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Finding Erotica is excited to present a one-of-a-kind, bold, and sometimes risky ethnosphere workshop on Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships. The goal is to take you to a place where the trail of dreams, ideas, and experiences can be brought into being.

The workshops encompass personal reflection, group interaction, open discussion, and hands-on activities that are both kinesthetic and introspective, and beyond.

The result:

  • To better communicate desires in an intimate setting
  • To learn about other people’s comfort levels when it comes to intimacy and related challenges
  • To understand how other’s perceive sex, intimacy, and relationships
  • To understand and accept your own comfort levels
  • To clarify where you want those comfort levels to be and learn what it takes to get there
  • To deconstruct normative taboos around sex
  • To leave with a willingness to explore new areas of intimacy especially of those you once thought to be taboo

Our workshops are tailored to the makeup and interest of each group. They can be done online or in person and can accommodate group sizes with a minimum of five people.

To get a quote and schedule a workshop complete the form below.

Finding Erotica Workshop Emprise Request Form

Please answer the following questions and remember to allow Finding Erotica at least three weeks to prepare for your workshop.

    Will this conference be virtual or in-person?

    What is the age range? (If age ranges require multiple selections, check all that apply.)

    Please describe the gender composition of the group. (Check all that apply)

    Approximately how many will attend?

    Are there any special accommodations?

    Is racial/ethnic identity an important factor for this group?

    Please describe racial composition of the group. (Check all that apply)

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