though. I have no complaints.” She nods and smiles. Their eyes lock for a brief moment. “So, I’ll go see the seller right now.” She glances at her
Rolex and double checks the paper work. “OK I have your phone number, I’ll call you as soon as I know something. Sound good My’Kuyah?”
“Sounds better than good Ms. Simone; I can’t wait to hear from you. It’s been a pleasure.”
Simone looks directly at MK. “Yes it has. I’ll be in touch.” One more hand shake and they say good bye. MK follows Simone’s every step until she gracefully eases into her white SUV and drives away, a tap on her horn offers one more good bye.

Book 2 Chapter 9: Opening Doors

By the time Ms. E gets home, MK has a hot bubble bath with dinner waiting. He sits next to her as she languishes in the tub and talks about her day. While he soaps her back, Ms. E asks, “what did you do all afternoon MK?”
“I made an offer on a house.”
“Shut up!”
MK laughs. Ms. E turns to him with a stunned look. “That quick? You mean to tell me that after I left for work you went out, found a house and offered to buy it.”
“That’s exactly what I did.”
“So you weren’t kidding when you said you wanted to move down here.”
“Wasn’t kidding at all, Sweet Beauty, I told you I was serious as a heart attack.”
“Dang! When you set your mind to something…talk about working fast.”
“You OK with it? You sound like you’re not.”
“Oh I’m more than OK Kuyah; I’m just shocked that it’s happening so fast.”
“I thought we agreed it was what we both wanted to happen, sooner the better.”
“We did, MK, and I’m really happy that it is going to happen sooner than later. You just caught me off guard and it’s a Monday after a crazy day at work, that’s all.” She puts a soapy hand on his face, pulls MK close and gives him a wet kiss. “So tell me about it: where is it? How did you find it? Tell me everything.”
“It’s a cottage, a classic beach house just about 15 to 20 minutes from here towards the ocean. It has a nice backyard so Mo has a place to bury his bones; two floors, good shape, needs some work but it’s a great home at a reasonable price. I was the first person to see it, just went on the market this morning; an older woman with no kids who recently lost her husband decided to downsize. I met with the realtor. She gave me a tour. I fell instantly in love and I’m waiting to hear back from her to see if my offer was accepted.”
“Fell in love with her or with the house or both?”
“Ms. E, I fell in love with the house, even though I must admit she is a very attractive woman.”
“I bet she is if she sold you a house that quick.”
“Stop, you know the last thing I’m looking for is another woman. I just finally got reconnected with you, why would I want anyone else?
“Just saying MK, you know…”
“I know what? Ms. E, I love you and I’m not going to do anything at this point to jeopardize that. Could we keep this conversation focused on the house rather than on the woman who’s handling the transaction?”
“I’ll stop messing with you MK. When can I see it?”
“Hopefully she gets back to me soon, my offer gets accepted and I can show you the house. In the meantime, I have dinner ready for you my Queen.”
“Wait, lean forward MK.” She extends toward him and fills his mouth with her tongue. “Thank you for being so loving to me and for following through once again on what you said you were going to do. I really am excited. After dinner I’ll show you just how excited I am and I’m sorry for messing with you about the realtor. You know me; I didn’t mean anything by it.”
“I do know you Sweet Beauty. I’m excited, too. I’ve waited for what sometimes feels like a lifetime to finally be with you and when I saw that place today I just knew it was all supposed to happen.”
Their post-bath dinner conversation veers back to Ms. E’s earlier question about the realtor. “When I think about what I said MK, I realize, and I’m afraid to admit it, that I wasn’t just messing with you. I actually felt a tinge of jealousy thinking about the possibility of you with another woman.” Before MK can respond Ms. E continues, “I know, I know, yes you heard me correctly; I used the “J” word, something I said I hoped you would never feel towards me and that’s what really caught me off guard. My feelings have changed towards you and I can’t believe I felt jealous.”
“You have nothing to feel jealous about.”
“That’s not the point.” Ms. E dabs the corner of her mouth with a napkin. “The fact that I feel this way at all is what concerns me.”
“How so?”
“It runs contrary to everything I’ve said to you about what I want for myself, that I want to be open to entertaining other relationships, and I want that for you, too, but I honestly never thought you’d be interested in anyone else. I’m shocked to hear myself say that—on the one hand if you meet someone who makes you happy, I want you to enjoy that, but on the other hand, my emotions are now telling me what I really want is for you to be happy with me.”
“That’s understandable. I feel the same way. I want to experience the happy, in-love Ms. E and have her all to myself but if you thought you could find that with someone else, I wouldn’t necessarily like it, but I’d support it. Does that mean we’re leaning towards monogamy?”
“Wow, I don’t know MK. Is that where we want to go?”
Before he has a chance to respond, his phone rings. It’s Simone. “Hey Ms. Simone, I hope you have good news.”
“I do My’Kuyah. The owner accepted your offer as is and is ready to take next steps. I advise you to do so quickly because my phone has been ringing off the hook with other interested buyers. What are you doing right now?”
MK glances at Ms. E sitting across the candlelit table, “Just eating dinner.”
“I’d like to close the deal. I need information in regards to financing…”
“I’m pre-approved and will make an attractive down payment.”
“Excellent My’Kuyah, that will certainly speed up the process. Are you always this well prepared for a good opportunity, should it arise?
“I try to be.”
“I like that. OK, so we need to schedule an inspection, an appraisal, get the finances taken care of…we have some work to do and I’m guessing you would like to get all of this done ASAP.”
“You guessed right Simone.”
“Why don’t you meet me at this nice cafe I know close to the property? We’ll finish all the details and get you a new home.”
“Hold on one second.” MK puts his hand over the phone and whispers to Ms. E. “The seller accepted my offer. Simone, that’s the realtor wants me to meet with her so we can fast track the deal. I’d like to go, do you want to join me?”
“That’s great MK!” She kisses his cheek. “No, you go. I’ll clean up and catch up on some episodes. No worries.”
“Sorry about that Simone, just had to check in with the beautiful woman that I’m having dinner with. I’ll meet you in 45 minutes. Sound good?”
“Perfect, it’s called the “Java Joint” and is three blocks away from your new home. See you soon.”
MK throws on a clean shirt and pants, shares a juicy kiss with Ms. E and is out the door. He cruises by the new house, a young couple stands by the “for sale” sign now featuring a sticker that reads “sale pending.” His heart races; he can’t wait to call the place his own. Three blocks away sits Simone’s SUV. MK parks behind her and enters the cafe. She’s sitting in a far corner of the dimly lit space sipping from a white cup. Her brown lips kiss its rim; her tongue licks a residue drop that got left behind. A trace of her red lipstick stands out against the white background. MK heads across the room to greet her. She stands and gives him an unexpected hug. “Congratulations My’Kuyah. Welcome to the neighborhood.”
“Thank you Simone, thanks for all you’re doing to make this not just happen, but to happen so quickly.”
“My pleasure. It was meant to be, some love at first sight.”
“I agree. Let me get a cup of tea and we’ll take care of business. Can I get you anything?”
“Not right now but thank you.”
Simone pulls out a chair for MK when he returns. “Sit next to me so you see what you’re getting yourself into.”
A welcome calm settles over MK as Simone does her realtor thing. She’s in complete control leading him through the process, making sure he understands each minute detail and that he signs in all the right places.
When finished, Simone leans back and directs her full attention at My’Kuyah. “So how are you feeling?”
“Really good, again, thank you for everything you’ve done in such a short period of time.”
“That’s what I’m supposed to do My’Kuyah.” She leans towards MK. Her pink tongue peeks from between her full brown lips. Realtor Simone transitions into incredibly sexy Simone.
“You do it well.” He feels his cheeks get hot. His body warms.
“I know.” They both hang on her words, a multitude of possible implications pinball between them.
“What else do you do well Ms. Simone?” MK’s question is out of his mouth before he can check it.
“A lot, My’Kuyah, especially if I have the right person to do it with.”
“And what does it take to be that right person?”
“It starts with a good first impression.” Simone looks sexier with each flirtatious word. “And, yes, you made a very good first impression.”
“As did you Ms. Simone, and after the first impression?”
Simone crosses her legs and leans closer, “a common interest.”
“And then a common understanding,” her index finger extends forward and grazes the back of MK’s hand.
He looks down at her elegant brown touch. It sends chills through his body. Raising his eyes to focus on hers, MK says “You have my interest; please tell me more about the common understanding.”
“That, My’Kuyah, is the stuff of a longer conversation. Go back to that beautiful woman you left at the dinner table, give some serious thought to the interest you just expressed and if you’re still interested, meet me at the house for further inspection. I’ll text you the time and date. Hopefully, before too long, I’ll give you the keys.”
“The keys to what?”
“To the house silly man, you still want it, right?” She smiles, rises from the table, and heads for the door. MK imagines pulling her tight jeans down around her thighs and biting her ass. He fights an urge to follow her outside but remains behind and tries to make sense of what just happened. His conscience kicks in, “what the fuck was that you dog? Finally back with Ms. E and you’re looking at another woman?”
MK shakes his head. His inner voice is spot on. What the fuck am I doing? Just looking dear conscience, just looking.
By the time he gets back to Ms. E’s place, she’s fast asleep on her couch. MK turns off the TV, lifts her from a deep slumber, carries her to her bed and lays down his precious Sweet Beauty between warm, clean sheets. While brushing his teeth, his phone alerts him to an incoming text. It’s Simone. She has sent a picture of the top half of her perfect ass; a black thong emerging from the chasm between her cheeks breaks into a whale tail across her bootie shelf. A text accompanies the photo: ‘a picture of what was in your mind’s eye as I left the café. The real thing is better than you can imagine. Do your best to stop this image from entering your thoughts as you sleep with that beautiful woman from dinner tonight, Simone.’ Still just looking Dog? You are getting a good look now.

Book 2 Chapter 10: Temptation

“How did I get here?” Ms. E stretches next to MK sometime in the middle of the night.
“I carried you Beautiful. You were asleep on the couch when I got home. I tried not to wake you.” He kisses her cheek.
“Slept right through it MK. How’d your meeting go?
“Great! I’m getting a new home. I’m going to go back tomorrow morning to take some photos and one more look before setting the next steps in motion. You want to join me for lunch?”
“MK, Happy as I am for you, I have a crazy day so I can’t. Send me pictures, though, OK?”
“You got it Ms. E. I will do just that.”
Soon after she leaves for work, MK texts Simone, “I would like to take some pics of the interior, set up an inspection, get this thing rolling, can you meet today by any chance?”
“I might be able to fit you in. Let me check my schedule and get back to you.”
MK takes a longer look at Simone’s late night message. His stomach tightens. Do I really want to do this? Before he can answer his question a new message arrives from Simone.
“How about 10 am?”
“Sounds good. See you there. Thanks. “
“No comment about my message last night?”
“Loved it.”
“How could you not? See you in a couple of hours.”
Simone’s SUV is parked in the driveway when MK rolls up. She opens the front door a second before he knocks and steps behind it. “Come in my good man.”
MK walks through the portal. The door closes behind him. He turns to see Simone leaning against the closed door wearing heels, black slacks, a low cut v-neck blouse and lacey white bra. Her complexion is flawless; her body fit and rich with curves.
“You look amazing.”
“I know, but thank you.” Dangling between her breasts on a silver chain is a house key. MK’s eyes stare at her sparkling cleavage.
“Come over and sit.” She heads to the dining room table. MK watches her thigh muscles flex each time she takes a step. “I know you are looking MK.” She pauses, bends forward and slaps her right butt cheek. “I know too that this is what you’re dying to see.”
“On top of everything else, you’re a mind reader.”
“And this isn’t all of what you’re hoping to see,” she turns to face him, “but first things first, welcome to your new home MK.” She hands him a basket with a loaf of bread, a bottle of red wine and a candle from the table.
“What’s all this?” MK is delighted by Simone’s gift.
“Bread so you may never be hungry; wine so that joy and prosperity may fill your home and a candle so that your home will always have light.”
“How sweet Simone. Thank you, this is so thoughtful.”
“I don’t do this for all my clients My’Kuyah, but for you, something special.”
“I’m deeply touched.”
“Oh, one more thing, here’s a cup in case you ever run out of sugar. I just live a couple of blocks away and if you ever need something sweet…”
“I’m your new neighbor?”
“Didn’t I tell you that?”
“I don’t think so.”
“An added bonus not reflected in the price Mr. Kuyah.”
“I know it’s a little early, but let’s toast.”
Simone pours them each a glass of wine. “To joy, prosperity and time…”
They clink their glasses. The wine is delicious: smooth, fruity, drink it with a spoon good; perfect for the moment. “By the way Ms. Simone, I didn’t stand a chance last night of keeping thoughts of you out of my mind after seeing that picture you sent. I still can’t get it out of my mind.”
“Maybe you don’t have to My’Kuyah, maybe you can just keep in its own folder, some special place you can visit whenever you feel the urge.”
“I might just do that.”
“My sense is that you’re doing that as we speak.”
Simone pulls out a chair and gestures for MK to sit. When he does, she nestles down right next to him. He immediately tenses up from the temptation at his side.
“Relax My’Kuyah, we are just going to talk. You’re curious but conflicted, I get that. There’s a woman at home whose scent you wear but there’s a stunningly beautiful woman in front of you making your dick hard who could make you forget, at least for the moment, any promise you may have made to yourself or to her. What’s a fella’ to do, right?”
“Exactly, you could help this fella’ figure that out by giving him some idea what you mean by a ‘common understanding.’
MK again glances at the bounty of her breasts barely contained by her deep cut bra. Simone’s eyes are waiting for him when he looks up. “I want a sex partner: someone I can trust, someone who can be discreet and someone who is not going to lose his mind. In return, you get this.” She lifts her arms above her shoulders and leans back in her chair.
“Sounds too good.”
“There are a few conditions. I control what goes on and you get to enjoy the ride: no strings; no relationship; no worries. We meet on a regular basis. I show you what I like to do. We go our separate ways, live our separate lives, and when we’re together there’s no talk about those separate lives, no seepage of the outside world, there’s just us and our shared desire for pleasure. Think you can handle it?”
“To be perfectly honest, I don’t know.”
“What don’t you know My’Kuyah?”
“I’m in love with another woman. I don’t want to do anything to undermine that.”
“But here you are with me now, knowing from the text I sent last night that there was a good possibility you might experience more than another look at a new home.”
“I have a lot on my mind Simone. And one of those things is you. I really felt a connection with you the moment we met and I’m not just saying that because you’re a very attractive woman: there’s something more. When you called last night, I was in the middle of a conversation with my beautiful dinner companion about whether or not we want to be monogamous.”
“And we didn’t get a chance to finish the conversation.”
“I want you to you to evaluate my offer on its own terms, My’Kuyah. What do you want?”
“Good question; I don’t know.”
“Tell you what, I could give you a little taste of the apple right now and we can both decide if this is something we want; or we could take some more time before I give you that taste: your choice. I’m not going to let you do anything that will cause major regret. But I will give you a peek at the treasures that await you.”
Simone pulls her top and bra aside and gives MK a glimpse of a glorious large dark brown areola and erect nipple. His face grows hot, he can feel it redden. She raises her breast to her bright pink tongue and lets a drip of saliva slowly descend upon her naked breast.
“Your choice…”

Book 2 Chapter 11: Love and Lust Cross Paths

After a harried day at work, Ms. E closes up shop a little later than usual. She rushes into her home and hugs MK. “What a day! It was freakin’ crazy at the office. Of course my assistant didn’t show up and since management hasn’t done a thing to supervise her or provide a back-up plan for anything much less for when someone misses work on a regular basis, I’m left doing my job and hers. I have no choice because we have clients we have to serve and…I’m sorry MK, you don’t want to hear about my stressful day on the job.”
“No worries Beautiful, you know I love hearing about your trials and tribulations.”
“Aweee, thanks MK. But I’ll stop. Let’s go see the new house and you can tell me about the latest development and your plans.”
They wind their way down side streets driving towards the beach. “So here’s what I’ve figured out: I’m going to fly back home, find a renter for my house in Seattle, tie up some things, break the news to Mo that he’s going to have to leave all those bones that he has meticulously buried in obscure corners of our yard, share the good news with friends and get ready for moving here to be with you.”
“It’s really going to happen, MK. It’s 25 years late but who’s counting?”
“Isn’t that the truth? When I think back, a part of me never thought we’d ever get the chance to be together; another part of me never gave up hoping we would.”
“How do you feel about it now that it’s actually happening?”
“I’m ecstatic Ms. E, I mean it’s what I’ve always wanted. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m a little nervous. Love is one thing when you’re 1,000 miles away and only see each other part time. We both know it can be a whole different experience when you see each other every day.”
“I hear you. One of the nice things about this arrangement is we won’t be living together. We can ease into it while still having our own spaces. But just think about it, we get to see each other whenever we want. It won’t be just a visit with one of us having to leave not quite knowing when the next visit will happen. I can’t wait to make my first bootie call.”
Joyous laughter fills the car. “I can’t wait for that either Ms. E. I can see you now showing up at my door after you’ve been out partying with your friends, nothing on under your coat except some sexy lingerie just dying to jump up and down on my love stick.”
“Ooh, MK, don’t get me started…”
“Shoot, you already got me started.” He pulls her hand over to feel the growing bulge in his pants.
“Hold on MK, before I get distracted, where exactly am I going?”
“Oh yes, the new house, good thing you said something. Make a left turn at the second stop sign up ahead.”
Ms. E drives slowly down a quiet street through what looks to be a nice residential area. “This does feel like a little beach town MK. I like it.”
“Doesn’t it? I’m glad you do. This is the left turn, then go down two blocks, make another left and the house is the third on the right. You see that café up ahead? That’s where we’ll go for dinner.”
Ms. E parks in front of the house. Grey weather worn shingles are still visible in the fading light of sunset. White shutters adorn the windows. “How cute is this! I like it MK.”
“Let me show you the yard.” He opens the gate of a white picket fence and leads Ms. E around to the back of the house.”
“Oh Mo is going to love this.”
“Not too big but enough room for his bones and,” he points to deck that runs the length of the house, “does this have backyard BBQ watching the sunset while holding margaritas in hand written all over it or what?”
“I’m impressed. You done good old man. Welcome to LaLa land.” Ms. E rests her head on his MK’s chest and hugs him tightly. “It is a dream come true.”
The peek through the windows but can’t see too much in the unlit interior of the cottage. “How many rooms?”
“Two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, nice kitchen with a little eating nook, dining room, living room, office and half bath downstairs and it has an attached garage.”
“I can’t believe you got such a nice place for what you’re paying.”
“It needs work as you will see during the daytime but, still, you’re right, I got a very good deal.”
“Let’s go celebrate at that café MK, my treat.”
As they approach their destination, MK sees Simone’s vehicle parked right out front. “You’ll get to meet my realtor.”
Ms. E turns and looks at MK. He points to the white SUV. “That’s her car.”
Sure enough, Simone sits alone at the same table where she and MK met to sign documents before an open laptop, papers in a pile on one side, a cup of coffee on the other. MKs stomach tightens as he and Ms. E approach Simone. She looks up, pulls a pair of designer glasses down her nose and greets them warmly. “Well if isn’t MK and you must be his beautiful friend whose dinner I interrupted the other night. I’m Simone and please accept my apology.”
Ms. E extends her right hand forward. “No apology necessary. It was an important call and now that you’ve hooked MK up with a beautiful new home, there will be many more dinners.”
Simone accepts Ms. E’s hand and stands. “Thank you. Have you seen the house?”
“Yes, I just got a tour of the outside. I love it. Thanks for making it happen. It’s a dream come true.”
“You are welcome. That’s what I do, make dreams come true. As you know, I’m Simone and you are?”
MK interjects, “I’m sorry, Simone this is Ms. E.”
Simone ignores MK and is riveted upon Ms E. “Nice to meet you, is that your full name?”
“No, my full name, believe it or not, is Erotica Ganda.”
“Well, I’ll be, Ms. Erotica, I love it.”
Ms. E smiles in response.
“Would you and My’Kuyah like to join me? I’m just finishing up on some work.”
Ms. E looks to MK who says, “That’s really kind Simone, thank you, but we are here to celebrate my new home and talk about next steps, so…”
“No worries, I understand. I’ve already interrupted one dinner, the least I can do is grant you peace for this one. Very nice to meet you Ms. Erotica, I’m sure that this will not be the last time we see each other.”
“I look forward to that Simone and again, thank you for what you are making possible.”
“May it be all good for everyone.”
MK and Ms. E sit at a table in a far corner of the café. “What a striking woman, she seems very nice MK.”
Before MK can respond a waiter comes over with a bottle of champagne, “From Simone.”
They both turn and look Simone’s way. She blows them a kiss. The waiter pops the cork and pours them each a glass of bubbly. The couple toasts Simone and each other before drinking to their good fortune.
They stop by the house one more time before heading to Ms. E’s bed where they melt into an extended embrace and fall asleep surrounded by a warmth they’ve been imagining for years.

Book 2 Chapter 12: Careful What You Dream

“MK! MK! Wake up!”
His eyes pop open. Ms. E is inches from his face. “Are you OK?”
MK says nothing. He just stares blankly at his beautiful Ms. E.
“You must have had a nightmare. I was worried. You were talking in your sleep. It almost sounded like you were crying, as if someone was trying to get you.” Her hands caress his face. Gentle kisses graze his eyes. “My poor baby.”
“It’s you Sweet Beauty.” Ms. E’s smile cuts through his daze. “It’s really you.”
“It is indeed, MK, it is indeed me, Ms. E in all her morning glory.” She blows against her hand and tries to smell the rebound. “Hope my breath isn’t kicking. That’s one thing I can’t stand in the morning, funky breath, ooh I don’t like that MK.”
MK laughs, his face comes to life. He kisses her hands and her arms. “It’s you.”
Ms. E shakes her head. “Who else you expect and what in the world were you dreaming about?”
MK rolls on to his back and tries to remember. “I don’t know. I just remember feeling that somehow I’d lost you. I’d driven you away. After all these years of trying to find my Ms. Erotica, I’d somehow managed to lose you. I don’t want to lose you Ms. E. I couldn’t bear it.” He rises to kiss her but thinks better of it. Instead My’Kuyah runs to the bathroom, relieves himself and brushes his teeth.
“I have to kiss you. I don’t care what you taste like.”
“Hold that thought.” Ms. E rushes out of the room. MK hears water running. She returns smelling of mint toothpaste. They kiss. They share urgent kisses, desperate kisses, the kind of kisses that happen when lovers are either saying ‘good bye’ or ‘welcome back.’ Balanced in a place between sadness and joy, they consume each other. They hold on as if they intend to never let go.
Ms. E throws her legs around MK and pulls him into the soft core of her womanhood. They both feel like they are floating, like they are weightless. The only thing grounding them is the anchor of their various connections: lips upon lips; legs around hips; his body inside hers.
“I just want you Ms. E. That’s my starting point. Everything else during this next phase in our lives we can figure out. I love you. I dreamed that I lost you and I don’t want to lose you ever again.”
“You can’t lose me MK. If you did, I’d find you.”
They make mad love before saying good bye, some wild love that comes when two lovers are about to part, when two lovers consummate a relationship, when two lovers decide to make the leap into an unknown future together. Before they know it, Ms. E is going to be late for work. She rushes into the shower, grabs a cup of coffee and piece of fruit and jets out the door. “Love you.”
MK lies back in bed and closes his eyes. Last night’s dream comes back in waves. He pictures a nearly naked Simone, her breasts in his mouth, his hand between her legs. The scent of sex fills his nostrils. MK doesn’t fight his desire for her. He lets it have its say knowing that if he tries to suppress Simone’s siren song, his feelings will only get stronger. He tries to focus on Ms. E’s smile, her laughter, her touch, her body gracing every part of his own. He lets his feelings for Ms. E have their say as well. They fill the room. It’s like Mardi Gras in NOLA, New Year’s Eve in Times Square. He sends her a text. ‘I love you Sweet Beauty. Thanks for a heavenly morning. I hope you have a great day. Can’t wait to see you when I get back to my new home, I love the sound of that. Love you much today and every day. MK.’

Book 2 Chapter 13: Many Loves of Zora

“Hi MK, what’s up?” Zora puts her phone on ‘speaker’ so she can finish folding some freshly laundered clothes while talking with MK.
“I’m in town and I’d like to take you out to dinner tonight. Are you free?”
“I might be. What’s the occasion?”
“A number of things Ms. Z. First, I want to thank you for reaching out to me and for your sage advice. Second, I don’t want to be one of those so called friends who only gets in touch when their relationship is messed up but who you never hear from when things are good, and, third, I want to share some news with you.”
“Well you are living right because I just happen to be free this evening and judging from your words and tone, my guess is that things must be back to good with you and Ms. E. Am I right?”
“When aren’t you right?”
“Hmmm, let me think on that for a bit…” a lengthy silence follows broken by MK’s laughter.
“OK, OK, you are always right, I know. How about sushi at 7? You want to meet there or should I pick you up?”
“Sushi sounds great. Why don’t you be the proper gentleman I know you to be and pick me up. I’ll be ready and standing out front at 6:45.”
True to her word, a radiant Zora stands right where she said she’d be right on time when MK rolls by. He parks, jumps out and hustles over to open the car door for her. “You are stunning Ms. Zora, a sight to behold.”
“Now that’s the gentleman MK I’ve come to adore.” Zora and MK share kisses on each other’s cheeks before she slides her sleek physique into the passenger seat.
They go to MK’s favorite sushi restaurant where MK has been a regular for the past almost 20 years. Just to be sure he asks his friend, the owner, “how many years has it been Aki-san?”
“17.” Aki smiles and nods MK’s way.
A framed “Ichiro” Mariner jersey hangs proudly on one wall. A list of tonight’s ‘specials’, beautifully written on a daily basis by a woman who has worked with Aki for each of the past 17 hangs next to it.
“What would you like to start with?” It’s the same question Aki has asked for as long as MK has been dining with him and sets a ritual in motion that has not varied over that time.
“Whatever you think we would enjoy Aki-san.”
Aki starts crafting his beautiful, delicious creations beginning with fresh Washington oysters, always the best MK has ever had. The oysters are followed by whatever is freshest, whatever is his latest creation, whatever perfect choice the moment seems to call for, all at the perfect time, all as beautiful to the eye as they are to the taste buds: an elegant feast prepared by a true master.
Zora is dazzled. “This is incredible MK.” Aki overhears her praise and smiles. “There’s something so sensuous about sushi. You should save that line for your book MK. You’re still writing your book, right?”
“I am, I put it off for awhile but haven’t forgotten about it.”
“So you’re not writing…”
“I haven’t been.”
“Well get back to it MK. Feature my line and let your readers know who the real author is. It’s Zora and what is Zora’s line?”
“There’s something so sensuous about sushi.”
“Oooh, MK, I love it when you talk to me like that.”
They toast with sake. “Kanpai.” Zora drains her cup. MK pours another. She turns to Aki, “kanpai Aki-san.” He bows forward in response.
“As I was saying, sushi really is sensuous food. I mean, look at this.” Zora sits back, puts her arms out to the side and stares at the lobster roll before her. “It’s art waiting to be eaten: pleasing to the eye and tantalizing to the taste buds. You can use that line too.”
She picks up a section of the roll, dips it in wasabi laden soy sauce and takes a slow, deliberate bite. Raising an open hand to her chin to catch any portion that may tumble from her lips, Zora exclaims, “and the fucking texture. Admit it MK, eating sushi is unlike any other food. Take a good look at this beautiful offering before us, have another bite and close your eyes while you’re doing so.”
MK follows Zora’s orders. Once he closes his eyes Zora leans towards him, her voice lowers to a sultry tone and she says in a whisper, “it’s like sex MK. Imagine Ms. E’s pussy on this platter, see the pink flower of her spread lips and keep that image in your mind as your eat her raw bounty.” She waits until MK is finished and opens his eyes. “Am I lying? The thing about sushi and sex is that you get vibrant visuals coupled with intense tactile stimulation. What else is like that? Tell me you don’t think of eating a woman when you eat oysters, right? Here, have some more sake.” MK obliges and they share another toast.
“So you’re moving to LA, how are you feeling about that?”
“I’ve wanted to be with Ms. E for a good chunk of my adult life so I’m thrilled.”
“I didn’t ask how you feel about being with Ms. E, I asked about leaving all of this for LA.”
“I’ll admit that’s going to be hard. I realize I’ll be leaving a real community of which I’m an integral part but I’m not selling my home, I’ll still be back and forth but I have to give LA a chance. As good as my life is here, I’m just happier when I’m with E.”
“Good answer. Does this mean marriage? Does it mean monogamy?”
“We haven’t worked those details out yet. We started to but got interrupted by a phone call mid-conversation. I’m in no rush to get married. In fact, I don’t know if I really want to anymore. I do know that I don’t want marriage to get in the way of Ms. E and I having a simple loving relationship.”
Zora finishes a bite of salmon toro and wipes the corners of her mouth with a white cloth napkin. “Like butta’ MK…is there such a thing as a simple loving relationship? What does that really mean?”
“I’m hoping we figure that out.”
“I know you find other women attractive. Like me, for instance, I know part of you would love to be naked with me again. What do you do with those feelings?”
“Yes part of me would love to be naked with you.”
“Which part is that MK?” She reaches between his legs and grabs his dick which rises in response to her touch. “Uh oh, I think Mr. Man wants to have a say in this conversation.”
A blushing MK looks at Zora’s hand and says, “And maybe he will somewhere down the road.” Her hand stays between his legs and MK’s dick continues to harden. “But that’s stuff we are going to figure out.”
“Good luck. I’ve figured out I am not made for monogamy. I’m polyamorous.” Before MK can finish his bite of salmon, Zora continues, “I like loving multiple people. I don’t think we’re made to love just one person. Think about it, if you and Ms. E ever had kids and you had a whole bunch of them, you’d be able to love them all, right?”
MK nods his head in agreement.
“I’m that way with relationships. I love lots of people and want to be free to be intimate with them. As long as I’m open about it and as long as I don’t cheat the person I’m with by having my mind and attention somewhere else, with someone else, it’s all good. I think in the end we all benefit. So, what do you think great silent Buddha MK?”
“Hmmm,” he sips some sake, “I am intrigued by what you just said. I’ll be honest, I am attracted to you and to other women. For instance, I just shared a provocative flirtation with the realtor who sold me my new home. If I wanted to pursue it and have an affair with her, I could.”
“Wait MK, I’m not talking about having an affair. I’m talking about having open relationships. There’s a huge difference. I don’t want to be sneaking around with someone, I want to be a positive part of whatever genuine feelings that person shares. I don’t want to be the little dark secret that undermines love. Like you and Ms. E, from the first time I met you guys I saw you shared something special and I’ve wanted to be a part of it. The times we have all been together have been great. I want more of that.”
“I didn’t know that Zora. So what are you proposing?”
“I’m not sure I’m proposing anything other than to say I want to be a part of you and Ms. E’s lives. I don’t know what that would like but I’d like to be in a place of common interest where we could talk about it.”
“Let me talk with Ms. E and see how she feels.”
“My instinct says the three of us talk about it but being that you two are in the middle of some big changes, I’m going to respect that and wait until the time seems right. In the meantime, let’s enjoy your time here in Seattle before you make the big move. OK?”
“I’d love that Z. Thanks. In the immediate meantime, how’s about we lust over some more sensuous sushi?”
“Whose pussy should we think of when we do that lusting?”
“Whatever pussy comes to mind.”
MK calls Ms. E after dinner. “Hey Beautiful, how you doing? I miss you.”
“I miss you too MK. You know me, I’m doing the same old same old: work continues to be a struggle, I’m tired as hell when I get home and I can’t wait for you to get back here. What have you been up to?”
“I just had dinner with Zora.”
“We had a great conversation over unbelievably delicious sushi. She wants to talk with us together.”
“About what?”
“About being part of our relationship…”
Ms. E is silent.
“Yes, Beautiful, she wants to see and be with us on a regular basis.”
“Be with us as in be intimate with us?”
“Exactly, to expand our intimacy to include her; she wants to be more than just an occasional friend.”
“Wow MK, I don’t know what to say. What do you think?”
“Well, given what we’ve been through recently and given that we’ve just reconnected, I think it’s a little early to think about involving someone else in our relationship which is what I told her. It’s been complicated enough lately to just figure out you and me. Somewhere down the line, it would be something I’d consider. She’s more than just a friend, more than just someone we call on a whim. I’m not sure what form a closer connection might take, but I would like to, at the very least, just see her more often.”
Ms. E thinks back to the glorious time she’s spent with Zora: her pre-nuptial massage; her role in the wedding; her date night surprise. “You’re right MK, she’s a dear friend. Let’s talk with her and maybe sometime in the future, who knows? OK, I’m exhausted. I have to go to bed. I’ll call you in the morning.”

Book 2 Chapter 14: House Warming

“You OK with all of this Mo?”
MK’s faithful companion saunters over for a late night ear scratch. “We’re leaving in the morning old buddy. I have all your toys packed. I can get you new bones in LA.”
Mo seems fine with the news. He lies down at MK’s feet with a bit of a grunt and starts working on a rawhide chew. A trailer hitched to the back of MK’s car is packed. The new chapter in MK and Ms. E’s lives starts with a 4 a.m. alarm followed by a long drive down I-5.
MK checks his ‘to do’ list: the old friend who is renting his home has the key and list of people to call in case something goes wrong; all good byes have been said; all best wishes granted. It’s time to make the move. He and Mo are ready, so is Ms. E.
Mo isn’t much of a talker so MK dominates the conversation throughout the first day. Rather quickly, he runs out of things to say. Fortunately he has a box filled with CD’s that carries them into early afternoon. They exit at a rest stop for needed relief. After a solid 15 minutes of searching for the perfect place to take a dump, Mo settles on a spot in the far corner of the dog area. A quick bite to eat coupled with a slosh of water and he’s back in the car. MK takes a moment to stretch and text Ms. E. Hey Beautiful. We’re making good time. Mo’s struggling a bit with navigation duties. We should be in Sacramento by dinner. We’ll spend the night; get an early start in see you tomorrow. I’ll call when we stop. Love you MK.
“I found a nice dog friendly hotel just south of Sacramento that I think you’ll like Mo. No reviews less than four paws. Sound OK?” Mo turns his head to the passenger window and then back to MK, dog-speak for ‘open the window if you will. I need to get my canine on.” MK obliges and Mo lets it all hang out in the California sunshine, slobber flying everywhere.
Once they’ve eaten and settled, MK calls his love. It’s a great conversation that makes MK want to jump in the car and drive all night so he can see her in the morning but Mo is crashed. He’s had enough road trip for one day. “We’ll see you tomorrow Beautiful. I can’t wait. Come over for dinner at my new place after you get off work.”
She replies, “Great. I can’t wait either. It’s finally happening MK. What should I bring?”
“Nothing,” writes MK, “just your glorious self. I’ll have a toothbrush for you should you decide to spend the night.”
“You sure know how to sweet talk a girl MK.”
“I know how you are about such things.”
“Thanks MK, and remarkably you still love me.”
“How could I not? Can’t wait to see your gorgeous chocolate self.”
After a day that seems to drag on forever, Ms. E runs to her car and speeds over to MK’s as soon after quitting time as she can. She parks behind his car and empty trailer. Peering in a front window, Ms. E sees a small table, two chairs and a candle in the middle of what she assumes to be the dining room. MK enters her view from the side, arms filled with plates, silverware, napkins and glasses. He sees Ms. E’s smile framed in the window pane. A similar expression spreads across his face. He hustles to the front door and opens it.
“Hey Sweet Beauty, come on in.”
She jumps into MK’s arms. Mo barks and circles around the hugging couple. “You made it! You made it. Hi Mo, yes you made it too. Welcome to LA you guys. I didn’t think I was going to make it through these last couple of weeks. I am so excited. You’re actually here. Yay!”
After extended moments of passion filled hugs and kisses, Ms. E strolls around MK’s new digs. “I like it, I like it a lot.” With a finger poised on her bottom lip she takes in his living room. “You can put a couch against this wall, your TV over here, a nice chair in that corner: lots of possibilities, MK.”
She peruses the rest of the downstairs loving the size of the kitchen, the hardwood floors and the open space brimming with light then works her way past stacks of boxes upstairs to the two bedrooms. “This one has to be the master…is that what you’re thinking?”
“I am Ms. E. It’s a little bigger, nice light and it faces towards the ocean.”
“Ooh, I like the big closets… Very good MK.”
They move to the other bedroom. “What are you going to do here?”
“I thought I’d make it a combination guest room and office. I’ll put a queen bed against that wall and my desk by the window so I can stare outside when I’m supposed to be writing.”
“So where’s my room?” Ms. E offers a coquettish smile. MK melts at the possibility of her presence warming his new home.
“Where ever you want it.” He walks towards her, pulls her close and shares a prolonged kiss with this beautiful woman he adores. “I’m also thinking about having my office in that small room downstairs.”
“I think that’s a better idea MK. You don’t want to have to invade a guest’s space when you’re feeling the urge to write.”
“You’re suggesting I save the upstairs for urges other than literary ones.”
“I’m suggesting you might not want to mix the two except when it comes to writing stories about urges.”
“Such a wise woman Ms. E, let me satisfy some of your urgent desires at the dining room table so that we might address others after the feast I’ve prepared for you.”
“You’re showing me something MK. You know my soft spots.”
“The mere mention of your soft spots makes me want to sample a little dessert upstairs before we engage in the main dish.”
“I thought I was your main dish.”
“My main dish, my dessert, my late night snack, you’re all of it Ms. E. Let me spoil you with some home cooking.”
They make their way back downstairs. Ms. E freshens up in the half bathroom. MK lays out a fresh pear, blue cheese and walnut salad. A bottle of bubbly and two champagne flutes complete the table. He waits for Ms. E’s return, uncorking the champagne when the bathroom door opens. Ms. E, adorned in red heels, a short sheer light blue cover, a white thong and matching lace top dances towards him. The champagne cork pops loudly and explodes toward the ceiling. Bubbles run onto MK’s hand. Ms. E reaches for his afflicted appendage and licks it clean. She pushes him back until he sits in one of two open chairs. Untying a ribbon that secures her wrap, she unleashes her breasts and grazes her erect nipples across MK’s lips. He reaches to hold them but she pushes his hands back. Instead Ms. E stands before him and feeds her breasts to his open, stunned mouth.
Outside an SUV eases past MK’s cottage. The driver slows down, pulls to the side across from the curtain-less front window and parks her vehicle in the shadow of a large tree. Sitting low in her black leather seat, she watches Ms. E strip and MK devour her naked brown breasts. Her hand reaches down and starts rubbing between parted thighs. Her second hand follows, unbuckles her belt, opens her jeans, and pulls aside her thong. While one hand fucks her pussy, the other massages her clit.
Ms. E kneels before MK and pulls down his pants. She liberates his erect dick from its jean captivity and takes him between her loving brown lips. MK throws his head back and raises his hands over his head. With her man properly aroused, Ms. E pushes aside the dinner settings and lies on her back across MK’s table, her head dangling over an edge. “Fuck my mouth MK.”
He stands and moves around to meet her lips. Ms. E takes his erect dick and in one hand, his balls in another and licks him with her bright pink tongue before swallowing him whole. MK moans so loud that Mo arises from a deep sleep and saunters over, tail in full wag mode, to check out the action. Rarely has Ms. E and MK’s world felt so right.
The woman in the car lifts up ever so slightly in her seat in order to not miss the scene inside MK’s new home. Her body begins to spasm. Her hands ravage the soft flesh between her legs. On the verge of an orgasm, she pulls a small towel from her console, places it between her legs and returns her attention to the Ms. E/MK show. Her hands go for broke. As her body bucks forward, a stream of warm liquid squirts against the palm of her finger-fucking hand and trickles down to the towel. Sweat gathers on her brow. Her body slumps in the plush bucket seat.
Light pouring out of MK’s front window dims. Simone peers out of her tinted window and sees MK looking out at her parked car. He reaches down, pulls up what looks to be a sheet and covers the window. Simone starts her car and drives slowly away into the safe cover of night.
“Welcome to LA MK.”
“Thanks Ms. E. Let me feed you, and need I ask if you are planning on spending the night?”
“I wouldn’t spend it anywhere else. Tomorrow night is my turn to return the favor, though.”

Book 2 Chapter 15: Ms. Erotica’s Game

In a rush to get home from work and prepare a dinner befitting MK’s move to LA, Ms. E remembers that she forgot to pick up a bone for Mo. A quick excursion to a local meat market solves the bone problem but adds to her time crunch. Throw in rush hour traffic and an hour has passed before she locks her front door behind her, opens a bottle of red wine, turns on some high energy music and gets busy fixing her feast. She rushes to the refrigerator quietly murmuring to herself “OK, artichokes for the appetizer…” They get placed in a colander next to the sink. “Baked chicken, greens and mashed potatoes for the main dish…” All the necessary ingredients are transported to the countertop next to the stove. “And me for desert…” A smile from deep within her heart spreads across her beautiful face. She twirls across the kitchen floor enthralled by the love she feels for the man who has uprooted his life simply to be with her.
Once dinner preparations are completed, Ms. E jumps in a hot shower, lotions up, puts on just a touch of make-up and tries to decide what to wear. She settles on something simple and sexy, a black leisure wear outfit that MK bought for her on a visit to Seattle. A quick check in the mirror confirms her gut feeling—she looks good, especially when she pulls the zipper of her top down to reveal her cleavage. MK will be pleased.
Next she lays the dessert outfit on her bed, something she has been saving for this special evening with MK consisting of straps and straps only. “Woo hoo! I can’t wait to see his reaction! I know this man will want to tear these straps off my body as soon as he sees me.”
She checks her bedroom clock, 6:30, time to set the table, pick up a little bit and finish cooking. There’s a knock at the door, must be her neighbor from downstairs. “Who is it?” Ms. E can’t make out the response. “Who?” She opens the door. “Myyyyyy’Kuyah….”You’re early. I thought you weren’t coming over ‘til seven.”
MK and Mo bust through her door and rush to their beloved Sweet Beauty. “I couldn’t wait that long. I had to see you.” In his hands are flowers and a small bag. “Here I got something for you”. The flowers are a summer bouquet, resplendent with bright colors. An enticing scent immediately takes over the room.
“Awee, MK, they’re lovely. You know how I am about receiving gifts. I’m supposed to be giving you something for your house warming.” She plants an emphatic smooch on his smiling lips.
“What’s in the small bag MK?”
“Nothing you’d be interested in seeing…”
“Don’t tease your girl Daddy, let me see.”
He dangles it in front of her snatching it away when Ms. E tries to grab it.
Finally he surrenders. Ms. E dives into the bag and pulls out a hot pink thong and black mesh top. “A little something for later Beautiful.”
“I love it MK.” She holds both pieces up to her body and says, “but I already have something picked out for later.”
“You do? Ms. E, you are always filled with surprises. I guess we’ll just have to save this outfit for another occasion.”
“Now that you don’t have to fly back home anytime soon, MK, we can make that ‘other time’ happen whenever we want.”
“I like the sound of that Sweet Beauty.”
“You boys hungry?”
Mo barks. MK follows suit. “What you making for two hungry fellas?
She strolls to the kitchen and pulls a bone for Mo out of the ‘frig. He scampers to sit before her, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth and, summoning all of his willpower, patiently waits for what his nose tells him is a rare treat. “Good boy Mo.” His entire body shudders. “Here you go.” As soon as his jaws secure the bone, Mo is off to a far corner of Ms. E’s home to covet his bounty.
“Got one of those for me?”
Ms. E pulls the zipper on her top down to her navel, “I got something even better for you Daddy K.”
Just like Mo, MK feels his entire body shudder; “Oh you sexy woman.” His arms encircle her bottom, lift her atop an empty countertop and pull her unzipped top down over her shoulders. They share deep kisses rooted in a lifetime of shared adoration. “I love you dearly, you beautiful sexy woman.” She hugs MK so hard that it feels like she’s trying to merge her body with his, to press their two selves into one. MK hugs her back in similar fashion and showers her neck with more kisses. They stay that way washed over by successive waves of chills and warmth, passion and arousal, emerging lust and tender desire.
“It’s time to eat MK.”
His hands reach for the waist band of her pants.
“No silly man, that’s dessert. We have an appetizer and main course to enjoy first. Trust me; they will make the final treat even better.”
Ms. E is true to her word. Her artichokes dipped in garlic butter and paired with a crisp Pinot Gris are delicious. The main course is even better, a perfectly balanced chicken rub of ancho chili, turmeric, cinnamon and star anise makes MK push back from the table and exclaim, “delicious, Ms. E, absolutely delicious,” after each bite. Mashed potatoes with sour cream soften the spice and the greens…Ms. E’s greens speak for themselves and they speak volumes.
After a little fresh berry compote, the couple sits back and rubs their satisfied tummies. “Girlfriend, you knocked yourself out: unbelievable meal. Thank you.”
“You are quite welcome MK. I want tonight to be special, to let you know how much I appreciate what you’ve done and most of all to let you know how excited I am to have you living close by. I love you old man.”
They laugh over sips of a sweet dessert wine until Ms. E gets up from the table. “Get comfortable on the couch, I’ll be right back. I have a surprise for you that I think you’ll like.” A twinkle in her eye indicates something really special is about to happen.
Ms. E retreats to her bedroom, undresses, takes out a neon outfit that consists of nothing more than a small triangle of white cloth that barely covers her coochie connected to five different colored straps. She configures two inch wide long white ones like suspenders over each breast and shoulder. They join three string thin neon straps at the top of bootie crack. The neon threads wrap around Ms. E’s hips and connect to the front of her thong. She is almost completely naked wearing just enough material to seduce MK into wanting to see more.
She looks at herself in the mirror, twirling to take in all views. “Oooh, I like. I like it a lot. I know this outfit will drive MK crazy.” In order to tease him even more, Ms. E has decided to make her inevitable undressing a game. “I’ll call it untie to tie.” She considers wearing a pair of black high heeled boots but decides instead on bare feet.
Her re-entry is announced by sultry dance music.
“Dang girl! Wow! What do you have on?”
“My after dinner surprise…”
He sits back and shakes his head. “I’m speechless. Never in my life…Wow! You look amazing.”
She takes a good three minutes to sexily dance her way to the couch.
“We’ve had plenty of sweet love making. Your girl needs some wild plain old sex. You think you can give your girl what she needs Daddy?”
MK lunges forward.
“Down boy, you’ll have your chance. Ms. E has some rules you’ll need to follow in order to get some of this. That’s if you think you can handle all of this…” she gives him a good eyeful of her scantily clad gorgeous physique. He feels his temperature rise…”here’s what you have to do. First,” she pulls a black blindfold from a drawer to the side of her couch, “I’m going to cover your eyes.”
“But Ms. E, I can’t take my eyes off of you. I don’t want to take my eyes off of you.”
“So you don’t want to play my game?” She pulls her thong to one side to give him a glimpse of her freshly shaved love cove.
“No, no, I mean yes, yes I do want to play.”
“You’ll just have to keep this image in your mind and see with your other senses.”
“OK, but wait, turn for me, let me take it all in.”
She obliges MK’s request and then places the blindfold over his eyes.
“Next, you can undress me strap by strap but you can’t use your hands, you have to remove what little clothing I’m wearing with your teeth. Think you can do that?”
“I can’t wait to show you how well I can do that.”
“Hang on a few more seconds mister. Once you remove what I’m wearing strap by strap then use must use each strap to bind some other part of my body. You cannot speak a word but you can use your hands to position my body and restrain me once I’m butt naked. When you are finished, we get to feast on each other and fuck like crazy. Any questions MK?”
“When can I start?”
“You have to sit still until I take care of a few final details.” She quietly steps back from the couch.
He nods and leans forward teeth first. “Where…?”
“Shhh, MK, I said you have to sit still and you can’t speak.”
Ms. E sneaks to his side and runs her fingers down his back, teasing and stroking his spine. “Take your pants off dear man”. Frantically, MK undoes his belt, yanks his slacks and his underwear from his body and throws them to the side.
Ms. E does a slow lap dance for him watching as his dick get harder and harder with every slight touch, with each gentle stream of breath that she blows along his shaft, with every second of growing anticipation for what may come next. The stiffer his erection, the more turned on she gets. She reaches between her legs, takes a finger full of sweet cream and spreads it around his lips. “Better than Sephora MK.”
“Definitely my Sweet Beauty…”
She slaps his dick. “Should I be hearing your voice?”
“No Ms. E.”
She slaps him again.
“I was just…”
And again.
“I thought you were ready to follow the rules MK?” Her words slide out in her best, commanding, sultry, sexy low voice.
MK nods his head.
“What part of my body would you like to start with first?”
He says nothing.
“Good boy.”
Ms. E straddles My’Kuyah and places the front of her neck on his lips. “Taste me” she says. MK begins to kiss and suck on her sleek chocolate skin. She grinds against his erection and rotates her body so that she faces away from him; his lips follow around first to her shoulders then to her nape where they encounter their first strap. He nibbles around the fabric tasting every morsel of her until his teeth can secure the cloth and pull it down over her left arm.
“Good job My’Kuyah”, Ms. E giggles with delight. She strokes his erection with her hand.
He repeats the process with the other suspender. Again she rewards him, this time by running a single nectar laden finger up and down the back of his extended shaft.
Ms. E stands and slides her ass across his face. “Next stop, da’ bootay.” She slaps her robust cheeks, “but only if you want some.”
MK vigorously nods his head pleading for a taste. “I like that old man, you’re being such an obedient boy.”
She feeds him bites of her bountiful cheeks. Every time his teeth grasp hold of a strap, she pulls away. Rather than struggle for the strap he widens his mouth and fills it with large bites of her succulent apple bottom. She feeds him well gradually slowing her roll for MK to get a firm grip on a waist strap. Down is goes. He feels like a contestant on a game show, frantic to accomplish as much as possible as quickly as he can. Ms. E intervenes.
“MK, slow down, Ms. E’s treasures not going anywhere. Relax old man. Just ease down the remaining straps and sit still with your tongue extended straight out. Ms. E will do the rest. Remember when I said I wanted you to see with your other senses? Focus on what you see with your tongue.”
Such sage advice from a wise woman, a confident lover who always knows what is best for most every moment. He’s learned to listen and do what she suggests. This time is no exception. Her straps slide off easily. He relaxes back into the couch and offers his tongue.
Still dancing to the music, Ms. E puts her knees on MK’s shoulders and grazes her most delicate lips across his long pink tongue. He focuses on those lips, how they spread ever so slightly each time she moves until they separate and invite him deeper into the recesses of her moist, pink most sacred place.
He concentrates on how she tastes: sweet, like fresh water from a spring. The deeper his tongue goes, the sweeter she tastes, her nectar clean, refreshing from some hidden unseen place. Her scent is the same, an enticing aroma he wants to rub all over his face, fill his pores, consume her like the ancient aphrodisiac she is every time he gets a feel, a taste, a smell of her wondrous female beauty. He wants more.
Ms. E’s mercurial arousal follows a similar progression of sensation beginning with the gradual parting of her lips, the soft acquiescent spread of her pussy, the growing moisture and arousal in her loin, the burgeoning desire to fill her body with MK’s desire, his raging passion for her and because of her.
She takes his tongue into her mouth and tastes herself on his lips, smells his exhale. It’s wonderfully familiar, real– their scent, their taste–and it makes her want more as well.
“Now you can take your hands and wherever you feel appropriate tie me up with the straps and, you can touch me.”
He motions to Ms. E to stand and face away from him. Joining her hands just above her bootie, he lashes them together with the assorted straps.
“Ooh, MK. I like that.”
He motions her back to her prior position, thighs spread, knees upon his shoulders. “You want to lick my pussy, Daddy? You like your baby’s pussy, don’t you? Does baby’s pussy taste good to you Daddy? Show your baby girl what you know about eating a girl’s pussy.”
MK does just that…he starts with kisses on her lips followed by one deep, long lick of her red stripe. He grabs hold of and slaps Ms. E’s bootie, filling his hands with two helpings of Ms. E’s fine chocolate ass and pulls her close to his face. In turn, she puts her hands around the back of his head, tugs him tight to the magic place between her legs and grinds against his lips and tongue.
Again, he minimizes his movement and lets Ms. E take over. Her fluids fill his tongue, enough to drink and swallow. He reaches for her breasts, cups them in his hands, feels their weight against his palms, lets her nipples graze back over forth over his touch, pinching them tight between his forefinger and thumb.
“Oh yes MK. Do see my pussy opening for you? Do you see my nipples dying for your touch? Do you see what you do to me?”
His answer is his tongue against her clit, his hands upon breasts, and his joy at having his mouth filled with the sweet cream of this woman he adores.
“I need me some of that white chocolate MK.” She glides down his torso and treats herself to a mouthful of MK’s white chocolate delight.
She swallows him whole, so deep that MK feels his dick poke the back of her throat. And she sucks him long and hard until she has to stop to breathe. After a few gulps of air, Ms. E takes another large gulp of MK. He revels in the feeling of her tongue pulling him further into her mouth, of her teeth offering the slightest bit of pain, of her saliva providing soothing relief. As far down her throat as he is, MK has to have more. He grabs the back of her head and pulls her towards him, thrusting his dick forward again and again. He pauses to give her time to catch her breath. Before he can get back to business, Ms. E frees her hands and grabs his love stick with two hands, covers the length of his erection with saliva and rapidly stuffs him back and forth between her open lips, her hands jerking up and down his erect shaft, their pleasure escalating to new heights. Ms. E continues until she again has to stop to breathe.
“Can I speak?”
Ms. E’s words leak out between desperate breaths. “Yes MK, as much as you want.”
“I have to fuck you. Right now, I have to.”
“Fuck me from behind MK.” She scrambles to her feet, leads MK over to a kitchen counter, leans over bracing herself with extended hands and spreads her legs. Reaching behind with her right hand, she takes hold of his throbbing pole and plunges him into her pussy.
MK grabs Ms. E by her hips and begins to fuck her with the same vigor that she displayed with his dick in her mouth. The fuck wildly, madly, desperately; no time to focus in details, the detail is the totality of the experience; it’s the violent thrusts of MK’s body in and out of Ms. E’s. It’s the unrepentant desire for more of everything, more fucking, more love, more of whatever the other can give, more of whatever the other can take in return, more until it feels like there can be no more and then more beyond whatever they once thought was possible. They fuck until they simply cannot do it anymore. They fuck until they cum, until their bodies can’t take any more arousal, any more sensation, until they just can’t take any more.
“Game over Daddy.”
“Game just starting Sweet Beauty.”

Book 2 Chapter 16: What Goes Around

They sleep sound until morning. A barely discernible whine lets MK know that Mo can’t wait any longer. The boy has to go out. As quietly as he can, MK tiptoes around to find some clothes, eases the door open and gently closes it while a patient Mo hunts for a patch of green grass. It’s a quiet weekend morning. No one rushes to get to work. MK and Mo have the sidewalk to themselves. Ever selective, Mo sniffs around for just the right spot to do his thing. Given that it’s new terrain there’s just too many new scents for him to settle easily on one right spot. With a little urging, he makes a decision, kicks a little grass and is ready to return home.
Just as they try to slide back into Ms. E’s place, she greets them at the door. “I’m going out to get some coffee MK, be right back. You want me to pick you up anything?”
“No thanks Sweet Beauty, I’m good.” He heads back for her bed. Normally he’d read the morning news but not today, it’s too nice a morning to mess up with details of the insane political situation that gets crazier by the day.
He gives Ms. E a quick kiss.
“Thanks for last night Beautiful.”
“My pleasure MK. My game was good, huh?”
“Excellent! And well played Ms. E.”
She breaks into an alluring smile, ripe with innocence, almost a blush, “you turned this girl out with that ending.”
“Shoot you turned this fella’ out with everything you did from the moment I walked through that door. Hurry back, I’m lost without you.” One more lip lock and she’s out to her local cafe.
Intending to go to a drive-thru for a cup to go, Ms. E changes her mind and heads towards a cute little café she knows that features out of this world pastries. She’ll get a cup of ‘jo’ and some treats for her man. Fortunately a prime parking space opens up right out front. She checks herself out in the rear view mirror—Lord, I look like whodunnit—and heads inside.
The line isn’t too long and the aromas affirm her decision to not drive through the coffee express. She orders her favorite beverage, “a little extra caramel, please”, a selection of fresh baked treats and looks for a place to sit to savor the scene. A seat by the window wall opens up. She settles in to wait for her hot drink, savor some aromas from the pastries and bask in the afterglow from last night.
Her reverie is interrupted by a male voice saying “good morning.” She looks up to see a familiar face.
“Mexico, correct?” he asks.
It takes Ms. E a second or two to make the transition, “Mexico?” she asks. Before the man can answer, it hits her, “oh, you’re the man I met…”
“Yes, the man who tried to talk at you rather than with you.”
“And whose head I almost bit off. “
“Your words, not mine, can I join you?”
“Wait, you live in LA?”
“Yes I do, I take it this is where you live as well.”
“You got that right. Please, pull up a chair, I’m not staying long, but, please,” Ms. E points to the chair across the small table from her.
He sits down and extends his right hand, “My name is Andrew, most people just call me “Drew”, though. And you.”
Drew’s hand pauses. He wonders if he heard her correctly.
“You heard it right, Ms. Erotica. Most people just call me Ms. E.”
He blurts out a “wow!” but then catches himself. “That is a…” Drew struggles to find the proper adjective.
Ms. E offers help, “yes, an unusual name.”
“So what brings you to this place?”
“It’s my neighborhood café, I love their baked goods, as you can see, plus they have my favorite coffee. I don’t always have time to sit and enjoy it, though.”
“Well, look, I’m going to let you enjoy. I was just surprised to run into you, especially after what happened in Mexico. Let’s just say you made an impression.”
Ms. E attempts to interject but Drew doesn’t give her an opening.
“What happened was good. You opened my eyes up to some things that I needed to see, especially when you said good bye. I’m glad I’ve bumped into you because I hoped I would get a chance to tell you that.”
“Thank you, Drew. I felt bad about what transpired prior to the good bye.”
“No reason to feel bad. As I said, it was all good. I needed a wakeup call.” He pushes his chair out to leave but hesitates before walking away. “Can I get your number? I’d like to see you again.”
“I’m not going to lie, I’m a busy girl these days, but, sure…” Ms. E waits while Drew gets out his phone and then gives him her digits.
“I’m going to get in touch; nice to see you again Ms. E.”
“Nice to see you, too, Drew.”
They wave good bye. Ms. E gets up to retrieve her coffee. Drew watches her out of the corner of his eye the whole time as he walks to his car.
When she arrives home, Ms. E finds MK at the kitchen table pecking away at his laptop.
“What are you up to Daddy?”
“Writing about you Sweet Beauty, how was your coffee?”
“Delicious, just like I like it. Plus, I picked up some tasty treats for my sweet man.”
“Thanks Beautiful. What you got there?”
“Let’s see…” She pulls out each baked delight one at a time. I have an almond croissant, a couple of fruit Danishes, a blueberry muffin, and…a cinnamon roll MK. They make the best at that little shop.”
“Wow, thanks Beautiful. Let me get a couple of plates, we can cut these in half…you want me to heat them up?”
“No need, they’re still warm from the oven.”
“Oh baby!”
“That definitely is an ‘oh baby’. I knew you’d like a little weekend Ms. E style French breakfast.”
“You know me too well.”
My’Kuyah smiles and beckons the love of his life forward. Ms. E puts her arm around his shoulders and sits on his lap.
“I ran into someone at the café.”
“Who might that be?”
“Someone I met when we were apart.” Before MK can react, Ms. E continues. “It’s not what you think. You remember when I told you about my brother’s wedding in Mexico?”
MK nods; his thoughts go to images of Ms. E glimmering in tropical sun.
“I wasn’t in my best form at the time. I was missing you and didn’t realize how much until that trip. One morning, I was sitting poolside trying to read the book you gave me about relationships, and this man tried to talk to me. Let me just say it didn’t go well. Then, later on that day I ran into him on the beach and that was even worse. I felt bad, saw him right before I left, apologized for my attitude and that was it. He was at the café this morning. We talked and he asked for my number.”
“No ‘and’, just a casual interaction and I wanted to tell you about it, especially given the conversation we’ve been trying to have about what kind of relationship we want. Not that I’m interested in this guy, but running into him brings up the fact that we will always be meeting other people and there will always be temptations to hook up with some of them. I’m sure you face the same situation and we need to clarify what we want to do when something like that arises.”
“Thanks Ms. E, I appreciate it. I hear what you’re saying. Despite the fact that you gave me hard a time about Simone, truth is she is a very attractive woman and I know that if I wanted to pursue something with her, I could make it happen.”
“So what do we want to do MK?”
“I made a mistake by trying to rush us towards something when you weren’t ready. I’m not going to do that again. Let’s leave things open until you decide you want something different. If you don’t get to a place where you want monogamy, then you don’t get there. If you want to entertain other men, then I have a choice to make as to whether or not I can live with that. Remember when we first started talking to each other you brought up the fact that no matter what decisions we made that we had to set up a process where we regularly reviewed any decision to see if it still met our needs? Let’s follow what we said we’d do. Whatever we decide now, let’s revisit that choice in three months and if we want to continue along with it, fine; if not, we’ll make a change.”
“I need a second MK.” Ms. E takes a sip of her coffee and returns to the conversation. “So you’re saying we pretty much stay as we are for the time being, correct?
“Yes, are you OK with that?”
“Wait, I’m still trying to get this straight in my head. So despite everything we’ve been through over the last couple of months, you want us to be open to the possibility of other relationships?”
“Instead of saying “despite” everything we’ve been through, I’d say “because” of everything. You know where I stand on this Ms. E: I want to be with you but I don’t want to pressure you into something you’re not sure you want.”
“How do you know that I don’t want to be in a committed relationship with you?”
MK changes his posture to more fully face Ms. E. “I don’t know that. My fears of chasing you away again made me cautiously assume that you don’t. What do you want?”
“I was assuming that we would both want to be monogamous but now I don’t know. So, if I’m not sure then I guess we should stay as we are and talk about it again in three months.”
“But is that what you want?”
“I don’t know MK, I thought I did but now I really don’t.”

Book 2 Chapter 17: The Less It Stays the Same

A warm Southern California morning sun pours into MK’s living room. Mo lies between a bone, a ball and a leather chew in the middle of his new favorite rug.
MK sits at a desk on the far side of the room pecking away at his computer. When he takes a break from his writing to listen to sounds around him, he can hear surf pounding on the not too distant beach. Fresh salty air from an open window circulates through the house. Seattle’s cold persistent rain feels like a lifetime ago.
Lost in a dream chasing a bird he can never catch, Mo emits a few high pitched barks. Good time for a break and a walk with his faithful companion along the water.
MK’s first step snaps Mo out of dream world. He hops up and looks at the leash hanging on a hook next to the front door. “Walk Mo?” Man’s best friend rises on to his hind legs and twirls his affirmative response. For Mo, it’s all about body language.
“Just let me pee old Buddy.” Patience is one of Mo’s many virtues. He follows MK to the bathroom and rubs his butt against the hallway wall just outside. “Almost there, hang on.”
Mo leads the way to the leash. MK stops to look for his phone eventually finding it on the night stand upstairs next to his bed. Mo’s patience is wearing thin. “One second Old Fella’.” There’s an urgent message from Ms. E. “Big news at work. I’ll call when I get a minute.”
MK texts back, “Can’t wait to hear. Love you. MK.”
Finally, they’re off to the beach: Mo pulling against the leash, MK telling him to stop. After a 15 minute tug of wills, they make it to the sand. MK unleashes the boy. Mo sprints to his favorite piece of driftwood and sniffs each detail of it before deciding on the perfect spot to add his urine specimen to the mix.
“Good boy Mo, very doggish.” A slight tail wag acknowledges the compliment before he sprints to the water for a quick victory lap through the receding waves. As MK follows, his phone rings. “Hello Sweet Beauty. How are you?”
“Great MK, do you want to hear my news?”
“You know I’m dying to…”
Palpable excitement bubbles out of the phone. “I got offered a new position MK!”
“Thank you Jesus, doing what?”
“Heading a new department that’s being created by the merger our company just completed. “
“Wow, good for you Sweet Beauty.”
“It includes a raise and involves some travelling. Wait, hold on MK…I’m sorry, I have to go, but I wanted to tell you. We’ll talk more about it over dinner, my treat; meet me at our favorite Italian restaurant at 6, OK?”
“You got it Beautiful. See you then.”
Before MK can process the call, he has to run after Mo who is living his dream chasing seagulls down the beach. Either Mo’s ears are going bad, or he’s getting better at pretending to not hear a word MK says. Whatever the case, it takes awhile for him to slow Mo’s roll. Back on the leash, they stroll along the shoreline for a good hour before returning home. Mo downs an entire bowl of water while MK settles back at his desk chair and wonders how much travelling Ms. E will be doing with her new job.
Ms. E is already seated at their favorite table when MK arrives. He pulls out a bouquet of red roses from behind his back and hands them to his Sweet Beauty. “Congratulations Gorgeous, it’s about time that company came to their senses and offered you a position you deserve. I couldn’t be happier for you.”
“Oh MK, thank you,” she rises from her chair, kisses his lips and leans her head against his chest while his arms swallow her up with a deep hug. “This calls for some champagne Beautiful Lady.”
On cue their waiter brings a bottle of bubbly, two flutes and bucket of ice. He pops the cork and pours them both a taste. “Does this meet with your approval Ms. E?”
“Aweee, MK, you know it does.”
“Fill ‘em up kind sir. We have some toasts to make.”
The couple sits down as their glasses get filled. “To my beautiful Ms. E, may your future be the stuff of dreams coming true in all aspects of your life. You deserve it.”
“I’ll drink to that Daddy K.” They clink glasses and sip their delicious sparkling French wine. “And to us MK, your new home and our abiding love for each other.” Another sip followed by a kiss and mutual laughter.
“I love these flowers but you didn’t have to get me roses. You know how I am about such things.”
“I do. And you know how I am: there’s no way I was going to show up for a celebration dinner with the woman I love without giving her roses.”
“Thanks MK.” Another kiss is accompanied by additional swallows of champagne.
“I’m happy for you and proud as hell. You’ve worked hard at that place for a long time. I’m glad they finally decided to treat you right. So what more did you find out about this new position?”
“Well, we got bought out by a big company that’s located in Portland. I’m going to be the operations director for all of their Southern California offices. I’ll know next week what that entails. I’m getting a nice raise, increased benefits… but I will have to travel and I feel bad about that MK. You just moved here so we could be closer together and now it looks like I’m going to be leaving you on a regular basis.”
“How regular a basis will that be?”
“I don’t know yet. Next week I have to be in Portland for an orientation at their headquarters and I will have more details. It looks like I will have to go to Oregon at least once a month along with shorter trips closer to home.”
“Wow,” a number of conflicting thoughts pop through his mind from ‘wait, I just bought a house here to be closer to you’ to ‘this lady is so excited and deserving of her new job, don’t pop her bubble.’ He settles for: “We’ll deal with it Sweet Beauty. Right now let’s just celebrate. We have a lot to be thankful for and, to be honest, I couldn’t be happier for you.”
“Thanks MK, me too.”
Dinner is glorious: terrific food, a couple of bottles of great wine and a chocolate surprise from the waiter. “Hmm,” Ms. E breaks into an incredibly sexy smile, “we might have to take that chocolate to go.”
“I was thinking the same thing Sweet Beauty.”
“MK, I feel bad about leaving you behind after you picked up everything and moved here. I feel like a bad girl, Daddy.”
“How bad Baby Girl?”
“Bad enough to where I need to be spanked, Daddy. Will you spank your bad girl when we get back to my place?”
“You know I will Sweet Baby.”
As soon as they step inside her home and lock the door behind them, Ms. E and MK frantically undress each other and head for her couch leaving a trail of clothes along their path. Amidst heavy breathing and deep open mouth kisses, MK manages to say, “you have been a bad girl Sweet Beauty.”
“Yes Daddy.”
“What happens to you when you’re bad?”
“I get spanked.”
MK yanks down Ms. E’s pants, pulls her over his lap and slaps her gorgeous round, brown ba-hind.
“Yes Daddy, like that, I deserve it, please spank your bad little girl.”
“Daddy doesn’t like it when his baby girl is bad.” MK smacks her cheek harder than he ever has. “You’re supposed to make Daddy happy.” An even harder smack resonates through the room.
“I know Daddy, I want you to be happy. I want to make you happy.” Slap. His hand leaves a mark on her bottom.
Ms. E tries to slide off of MK’s lap to kneel in front of him. Before she can he pushes her on to the floor, forcefully grabs her wrists and shoves his dick into her mouth. Never has he been this aggressive with her.
She has no choice but to open her throat as wide as she can. Her eyes glaze over, saliva gathers on her lips, and drips out of the sides of her mouth. Rhythmic grunts accompany his rapid thrusts. She can barely breathe and tries to say so but MK doesn’t relent. Finally she shakes her head from side to side until he withdraws. Ms. E tries to lift her head and fill her lungs with air.
MK pushes her back, flips her over and spreads her cheeks. The full weight of his body holds her down. She turns her head to the side to breathe. With one hand he restrains her wrists, with the other he tries to force himself up her ass.
“Ouch! MK, that hurts.”
She can’t do anything to stop him. “MK!”
Finally the urgency in her voice breaks through to him. He withdraws from her bootie and releases her hands. Ms. E rolls on to her back and gulps all available air.
When she finally regains her normal breath she looks at MK, “what was that about?”
A deafening silence settles over the room and engulfs two motionless and stunned figures. They remain that way until MK breaks away and heads for the bathroom. The sound of shower water rains through the cloud of silence. Ms. E jumps up and follows MK to the bathroom door. It’s locked. “Open up MK.” Her knuckles sound like crashes of lightning. “MK!”
No answer. The next sound is the front door slamming shut as Ms. E leaves, she’s not sure where.
Returning later that night after a couple of hours of much needed girl talk with her friend and neighbor, she finds MK asleep on the couch, a baseball game on the TV. Ms. E stands back and looks at the snoring man she has come to love. Never has she seen him act like he did earlier in the evening. A “what the fuck!” reaction still rumbles through her mind. Her neighbor’s voice counters the “Wtf”: “he probably wasn’t very happy to hear that after everything he’s done to move closer to you that your new job is going to take you away. He’s probably saying his own ‘what the fuck’.”
Not ready to make nice, Ms. E turns off the game and makes her way to bed. She has always pledged to not go to bed angry with her significant other but talking with him, especially after he locked himself in the bathroom, is the last thing she wants to do. So, she compromises and imagines the conversation they’d probably have if she decided to wake his ass up.
“I’m not happy about the news that you’ll be travelling on a regular basis. I didn’t say anything earlier because I didn’t want to rain on your parade. But, damn, I just uprooted myself so we could be close and now we’re back to a long distance thing.”
“That I can understand, but I don’t get why you chose to take it out on me sexually.”
“My anger, the disappointment and the wine got the best of me. I’m not excusing my behavior but when you were saying what a bad girl you were it flipped a switch and before I knew it…well you know what happened.”
“You took it too far.”
“You’re right, I did, and again, I’m sorry. I don’t ever want to hurt you, especially when we’re having sex.”
“I know. I always feel safe with you MK. Your actions caught me off guard. We can push boundaries but not that far.”
MK nods his head in agreement.
“So you don’t want me to take the new job?”
“No, no, I want you to take the job. You’ve worked hard and finally you get rewarded, I really am happy for you. I’m just not happy about you being away a lot, that part caught me way off guard. I may not like it but, as I said over dinner, we’ll make it work.”
“Thanks Daddy K.”
A relieved smile lights up MK’s face.
Ms. E walks over to the couch and kneels before MK. She takes him back in her mouth and makes love to his dick until he cums. “I’m sorry too, Daddy K.”
‘Sounds good but it ain’t gonna’ happen, at least not tonight.’ Ms. E falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.

Book 2 Chapter 18: Alone Again

MK is up making coffee when Ms. E awakens. They tiptoe around each other while she readies for her first business trip away from home.
“You know much about Portland MK?” Ms. E asks as she packs her bag to spend a week at her new company’s headquarters.
“A little bit.”
“What’s it like?”
“I know that Portland is now the whitest city in America.”
“What? How did that happen?”
“Long story.”
“What are they going to make of my Black bootie up there?”
“Ms. E, the white people of Portland will go out of their way to show you how racist they aren’t. You’ll be a hit.”
Ms. E rolls her eyes and continues to pack. “How did you become an expert on all things Portland?”
“I did a series of workshops there awhile back.”
“So are there any Black neighborhoods?”
“Used to be, but that was before a massive influx of white hipsters.”
“Hmm, this isn’t sounding too good. I’ll be there for a whole week.”
“You’ll have fun. It’s still a nice place: great restaurants, beautiful setting, and like Seattle, lots of rain…”
“What should I pack?”
“Be prepared for just about anything. Given that you’re used to warm sunshine, you’re going to be cold.”
“And I won’t have you to keep me warm MK.” She places a pair of jeans in her bag and hugs My’Kuyah. “I’m going to miss you Daddy.”
At first MK says nothing but Ms. E’s words manage to lessen some of the distance from last night. “I’m going to miss you, too, Sweet Baby. About last night, I’m…”
“We’ll talk about it later MK, maybe even Skype when I’m trying to get warm in a hot shower.”
“OK, I look forward to it.” He wants to say more but doesn’t. He wants to tell her how much he’ll miss her. He wants to explain his actions from the night before but chooses not to.
“I will give you a show.”
“Thanks Beautiful.” He moves forward and kisses her forehead.
“Aweee, I miss you already.” Ms. E responds with a kiss to MK’s lips and gives him a good taste of her tongue. “Don’t be chasing any cute women while I’m away.”
“No worries, Mo will keep me in check.”
MK drops Ms. E off at the airport. Another hug and kiss and she’s gone. He sits in his car for a minute before driving off. “Feels empty without her already Mo, could be a long week.”
Mo wags his tail in affirmation of MK’s spoken truth.
Before heading home, MK stops at his local café to grab a cup of coffee. Simone is sitting at her favorite table. She smiles and beckons him over, standing to greet him warmly when he arrives.
“How you doing neighbor?”
“Good Simone, thanks, and you?” They hug and she pulls out a chair for him to sit.
“Oh I’m OK—busy as all hell but I’m going to make it.”
“Well that’s good to hear. I’d hate to imagine you not making it.”
“So how’s the new home MK?”
“I love it, thanks for asking. It’s turning out to be a perfect spot for us.”
“Us?” Simone’s face scrunches up with her question.
“Yeah, me and my dog, Mo.”
Her face lights up with laughter. She taps MK’s thigh with her hand. “Oh, OK, I thought that maybe you had some new development in your life.”
“No, nothing like that, just me and Mo.”
“And you and your female friend are doing well?” Simone crosses her legs and looks MK directly in his eyes.
“Yeah, we are. She just got a new position with her company which is great and it means she’ll be travelling a lot. But, other than that, we’re good.”
“And my guess is you’re not wild about her travelling if I’m reading you correctly…”
“Hmm, let me see, it’s all brand new, and, well…it’s not what I expected when I moved down here but we’ll give it time and see how it all shakes out.”
“In the meantime you and Mo have an opportunity for some serious bonding.”
MK cracks up. “Yes, not that we need more bonding…”
“Maybe I can have you boys over for dinner one of these nights in the event that you and Mo start to suffer a little cabin fever.”
“That would be nice Simone. Mo and I might enjoy getting out. Thank you. Speaking of Mo, I left him in the car and promised him a walk. I should be going.”
“When does this new phase in your life begin?”
“It just did. We just dropped my ‘female friend’ off at the airport.”
Simone makes note of his word choice, “Tell you what MK, you have my number. My week is pretty wide open. If you and your boy would like to come over for some home cooking, just call.”
“I will Simone. Thanks.”

Book 2 Chapter 19: Portland

Ms. E retrieves flight documents from her purse and checks the flight board for her gate assignment in the event of any changes. Fortunately she gets to circumvent the TSA line and avoid the long queue of people slowly making their way through the pre-check maze.
With plenty of time until she departs, Ms. E gets in an unavoidable line to get a coffee and a Danish. Ten minutes and a sip of hot java later she’s ready for whatever lies ahead. She checks one more time to make sure she has her boarding pass, takes a bite of her Danish and hears someone call her name. It’s Drew.
“If it isn’t Ms. E! We have to stop meeting this way: people might start to get suspicious.”
She needs another sip of coffee. “Meeting what way?”
“You know, running into each other: first Mexico, then the coffee shop and now this.” He’s really excited. Even if she wanted to, it’s much too early for Ms. E to match Drew’s enthusiasm.
He senses her mood and tries a different tack. “Where are you heading?”
“No way, that’s where I’m going. You see what I’m saying?”
“What is it you’re saying Drew?”
“We keep bumping into each other. This can’t be just coincidence.”
Ms. E doesn’t respond.
“What takes you to Portland?”
“An orientation for a new job.”
“Who do you work for?”
As Ms. E begins to tell him, Drew interrupts.
“You’re going to Portland because of the merger?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact.”
“You’re not going to believe this, but so am I.”
“You’re right, I’m not believing this.”
“And you’re staying at the downtown Marriot, right?”
“You got it Drew.”
They continue down the concourse together. Ms. E tries to focus on her coffee and Danish. Drew can’t stop talking about his good fortune. Finally they make it to the gate. To Ms. E’s relief, they’re not seated anywhere close together. She puts on her headphones, turns on some favorite music and tunes out for the duration of the flight.
When they de-plane, Drew is waiting for her. They find the hotel van that takes them downtown and they check into their respective rooms.
“The session starts in an hour, I’ll see you there.”
“Yes, Drew, you will.”
After unpacking her bag and freshening up, Ms. E calls MK. “MK…”
Whenever Ms. E is on the phone and starts a sentence with an emphatic “MK”, he knows something is up. “What Sweet Beauty?”
“You will never guess who I ran into at the airport on his way to Portland, staying at the same hotel and doing the same orientation I am.”
“You’re right Ms. E, I won’t.”
“That man I was telling you about who tried to talk with me in Mexico and who I ran into at the coffee shop the other day.”
“No way.”
“I couldn’t believe it. You know how I can be in the morning if I have not had my coffee and a little something to eat; well he caught me before I got anything in my tummy and proceeded to talk my ear off about it being some kind of fate that we keep running into each other.”
“And what did you say?”
“Not a damn thing MK. I just let him carry on until I finally got to my seat and got my music on but then he was waiting for me when I walked off the plane!”
“My guess is he likes you Ms. E.”
“I think you’re right. Mr. Drew and I are going to have a talk. Anyway Daddy, I have to get ready for my first session. I miss you.”
“I miss you too, Sweet Beauty. Love you.”
“Love you, too. Give Mo a kiss for me. MK, you know I feel bad about what happened…”
“I do, too, Sweet Beauty. Let’s talk when you get back.”
“We will. You know I love you.”
“I do. Thanks for the call.”
“MK…you don’t have to thank me every time I call.”
“I know, I just like to.”
“You’re so sweet Daddy K…gotta go. Bye.”

Book 2 Chapter 20: Simone’s Story

By Wednesday, Mo and MK decide they need to get out of the house for more than a walk on the beach. He decides to take Simone up on her offer. She’s delighted to hear from him. “Tell you My’Kuyah, I’m free tonight, why don’t you and the boy come over and I’ll throw something on the grill.”
“Sounds perfect, what can I bring?”
“Just you and your boy, otherwise I got it covered.”
Simone’s condo is gorgeous: simple, great separation of space over three floors and a rooftop patio with an obstructed view of the ocean. She’s wearing an apron over a white linen blouse and has the BBQ smoking.
“I brought you a bottle of wine, an old favorite of mine from Central Washington. Hope you like it.”
“Thanks MK, I’m sure it will go well with dinner.”
“What is Chez Simone featuring on her menu tonight?”
“Let’s see, we have some appetizers over here.” She takes him to a bar adjacent to the west edge of the patio. “Please help yourself. Pretty basic: fresh baked bread, a few cheeses and some cured meats.”
“Looks delicious Simone, thank you.”
“Have a seat and watch me cook while I open this great looking wine you brought. And, before I forget, I have a bone for Mo. Does he like beef bones?”
“He’s a connoisseur.” Mo wags his tail and smiles knowing he’s in for a treat. Simone pours a glass of wine for MK and one for herself. They clink glasses and savor a delicious pinot noir amidst the glory of a perfect Southern Cal evening.
“This is why we both moved here My’Kuyah.”
“I agree.” MK gets settled in his chair, samples some goat cheese and turns to Simone who is busying herself tossing a green salad. “So Simone, you know a fair amount about me but I know little to nothing about you. I remember you sharing that you were looking for a fresh start in LA after living in New York…tell me what happened.”
She adds fresh cracked pepper to the salad, wipes her hands on her apron and turns her attention to MK backlit by the setting sun. “That’s a long story. I’m not sure where to start, but OK, I’ll provide you with some of the details. As I said, I was an aspiring actress and singer, living in Harlem with someone I thought was the love of my life. Things were good: we had a nice place in a great neighborhood; he was fresh out of law school—which I helped with—and headed for a position with a good firm. I was doing whatever jobs I could find to keep us solvent and waiting for that call to tell me I finally landed the dream part I had worked so hard for. The call never came. I kept slogging away at a dead end retail job and he began an affair with a co-worker.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Yeah, I was too. We tried to work things out but he was unrepentant and I became unforgiving. I got tired of always wondering if they were together. So, I packed up and moved out West to seek my fame and fortune in the land of milk and honey.”
“Have you given up on dreams of acting and singing?”
“Let’s just say they’re on hold. I was pretty naïve when I first arrived, got taken advantage of by some predatory ‘agents’ who promised me the world and I decided to retreat from it all for awhile, make some money and enjoy the view. But enough about my sad tale of woe, what about you MK? Did you and your friend finally have that conversation about monogamy?”
Mo saunters over to MK say hello and get a good scratching behind his ears. “We did.”
“And we decided to leave things open for the time being.”
“Which means what exactly?”
“It means that if either one of us becomes interested in someone else we are free to pursue that interest.”
Simone pours them each another glass of wine. “Which takes you and me back to square one—you originally expressed an interest, is that still the case?”
“I am interested in spending time with you. I want a friendship first and if something else develops, so be it.”
She takes a sip of her drink. Her lips linger on the glass’s edge. Her eyes meet MK’s. “As you might imagine Mr. My’Kuyah, I’m a little gun shy when it comes to relationships given my recent history. At the same time I’m getting tired of my sex life being confined to intimacy between me, my fingers and a few well chosen devices. The last thing I want is to get set up and let down again. I want something that requires minimal investment but yields maximum results. As I told you, I want a sex partner with someone who is safe.” Simone pauses and looks to MK for a reaction.
“Go on.”
“You seem safe and I like the fact that you’re involved with someone else. I don’t want to be a primary lover. My preference is to be the woman on the side, your dark little secret. You live your life; I live mine. We meet when we want to and do nothing but make each other feel good: no strings, no demands, just be together for the time we share.”
“Will I be one among many?”
“Questions like that are off the table MK. I won’t ask about your relationships and you don’t ask about mine. I assure you that I practice safe sex and that you will be my focus when we’re together. We can talk more about the possibilities over dinner which is ready. Let me show you some of what I have to offer.”
Dinner is off the chain. So is Simone: her mocha brown face enhanced by a palette of sunset reds, her cheekbones flushed with sumptuous wine. She feeds MK bites of fresh strawberries laden with cream, circling his lips with the berries, covering his chin with the cream.
“I know you want to fuck me MK. Are you ready to accept my offer?”
“A couple of days ago, I would have said ‘no’ but things have changed and I want nothing more than to get naked under the stars and fuck you right now.”
“What are you waiting for My’Kuyah?”
MK’s cell phone rings. Simone saunters around the table towards him. “Aren’t you going to answer that?”
“No, I’m not.” He stands to meet her. A few traces of the orange sunset remain in the western sky. MK’s lips meet Simone’s and set off sparks between them. He slowly unbuttons her white blouse and pulls it back over her shoulders. She gasps and slips her tongue into his mouth. MK reaches behind Simone and undoes her bra. His kisses move from her lips to her neck, her neck to her shoulders, her shoulders to her glorious breasts. Chill bumps race across her body. She whispers her delight to the night, “I knew you would make me feel this way MK.”
They ease over to the couch. Flames from the gas fire dance upon their bodies. MK removes Simone’s clothes one article at a time tasting each detail of her naked body until his lips find their way between her golden thighs.
MK’s phone rings one more time. Ms. E waits for him to pick up hoping that nothing is wrong. She leaves a message. “Hi Daddy K, this is your baby girl calling. I miss you. I wanted to hear your voice before I went to bed. I want you inside me MK. I love you. I really do. Good night Daddy. Give Mo a kiss for me.”
Simone’s hands cradle MK’s head and pull him closer to her naked pussy. “It’s been a long time MK. You feel good. Don’t stop. Make me happy I chose you.”
They make love on the couch while all the colors of the sunset yield to night’s darkness. Simone rides cowgirl on his dick dancing up and down, throwing her head back singing to a galaxy of stars, extending her full breasts forward for MK’s pleasure. They fuck and cum, catch their breath and start over again making out like starved teenagers, touching every part of each other’s bodies, sucking each other’s private parts, fucking in whatever position they can imagine, ending up encased in each other’s arms.
Mo breaks their extended reverie and lets it be known that his bladder is about to burst. “I have to take care of the boy, Simone.”
“No, MK, come to bed with me and stay the night.”
“I can’t. Nature calls and Mo has to go. I think it’s best if I just go home with him, Everything was perfect, especially you, thank you.”
MK finds his clothes in a pile next to the fire and gets dressed. “I will see you again?”
Simone opens her eyes and kisses MK’s cheek. “Yes you will.” She gets up, completely naked and walks her dinner guests to the door. “Get a good look MK.” She slowly twirls under a gauzy light. “Until next time.”
MK lets himself out the front door and looks at his phone: two messages from Ms. E. He reads them both as Mo sprints for the nearest bush and relieves himself. In contrast to Mo’s joy, MK immediately feels like shit for what he has just done.

Book 2 Chapter 21: River City Breakfast

Ms. E heads downstairs to the hotel restaurant for some coffee and a bite to eat before her final orientation session feeling good that the week is over and she has managed to avoid alone time with Drew. She checks her phone for any messages from MK. There’s a text and silly bitmoji sent at 2:30 am, ‘Sorry I missed your calls. Loved your message. What I really miss is you. Can’t wait ‘til you get back home. Love you. MK’.
While relieved that nothing appears to be wrong, Ms. E can’t help but wonder about what MK was doing sending a text at 2:30 in the morning after not answering her calls. Just as she is about to respond, Drew asks if he can join her for breakfast.
Her immediate impulse is to acquiesce but instead she says, “Drew, don’t take this personally, but I’m in the middle of something that I want to finish and would love to be alone while I do it.” After seeing the disappointment in his face, Ms. E decides to throw him a bone. “But I’d like to get together, how about lunch?”
Drew’s expression immediately brightens. “Perfect, you want to meet here?”
“To tell you the truth, I’d like to try someplace else and see a little of the city before we fly back.”
“Sounds perfect, I’ll meet you at noon in the lobby.”
“How about if you let me get my bag, freshen up and check out first. Let’s meet at 12:15, OK?”
“See you at 12:15 Ms. E.”
“Or thereabouts…”
“Yes, or thereabouts.”
Ms. E returns to her phone. ‘You OK MK?’
He responds to her question immediately. ‘Yes, good, thanks. How’s Portland?’
‘I’m ready to come home. What were you doing up texting me at 2:30?’
‘I couldn’t sleep.’
‘But you couldn’t answer the phone?’
‘I was out. Fill you in when I see you tonight. Can’t wait! Love you Sweet Beauty. MK’
Something doesn’t feel right but Ms. E can’t put her finger on it. She blows on her coffee, takes a sip and eats a few bites of her disappointing oatmeal. ‘See you tonight.’
Lunch turns out to be fun. “You mean there are moments when it doesn’t rain here? MK said it’s pretty in the sunshine. I didn’t think I’d ever witness it.”
“I take it MK is your boyfriend.”
“Hmm, ‘boyfriend’ doesn’t quite capture it. MK is the love of my life. We’ve known each other for what feels like forever and he just moved to LA from Seattle so we could be together.”
“And then you took this new job…”
“And, yes, I took this job and we are learning to adjust once again to long distance. What about you, Drew, do you have a love interest?”
“No, Ms. E, at the moment I’m not involved with anyone. I’m starting to think I want to be, though.”
“What is making you think that?”
“To be honest, meeting you.”
“I was afraid of that. Let me be clear with you, Drew, you seem like a really nice guy and I’m flattered to know that I’ve made a positive impression on you, which, to tell you the truth, surprises the hell out of me given our first meeting in Mexico. But, I’m in love with someone who I have waited years to be with and that is not going to change. Given the fact that you and I will be seeing each other through work, I want to set clear boundaries up front: I look forward to being your colleague and having an occasional lunch together, but that’s it. OK?”
“Wow, I was hoping…”
“There’s no hoping Drew, no wearing me down, none of that. If we are going to be colleagues then you will have to respect what I’m telling you.”
“Understood Ms. E and I’m sorry if I have already pushed the line too far.”
“No need to be sorry. Now that you know where that line is, respect it so we can proceed from here.”
“Thank you Drew. We should be getting to the airport. I want to get home.”

Book 2 Chapter 22: Make or Break Moments

Every couple has moments that either make or break their relationship. Sometimes they come from nowhere, they get blindsided. The couple tries to figure out what in the world happened. All they know is that everything from a certain moment forward is different. Things will never be the same. The daily texts end. The sexy pictures sent in a fit of passion stop. The love goes missing never to be found again ending up in some Bermuda Triangle of trashed commitments. And sometimes they can trace every regrettable step that led to the wreckage of their precious love back to a single careless event.
MK nervously paces in the airport awaiting Ms. E’s return. This could be their moment. He has to tell her what happened between him and Simone. Not telling her just isn’t an option. He feels sick knowing on some level that what he and Ms. E have finally found is in jeopardy—not because of what he is about to tell her but because of what he did.
From out of a crowd of arriving passengers Ms. E bounds down the concourse towards MK and throws herself into his arms. “I’ve never been more excited to see you Daddy K. Did you miss me?”
Whatever promise he made to himself to tell Ms. E about his tryst with Simone is thrown out his mind’s window. There’s no way he’s going to ruin this homecoming. “I missed you every minute of every day Sweet Beauty. It’s so nice to have you back home.”
“Thanks MK, I couldn’t wait to see you and I can’t wait to get you back to my place so I can show you just how much I missed you.”
“I can’t imagine anything better.”
Ms. E’s enthusiasm fills the car. Every song from the radio seems appropriate to the occasion: festive music made to accompany celebration and seduction. “I just have one question for you MK.”
Kuyah’s stomach tightens. He keeps his eyes looking straight forward. “What might that be?”
“What were you doing ignoring my calls until 2:30 in the morning the other night? The only thing you said was that you were ‘out’”.
“Oh, sorry about that Sweet Beauty; Mo and I got a little depressed being alone and we shared a bottle or two of wine and a little weed while listening to the blues. I fell out on the couch, I didn’t go out, then I couldn’t find my phone when I regained consciousness. As soon as I did, I texted you.”
“That bad, huh?”
“We missed you Ms. E. Loneliness can sometimes push a couple of fellas to desperate measures.”
“You didn’t drink any of that Oregon pinot you been saving to share with me?”
“No m’am, I have better sense than that. I cracked open a couple of those Washington wines. You know, those robust reds that Mo loves.”
“OK MK. I’ll let you off the hook this time. But don’t you be ignoring my calls when I’m out of town and dying to hear my Kuyah’s voice.”
“No worries Sweet Beauty.”
Ms. E jumps in a hot shower as soon as she gets home and makes room for MK to join her. They can’t keep their hands off of each other. Soap suds decorate Ms. E’s wet brown contours. MK’s hands glide along each one. She kneels between MK’s legs and inhales his white chocolate delight. “I missed having you in my mouth Daddy.” Her words are barely decipherable but her message is clear every time she fills her mouth with his erect desire.
MK returns the favor gulping her nectar along with warm water that cascades along her pelvic bones before gathering in his mouth. He rises from his knees and moves behind her. Ms. E bends forward at her waist; her hands extend forward as she leans against the shower wall for support. MK spreads her sugar lips and thrusts himself deep inside her glorious soft, wet, sacred, pink stripe. They rock back and forth in and out of each other until they both cum in the warm waterfall of their rejuvenating love.
The rest of the evening is spent feeding each other snacks, catching up on missed episodes of favorite series and sharing kisses until they decide to crawl into each other’s arms and sleep.
Morning is a rude intrusion into their nocturnal sanctuary. When they finally unfurl from the warmth of shared sheets, they decide to head to MK’s place, grab some coffee along the way and take Mo for a well deserved walk along the beach.
Mo twirls on his hind legs when they open the front door. He can’t decide whether to grab a toy, show off his favorite bone or pee. Nature wins out and he races outside to a reliable bush and relieves himself. A long walk along the beach follows. Mo tracks a trail of rich scents. Ms. E and MK take off their shoes to feel the warm sand between their toes and walk slowly along the water’s edge.
Upon returning to MK’s home, they heat their coffee back up and head for the backyard to bask in the Southern Cal sun. “Let me get some chairs Ms. E.”
“No, you get the coffee and maybe some toast if you don’t mind. I’ll get the chairs, Daddy K. Where are they?”
“In the garage, right next to the recycling.”
Ms. E first struggles to find the light switch. That accomplished, she looks for recycling bins and alleged chairs. After a little nosing around, she spots her sought after prey, right where MK said they would be, next to the recycling bins which are curiously empty. She emerges from the dark crowded cave of a garage into the streams of sunshine pouring through his windows. Finding a nice spot in the backyard, Ms. E settles in and awaits her toast and coffee.
“What would you like on your toast?” MK pops out of the back door, coffee in hand and kisses Ms. E.
“I’d love some butter and jam but whatever you have MK.”
“I think I can please the lady with at least that.”
A minute or two later he’s back with the toast: thinly spread melted butter and raspberry jam. “You know the way to a girl’s heart old man.”
“I do my best Ms. E. Glad you like.”
“Come sit with me MK.”
“I’ll be right there, almost done.”
Soon he joins her and together they revel in morning sun.
“So how was Portland?”
“Before I tell you about Portland, help me just understand something a little bit better so I can get it out of my mind. You know me MK; I’m not one to pry but I’m confused. When does your recycling get picked up?”
“Why do you ask?”
“Because when I was looking for the chairs which were right next to the recycling as you said, I couldn’t help but notice that your glass bin was empty.”
“When I asked you why you didn’t answer my calls the other night, you said you were ‘out’ but then later amended that to you had ‘fallen out’ after drinking a couple of bottles of wine. That’s not like you. And just now when I found these chairs next to the recycling, there weren’t any empty wine bottles in the bin. I don’t get it. You always answer my calls and you’re always thanking me for calling. But you didn’t answer two calls from me while I was away and that, more than anything else, doesn’t make sense to me. To be honest, it feels like you’re hiding something. What’s up MK?”
He looks away and struggles to catch his breath. Finally, his eyes meet hers. “I was with Simone.”
A thunderous silence shakes the space between them. “You were with Simone or you were with Simone?”
“The latter…”
“Oh, MK…”
“I know Sweet Beauty. I’m so sorry. I feel like shit. Even though we had the conversation about being open to other people, I made a mistake and I’m scared to death I’m going to lose you.”
“Wow…I don’t know what to say…and then you tried to hide it from me.”
“When I saw how excited you were to see me last night, I just couldn’t tell you.”
“Oh MK, how could you?”
“I didn’t plan to but I also didn’t say ‘no’. I fucked up. I don’t expect you to forgive me but I pray that you will and that my poor judgment won’t ruin what we’ve finally found.”
Ms. E sits rigidly in her chair and stares at the sky. MK wants to hold her but knows better than to reach across the gulf that separates them. She feels a million miles away. “I’m sorry Sweet Beauty. I am so sorry. I don’t want to be with anyone but you.”
“You said that before I left MK but you did the exact opposite, not to mention trying to ram your dick up my ass… What am I supposed to believe? Just take me home, now. No more words, no more apologies, I need to be away from you. I know we talked about having other relationships but I thought, of all people, you’d never want to be with anyone else, especially not now after everything we’ve been through. I just don’t know MK. I don’t know. How could you My’Kuyah? How could you do this to me?” She bites her bottom lip resolved not to cry in front of this man who has just broken her heart. “Just take me home.”
They ride in silence to Ms. E’s place. MK parks in front and gets out to help with the door. “I don’t need your help and don’t try to touch me.” He stands alone in the street and watches the woman he loves disappear into a dark hallway that leads her to a place he’s afraid he will never be able to find again.

Book 2 Chapter 23: Where Do We Go From Here?

Mo knows to keep his distance from the moping man staring out of the front window of their new home. After judicious analysis, he selects his favorite bone from a neat pile in the corner of the living room and cautiously presents it to MK. Ahh, the first smile he’s seen in days followed by deep scratching behind his ears. The thing about a gift to someone who is broken is you have to know exactly when and how to present it.
There are no issues about “when” and “how” for MK. Time and acceptable protocol ceased to exist the moment he told Ms. Erotica about Simone. There was nothing to be done, no actions or words to undo the damage his tryst wrought. Instead he relives events of the past days—he’s lost track of the exact number of times the drama has played over and over again in him mind. Fortunately, Mo still tolerates him.
They go for a long overdue walk on the beach. Hands in pockets, head down, MK can’t get out of his funk to see anything beyond his myopic self incrimination. He doesn’t hear her voice the first time she calls his name. “MK…MK…MK!”
Finally he raises his eyes and sees Simone, right hand above her sunglasses, curls rustling in the wind, standing to his side. “What happened to you?” Simone’s voice sounds an alarm.
He tries to speak but can’t, a shoulder shrug is all he can muster.
“Oh Lord, you told Missy Thing about our rooftop adventure.”
MK nods his head.
“I thought you two had an understanding about such things.”
“I don’t know…whatever words we shared didn’t match what we were actually feeling.”
Mo prances over to say hello. Simone reaches down and gives his head a quick rub. “So now what MK?”
“I don’t know Simone. I’ve lost my best friend…” My’Kuyah’s hands sneak out of his pockets for a quick second. He shakes his head from side to side.
“Man you got it bad. I feel sorry for you, one of the absolute worst feelings in the world.” Simone, MK and Mo, heads down in the wind, proceed along the beach in silence connected by an uncertain mourning heading nowhere in particular knowing only that they have to move past the place where they presently stand.
Ms. Erotica tries to get out of bed. Her whole being hurts. Maybe a hot bath will help ease some of the ache. Filling the tub, she can’t help but think of setting up her laptop so MK can watch. “Dang ‘Kuyah! Why did you have to fuck another woman?”
Try as she might to sort out her feelings—yes, we agreed that entertaining other relationships was OK; we weren’t ready to be monogamous; I didn’t tell him ‘no’, I was foolish to think I didn’t have to; MK was intimate with somebody other than me!—she always circles back to the same feeling of simple hurt, of betrayal. Her stomach roils at the thought of her Daddy K with someone else. Some deep breathing brings her back. The hot water manages to sooth her battered body and flagging spirit to the point where she falls asleep in the tub. Sweet dreams of MK visit her. When she awakens, she resolves to send him a text but her lip trembles and she squelches her impulse to reach out.
The funeral procession down the beach turns around and heads back towards the parking lot. Still, no words are exchanged other than an occasional shout out to Mo. MK accompanies Simone to her car. “Thanks for the walk.”
Simone rubs his shoulder. “Wish I could do more. Things will get better MK. Give it some time, give her some time. Remember, you always have Mo.” On cue, Mo wags his tail. “I’m going to follow my advice and give you some time as well. I’ll check with you in a week or so, maybe bring you some soup. Soup always helps.”
“Thanks Simone. I’m sorry…”
“MK, stop, I’m not the one you need to be saying ‘sorry’ to if you need to be saying it all. Take care of yourself, OK?”
“I will do my best.”
When Mo and MK get back to his home, he checks his computer to see if Ms. E has sent any messages: nothing. For the first time in days, he lets tears that have been welling up since he left Simone’s condo have their moment. He kneels down and hugs Mo who, in turn, licks a few salty drops of deep sorrow off of MK’s cheeks.
Both Ms. E and MK try to find respite in naps. Instead they are greeted by dreams of heart wrenching loneliness and grief. Despite sunshine outside drawn curtains, their worlds are dark and colorless. The source of their light—their shared love—is absent.

Book 2 Chapter 24: Me Too

After a tortured night of sleep, Ms. E is back at LAX headed for another week of training in Portland. She sits in a far corner of the boarding area focused on her phone. Drew watches her from a safe distance. Trying not to stare, he can only look away for brief moments before his eyes return to her fine, ever so sexy figure sitting alone enshrouded in the only shadow the waiting area has to offer. He struggles to stay true to his vow not to approach her, not to be pushy, but instead to wait for her to initiate conversation with him, if it is to occur.
A line gathers at the gate. Ms. E decides to remain seated until she hears an announcement for her section to board. Drew rises and joins those choosing to stand. He glances her way and smiles. She smiles back. Much to her relief, Drew leaves it at that.
The flight offers Ms. E necessary relief. Flying always has. She’s never understood why. Maybe it’s the feeling of getting away from it all for awhile; the excitement of going someplace and being anonymous, staying in a nice hotel room where for some reason watching TV is always better than it is at home. She falls asleep in her window seat and doesn’t awaken until the plane lands.
Her orientation sessions are good. They take her mind off of MK and the more she learns about her new job, the better she feels about the direction her job is headed. After the day’s final workshop, she returns to her room and climbs into her reliable hot bath. Instead of following through on her original plan to call room service for dinner, Ms. E decides to venture out into downtown Portland and explore the city. The concierge recommends a new Cajun restaurant getting rave reviews walking distance from the hotel. He secures a reservation for her that allows plenty of time for a leisurely stroll while there’s still daylight.
The evening is gorgeous: a deep blue cloudless sky offers a view of Mt. Hood to the east. Ms. E’s spirits lift. It feels good to be on her own and somewhat carefree walking through a new place that is resplendent in long awaited sunshine.
The restaurant is nice. A handsome, impeccably dressed middle aged man greets her upon entry with a warm welcome. “Dinner for two I assume?”
“No,” declares Ms. E, “just one, thank you.”
Her host appears to be taken aback. Piano jazz from a trio floats through the venue. Dark wood touched by purple light gives it a rich ambience. “This way, I have a table I think you’ll enjoy.”
She follows him to a small table next to a window with a good view of the band. “Perfect, thank you.” He pulls out her chair and helps her get seated.
“Can I start you with a cocktail?”
“Actually I’d like to take a look at your wine list. I’ve heard so much about Oregon wines.”
“What’s your preference?”
“I’d like to see what all the fuss is about: something dry, red and representative of the local scene.”
He smiles and says, “I have the perfect wine for you. We just got it in from a small boutique winery not far from here, Valcan Cellars, something we pre-ordered last year just to make sure we would have a sample to share with our best customers.”
“And I’m one of your best customers…”
“I’m hoping this evening will convince you to become one.”
“You’re catching me at a good time, I’m ready to be dazzled.”
Their eyes meet for an instant. “Well then, my name is Marcel and I will take it upon myself to dazzle you.” He extends his hand to Ms. Erotica, “and you are?”
She meets him halfway, “Just call me Ms. E.”
“Ms. E., let the bedazzling begin.”
Erotica takes a deep breath and feels her body release some of the weight of the last days. A delicate piano solo softens her mood. Marcel returns with a beautiful bottle of a private reserve Oregon pinot noir and a glass. He opens it expertly, pours her a taste, steps back and awaits her approval. “This is delicious, you weren’t kidding.”
“When it comes to wine and beautiful women, I don’t joke around. I’m glad you approve. Clearly, you have good taste and appreciate some of life’s finer pleasures. Here’s what I’m going to do for you. Are you hungry?”
“Since you loved my wine recommendation, I’m going to bring you a selection of our best food items, some on the menu, some off, and let you see what we’re all about. Given that this is your first dining experience with us, the evening is on me.”
“That’s very kind Marcel, but you don’t have to do that.”
“I know, it’s something I’d like to do Ms E. It’s not every day we get to serve someone as striking as you.”
Ms. E breaks into a big smile. “A friend of mine told me I would find Portlanders to be very friendly. He was right. Thank you; I accept your gracious gesture.”
The meal is exquisite from appetizer to dessert: fresh salad made with local greens, shrimp remoulade, blackened Chinook salmon with an array of perfectly cooked sides and bananas foster to top it all off.
“Are you dazzled Ms. E?”
“Indeed Marcel, the evening has been terrific, just what I needed.”
“I’m glad to hear that. I assume you’re visiting from out of town.”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m in from LA. Is it OK to say that? I understand Portlanders aren’t too fond of Southern Californians invading their space.”
“Given that most Portlanders have moved here from someplace else, I wouldn’t worry about it. They may be driving a new Subaru or Prius, Portland’s official newcomer cars, but my guess is if you checked their papers, you’d find a lot of out of state licenses. How long will you be in Portland?”
“I’m heading back home Friday.”
“Well Ms. E, you must come back. Thursday we’re featuring a fantastic local band. I’ll save you this same table and continue to dazzle you, with your permission of course.”
“You make it hard to say ‘no’”.
“But I will respect it when and if you do. See you Thursday?”
“I’ll think about it. All this attention…I don’t want to get you in trouble with the owner.”
“Trust me, he won’t mind. Here’s my card. Let me write my cell phone number on the back. I look forward to seeing you. Thanks for dining with us.”
“Thank you, Marcel, it’s been a perfect evening.”
Ms. E floats back to her hotel feeling properly pampered. She makes a point of thanking the concierge as soon as she enters the lobby of her hotel.
“I’m glad you liked it. Did you get to meet the owner?”
“No, I didn’t but I got VIP treatment from the host.”
“Marcel?” the concierge asks with a sly smile.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, he ‘comped’ the entire evening. Why are you smiling?”
“Marcel is the owner.”
“Shut up!”
“You must have made quite an impression.”
“I guess I did. How embarrassing! I asked him if my evening on the house would jeopardize his job.”
Laughter accompanies the concierge’s smile. “As I said, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. If there’s anything else I can help you with…”
“Don’t worry I’ll ask.”
Plopping on her bed, Ms. E checks her phone for any messages and finds nothing new. She checks out Marcel’s card. Sure enough, it reads “Founder and Owner”. She smiles at her gaffe and prepares for bed. Invariably her thoughts turn to MK. Her initial hurt has subsided a bit. The evening out on the town has helped heal some of her wounds. She wonders how he is, wonders what awaits them, wonders if she should reach out and send him a text but decides to let him linger in the consequences of his actions awhile longer.
MK sits with Mo on their back patio and watches the last light of sunset get swallowed by an encroaching night sky. A cacophony of feelings ping pong throughout his body. He hopes that darkness will calm the noise in his mind but he knows another sleepless night waits. Maybe the couch will offer some peace. Maybe if he stays up late enough he will quietly nod off without his bedroom even knowing. He sips the last of a dwindling stash of wine. Maybe he can dull his senses, calm his spirit and exorcise the demons that have taken up residence in his being.
If only he could take back his night with Simone. If only he could talk with Ms. E and somehow conjure magical words that would erase the divide between them. If only he could see her look at him the way she did when she got off the plane so excited to be home just a few days ago. “Oh my Sweet Beauty, I’m so sorry.” If only…MK beseeches the darkness for forgiveness. Mo cautiously approaches and presents his head for a scratch as a way of reminding him that despite the night’s mute response to his pleas, on some level love still exists.
After a jam packed couple of days at corporate headquarters, by the time Thursday rolls around Ms. Erotica is ready for a good time. She’s excited to go back to Marcel’s restaurant and takes a little extra care making sure she looks not just good but real good. A couple of twirls in front a full length mirror and she’s pleased by what she sees.
By the time she arrives, the place is jamming. A line extends out the front door and funky notes from the band’s bassist vibrate down the block. Ms. E pauses before deciding what to do. She feels a gentle touch on her elbow and turns to see Marcel leaning in to say something. “You are stunning. Come with me, I saved that table for you. We’ll go in another entrance.” The crowd parts to let them through. Ms. E feels like a rock star. Everyone takes notice as Marcel leads her to a candlelit table where a bottle of champagne and two glasses await. He takes her coat, helps her get seated and then settles himself in a chair across from her. “I’ve decided to join you this evening.”
“You sure the owner won’t mind?”
He smiles in response to her question. “Forgive me; I just wanted the other night to simply be two people meeting for the first time.”
“You’re forgiven. I felt a little silly, though, when I discovered who you are.”
“No more secrets. I’m delighted to see you, Ms. E. You look gorgeous.”
“Thank you Marcel, you look quite handsome yourself.”
As much as her first experience at Marcel’s was great, this one is even better. It begins with champagne and is followed by a steady and exquisite array of food, great music, dancing and lots of flirtatious conversation. During a break from the music Marcel asks, “I notice you don’t have a ring on your finger, does that mean that you’re presently unattached?”
Ms. E hesitates before answering. “That’s not a simple answer.”
“OK, so you are involved with someone?”
“Yes, I am but… we’re taking a break from each other at the moment and I’m trying not to think about it.”
“Don’t mean to intrude…”
“No worries, Marcel, and what is your situation?”
He shows her his left hand, also without a ring. “What do you say we find a quieter place to talk and have a night cap?”
“Sounds good, I’m sure you know the perfect spot.”
“I have a penthouse upstairs with one of the best views of the city. I’ll get your coat.”
Marcel returns in an instant and leads Ms. E to a private elevator that takes them to his magnificent rooftop suite. Large windows frame the nocturnal cityscape; soft music fills the room from hidden speakers. Another bottle of champagne is popped and Ms. E is presented with a flute brimming with effervescent delight.
Upon toasting the glorious evening they’ve shared, Ms. E turns to take in the view outside. A galaxy of lights form a sparkling backdrop for her reflected image. She watches Marcel appear from behind, watches his arms circle her waist, his lips kiss her shoulder. Chills run up and down her body. She extends her head back to meet him exposing her neck for whatever comes next. Kisses on her neck come next; Marcel’s hands on her breasts come after that. “I knew I had to have you the second you walked in my door.” His hands move under her blouse and lift her bra. His fingers pinch her nipples. Ms. E’s breathing increases, a surprising desire builds.
Her belt is soon unbuckled and her pants undone. Marcel’s fingers push aside Ms. E’s thong and search for her moist red stripe. Eyes closed, she spreads her legs to accommodate his hand and grinds against his touch. “Yes, right there, yes, just like that.” She feels his erection rub against her bootie, his tongue circle the inside of her ear, his fingers explore her sugar.
He twists her around to face and kiss him. When she does he rips off her shirt exposing her naked breasts. “Now is when you say ‘thank you’ to the owner for the past couple of nights, suck my dick Ms. E.” An unexpected tone in his voice sets off an alarm somewhere deep inside her safety mechanism. Ms. Erotica eyes pop wide open to gauge his expression. His soft demeanor is gone; a stern disconcerting scowl has taken its place. She steps back to gather herself and de-escalate the situation at hand.
“Whew, you caught me off guard Marcel. I need a glass of water.”
He doesn’t move. She tries to push by him but he blocks her way. “I’m saying ‘no’ Marcel, the ‘no’ you said you’d respect. I need some water. Let me by.”
Marcel steps aside. Ms. E heads for the kitchen, turns on an overhead light and fills a glass with water from the tap. Mid-gulp, she feels Marcel standing next to her. His hand reaches between her legs. “No.”
“You were saying ‘yes’ just a second ago: ‘yes, right there, yes, just like that.’ What the fuck? Why the sudden ‘no’?”
“This doesn’t feel right. I need to go.”
“Now it’s my turn to say ‘no’.”
“You don’t get that option Marcel.” She raises her hand to his chest to fend off his advance. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to button up what’s left of my torn blouse. You’re going to get my coat. I’m going to thank you for a nice evening and you’re going to be the gentleman you were earlier and open this damn door before anything else transpires. Now, if you would please get my coat, I’m going to cover my breasts and leave.”
Marcel stares intently at Ms. E. She looks away, adjusts her bra, tucks remnants of her blouse into her pants and heads for the exit. “You can keep the coat.” She opens Marcel’s door and strides to the elevator, her hands clutch both sides of her tattered blue linen top.
A large crowd lingers outside the restaurant. Thankfully, she is able to slip by without drawing attention to her plight. Even though her hotel is only a short walk away, Ms. E jumps in a cab. The concierge helps her out of the taxi when she arrives. “Are you OK?”
“I will be. Thank you.” She rushes to her room, secures and double checks every lock before stepping into the hottest shower she can stand.
When finished, Ms. Erotica sends a text to MK. “I’m coming home early tomorrow. Can you please pick me up? I’d like to see you and to talk. E”

Book 2 Chapter 25: Reality Check

MK manages to steal a few winks on the couch. A text interrupts his light sleep. It’s Ms. Erotica. His heart races. Before he can read her message MK fumbles his phone. It lands on Mo’s back. Mo immediately stands up and inadvertently propels the coveted device to the middle of the room. MK scrambles across the floor on his hands and knees to retrieve it. Finally, he reads her words and responds. ‘Yes, I will pick you up. Yes, I would love to talk. What time?’
‘Thanks MK. 2:00 pm. Alaska Air. You may not believe this but I miss you.’
A different kind of tears well up in MK’s eyes. She misses me! He wants to write back I miss you so fucking much I can’t stand it! I can’t wait to see you. I love you Ms. E. I love you. I love you, but thinks better of it. Clearly, it’s best to let Ms. E set the pace on this one. He hugs Mo and smiles for the first time in too long.
Time crawls by. MK can’t stand waiting at home so drives early to the airport. Two hours later Ms. E’s plane finally arrives and she emerges from the airport walkway. “Hi MK.” It’s a different Ms. E from the ebullient woman who he picked up a week ago.
“Hey Ms. E.”
His eyes display clear evidence of tormented regret. She thinks of asking how he is but thinks better of it. “How’s Mo?”
He thinks of answering with “he’s missing you” but instead offers “he asked me to say hello.”
“What a good boy, tell him Ms. E misses him. Thanks for coming to get me.”
“My pleasure Sweet Beauty, I’m glad you asked me to do so.”
She reaches out her left hand. MK does the same and they greet each across an awkward distance. “Take me home MK and please come in so we can talk.”
“I would love to.”
The ride is quiet. A few pleasantries about innocuous subjects are shared but nothing more. Upon arriving at Ms. E’s place, she drags her bag to the spare bedroom and heads for the kitchen. “You have no idea how good it feels to be home. Have a seat MK. I’m going to make a pot of tea, would you like some?”
“Love some Ms. E. Thank you.”
She busies herself in the kitchen while MK tries to get comfortable in one of her chairs. He’s never sat anywhere but her couch but the couch doesn’t feel like a viable option.
Ms. E brings his tea and sits in the same spot where she always sits, cross legged on the right side of the couch, a pillow hugged across her tummy. “This feels strange, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in that chair.”
“This is the first time I’ve ever sat here.”
A brief uncomfortable silence follows. “MK, you’re a good man. I’ve always known that and I’m reminded of it often. Clearly we’re at a difficult place. I want to talk and see if we can work through it.”
MK begins to say ‘thank you’ but her look stops him.
“Just listen; you’ll have your chance to talk.” She takes a moment to gather her thoughts. “I wish I had a better handle on what it is I’m feeling right now, what I’ve been feeling since you told me about your night with Simone, but I don’t. I do know I’m hurt, angry, and confused…I also know that I miss you and of all the things that don’t seem fair to me right now, the thing that feels most unfair is that I don’t get to be with the person I love. That sucks MK, it really does. I couldn’t wait to get home from Portland to see you last week and when I did I got punched in the gut.”
She blows on her tea and takes a sip. MK wants to do the same but refrains.
“I want to get over this. I miss what we had but I don’t know if we either can or want to go back there. We created a grey area for ourselves. If we had made a commitment to be monogamous and you went off and fucked another woman and tried to cover it up then I would not be sitting here with you. But we didn’t make that commitment and even though I don’t like it, I get why you didn’t tell me. In some sense you didn’t do anything ‘wrong.’ I wish we had talked more before you decided to venture out with someone else and even though I realize there’s no good time to tell someone you love that you fucked another woman, that’s not really my main concern.”
She pauses and looks down at her hands that are joined as if in prayer. “I have something to tell you. I almost had sex with another man this past week. I got close but I didn’t. I’m not going to share the details, at least not right now, but the experience was a wakeup call for me, a clarifying moment if I can use those words. What’s clear is that I love you and what’s also clear is that I need to trust you, of all the people in the world, I need to trust you MK. You’re my rock. You make me feel safe. That’s been shaken and it’s going to take me some time to get over it but I want to get over it.”
MK can barely hear her when she says, “your turn.”
He searches for the perfect thing to say but there is no such thing. “I love you too Sweet Beauty. I fucked up twice. I acted out of impulse and did so without, as you said, having talked with you more about it beforehand and then I acted out of fear by not telling you. I put our relationship in jeopardy and I hurt you. I can’t forgive myself for either consequence of my actions. I also can’t lose you. You are my heart, my partner, my true love. I can’t lose you, I just can’t.”
“So what do we do MK?”
“As much of this as possible: talk, clarify, forgive, move on, love, never do anything that might hurt the other again. Look, I don’t pretend for a minute that I didn’t do something that I regret. I made a mistake and I have to live with that. I’ve also loved you deeply for 25 years. I ask that you find it in your heart to not let this one mistake negate all those years.”
Ms. Erotica stares at MK. He’s right. No matter what the situation, his love for her never wavers. When she asked him to be patient and wait for her while making it eminently clear that she might never be ready for a relationship with him, he did so without question. When she felt like her life was falling apart, he was there for her asking nothing in return.
“If I was the one who strayed and, as I said, I almost did, I know you would still love me MK. I want to do the same for you but I don’t know if I can right now. I’ve asked you before to be patient with me; I’m going to ask you again. I can’t lose you either. Give me some time MK; help me heal. Can you do that?”
“You know I can Sweet Beauty and I will. We both need some healing.”
They talk a bit more about her job, the training, the beauty of Portland when it isn’t raining. “And you weren’t lying about Portlanders bending over backwards to be nice to a Black girl.”
“I told you, anybody ask to touch your hair?”
“I didn’t give them the chance. I learned a lesson, though. You have to keep your eye out for what lies underneath all those smiles. It’s a different place and that’s all I’m going to say about it.” A pregnant pause follows leaving MK to wonder what’s going through Ms. E’s mind. Fortunately, she breaks the momentary silence.
“MK, all this serious talk has made me hungry, you want to get something to eat?”
“Love to Sweet Beauty. What do you have in mind?”
“How does Mexican sound? We can bring some food back and catch up on an episode or two.”
“I’d love nothing more.”
They drive her car to a nearby taco stand that she adores. “Make sure you give us extra hot sauce.” Ms. E instructs the young woman in the take out window. She checks the bag to make sure there’s not only extra sauce but the right kind. “OK, thank you.” Soon, they’re back home sitting in their customary places on the couch ready to watch ‘Daredevil’ on Netflix.
Characteristically, Ms. E falls asleep before they finish the second episode. MK watches her, sitting as still as possible so as not to disturb his sleeping Beauty. He basks in the presence of the woman he thought he’d lost. Eventually she opens her eyes. “What time is it MK? How long have I been sleeping?”
“It’s almost one o’clock and you’ve been snoozing for about an hour.”
“Why didn’t you make me go to bed?”
“Because I didn’t want to disturb you and, to be honest, I didn’t want to leave.”
“I don’t want you to leave but I need to go to bed. Why don’t you spend the night on the couch?”
MK’s heart leaps for joy. “Serious?”
“I’ll get you some blankets while you use the bathroom. Thanks for tonight MK. I needed this.”
“Me too Sweet Beauty. Thanks for giving us a chance.”
MK returns to see covers and a couple of pillows laid out for him. As he undresses for sleep, Ms. E returns to the living room. She leans forward and kisses him on his forehead. “Sleep well cutie.”
“You too Ms. E. Thank you. I love you Beautiful.”
“I know you do MK.” She takes her turn in the bathroom. My’Kuyah listens as she closes her bedroom door and lies staring at the ceiling giving thanks to whatever spirits made the evening possible.
Sleep isn’t forthcoming but MK doesn’t care. Only a thin wall separates him from Ms. E after a grueling week where she felt like a lifetime away. He manages to doze off, awaken and then doze off again. Mid way through the night he hears Ms. E whisper in his ear. “Let me fall asleep next to you Daddy K.” She pulls back his covers and lies in his arms. Within seconds she’s asleep. MK kisses her neck and listens to her gentle breathing. It is moments like this that remind him what it feels like when everything is right with the world.
“Good night Sweet Beauty. I love you so.”

Book 2 Chapter 26: Thanks for Loving Me

MK sits back in his office chair and lets his emotions from the last few days settle a bit. The awful sense of loss that followed Ms. E finding out about Simone makes his stomach tighten. He remembers the look that came across her face, the instant wall that fell between them, and he gives thanks for Ms. E’s loving forgiveness.
nd then there’s Simone, the forgotten party in it all. Once he works past the guilt, he’s warmed by sweet memories of their night together, by her simple support when he wallowed in the throes of recent heart break and then feels even more guilty thinking about her.
Mo sits by the front door and wags his tail when MK enters the living room. “OK old fella’, I didn’t forget about you. Don’t tell me…you want to go for a walk.”
Body language says it all. Mo rises on his back legs, nudges his leash and then stares back at MK.
“Just give me one second old buddy…”
A beautiful sunny day awaits them at the beach. Mo celebrates the moment with his customary victory lap through the shallow surf before sniffing his way back through the sand, every step a new adventure.
Upon their return home, Mo heads for his water bowl and MK goes to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. He checks his e-mail while waiting for the water to boil. At the top of his inbox is a message from Simone.
Hope you’re still alive. Had my doubts the last time we talked. You ready for that soup I promised?
Mo plops down on the floor next to him with a well-chewed bone he’s been cultivating over the past few weeks. MK composes a response to Simone in his mind before committing it to words. He wants to write I was just thinking of you but rethinks his word choice. Instead he says:
Yes, things are better. Thanks for asking. Soup sounds good. How are you?
Ironically, Simone feels safe to MK. On one level that makes no sense: their night together almost blew up his and Ms. E’s world. But she offers soup. She offers intimacy without fear of loss, sex without strings.
I’m good, are you sure you’re ready for my soup? I don’t want to be part of any more drama for you and your primary.
Rather than share what he has just realized, that she feels safe, MK opts for: I’m ready, it will be nice to see you and I’m sure your soup is delicious.
As soon as he hits “send”, a rush of conflicting emotion surges through his gut.
She writes back, Hmmm…this from a man who not so long ago was moping along the beach like a lost puppy. Is it me or my soup you want? Just wondering…
MK’s rush intensifies. He doesn’t try to minimize his desire; he imagines Simone in her naked glory and writes: Let me start with the soup.
And after the soup?
Various comebacks race through his mind beginning with visuals of her breasts dangling in front of him while she buries his dick inside her glorious brown sugar to the image of himself crippled by remorse when he stood outside of her home following their open air fuckfest under the stars.
My question must have vexed you or is it me that vexes you MK? Btw, what is it about me that you find so irresistible?
The second question he can answer more easily than he can the one about what comes after soup.
His mind’s eye sees images of Simone: Simone dressed in nothing but a black lacey bra and matching thong; Simone naked atop him massaging her clit with his erect dick; Simone swallowing him whole peering into his eyes as she fills her mouth with his burgeoning desire. But then from out of nowhere thoughts of Ms. E enter his mind: Ms. E’s soft sounds; Ms. E’s sweet scent; Ms. E burrowing into his arms; Ms. E inviting him inside her world; Ms. E simply smiling and saying “I love you MK”.
A neglected boiling teapot demands MK’s attention. He jumps up from his desk, hustles to turn off the stove and removes the pot of scalding water from its bright red burner. After mopping up the spills, he makes a cup of tea and stares out his back window.
Returning to his laptop, cup of tea in hand, MK crafts a careful response to Simone: You are a beautiful woman Simone and you’ve been really good to me from the moment I met you. I’m not going to lie, a part of me wants the main course with all of the trimmings after I indulge in sips of your soup but I am going to settle for just the appetizer.
A quick reply appears on his screen: That’s good MK. I appreciate your honesty. I’ll bring the soup by later today. Glad you’re gaining some clarity about what you want.
Scrolling through past messages from Ms. E, MK finds a fairly recent picture sent right before she found out about Simone—a white t-shirt pulled tight across her full breasts accompanied by the following words: The girls are perked up for you. They can’t wait to have your mouth, your tongue all over them sucking them every bit of nipple, areola and breast.
MK composes an overdue response.
My beautiful Ms. E, sitting at my desk thinking of you. I imagine you lying next to me surrounded by piles of pillows, night bonnet on your head, it’s part slumber party, part explosive excitement that accompanies first times touching each other’s naked bodies between soft sheets under warm covers in our secret place where it’s just us waking in the middle of the night to make love, waking to feel you astride me, to feel the sweet wetness between your golden brown thighs upon my body. Waking to feel you take me inside your magic moist place, us rocking each other surrounded by the boundless affection that joins us at the hip and we ride each other hard, ride each other wildly until we cum on each other in this wondrous place we have made. I will imagine you waking me tonight to make love in the middle of a dark chocolate dream that is you my beautiful, sexy Ms. E. But, to be honest, as much as I dream of making love with you, in reality I just want to see you and hold you. Thanks for loving me like you do. Hope you always know how much I love you my Sweet Beauty. MK

Book 2 Chapter 27: Home Sweet Home

Ms. E. She sits in the lunch room at work about to feast on a fried fish sandwich when from out of nowhere Drew approaches. He’s decided he will try one last time to woo this unapproachable woman who fascinates him so. “I had some business over in your part of town so thought I’d drop by to say hello. Mind if I sit down with you for a second?”
He catches Ms. E in a carefree mood. “Have a seat, Drew, what’s up?”
Setting his brief case on a small table to the side of a metal folding chair, Drew tries to get comfortable. “Not much, glad to be spending some time at home even though, I have to say, I’ve come to enjoy Portland.”
“Really…” Ms. E looks up from her phone directly at Drew. “How so?”
Her attention gives Drew some hope. “It has great restaurants and a surprisingly good club scene.”
Ms. E says nothing; her look seems to suggest he continue with his comments so Drew goes for it.
“I found this very cool spot with outstanding Cajun food and jazz that I think you’d like…”
“Yes, how’d you know?”
“Been there, done that.”
“And I have no desire to go back.”
It’s Drew’s turn to be silent. He played what he thought was a strong card in his bid to finally make an inroad with Ms. E and it turned her attitude south, way south.
“And Drew, please don’t ask what happened.”
“OK, OK, I won’t. I just thought it was a place you might like.”
A stony silence fills the growing space between them.
Drew reaches for his briefcase and begins to rise from his chair. He pauses and sits back down. “If you don’t mind me asking, what have I done to offend you as it appears I have? I thought we got over what happened in Mexico.”
Ms. E considers his question. It’s fair, she has been cold. “We have moved forward and you know I’m not interested in a relationship with you or anyone else at this point in my life. I thought I made that clear to you but apparently I didn’t so I have distanced myself. We’re colleagues and whatever we do together will remain collegial, it’s that simple. ”
“And if we weren’t colleagues?”
“Look, you’re a nice guy and I don’t want to play pretend. Fact is we are colleagues and I have no plan to change that. OK?”
“Got it,” once more Drew gets up to leave but suddenly stops. “Wait, Marcel told me about some out of town sister who got crazy with him last week. It just hit me, that’s you, isn’t it?”
Ms. E cuts her eyes at Drew. Calmly, without a word, she gathers her things and walks to her desk. If she ever sees Drew or Marcel again it will be too soon.
Returning to her office, Ms. E responds to MK’s most recent message:
Thanks for your beautiful words. When I get home from work this evening we’re going to close the curtains, lock the doors, get naked and make the rest of the world go away for awhile. My body needs to feel you; it aches for the safety of your arms. I need your touch: your soft hands on my breasts, your kisses upon my lips, the gentle graze of your finger on my neck. I’m yours MK. Take me to that special place that only you know how to find. Take me with you. Make me wet with the way you see me. Spread me wide and fill me with desperate desire. Show me what it feels like to crave a woman. Have your body tell me over and over how much you love me, how much it aches like mine does when we’re apart, how much you must have me. And when we both cum, when we both gasp for breath and when we marvel at the power of what we’ve just experienced, cradle me and remind that love like ours is real and is what matters most.
I can’t wait to see the man who every day teaches me something new about love.
Yours always,
Ms. E
MK is waiting for her when she finally gets home. They embrace before Ms. E’s front door closes. He strokes Ms. E’s face. “I don’t know what it is but you look different.” He pulls her tight and stares at her brown eyes. It’s like they’re radiating their own light.
Pulled curtains block out whatever of Ms. E’s unfinished business tried to follow her home. Dimmed lights darken any lingering concern about what may or may not lie ahead. Ms. E and MK curl up on the couch with each other in the shimmering depth between what was and what may be– there’s no frenzied groping just soft, tender kisses. They behold each other’s presence, details that only lovers can know in darkened intimate moments: lines of moist lips; breasts pressing against chest; the syncopated slow grind of fused hips; emergent wet warmth between passion filled thighs that bring dormant desire to life. “Welcome home MK.”
Ms. E’s words echo like a chant throughout the dimensions of their embrace. They evoke a cavalcade of images that leave evidence of their journey to this instant—a lifetime of tracks upon decades of fallen snow. MK nudges apart Ms. E’s legs with his knee and slides between her golden loins. She wraps her feet around his waist and pulls him into her benevolent body. “Welcome home.”

Book 2 Chapter 28: I Love You This Much

A weekend alone together couldn’t come soon enough. “Get dressed MK. We’re going out; we’ll call it ‘MK’s big adventure with his almost forgotten Ms. E.’ No questions will be permitted. Just get ready for a delightful evening on me my love.”
“That’s an offer I can’t refuse.”
“You got that right.”
The evening starts like many others: a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant seated at their regular table served by a waiter who has spoiled them with delightful food and wine for what feels like forever—but this time, beginning with a fresh Caprese salad those items arrive unsolicited, no menus, no recommendations, no tasting of the wines. Ms. E has taken care of all the details in advance.
“Having fun yet MK?”
“I have to hand it you Sweet Beauty, you know how to treat a fella’, now if I saw more of you these past weeks…”
“I know MK, it’s been tough for both of us. Tonight is my way of saying ‘thank you’ for your patience, your loving support and to let you know that the hardest part of this newest phase in our lives is coming to an end. I just hope you don’t get sick of me.”
“Sick of my Sweet Beauty? Never! I’ll toast to that new beginning,” he raises his glass, “may we spend so much time together that we decide we just want more.”
A clink of shimmering glasses filled with burgundy wine echoes between heartfelt desires.
“To help us get to that place of wanting more, I have something else planned for us tonight.”
After an hour’s drive through a part of Los Angeles MK has never seen, Ms. E pulls into a parking spot on a dark street in a nondescript neighborhood. They follow a sidewalk towards an equally nondescript building set back from the street behind a row of tall hedges. Who should be waiting there to greet them but the man with the questionable toupee and irrepressible wink from Ms. E’s favorite club. “Well if it isn’t Ms. Erotica and her fortunate friend. So nice to see you…my, my, my… you two are looking lovely tonight. Glad you found my new location. I just had to branch out on my own and open my own club. Sometimes too much of a good thing is not such a good thing.” A smile and signature wink make Ms. E and MK feel right at home. “Step inside you two, let me show off the new digs.”
After drinks, a half dozen winks, and an extended tour the couple settles in a dimly lit lounge. A dozen tables sit between a busy bar backed by a long mirror behind them and a glass wall in front. Porn videos leaving little to the imagination beam from each corner of the room. Dancers move around each other, one eye on their partners, the other on possible companions to join in the orgy room once the evening heats up.
Ms. E, gorgeous in a black form fitting outfit and large gold hoop earrings, sits on MK’s lap, his arms wrapped around her. She wants it known that she is with the only man in the club who seems to have paid careful attention and then some to the dress code, looking handsome as hell in his tailored suit and light blue shirt.
In the middle of the dance floor, a Black man, well muscled and shirtless, has his eye on a young, shy Hispanic woman who is accompanied by an older white man. He sends his partner, an African American woman, adorned in a French cut leotard displaying ample cleavage to break the ice. The Hispanic woman is reluctant. The Black woman is persistent and slowly encircles her young prey with slow, evocative, sexy movement while the older white man checks out her tight ass.
“Let’s walk around some MK.” Working their way through a maze of hallways and dimly lit rooms, Ms. E and MK never break contact with each other. Where ample space permits, MK wraps his arm around Ms. E’s shoulder. When it doesn’t, they hold hands. She gets back on his lap whenever they sit.
It’s a scene out of a B movie about the decline of Rome. Couples adorned in towels fuck in small cubbies, suck on each other in secluded corners and join other revelers in tattered lofts crammed with beds. Ms. E and MK give each other a ‘been there, done that look’. Adding to their dismay is the decrepit state of the facility: it’s long overdue for a deep cleaning. “Come with me my love. I have a surprise for you that will make this trip memorable for good reasons.” He reaches for her extended hand and follows the most beautiful woman in the club to a distant room away from most of the debauchery. Ms. E sits MK in a comfortable chair, plants a loving kiss on his cheek and says, “Sit tight ‘Kuyah. Enjoy the show.” She disappears through a door in a glass wall. MK has no idea what will happen next.
A round of drinks is delivered to their table by a smiling waitress. “Welcome to one of our discreet spots for couples only. I think you’ll like being away from the crowds you’ve seen elsewhere.” Their interaction is interrupted by the familiar opening chords of Janet Jackson’s Discipline. A spotlight illuminates a previously dark space behind a glass wall. Ms. E dances into its glow. She wears nothing but the brown bra and panties that lay underneath her evening outfit. Her eyes fix on MK. Her body writhes to the music. Her lips sync with Janet Jackson’s lyrics, “I misbehaved, done some things I know I shouldn’t do…” She pulls aside her sexy silk thong, licks the fingers on her right hand and rubs them up and down her naked pussy, “I touched myself, even though you told me not to…” Hands extended above her head, Ms. E grinds against the glass wall, “You commanded me to wait for you (I tried)…now I want you to come punish me.”
Darkness envelops her figure, the light disappears. Janet Jackson’s music continues. Ms. E gives voice to MK’s unspoken desires in song, “Tie me to something, take off all my clothes,” a second spot creates a new light. Into the new light dances a completely naked Ms. E. Water enters the light from above and showers down the length of her glistening brown body. Her hands spread white frothy soap suds along every line, over every curve of her glorious glistening figure. She steps closer to the window wall and rubs her soapy breasts against grateful glass, thrusts her sculpted thighs against their steamy reflection, makes love to an entranced MK whose eyes she holds in her own.
She beckons him forward. He rushes from his chair and throws himself against the window wall, his clothed figure pressing against Ms. E’s naked dripping wet body. He aches to be the glass, burns to be on the other side to devour his sensuous delight. His hands reach for her breasts, his lips for her lips, his hips for the space between her legs. Janet Jackson carries his hunger across the divide, “You be the teacher, I’ll be the student. Tell me to do it…”
She beckons him to her side. “Yes, Daddy, hurry, don’t hold back.”
MK doesn’t. He races to find the door and bursts through to the dark private side of the glass wall where his love awaits, arms extended, body aflame with overflowing desire. No time to waste, no time to shed his clothes, Kuyah dives into the light and reaches for the woman he loves.
His mouth devours her dripping wet pussy. His hands smother her breasts. He throws aside his soaking wet clothes, kisses every inch of her entire body and lifts Ms. E upon his hips. Her back pressed against the glass wall, Ms. E and MK make love while billowing clouds of steam melt them into a single coupled figure softly backlit by dwindling shreds of light. They take turns chastening each other, purging themselves of their recent transgressions, their assembled regrets, letting the hot shower cleanse their beleaguered healing souls and wash their respective sins away.
Together, they consummate a love that has been tried and tested, elusive as the gathering steam, a love that has gloriously survived.

Book 2 Chapter 29: Love Like It’s Your Last Time

The morning after calls for breakfast at one of Ms. E’s favorite spots. It lives up to her advance billing. MK chows down fried chicken and waffles as Ms. E works on a delicious mixed meat omelet. Their conversation focuses on their evening at the sex club.
“I feel safe with you MK, especially last night. I have never wanted you more.” She leans forward over her food and whispers, “plus you looked so good, even though that place wasn’t up to my standards, I just had to give you some of this Ms. E pussy. And you know I made sure that shower was clean!”
A broad smile breaks out across MK’s face. The mere mention of Ms. E’s sexual magic entwined with her humor makes him hard. “My erection is about to lift this side of the table.” Ms. E covers her mouth with a napkin, leans back and laughs with delight: nothing quite as beautiful as a delighted Ms. E.
“In all honesty, the simple act of playing with your breasts was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever done. Amidst all the fucking, the innocence of our constant touching was the best part of the evening…not to say your shower surprise wasn’t amazing because it was off the chain.”
“Aweee MK, you say the sweetest things to me.”
“It’s all true Sweet Beauty.”
“Thanks MK, I fell in love with you all over again last night.”
After a great breakfast and a few stops on the way back home, Ms. E, with a twinkle in her eye, suggests an early afternoon nap.
“You were reading my mind Beautiful.”
Reaching for MK’s hand like she did throughout the night, Ms. E leads him to her bed where they undress and jump naked into each other’s arms. She snuggles next to him, rests her head on his shoulder, and throws her thigh over his extended legs. MK feels the warmth wet of her sex against his hip, parts her tender lips with his fingers and holds her pussy in his hand. His middle finger applies gentle pressure against her clit. Her moist desire pulses in response. They fall asleep like that, connected at her core, his hand a plug in her socket, a steady stream of energy flowing between them.
Dreams of flying, a man and a woman anchored together by his hand between her legs, her heartbeat beating against his finger, augment an extended refreshing slumber. Ms. E awakens first and ever so subtly begins to grind against MK’s hand. Her sugar lips wrap around his finger and pull him closer to her aroused clitoris. MK responds in kind and slides down her body until his tongue can taste her nectar. He turns her over on to her tummy, his middle finger joins his index and he watches them slide in and out of her wet bright pink desire.
Ms. E bucks when he bites her bootie and writhes when his tongue flirts with her anus. She feels her temperature rise, her lust from the previous evening resurfaces and she rolls on to her back to watch MK thrust his fingers in and out of her body vigorously massaging her G-spot with each stroke. With the thumb of his free hand, he rubs her swollen clit. Being loved by this man feels so fucking good, she whispers “don’t ever stop MK.” An impending orgasm cuts her sentiment short.
“I’m going to cum MK. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”
MK ups the ante. Ms. E’s breathing reaches a fevered pitch. Suddenly, her torso pitches forward, her hands reach for her mouth, “I’m going to scream MK!” Her quaking body slams back down on the bed and then rises again. “I’m going to fucking scream.” She grabs a pillow and covers her mouth, muffling what she can of her uncontrollable exclamations. “Ohhhh, oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh MK!” A stream of liquid squirts into the air cascading upon MK’s head like water from a fountain. Eyes wide, a surprised look on her face, Ms. E tries to quiet her shrieking voice and calm her breathing, her body too sensitive to any further stimulation except her own. While one hand holds the pillow, the other reaches for her tummy as if to quiet the storm that rages through her body.
“OMG MK, I have never…” her words struggle to find expression between waves of labored breathing…”never MK. I thought I was going to alarm the whole neighborhood…make them think something crazy was happening up in here.”
When her breathing finally returns to a semblance of normal, she pats the bed beckoning MK to lie back down and once again cuddles against him. “I swear, every orgasm I have with you is the best, but what just happened…unbelievable MK.” Soon the frantic breathing of extended climax is replaced by the gentle sounds of sleep.

Book 2 Chapter 30: Sisyphus

His fate was to push a large boulder up a hill only to have it repeatedly roll back upon him, sending both to the bottom and to the task of repeating his futile hump back up the unrelenting steep incline never to reach the top.
Gathering himself for a new day, MK sits alone smiling at memories of their glorious reunion. He can still feel her body upon his, her soft breasts pressed against his chest, her hips rocking his hips, her luscious lips kissing him over and over throughout the night, kissing him everywhere, kissing him gently, wildly, desperately, lovingly until neither he nor Ms. E could kiss anymore.
Making hot tea, MK hears his phone ring in the bedroom. He hustles to it as quickly as his morning body allows. It’s Ms. E and fortunately he catches her call before she hangs up.
“Hey Beautiful, I was just thinking of you.”
“Aweee, hope they were lovely thoughts.”
“How could they not be? How’s work?”
“Work is work MK, no way around it. I have some bad news that you’re not going to like …I have to leave town again. The company needs me to go to Sacramento, something’s come up and I have to fly out this afternoon.”
“You’re kidding.”
“I wish I was but I’m not. I’m going to race home, pick up my bags and make an early afternoon flight. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t unpack from the last trip. I’m sorry MK, but duty calls. Still love me?”
“Ms. E, how could I not love you? I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed, though, especially after the last couple of days.”
“I know. We had an unbelievable time. Think about it this way, you have something to look forward to when I return ‘cause you know I’m going to be dying to see you.”
“Hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. I’ll pick you up and take you to the airport.”
“The company’s picking up the tab for the ride to the airport but I’d love to see you before I go. Would you mind making me something quick to eat? I didn’t get any breakfast.”
“You got it my Sweet Beauty.”
She blows in and out of the house like a springtime squall. After a quick good bye, MK gathers himself and returns to his home and to the ever patient Mo. “Back to square one Buddy, it’s me and you again for awhile.” A glorious long walk on the beach does its healing thing and then the boys settle into their familiar routines.
Ms. E is spent after the flight and a long day in the Sacramento office. She has just enough energy to text her sweet man before heading to bed. Dear MK, the second after I write my last word to you tonight, I am going to undress and imagine it’s you taking off my clothes. It will be your fingers that unbutton my blouse while your kisses bring chills to my neck. Your hands will strip off every piece of my clothing until I am completely naked. Your lips will suckle my brown nipples until they grow erect in your mouth. Your touch will circle my tummy, work its way across my pelvis and tease my sugar lips until they part and pray for more. Your tongue will answer my prayer and your mouth will fill with my sweet cream as you fuck me first with your fingers then with that tongue and finally with your beloved dick and when I scream out your name you will drink from my body and you will find pleasure in mine and I will lie back and lick my fingers pretending that I am tasting yours. My heart will pump and I will feel your love wash over me with the warmth that only you can bring. Can’t wait until this week is over.
MK responds, Me neither Sweet Beauty, I miss you more than you can imagine. Sleep well Beautiful. Love you tonight and every night. MK
A week of texts and phone calls follows. Ms. E returns to her hotel more exhausted each night, barely able hold her eyes open as she gulps down room service while she and MK video chat.
By Thursday morning, she’s completely drained. “I don’t feel good MK, if I don’t feel any better by tonight I’m going to an urgent care and have the doctors in the clinic check me out.” She doesn’t make it through the day. MK’s texts go unanswered. Finally, a simple message appears on his phone: “They’re putting me in the hospital MK for some tests. Don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll let you know as soon as I know. Love you. E”
Simone is kind enough to take care of Mo. MK hops on the next available plane for Sacramento and goes straight to the hospital.
One look at Ms. E’s smile, one note of her laughter and all the feelings from their years together threaten to overwhelm him. The woman MK is committed to spending the rest of his life with lies before him in a hospital bed, worried, weary yet full of the same spirit that drew him to her ages ago.
“Hey Beautiful.”
Ms. E rolls her tired eyes and whispers, “please MK, don’t…”
“No, you are, even more than ever.”
“Whatever,” she looks away and adjusts a silk scarf that adorns her head, a scarf MK gave her once upon a time. “I sure as hell don’t feel beautiful.”
“You’ve had quite a ride.”
“You don’t know the half of it MK.” She fills him in as best she can. “They don’t know what it is. My blood supply is dangerously low and doesn’t seem to be replenishing itself. Might be anemia, might be something else. I’ve had so many tests that I feel like I’m somebody’s science project. But it’s good to see you MK. I’ve missed you.”
Her finger manages to find its way to his lips to silence his words before they gain expression. “I know MK. Believe me I know how much you love me. It’s OK.”
He reaches for Ms. E’s hand which she lets him gently embrace.
“When I make it out of here old man, promise me we will not waste another moment of whatever time we have left.”
“I promise Beautiful. I want nothing more in this life than to be with you.”
More tests and no definitive answers follow. MK spends every moment he can beside Ms. E. He hangs on every medical professional’s words and approaches each one in the hall outside his Sweet Beauty’s room seeking clarification, answers, anything to ease the anxiety that accompanies their lack of certainty about Ms. E’s condition.
On the third day a stoic doctor enters the room, closes the door behind them and all too matter of factly says the word no one wants to hear, “You have cancer.”
Ms. E gathers her strength and but can only manage one word, “What?”
“Just that, we don’t know yet what kind you have nor do we know the source. We just know that cancer is present in your body and seems to be connected with the symptoms you’re experiencing.”
A long exhale and silence follows. Ms. E’s stomach knots. Her mouth dries. Her eyes attempt to meet the doctor’s. “So what does this mean?”
“It means we are going to do more tests including biopsies and start you on medications until we can pin down the source of the problem.”
Rarely at a loss for words, Ms. E scrambles to give voice to a laundry list of questions that ricochet through her mind but is too stunned to talk.
“If you have no further questions…”
“Wait,” MK interjects before the doctor turns to exit, “of course we have questions; just give us a moment. Let’s start with this: what medications specifically are you going to prescribe and for what reasons?”
“That’s difficult to say. Since we don’t know the source of the cancer, we will start with more general remedies and keep an eye on the patient’s response.”
“Exactly what kind of remedies?”
“As I said, we know the patient has cancer so we want to begin with a general chemotherapy while we try to pinpoint the exact source.”
“How widespread is the cancer?”
“Again, we don’t know yet. Look, let me give you two some time to digest what I’ve shared and I will come back later today to talk more in depth. In the meantime, a nurse will begin the prescribed therapy.”
The doctor, the trained professional who is supposed to have answers and has none, who only refers to Ms. E as “the patient”, turns and leaves.
Ms. E and MK sit motionless trying to keep their silent screams at bay. Ms. E’s voice is the first to surface, “what the fuck MK?”
His stunned silence reflects their confusion. “I don’t know where to begin.”
“Apparently neither does the staff.”
“So we wait.”
Ms. E’s scowl, the one MK imagines each time they talk on the phone and she reacts negatively to something he shares, “MK, if you could see my face…” says all that needs to be said.
“What else can we do? We make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, that you get everything you need, we pray for good news and we wait.”
It’s not what she wants to hear but realizes that her options are limited and eventually resigns herself to an unwelcome fate.
The uncertainty goes on for days. To her great relief, Ms. E gets permission to return home to a new team of doctors in an LA hospital. Her room is nice but it’s still a room in a hospital. Fresh optimism counters the couple’s stifling uncertainty for a welcomed short while but the days of not knowing become weeks of not knowing and the anxiety of not knowing is compounded by punishing effects of the chemo.
Ms. E’s shower drain begins to fill with hair. Her appetite for food washes down along with it. A good day is followed by three merciless ones and still no answers, still no clarity. Meanwhile, Ms. E feels herself getting sicker, feels what energy she has dissipate. Clothes hang on her beleaguered frame. She sleeps when she can, walks when she can, eats when she can but suffers throughout it all.
MK stays by her side. He reads to her until she dozes off into a nap and then reads all he can find on the web about her condition. He searches for anything that will help her maintain what little strength she has and when not praying for her well being, MK prays for his own.
Finally a breakthrough, a biopsy of Ms. E’s liver reveals cancer. An innovative radiation therapy is prescribed. Though offering promise, the process will be lengthy and challenging. Her doctor explains, “First one half of her liver will be treated. We’ll let you gather your strength and then we’ll treat the remaining half. There’s something you should know, though, most cancers of the liver start somewhere else and metastasize into that organ. So, we are going to continue to search for other problem areas while we treat the liver. You have a long road ahead, but your chances of regaining your health are good.”
It’s a long road indeed.
Ms. E snuggles next to MK, head resting on his shoulder. Her body feels like an alien being, something she lugs around, too weary to stand on its own, her only sensations being pain and discomfort. The last thing she wants is to be touched, no matter how loving that touch may be.
Her voice is quiet when she speaks, her words sparse and carefully chosen. Talking, like everything she once took for granted, takes too much effort. She feels MK’s love in his patient stillness. His presence warms her beleaguered body like a welcome down comforter on a cold night.
“MK,” she whispers, “I’m sorry.”
He is startled to hear her voice, its raspy sound, its weak timbre. “For what Sweet Beauty?”
“For this.”
The deep sadness he has tried to confine in a box somewhere behind his heart, threatens to spill out of its hidden container. He kisses her forehead knowing that if she could she would lift her index finger to his lips and say “I know”, but she no longer possesses that strength so his words gain expression, “you have nothing to be sorry for.”
“This isn’t what you signed up for old man.” Ms. E’s eyes are closed; a colorful scarf covers a scalp that once sported beautifully maintained coils and a forehead with carefully manicured eyebrows that arched above bright brown eyes.
“I signed up to be with you.”
“Yeah, but Mr. Man between your legs might have a different take on the current arrangement.”
MK can’t help but chuckle. “Mr. Man is fine. He appreciates you thinking of him and sends his best to little Ms. E between yours.”
“But nothing, Sweet Beauty, I don’t want to be anywhere but here, next to you.”
Sleep quiets Ms. E’s voice, her breathing settles into a welcome rhythm. MK’s thoughts wander to the night he awoke, one foot still in dreamland, to the rhythm of her hips riding his, her delicious wet warmth drawing his erect desire deep inside her sacred healthy body, her hands on his shoulders, her perfect brown breasts swaying before his eyes. They stayed like that for what felt like forever engaged in a primal dance emitting quiet middle-of-the-night sighs, loving beyond shared orgasm, losing sense of where one body ended and another began, two souls genuinely joined as one.
He would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the intimacy. He misses most everything about the vibrant woman from such a short time ago who danced for him naked in a glass walled shower, the one whose statuesque physique he desires daily. But none of that matters now. It’s Ms. E’s recovery that dominates his prayers.

Book 2 Chapter 31: We Were So Wonderfully Alive

“MK, I can’t promise you anything. I have to get well. I don’t know how long that will take and I don’t know what I’ll be like should I ever reach that place. You can’t put your life on hold waiting for me, hoping for an outcome that probably won’t ever happen. I’m not the same me. The Ms. E you fell in love has already succumbed to this disease. I want you to go out, meet other people, find someone else who will cherish you. I can’t be that person for you right now and I don’t know if I ever can be.”
“But I don’t want anyone else. I want to be with you. I don’t care if you can’t love me now or for that matter, the foreseeable future. My life isn’t on hold waiting for you to get better. I’m still living and I’m choosing to be with you no matter what the circumstances.”
“No MK, I can’t do it. I need to focus every ounce of my strength on me. I can’t deal with the pressure of my disease fucking up your life. I’m not going to let you suffer from my illness. My family wants to take care of me and I need them.”
“Not being with you is what will fuck up my life. I am committed to going through this ordeal with you, no matter how long it takes. Being with you is what sustains me.”
“I need this right now MK and I don’t have the strength to argue about it. I need you to start living your life without me. Chances are I’m not going to make it and if for some reason I do, I’ll never be the same. I need to know that you have moved on and are OK. You’ve always told me that you’d do anything for me and you have, without question. Right now, I need you to leave me to deal with this cancer by myself with my family’s help. Please, MK, do that for me.”
Before MK can say “wait I thought I was your family!” and plead his case one more time, Ms. E lifts a frail, shaking finger and gently presses it on his lips.
“Shhh, MK, it’s OK. I know how much you love me. As much as you are hurting now, it will get worse if you don’t go.”
Words that will never gain expression stick in MK’s throat, “I love you so much. Your life is my life. Your pain is mine. Please don’t do this to me Sweet Beauty, please. I don’t want a life that doesn’t have you in it. Please.”
“Good bye MK.”
Ms. E closes her eyes fighting with what little strength she has to hide her deep sorrow. Fluid slowly drips through a needle into her once toned body. MK limps to a waiting area at the end of the hallway. Tears flood from his swollen eyes. Everything within him feels broken.
A lounge at the end of the Ms. E’s hall becomes his daily abode. Regular conversations with sympathetic nurses keep MK abreast of Ms. E’s progress. Every night he sneaks into her room and watches her sleep, hanging on every breath. He leaves before she awakens and then returns again each time she falls asleep. Days pass. His love never wavers.
A familiar nurse shakes him from a nap, interrupting a dream of one of his final nights with Ms. E before she became ill. It was hot, so hot that Ms. E turned on her air conditioning, something she rarely did. It made a steady rumbling sound laboring against the heat outside so loud that the music Ms. E liked to fall asleep to was muted by the rumble. She got out of bed to turn up the tunes. “Can you even breathe with this heat MK?” Laughter cackled thru their silence and over the noise of a machine that couldn’t manage to lower the temperature between them.
“Mr. Kuyah,” the nurse shakes him, “Mr. Kuyah, I have good news for you.” He opens his eyes, “your friend has turned the corner. We’re seeing genuine signs of progress. Ms. E is going to be OK and finally get out of this hospital after, what has it been, I don’t know anymore, I’ve lost track of the time.”
MK tries to crawl out of his dream, struggles to grasp the nurse’s words while futilely attempting to hold back a storm of long held tears. . “It’s OK Mr. Kuyah, it’s going to be OK.” He lets her hold him wishing it is Ms. E’s arms that surround him.
Gradually, MK gathers himself and searches out the nurse. He hands her an envelope. “Everyone here has been so kind. I’ll always be grateful. Thank you for what you’ve done for me but most important, thank you for what you’ve done for Ms. E. I have to ask one last favor, though.”
“And what might that be Mr. Kuyah?”
“Would you please make sure that Ms. E gets this letter?”
“Why don’t you give it to her? I’m sure she and her family would love to see you.”
MK hesitates, looks away and says “I can’t right now, something has come up and I have to leave. Thank you.”
Before exiting the hospital for the last time, MK stands outside Ms. E’s room and listens to her voice. He hears her laughing with her mother, the first he’s heard in too long, he smiles amidst lingering tears and walks away. “I’ll never stop loving you my Sweet Beauty. “

Book 2 Chapter 32: Happy Ending

A knock at the front door pulls Ms. E away from an engrossing Netflix series. She pauses the show and reluctantly shuffles across the floor in light blue house shoes to see who beckons. “Who is it?”
A neighbor from the floor below responds. “Wake up sleepy head; I have the answer to your prayers.”
How can she turn down such possibilities? Ms. E opens the door to see her good friend Sharon who hands her an ad from a local weekly newspaper pointing an animated finger to bold print that reads Happy Endings Massage.
“Tell me this isn’t exactly what you’ve been saying you need for the past six months!”
The ad demands a closer look. Though almost completely naked, Ms. E invites Sharon in and sits next to her on the couch.
“Girlfriend, you’re not going to put on some clothes?”
“Why? It’s just you Sharon; you know how I am when I’m home.”
“I should know by now given the number of times you’ve answered that door butt naked. I must say you are looking good: you’re getting some of that old muscle and tone back.”
“Thanks, I’ve been working at it, now what the heck is this you’re showing me?”
“What it says it is; a licensed therapist who gives massages that have a happy ending.”
“Happy ending as in…”
“Yes, happy ending as in exactly what you think it is.”
“But isn’t that illegal?”
“Apparently it’s legit. He’s credentialed, above board and very professional. You start with an informational interview where you state what you want, what you don’t want, and if you are OK with the whole thing, he reviews your medical records, you sign a consent form, and according to the reviews, the man has nothing but satisfied customers.”
Ms. E reads the ad and then Googles the website online for more information.
“Why are you hesitating? All I’ve heard you say since you got your health and your sex drive back is that you’re tired of dating men who don’t meet your expectations and that you would love to find a situation where someone simply pleasures you like…”
“You don’t need to say it Sharon.”
“Why did you ever let that man walk away?”
“I told you, I was sick and wasn’t thinking right.”
“OK, OK, I’ll let it go. But why don’t you check Dr. Happy Endings out.”
Curiosity gets the best of Ms. E. She contacts the masseur, gets a good feeling from her conversation with his assistant and sets an appointment for a consultation and possible massage. First, she has to gather some medical records. Rummaging around her home in search of the bag that the nurses sent home with her overflowing with papers when she was finally and mercifully released from the hospital, Ms. E locates it in the back of her guest room closet. It’s the last thing she wants to see, not a whole lot of pleasant memories tied up inside. She decides to just dump the contents out on the floor and pick thru the mountain of papers until she locates the necessary documents.
An envelope with familiar handwriting grabs her eyes. It simply reads “Ms. E” written in the unmistakable penmanship of MK. Rather than open it immediately; she holds it and lets thoughts of her time with My’Kuyah wash over her like his hands and lips used to do when he would rub and kiss her from head to toe. Once she gathers sufficient courage, Ms. E carefully opens the envelope, slides out the letter dated the day she received the news that she was on her way to recovery, and reads it.
My Dear Ms. E. The nurses informed me that you are healing. My prayers have been answered. Nonetheless, I will continue to pray for your steady and lasting recovery. I am respecting your wishes that I move on with my life but do so knowing that I can’t move on without you, nor do I want to. We spent a lifetime seeking love. What we found is rare and not something I can ever leave behind. I wish you the best. I will always love you. Thanks for showing me that real love is possible. I’ll carry you in my heart forever. MK
After taking time to gather herself, Ms. E calls the hospital and asks for the nurse who directed her care. After exchanging pleasantries, she gets to the point, “Let me ask you something, do you remember the man who was with me throughout most of my stay in the hospital?”
“Yes, you had a nickname for him, the nice gentleman who camped out in the lounge until you got better. What about him?”
An extended silence is finally broken by a subdued Ms. E, “I probably shouldn’t have called. It’s just that I found a letter in the bag you sent home with me.”
“Yes, I’m so sorry. He asked me to give that to you and then he left saying something had come up. It seems to have somehow gotten lost in the shuffle but I’m glad you found it. The letter clearly meant a lot to him. Again, my apologies.”
More silence follows.
“Are you OK Ms. E?”
“To be honest, no, as I said I just found the letter and…I didn’t know anything about him camping out…”
“He sat with you every night as you slept.”
“I didn’t know. All this while I’ve been upset because I thought he walked away.”
“No the opposite…wait, now I remember his name, MK, that was what you called him, right?”
“Yes, MK.”
“Mr. MK hung in there with you until he got the good news.”
“I didn’t know.”
“I’m sorry. We all assumed you did. He really loved you. Anything else I can help you with Ms. E?”
“No, no, thank you.”
The day for her massage arrives. Ms. E gathers together the necessary paperwork and a bag of comfortable clothes. She arrives early and is greeted warmly by the office assistant. Together they go over the consent form and make sure that Ms. E is completely comfortable with everything to follow.
“I will go over your records with the therapist while you get comfortable in our massage space. Once I review your medial history with him, he will enter the room, introduce himself, and you will have an opportunity to ask him any remaining questions or share any lingering concerns. When you both are ready, your massage will begin. Sound good?”
“Yes, very good; which, to be perfectly honest, surprises the heck out of me, a happy endings massage with a strange man is about the last thing I imagined myself doing, licensed or not. I’m about to put myself in the hands of someone I’ve never met! How crazy is that? But for some reason it all feels right.”
The assistant laughs. “You’re not the only one who has felt that way, a lot of first time clients say the same thing. The best part is that it only gets better from here.”
“Who is this man? Why…?”
“You’re about to find out.” The woman extends her hand to Ms. E. “Come with me. I’ll take you inside and get you ready. The assistant leads her to a warm, dark room. New Age music mixes with lavender scents to erase any lingering apprehension. She lays Ms. E face down on the plush table, covers her with a cotton sheet and leaves. Within minutes Ms. E falls into a deep relaxed slumber.
Her masseur enters the room, stands to her side and watches Ms. E sleep. He decides to forego introductions and begin the massage. He gently folds back the white sheet, oils his hands and ever so softly rubs her shoulders.
Ms. E is awakened by large warm hands that glide over her entire backside. She floats completely relaxed on the massage table entranced in a half awake, half sleep state. The masseur’s hands feel so right upon her body; his touch comforting, familiar and loving. Every knot, every trace of tension is discovered and rubbed deeply until she completely lets go of long held tension. A release of emotion accompanies his healing touch. Tears gather in her eyes. Memories of MK touching her, rubbing her, loving her that Ms. E thought she had stored in a safe place find their way out.
“It’s OK,” he says in a barely audible whisper. “We didn’t get a chance to talk.”
“I don’t need to. Everything you’re doing feels just right.”
He works slowly, purposefully, and carefully from her shoulders to her lower back, from her lower back to her bootie, from her bootie to her legs, her feet, her toes, and then back up the insides of her thighs. His hands are confident and so fucking tender. They seem to know every intimate detail of Ms. E’s body; to know exactly where she wants them to touch.
When she hungers for the softest of caresses, he eases his pressure upon her and when she wants to feel him in her soul; his fingers dig deep into the core of her naked body. When Ms. E hopes for his hands to cup her ass, he already has. When she wants to say “spread my cheeks”, he does so and when she imagines his fingers flirting with her pussy, she feels him gliding along her sugar lips
“Put your fingers inside me or is that not part of the package?”
“It’s up to the client.”
“The client says ‘please’.” He penetrates her wet pussy mid-sentence.
Gentle, loving strokes bring Ms. E to a slow, steady aroused state she hasn’t experienced since her time with MK. As one part of her sweet sugar tightens around the base of his fingers, the rest opens wide inviting him deeper into the wet, pink recesses of her sacred inner shrine. She feels like she is about to squirt months of unrequited longing into his hand.
“I want to cum… in your mouth, is that…?”
In a barely audible voice he says, “Usually I’d say ‘no’ but for you it’s more than OK.”
His tongue joins his fingers. Her body rocks against him. Her hands reach for the back of his head and yank him hard against her sated red stripe. Words from another time explode into the room and ricochet off its walls, “Oh yes, fuck yes, just like that, oh please don’t stop, oh fuck that feels so fucking good!” Waves of dormant pleasure wash over her being. It seems that every orifice, every pore collectively celebrates extended moments of intense orgasmic delight. He stops only when she begs him to and she begs him to stop only when her body simply can’t take any more.
Ms. E drifts in an afterglow reverie. A warm cloth washes her limp body. A plush towel dries her. A soft blanket cuddles her. She feels a familiar dreamlike kiss settle on her cheek followed by a set of words she feared she would never hear again: “I love you Ms. E.”
A door closes behind her. It startles Ms. E from her dream. Were those words real? She jumps up from the massage table to get a look at the man who just rocked her world but is too late. He’s gone. By the time she throws on her clothes and rushes to the clinic waiting room to find him, she finds only his assistant.
“Can I help you?”
“Yes, I never got a chance to meet my masseur. Is he still here?”
“No, unfortunately, he just left. He’s gone for the rest of the day.”
Ms. E stands before the assistant, a bewildered look upon her face, “No, don’t tell me that. I need to know if it was real.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t understand, if what was real?”
“His voice! His words! The man who just gave me my massage! Was it him?”
“That was really the masseur Ms. E.”
“I know that, but was it My’Kuyah?”

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