In the event you search for the Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black authors, we compiled a list of wonderfully sexy reads for you to explore as found on Amazon. Like FE’s previous product directories, we take care of the footwork for you. So, as you contemplate how to spend your next Saturday night, consult the annotated FE guide beforehand. Trust us, you will find the kind of sexy tale that your fantasy desires. Who knows, you might even some your fantasy didn’t even know existed. Whatever might be the case, you’re in for a treat.     Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

1. Summer Fling by Te Russ

When Jade Sheppard rents a guesthouse near the beach for a week, her only plan is to study for the bar exam and avoid any and all distractions. But when she runs into Keenan Barker, her incredibly sexy host, she quickly realizes that he just might be a distraction that’s impossible to resist.  

Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

2. Jeremiah by Katie Dowe

Real estate mogul Jeremiah Sangster is filled with remorse. His deadbeat brother has been involved in a drunken car accident, killing a man and putting his fiancée, Lacy, in a coma! And now that she’s awake, he is determined to do all he can to make things right! But after all that she went through, is Lacy ready to fall in love again? Or will she break Jeremiah’s heart?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

3. A Flick Between Friends by Shae Sanders

Star Kennedy and Lennox Washington are the kind of work besties who do everything together, even the wild and crazy exploits Star comes up with. She’s always been vibrant and adventurous, while Lennox is laid back and quiet, content to go along for the ride. So when Billingsley-Davis furloughs most of their department, he isn’t surprised that Star comes up with an outrageous plan to earn the money she needs: a high quality adult film. What does surprise him is that she wants him to participate. But he’s never been able to tell her no and despite his concerns and his homeboy’s warnings, this time is no different. What do you do when fictitious passion turns into the real thing?  

Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

4. Say My Fuck**g Name by Jessica N. Watkins

Harmony used to love love. She loved the idea of being in love. As a result, Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday…was. Now, she hated the very thought of it. Cody had ruined it for her and any chance of her ever falling in love again. He ruined it so much that when she met Dallas, she didn’t trust him to lead her to fall in love with love again.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

5. Rogue Gone RaVage by Smaugy Universe

Never in a million years did Tiana Morris think she’d end up in this position: on the outside of a tight group that she had just started to call family. Unthinkable betrayal has hit the Anarchist hacker group RaVage. For once in their chaotic lives, they have no idea what to do next. Unruly, reckless, and unfiltered. Owen, Tyler, and Jason are so unapologetically obsessed with their dark-skinned computer genius that they would sooner burn the world to the ground than let any harm come to her. But will this shocking revelation be the breaking point of their relationship? How do they move on from this? Can they?
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

6. Ebony by Sencha Skeete

Ebony and Max have nothing in common on the surface. He’s 30, she’s 19; a white man with a Black woman; he’s rich and she’s in need of money.  Each of them has something the other needs, and they’ve come to the usual agreement. Neither one is only what they seem, and there’s a passion between them that’s getting out of hand. One wild weekend will shatter a host of taboos and be the beginning of a life-changing entanglement. Where will it end?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

7. His Wicked Witch by Siren Allen

Some call her evil. Most call her wicked. In the end, they will all call her queen. Princess Ivy Pendragon refuses to be denied what’s rightfully hers. The crown belongs on her head. And if she can’t wear it, no one will. But the path to the throne is paved with lust, lies, and betrayal. It’s hard to tell who’s for her and who’s against her. There’s only one person she can be vulnerable in front of. But even he has secrets he refuses to share with her. Unwilling to give up on her dream, Ivy vows to destroy anyone who stands in her way. Even the man she loves.  

Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

8. Heartbeat by Kasey Martin

What happens when you sacrifice yourself to save your family? When an arranged marriage to a stranger will be the only way to survive? And when the doctor you love to hate is the only one who makes your heartbeat? There’s only one thing to do… trust your Heartbeat.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

9. Truth or Dare by Danielle Allen

With all nine of her best friends reunited for a destination wedding, she was not surprised someone suggested they play Truth or Dare. The secret exposing truths and the harmlessly fun dares bonded their close-knit friend group in college and kept them close throughout the years. So, when Kingston Wright was dared to kiss her, she didn’t think anything of it. Harmless kisses were always a part of Truth or Dare. But there was nothing harmless about that kiss. Truth or Dare can be risky when you’re twenty. But when you’re thirty, it can be reckless.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

10. Graveyard Shift: Nights Like This by Ashley Nicole

It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. The Emergency Room is quiet and Nyree wants to keep it that way. However, her nemesis stops by, and the power isn’t the only thing going down.  
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

11.  Happy Hour Hoe by Shae Sanders

According to office gossip, Cairo King has bagged every single woman in his department. He’s had a couple of married ones, too. The man is so legendary, the employees at Billingsley-Davis have dubbed him the “happy hour hoe.” So when Taylor Knowles is unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend, her coworkers take her for drinks after work and point her right in Cairo’s direction. Work out your heartache, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. But Taylor soon discovers that there’s a lot more to Cairo than rumors, and the truth will ultimately change them both. Forever.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

12.  Quitting Time: Night Like This by Ashley Nicole

They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning. After five years, Aleigha has walked out of her job.  Her ex-boss gets stuck at her house because of the weather, and thunder won’t be the only thing clapping. (This is a novelette)  

Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

13.  War by T. Styles

Raised in complete poverty, her mother’s murder rocks fourteen-year-old Banks Wales world. If not for his best friend Mason, the son of a kingpin, Banks would be alone. One rich, the other poor, the two do their best to stay alive and navigate the murderous streets of Baltimore. There’s one problem. Banks father sees the young king’s affluent lifestyle as a reminder that he is lacking as a father and a man. So he makes a vicious move. One that puts his, and Banks’ life in extreme danger. Before long bodies drop and others rise to power. But when the smoke clears, the two childhood friends are separated by rage that spans a generation. And this is the beginning…       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

14.  Nothing but Lust to Give by Poetic Diva504

Geraldine Lycams life is far from picture perfect. She is a clothing store owner with an insatiable sex drive. Embarking on her struggle to find Mr. Right, she uses sex to fill a monumental void. When Geraldine’s boyfriend Sean ignores her, she goes down a road of nothing but destruction, with a whole lot of pleasure, and deceit by affecting those closest to her. Come on this bumpy ride with Geraldine and see how things are heating up for this beauty. The best question yet is, will she keep going down this route to a point of no return?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

15.  Shift Change by Shae Sanders

Cash Nixon works the third shift at Billingsley-Davis. It’s gritty, dirty, hands-on work but he loves it. He’s good with his hands. Tonight, he’s on his way in when he spots her. She’s beautiful, but very out of place in her black dress and stiletto heels. Who is she, and why is she here?Adriana Tucker is normally out the door at five on the dot but she stayed late tonight to finish up a project. She’s finally on her way out when she sees him. He’s the most handsome man she’s ever seen, even in his dirty coveralls. Is he staring at me? They both read the situation clearly: they’re from two different worlds and it would never work. But what they don’t know, yet, is that they have something in common: they both like to get dirty…  
Black Authors Top 50 Erotic Romance Books
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

16.  Finding Erotica Book One by MyKuyah Anteros and Ms. Erotica Ganda

She’s a beautiful young Black woman. He’s an older distinguished white man. The couple reunites after 25 years apart. After a sumptuous dinner at the secluded spot where they last saw each other, an opportunity for a second chance at love arises. They jump at it hoping this time it will be forever. First, they have to solve a few problems beginning with living a thousand miles away from each other. Can long held dreams come true the second time around?  With each mad kiss they say “yes.”       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

17.  Face Down Fridays by Sherelle Green

Sly smirk. Heated glance. She knew she was hooked from the first moment their eyes connected. But she’s not the type of woman to give in easily. Especially when his offer is dripping in rule breaking notions threatening to consume her. He wanted her willing and ready for anything before she’d even spoken a single word. He’s a patient man, but even patience has a timeframe when it comes to following her rules.  She’ll soon learn, he doesn’t follow rules. He makes them.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

18.  Carwrecked by Francesca Penn

Complicated is too simple a word and doesn’t quite describe her life. She’s trapped in between prison and truly being free. Figuratively, she may have escaped from her cell, but she’s still very much in the building. She’d gotten a glimmer of freedom, which lasted mere minutes until it came to a screeching halt. Now, she must climb out of the dregs of her former life and begin anew. But will the green-eyed stranger be able to help her, or will he become a distraction she does not need? Two people rising from the ashes of their first marriages learn how to love again.  

Warning: Mentions of abuse and Domestic Violence

    Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

19.  Hale on Earth by Francesca Penn

What happens when your dad loses your hand in marriage in a poker game to the wrong man? To rectify it, she has to marry the only guy who can save her. But her teenage crush didn’t and still doesn’t know she exists. He’s grumpy, mysterious, and removed from the rest of the Founder’s children. The questions in her head won’t stop. Will they clash? Can he really help her? What if he turns out to be the husband of my dreams? Their marriage can either be a match made in Heaven or Hale on Earth.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

20.  Finding Erotica Book Two: Happy Ending by MyKuyah Anteros and Ms. Erotica Ganda

Their story is a romance for the ages.  Two people fall in love–a wondrous ebony woman, a smitten white man–and embark on an erotic journey that redefines their lives. Along the way, they explore worlds they never imagined they’d go or, in some cases, never knew existed. Ultimately they discover a joyous place filled with love, passion, and erotic romance.  
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

21.  Axel in Heaven by Francesca Penn

One year ago she was jilted by her fiance when he ran off with her biggest nemesis. Now, her friends have booked the ultimate getaway to one of the places she’s most wanted to visit. Hawaii. To her horror, she discovers that her travel plans are courtesy of using her ex’s wedding discount. She must ensure she’s not seen as the woman who’s crazy enough to crash an ex’s wedding. Thinking fast, she see only one plausible plan—proposition the Norse God emerging from the ocean.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

22.  Take It by Shae Sanders

If I offered you some advice, would you take it?” Sloane Williams is shocked to hear those words coming out of her boss’s mouth. She’s been wanting to move up the ladder at Billingsley-Davis for years but as the only black woman on her team, she’s pretty out of the loop when it comes to office goings-on. And while her boss, Keith McNair, is ‘skinfolk’, he doesn’t seem to know she’s alive, personally or professionally. So why was he taking an interest in her now? What she doesn’t know is that Mr. McNair has had her on his mind for quite a while. She’s smart, gorgeous, sexy…and his subordinate. So he made himself ignore her, and was doing a pretty good job of it. Until now. Opportunity is knocking and he’s ready to bust through the door.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

23.  Untamed by Smaugy Universe

Cole is the playboy of the Blackbourne brothers. The only thing he dislikes more than mortals is witches. So, it doesn’t help when one particular dark-skinned, pure-hearted, animal-loving witch who values all life completely consumes his mind to the point of obsession. Ava is slowly getting under his skin. Everything about her irks him. To Cole, she’s too innocent and pure and he desperately wants to corrupt her. But Ava has secrets of her own. He’s damaged. She’s scarred. Sometimes healing comes from the most unlikely places. Peter Blackbourne has gone from sweet, adorable toddler to moody, angry teenager overnight. Thanks to a blood bond gone horribly wrong, the 300-year-old vampire is not only back to his self-destructive mental state but confined to a 19-year-old body that he has no idea how to navigate. As he tries to rediscover a world he hates, Peter soon learns from two others that sexuality is fluid for a vampire. Do they just make his dick throb or is there something more?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

24.  Hackers with(out) Remorse by Smaugy Universe

“‘A nation is only as great as its leaders’. Bullshit. Our ‘leaders’ are thieves, rapists, racists, and bigots. Politicians thrive on lies. Their false promises are illusions and delusions of grandeur. If you speak, they ignore you. If you act, you are put down like a damn dog. See, the truth is that a nation is only as good as its people. ‘Political Leadership‘ is a manipulative narrative that you’ve been spoonfed to submit to a fascist regime that thrives on your blind servitude. It’s time to take off the blinders and see what’s been in front of you all along. But, don’t you worry, my fellow Americans. RaVage is here to assist with your awakening…”       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

25.  Devilish Intentions by Kasey Martin

Eden Lancaster just experienced heartbreak, but instead of holding grudges or wallowing in self-pity, she decided to embrace her free spirit and let loose. When she meets Camedon Price, a mysterious bad boy that she can’t help but to be drawn to, Eden knows that he could be the one to help her reclaim her inner wild child. Camedon Price owns an exclusive business that caters to an elite crowd. In the mist of someone trying to ruin him, he meets an ebony angel that he can’t get out of his mind, and the attraction between the two is combustible. Will Eden be able to fully let go of her conservative views and take a walk on the wild side with a bad boy that definitely has devilish intentions, or will Camedon’s lifestyle be too much for her?  
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

26. Piero by Katie Dowe

It all started with a whirlwind romance…And after knowing each other for only a matter of weeks, billionaire Piero de Luca and internet sensation Lauren Jamieson have an extravagant wedding fit for royalty! Lauren thought she knew Piero…But little did she know that the man she married would be completely different when she returns to him in Italy! The once romantic and sexually volatile man has become moody and intractable. And what’s more, nobody in his family seems to approve of Lauren as his wife! But Lauren has fallen head over heels in love with the man who was her husband and is determined to make it work. Will Lauren get back the passionate man she had known while in the States? Or is the man Piero once was gone forever?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

27.  Ride It Slow by India T. Norfleet

Fresh off a breakup, Sherae James has decided to take a break from relationships of any kind with men until further notice. She declines and ignores all advances until one particular man comes along and challenges her current stance. Unable to resist his charm, sex appeal, and cockiness from the first meeting, She very quickly gets caught up in a rare connection that comes complete with impatient flames of desire, scorching everything in their wake. Against her better judgment, Sherae tosses caution into the wind and allows her body to take the lead on this one. What happens when the body has been fed but the heart is suddenly famished? What happens when her thirst for love hits her with a curveball she never saw coming? Will she ride the wave of lust to unknown destinations or will she listen to the faint whispers of her heart nudging her to fall now that she wants to experience love again?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

28.  Go Deep by Rilzy Adams

It was all supposed to be so simple. Navaya Howard is an erotic writer in a rut. Her readers are fed up of her stale plots and Navaya can’t blame them. She’s been celibate for over a year and a half since finding her now ex-boyfriend’s side chick’s positive pregnancy test on her bathroom counter. How can she write steamy romances if she can barely remember which body parts go into the other? Navaya enlists the help of her best friend, Xander, to revive the inspiration that used to have her sitting comfortably at the top of her game. What happens when the sex hits deeper than either of them expected and the tender emotions can no longer be denied?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

29.  The Maid by Shantel Davis

Seth, married and miserable. Simone, the young maid working her way through law school. One day he insists she try on a beautiful necklace. Panic sets in as he draws too close. But he keeps insisting, telling he knows he can have her anytime he wants. Her mind says ‘no’ but the moisture between her thighs says something else…What happens when their worlds collide? Trigger warning. Emotional, financial and physical abuse. This is a FUCKING story. Not a LOVE story. (Novella Length)       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

30.  The Other Side of the Pillow by Zane

Jemistry Daniels, the beautiful, intelligent, six-figures-a-year high school principal, suffered through one bad relationship after another. No wonder she adopted the “friends with benefits” mentality when it came to men. For Jemistry, there was to be no “catching feelings.” Her biggest mistake would be to open her heart again. When Dr. Tevin Harris meets Jemistry at a poetry reading in a café, he knows from her confessional writing that her past with men has been difficult. The prominent vascular surgeon, who has been only casually dating for years, is attracted to the embittered Jemistry nonetheless. With a little persistence, Tevin convinces Jemistry to go out with him. She has baggage, but so does he. What about his divorce? Despite their respective pasts, Jemistry and Tevin’s chemistry is right and the relationship takes off, but not without bumps in the road. When Jemistry encounters her new beau in a compromising position with her bisexual best friend, what follows is an intense, sensuous, and unforgettable drama with surprises around every turn.  
50 Top Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

31.  Suckulence by Jade Royal

“This is a contract. A contract that says you’re allowing me to do any and everything sexually pleasing to your body within your discretion. I guess the only question is, are you bold enough to sign it?” What would you do if a dangerously sexy vampire dangled temptation so easily in front of you? Trinity was looking for an escape from a reality she despised. What she didn’t expect was finding that the ultimate escape rested in the whiskey colored eyes of the sexy as sin vampire who’d crashed into Trinity’s life. He invaded every one of her senses and ravished her with need and want. As a human, could she be bold enough to step into a world that was forbidden to her? Could she find her ultimate escape from a life that sought to cling to her despite her desperate pleas to be let go?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

32.  Blindspot by L. Loren

Ceren Getty believes villains are a necessary evil to balance the natural order of the world. That’s why she has vowed to destroy The Eternal Witch’s plan to grant second chances to villains. Determined to return the villains to their natural state, she embarks on a quest to reverse Celeste Dubois’ magical spell and put an end to villain shaming once and for all. Ryver Nile believes he is the last of the cyclops. He longs for the love of a good woman and the restoration of his species. When he meets Ceren, he knows immediately she is the one who can fulfill his dreams. However, she is too consumed with hatred and revenge to see what is right in front of her eye. Will love be able to conquer hate in this tale of good vs evil? Find out in Blind Spot.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

33.  Jackson by Katie Dowe

Plus-sized African American beauty Jerri’s biological clock is ticking fast! She’s only thirty-three and she’s about to be menopausal! Determined to have the baby she’s always wanted, she seeks out a sperm donor…Who turns out to be no other than the rich, talented, and alluring Jackson Colby! Jerri’s determined to not let that sway her…She’s focused on one thing and one thing only: a baby. But the more time she and Jackson spend with each other, the more they can’t keep their hands off each other! Will they be able to make things work? Or will they part ways once the baby is born?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

34.  Private Property by M’Renee Allen

Former hitman, Constantine Novinkoff is close to paying off his debts to his former boss. Soon, he’ll be able to retire from a life of crime. Then in walks temptation. Her name is Cristal Dawson and she’s nothing like the women he’s used to. She challenges him at every turn. Her smart mouth makes him want to kiss her until she can’t speak. Her curvy figure haunts him when he’s awake and when he’s asleep. Yet, it’s the sadness he sometimes witnesses in her gaze that makes him want to claim her. It makes him want to protect her. It makes him want to find out who hurt her in her past so he can destroy that person and everyone that person loves. The sadness in her pretty brown eyes makes him want to protect her from the cold hard world. For her, he’s willing to do all that and more. But first, she must agree to belong to him and only him.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

35.  The Irish Don’s First Christmas by Rose Marie

After years of being married to the love of her life Kahlani is sailing on cloud nine… except on the holidays. Being married to a ruthless killer and mob boss like Conner O’Shea doesn’t make winter a jolly season. He sees no reason to celebrate such a meaningless holiday. Though with the encouragement… or more like persistence of their very assertive seven-year-old the Don goes on a small journey to get in the Christmas spirit.  
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

36.  Free Falling by King Ellie

What happens when you marry someone else—an arranged marriage— to save the love of your life? So many things can come from this. You ask yourself so many questions. Can we get along? Can we actually coexist? When can I see the one that I love? Yet, you forget to ask yourself one VERY important question…What if the love of your life is the person you’ve loathed all of your life? Simple, you…Free-Fall.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

37.  Luca by Katie Dowe

Elite Style writer Lexi Copeland is a size 20 African American beauty who isn’t afraid to flaunt her gorgeous curves. She comes from old money and raised with privileged until her father lost all his wealth! Lucas, on the other hand, is new money. Coming from a poor background he worked hard to launch his dating app that catapulted him into a billionaire. Now Lexi finds herself having to write a story about him! Will they be able to accept the sizzling chemistry between them? Or will they continue to deny their true feelings?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

38.  Family Ties by Smaugy Universe

The kindhearted and high-spirited Kiara LaFleur is a hardworking, advanced nurse specialist. She studies rare diseases when she’s not putting extra hours working in the ER. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself when she’s offered a full-tuition scholarship to Excalibur University. The accelerated MD program allows her to practice her studies on a willing patient with the same illness she’s been researching: the beloved sister of the Blackbourne brothers. But who exactly are the Blackbournes? Kiara finds they’re a little too invested in her. As she looks after the slowly dying Evangeline, Kiara starts to learn dark and life-changing secrets not just about the family, but about her town, and herself…       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

39.  Erotica: Gang Me! by Dani Vellows

Husband will be swapped wives will be shared, stuffed, stretched and filled by big, huge, rough strangers and husband’s friends. Life in the bedroom was growing boring, so these husbands and wives are ready for new experiences. Don’t miss out on these long, hand and unprotected pleasures they will receive.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

40.  Bonded with Ezra by Love Belvin

He devised a specific road map of how they’d carry out their covenant—without input from her. She determined she needed to chart a new course in order to stay true to herself. Perhaps Ezra has been wrong about his gift from above. Maybe Lex has bitten off more than she can chew. At this fork in the road will they continue their detour, or will they find middle ground and a covenant that keeps them bonded for life?  
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

41.  Nihility by King Ellie

I gave up everything, even my divinity…Yet, here I am finding myself with a second chance. You know what I say to my second chance? F*ck it and F*ck you. I don’t need it. What I need is to get lost, to forget. The one attempt I had at changing my life, I was given the cruelest joke of life. We don’t need it, Nihility: It’s how I feel. It’s how I am. How I’ll always be…All I feel is nothingness. And you want me to feel you.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

42.  Your Love Is Toxic by Kandi Amore

Sergio Washburn a sexy, millionaire whose has the world, business, and women at his fingertips the only problem is he doesn’t know how to balance them and the drama. Sergio is constantly saving people like his father Rev. Washburn, from their own troubles while putting his on the back burner. Malaya Smith is a clout chaser and gold digger looking for a man with benefits and tries to find it in any man that will show her money, gifts, and attention. Find out what happens when mixing business and pleasure can get you into a whirlwind of trouble.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

43.  Mate of Fire by Siren Allen

His touch awakened a part of her she never knew existed. Kya Leggett’s mission is simple: save her twin sister from the fire-breathing bastards at the Dracon Castle. She hadn’t planned on having one of those bastards show interest in her. She definitely hadn’t planned on letting him touch her in ways that left her gasping for air. Is his interest in her legit? Or is it meant to distract her from what’s really going on at the castle of dragons? From the second he laid eyes on her, Drax Dracon knew Kya belonged to him. She’s everything he asked the Fates for: a passionate warrior female who is beautiful inside and out. Now, all he has to do is convince her that she belongs with him at the Dracon Castle. Will she accept him as her mate, or will his fire be too much for her to handle?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

44.  The Pleasure Principle by Nicole Falls

Damita Jo Jackson has experienced a variety firsts in her life and on the cusp of yet another life changing event, she finds herself meandering down memory lane. The Pleasure Principle is her documented journey into womanhood via her sexuality, filtered through the lens of music from her very famous namesake. At the end of her journey through the past, DJ is reminded that it truly, always comes back to love.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

45.  Billionaire Craves Curves by Bella Bryan

When Nia’s flight is delayed leaving her abandoned in a foreign land, she meets Will Foster. Will, with his powerful aura and hard body, finds himself in the same situation, but he makes it clear what he’s really craving. Does Nia finally board her flight home, despite the obstacles that Will puts in her way? Or will she give in to temptation and allow him to have what he wants?  
Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors
  Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

46.  Deviant Dreams by Mystkuye

When dreams become a reality, it can be a nightmare. Kayla Henderson is an aspiring relationship counselor with no love of her own in sight. The man she wants is in her dreams. Literally. When a sudden trip to Miami brings her face-to-face with the man who stars in nightly dreams, she is forced to decide if being with him is what fantasies are made of or a total nightmare. Hassan Abdullah is stuck in a loveless marriage with his wife, Beverly. The only passion he finds is through his nightly dreams starring a woman other than his wife. Drowning in a lack of passion, he goes to Miami for an escape from reality. When a chance meeting between Hassan and his dream girl takes place, he has to decide what’s more important. The vows he made or the love of a lifetime.       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

47.  Temptations by Celeste Granger

Tempestt Moore, respected curator for a highly successful museum in Atlanta, needed a fantasy when her own love life flat lined. She’d been with Samuel for a few years. He was good to her, provided for her. There was obligatory love but no excitement. Tempestt found that and more at Masquerade. Although real estate mogul, Xavier Malone, was one of the most desired bachelors in Atlanta, he spent most of his time managing his passion project, Masquerade. He was all about business until she walked in. Xavier was instantly drawn to her, like a moth to a flame, but his own past held him back and kept him from pursuing the object of his desire. Can a clandestine encounter truly be a brush with destiny?      

48.  Liam by Katie Dowe

Amani Lincoln has made a decent living conning people out of their money. Now she’s finally decided to do one more job before stepping away from her profession forever. Her next target: getting into bed with handsome billionaire investor Liam Moses so she can steal his expensive art! But the two of them are drawn to each other in a way that takes Amani by surprise…And their relationship might turn into love if she can ever settle down! But what will happen when Liam finds out who she really is?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

49.  W.I.P. by Ashantay Keys

Vanity Keys takes pride in her job as an editor. As hard as she works, she plays even harder. But one drunken night of pole dancing, lands her lips on a sexy random man. Mystic Preston is a bestselling author. His writing covers a multitude of genres including his secret identity as an erotica writer. However, a chance meeting with a clumsy kisser causes him to slow down and show her his technique, all the while falling under her spell. Will Mystic and Vanity be each other’s greatest works in progress? Or will they fan out the flames and focus on their careers?       Top 50 Erotic Romance Books by Black Authors

50.  Mine Tonight by Christina C. Jones

A little unrequited love, a little deceit, a little anonymous encounter, and a little bit of unforgettable chemistry. This is three sexy short stories, about three women, with a focus on how one night of mind-blowing intimacy can change it all. If you’re looking for a sweet, tender love story… this ain’t it.