Many reviewers claim the Lelo Sona Cruise 2 clitoral stimulator is simply the best sex toy on the market. It is “clitorally” a cut above the rest.

The Sona Cruise 2 is the Swedish company’s latest addition to a long line of award winning adult products. They feature an extensive range of options for everyone to enjoy.

For many reasons, the Sona Cruise 2 is quite unique. Instead of using vibrations to stimulate orgasm, the Lelo Sona Cruise 2 uses sonic waves. As a result, it stimulates the more of the clitoris than the tip.


Origins of Sona Cruise 2



Lelo Sona Cruise 2



“It might sound like a funny joke, but there were three people [who developed the Sona Cruise’s technology]. One expert in sound, one with a deep knowledge of cars, and one sex expert,” says Virginia Cerrone.

The sex expert brought knowledge of the often misunderstood clitoris. Maximum pleasure comes from stimulation of the entire hidden wishbone-shaped female genital structure which includes approximately 8,000 nerves.

Knowing that sound waves can reach more of the tissue, the sound expert introduced sonic technology.  As a result, a tantra-like sensation can be achieved without actual contact. Still, direct application of the product can produce a deeper and more intense orgasm.



Going for Gold

Lelo Sona Cruise 2


The cruise control component was the contribution of the car expert. Rather than exerted pressure inhibiting the device’s effectiveness as is found in many vibrators, the Sona Cruise 2 ups the ante.  It’s kind of like a lover who grows more excited as intensity builds.  Instead of backing off, it goes for the gold.

“When users press traditional pleasure products against their body as they get closer to climax, the products will often start to lose power which can understandably be quite frustrating. With the Cruise Control feature, the user will experience a feeling of the product ‘pushing back’ as it is pressed against the body.”

“So,” according to Erica Minor, communications manager for Lelo.  “No more losing your buildup. Instead, you can thrive with intense sensations that will only get stronger the closer you hold the toy to your body.”

All one has to do is place the ‘mouth’ of the Sona Cruise on the tip of the clit, lie back and relish the result.


Sona Cruise 2 Never Lets You Down



Lelo Sona Cruise 2



Virginia Cerrone adds that she has nevr been let down by her Sona Cruise 2. Deep orgasms result every time.  If only a real flesh and blood partner could be so consistent.

“The Sona Cruise really stimulates your clit in a way nothing else can. Many women easily experience multiple orgasms with it.”

Where the Cruise purports to feel exactly like oral sex, it comes pretty darn close. One user described the experience as the moment a lover takes their partner’s entire clit into their mouth and sucks it for all they’re worth while humming a happy tune.

According to some Amazon customer reviews the Sona Cruise 2 clitoral massager displays something akin to magical powers.  One commented that it “can do its job in as little as 10 seconds.” Others reported that squirting for the first time. And one user said her orgasm was so intense that she fell off of her bed mid-climax.  Don’t worry, protective gear is not required.





Lelo Sona Cruise 2



Wait, you say, the Sona Cruise 2 sounds too good to be true.  Are there no drawbacks?

There’s a few. Some reviewers say that the device is hard to keep clean. The problem is the ‘mouth’ of Sona Cruise is small and needs special cleaning attention.

Even though it promises maximum results, sometimes it does not always play well with sensitive clits at the more intense higher settings. So, start with lower settings and give your clit time to meet its new partner before you place it right on your exposed nob. Given that the Sona Cruise 2 offers 12 stimulation levels, take time to find the one right for you.

Oh, yes, and if your home or hotel room has thin walls, the combination of sonic wave noise and orgasmic moans can present a problem.  Not a problem for the user, necessarily, but a problem in regards to discretion.

Some users report that the Sona Cruise acts quickly, for some a bit too quickly. Again, outcomes depend upon setting and sensitivity. One woman reported that she climaxed so quickly, she almost missed it. When she tried a second time the next morning, she orgasmed in about five minutes.

She talked about her great orgasm with her boyfriend to such a degree that he had to get in on the action. He was surprised at how quickly she came commenting that he didn’t even realize she was close. Her response was that it reminded her of his performance early in their relationship.

Fortunately, he got better with time. And, so did her relationship with the Lelo Sona Cruise.  “Like learning to drive a new car.” A comment that no doubt made the Lelo designer with the automotive background very proud.


For Women on the Go



Lelo Sona Cruise 2



But, for women on the go, a stress relieving, mind-blowing quickie is just what the doctor ordered.

So, if it’s the best clitoral massager you desire for a holiday gift, look no further than the Lelo Sona Cruise 2.  Your body will thank you.


Remember, it is only one of the many award winning Lelo products that Finding Erotica offers in our store.  We will review more of those products in subsequent blogs.


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