Yes, International Masturbation Month is a real thing and what better way to celebrate than with a Lelo Enigma!  What better way to commemorate Masturbation Month than inviting a Lelo Enigma to the party.  Jump start the celebration on with a sonic vibrator this weekend on May 7th, National Masturbation Day. But, don’t worry, you do not need a holiday to practice in order to practice a little self-love. Masturbation Month was the brainchild of a San Francisco sex shop, Good Vibrations.  In 1995, they launched the month long masturbation commemoration in honor of President Bill Clinton’s Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders. When Dr. Elders dared suggest that masturbation be part of sex education curriculum for America’s youth, the upstanding president fired her.  It’s a shame that Billy Boy never grasped the advice of his surgeon general and wanked his well-travelled unit a bit more while in the White House.  Who knows, he might have rethought his decision to prey upon a young intern in the Oral Office, oops, Oval Office. Regardless, Dr. Elders was a visionary who could have changed archaic attitudes of masturbation long ago.

Masturbation Month and the Lelo Enigma

If you’re searching for that perfect toy to salute Dr. Elders, try the Lelo Enigma. It’s a two gun salute to a wise woman who deserved a much better fate for speaking the truth. The Lelo Enigma is a unique delight.  It combines the best of two Lelo worlds: sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris and vibrations for the G-spot. At first sight, the Enigma is a curious looking character. Is it a question mark, a hook? No, it’s a super orgasm waiting to be had.  The Enigma comes in two colors: Black and Deep Purple. It’s light, rechargeable, easy to use.  And, oh baby, does it provide fireworks to celebrate the joys of female masturbation!

Why Masturbation Month and the Enigma?

Like any other Lelo product, the Enigma offers nothing but the highest quality materials. Flirt with it. Feel it. Run your finger along its remarkably soft silicone surface. It’s silky and seductive and works wonders.  In addition, the silicone is phthalate free, hypo allergenic, fine in the shower.  Bottom line, it just feels damn good cuddling with your most sensitive body parts.

Tips for Maximum Lelo Masturbation Pleasure

Once you figure out how to best use the Enigma and which of its levels best satisfy your needs, the rest of the ride is a breeze. The device offers eight different sonic, vibration and combination modes. So, engage in experimentation, delightful experimentation mind you, until the optimum combo crystalizes. As with any sex toy, lube helps. Given the Enigma’s silicone exterior, water based lubes are the way to go. Perhaps the best part of the Enigma is that you can use it without hands! Just place the toy where it needs to be and your hands will be free to indulge in whatever other exploration they might seek!

Masturbation Month Lelo Sale

So, in honor of Dr. Joycelin Elders, we recognize International Masturbation Month with a great price for the Lelo Enigma. FE’s celebration of Masturbation Day and Month also means that other selected Lelo products are on sale.  The bounty of reduced price products include the following popular items:

Lelo Sona

    The Sona is a sonic clitoral massager. It doesn’t rely on vibrations like a conventional sex toy. Instead, it uses sonic waves and pulsates to stimulate the entire clitoris.  The Sona pleasures more than the part you can see and touch.

Sona Cruise

  The Sona Cruise offers the biggest mouth for complete satisfaction inside and out your clitoris.  Its cruise control feature increases intensity when pressed hard against your body.  Don’t worry, you’ll be pressing hard and experiencing consistent pleasure—every time.

Sona Cruise 2

  Cruise 2 is a clitoral massager that changes the nature of the game. Unlike other devices that use vibration to stimulate only the visible clitoral nob, the Sona Cruise 2 uses sound waves to reach the entire clitoris. The result is an orgasm that will keep you cumming back for more.

Mia 2

  Going on a trip and want to sneak a friend along for a secret rendezvous? Invite the Lelo Mia 2 for a Lelo tryst.  It’s small, discrete and looks like a tube of lipstick.  And, it promises to put a smile on your face.

Femme Mona Wave

  The Wave not only takes you to the limits of pleasure, but pushes you over the edge to a whole new world. All of this in a sleek, 100% silicone design that is both rechargeable and waterproof, And it features 10 vibration settings that will leave you gasping for more.

Alia Deep Rose

The Deep Rose is an elegantly playful intimate massager, where gorgeous simplicity inspires a host of exciting possibilities. Entirely couple friendly and a beautiful gift idea.  Alia’s smooth outer shell glides over the skin, as near silent vibrations draw from the powerful motor housed within.

Ora 3

The Ora 3 is for women who will settle for nothing less than award-winning oral sex, Ora 3 allows you to melt into a moment of genuine bliss. PreMotion Technology uses more firm and precise nub rotating motion, for 25% faster real feeling oral stimulation. The pleasure nub rotates and vibrates, like a tongue, but better.

Tiani 2

Tiani 2 is a remote controlled couples’ massager that promises satisfaction for both partners during intimate lovemaking.  Its soft silicone exterior is pliable, waterproof and responds directly to your movement.  In other words, the toy moves as you move.

Gigi 2

Here’s your ticket to dreamland. Gigi 2 very quiet with a curved design and flattened tip that lets you go inside or out, g-spot or clit. And, no one else has to know.

Tor 2

Imagine a cock ring designed with the clitoris in mind. Talk to me!  Plus, Tor 2 doubles  the female pleasure: a clitoral vibrator along with penetrative sex.

Soraya Wave

  The Wave performs G-spot magic like the Sona Cruise answers clitoral prayers. In addition, it is a soft, pliable rabbit vibrator that not only satisfies the G-spoit but invites the clitoris to the party.  Again, Lelo maximizes sexual pleasure with a device that promises multi-dimensional orgasm.  And, like most Lelo sex toys, it is compatible with water.


Meet the “ultimate couple’s toy.” A wide range of powerful vibrations combine with internal swirling rotations to maximize vaginal sensation. While the delicate internal rotation gently massages the G-spot, the Lelo Ida’s exterior base simultaneously parties with the clitoris.  Together, this unique combination of multiple sensations is a first of its kind.

Lelo F1S V2

Lelo describes the penis sleeve as the “next generation of the ultimate pleasure.” A pleasure console connected to the Lelo app lets you control the pleasure intensity. But, don’t worry if  you miss some of the details during extended ecstatic moments. The app provides feedback that promises to guide you to your “ultimate orgasm.”


Hugo looks like a wishbone turned on its side.  The upper side is a bit thicker than its counterpart and has a more pronounced bulbous top.  And, when anally inserted, the bulb massages your prostate. The lower side looks the same, just smaller.  The larger size massages the prostate. The smaller part plays with the erotic zone between your testicles and anus doubling your pleasure. To discover more details about each Masturbation Month special sale product, visit us at

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

Listen up, while you are shopping for Masturbation Month, don’t forget Mother’s Day. A bow around one of Lelo’s tastefully wrapped products goes a long way in telling your significant other how much you appreciate her. Breakfast in bed is nicely followed by some time to indulge. Clearly, the perfect gift for the person you love. Who knows, you might get invited to join the fun. Remember, you don’t need a commemorative day or month to enjoy an orgasm.  But, given how crazy our lives can get, sometimes a special day is exactly the reminder we need. As Dr. Elders tried to announce to the world in 1995, self-pleasure is a good, healthy activity.  Now, more than ever, we need to advocate for what we know to be sound sexual practice. It might help us all face the craziness a little bit better. Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt. So, get your Lelo on and celebrate May holidays with a gratified sigh of deep intimate satisfaction.  The right toy to your climax town is up to you. Enjoy.