Lelo pleasure beads add a modern technology to an age old hidden pleasure.  Clearly, one of Japan’s best gifts to the world of female masturbation were Ben Wa balls.  Placed inside the vagina, Japanese women could enjoy discrete pleasure by taking a simple walk.  Ahh, the hidden joys of a stroll in the park.

Thanks to Lelo, can you enhance that pleasure but you can increase it with a remote control.  Check out Lelo’s spin on an honored Japanese tradition.

Lelo Femme Luna Beads



The Luna pleasure beads system is a combined pleasure, fitness system for the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Developed as a modular alternative to traditional geisha balls, Luna offers the advantage of increased resistance over time. As a result, our movement-induced subtle vibe makes for more efficient, fun and pleasurable Kegel exercising. Indeed, performing daily Kegel exercise routine helps restrain and prevent stress incontinence. But, benefits moreover include increased neuro muscular control, enhanced sensation and ultra intense orgasms.

Luna Pleaure Beads Sales Soaring Nation Wide

Luna Beads Kegel exercise balls suddenly jumped by an incredible 400% in the US along with another phenomenon sweeping the nation. An explosion of in literary erotica like the Finding Erotica Books One and Book Two helped pave the way .  So, as literary erotica sales fly off store shelves, the popularity of pleasure beads or Ben Wa Balls is going through the roof.



Luna Pleasure Beads Are for Women Who Treasure Their Sensuality

A stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional geisha balls, the beads work to strengthen the vaginal wall.  When placed delicately inside, they deliver a subtle, movement-induced vibe that prompts the muscles to contract. As a result, Lelo beads ensure a comfortable and convenient pleasurable workout that fits with every routine. As with all pleasure objects by Lelo, Luna beads are designed to offer total peace of mind in whatever situations arise.

Lelo Luna Pleasure Beads Mini


Millions of women have discovered how Luna Beads Mini bring the benefits, both pleasurable and physiological, of increased sensual health.

Luna Beads are the world’s bestselling Kegel weights system. Minis ensure that every woman can find her perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout. Lelo’s elegant update on the classic Ben Wa Balls offers users longer, stronger, more attainable orgasms.  They reduce risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders.  And, Lelo beads offer a faster return to tone and tightness after giving birth.

Lelo Hula Beads Ocean Blue


Lelo Hula Beads are the world’s first ever remote controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. First, insert only the rotating bead gently within your vagina.  Then, feel the powerful vibrations that will follow around the ultra-sensitive labia and up to the clitoris. Or, take things further by wearing them discreetly inside, Let Lelo Beads be your little secret. As the top bead rotates against the G-spot, the lower bead delivers powerful vibrations through 8 stimulation patterns. And, it’s all adjustable via wireless remote. Oh yes, the Ocean Blue is 100% waterproof and rechargeable for up to 1.5 hours use.

Lelo Luna Beads Noir



Luna Beads Noir are the sleek and seductive take on the world’s bestselling Ben Wa Balls.  They promise irresistible pleasures during foreplay and beyond. Clearly, Luna Noir Beads are perfect for wearing on a night with your partner.  The discrete inner balls respond to movements with subtle vibrations, enhancing your feeling for the pleasures to come. More than just building sensations, though, they also promise an array of health benefits and the potential to have more powerful, regular orgasms in the future. These beads have a diameter of 29mm for a comfortable and perfect fit for everyone. In addition, Lelo Luna Beads Noir can be worn one or two at a time.  A soft silicone harness will allow you to choose your own unique pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Hey, what are you waiting for? Lelo pleasure beads can put a hop in your step and a smile on your face in no time. Plus, they offer health benefits!  Come on, that’s like discovering that drinking red wine is good for you.  But, no worries, there’s no calorie gain with Lelo’s version of Ben wa balls.

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So, put a little wiggle in your walk, some swag in your stride, some discrete fun in your everyday. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Be first in line the next time someone asks you to go for a walk.  Just take a minute to insert your new toy, in case you have not yet done so.


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