Lelo Soraya Wave Review


Nothing like a hands on review of a great sex toy, especially if it’s a Lelo Soraya Wave review.  Model, dancer, artist, teacher V, put a Soraya Wave to the test for FE.  Here’s what she found.

First some information about the Soraya Wave. It is Lelo’s (pronounced lay-lo) top selling rabbit sex toy for women. The Wave combines “ultra-powerful vibrations for clitoral stimulation.” It also offers a “pulsating arm for deeply satisfying G-spot sensations.”

The Soraya Wave is an orgasmic experience that “rises and falls within you like the caress of a lover’s fingers.”


V and the Soraya Wave


Ms. V found that the Lelo Soraya makes a positive first impression. It simply looks good; good enough to spark her interest.  It is worth noting that V is not a first-timer to the world of sex toys. She is someone who knows what she likes and what best fits her needs. V found the Wave to be colorful, shapely, with just the right amount of gold trim.

Once she got a feel for the wave, held it in her hand and figured out the function of each part, she pressed the start button. A quiet hum followed. While the longer arm of the Wave vibrated the other beckoned her forward with a “come hither” motion.

Lets’ face it. We all need a little gold trim in our lives and we all need a little “come hither.”


How can anyone refuse an offer like that?


Great thing about the Soraya Wave, is that it delivers on its “come hither” promise.  Full disclosure: V had to slow the Wave vibration pulse down. It was a little too intense at first.  So intense, that she was afraid her “uterus would shake out.”

But she was able to bring an end to that sensation quickly with the easy use controls. Hey, many a prospective companion needs to slow their roll and get to know a girl’s desire before making the deep dive, right?  Once V turned down the vibration intensity all was good.  And then the Wave lived up to its promise. As inviting as it looks at first sight, the Soraya Wave works even better.  It fit her body well and comfortably reached the places she needed it to reach.

In contrast to her initial reaction, she wished the clitoral vibrator had a little more oomph. But, “it’s definitely enough to take you to a whole different place overall.”

Suki! Suki!


How exactly does the Soraya Wave make good on its promise?


Its double female stimulation comes with easily adjustable different settings and eight pre-programmable modes. The Wave offers options, just what proper foreplay requires! You can adjust the speed, intensity and shape of the Soraya Wave as you find yourself sighing until you find your perfect match.  Before you know it, you’re saying “Oh yes, baby, right there. Just like that. Be good to Mama.”

And the Soraya was good, very good.

Trust V when she says, “it’s definitely an asset to the bedroom” and its four hour rechargeable battery lasts as long as you can.  Remember, she’s a woman with high standards who knows true pleasure.  Plus, it works in water and is easy to clean after the glow recedes.


Here’s how V rated the Soraya Wave


“I give it a 10 on aesthetics.  It has a sleek, very luxurious feel, a visual pleasure.”

In regards to the Wave’s design, diversity and power, V at first rated those categories as “8” on a scale of ten.  Then she added, “but when he’s not around and you’re on your own…I’ll change that to a nine.” The Wave is flexible enough with a helpful handle that allows you to adjust it to whatever need you have.

The pliable design works well for a night alone and also adjusts to his grip when your partner jumps into the action. 

Like many high quality vibrators and other highly engineered Lelo products, the Wave can be expensive.  V concluded that “it’s definitely worth it.”  The Lelo Soraya Wave is a sound investment in your overall health and sexual well-being.


Best Price for Soraya Wave at Finding Erotica


And, if you’re going to make that investment, V recommends you purchase your Soraya Wave at Finding Erotica. You will not find a better price for the Lelo Soraya Wave anywhere else on the internet.  She did her research.  And if you can find a better price than what FE offers, let us know, please.

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