For Valentine’s Day or for that matter any other day of Romantic Significance.

If you’re in Los Angeles, start your special occasion with a visit to Spa Palace.  Relax, restore and rejuvenate with your partner in a hot pool followed by visits to four different saunas that range from very hot to just hot.

If you’re not in Los Angeles, find a spa closer to home to set the stage for sumptuous delights to follow.

Surely good wine will be one of those delights. Few people are making it better these days than Juan Pablo Valot. The man has wine making in his blood. It runs like the hearty reds he brings to life as head winemaker at the Silvan Ridge Winery located in Oregon’s Crow Valley and also under his own label, Valcan Cellars, found in downtown Corvallis. Romantic Significance


Finding Erotica Literary Series


If you’re not close by, choose from 12 different varietals available at Valcan Cellars and order online at [email protected]. We’d start with JP’s Pinot Noir made from grapes grown at his own vineyard in Monroe, Oregon and then make my way to his Petite Sirah.

For those who have read Book One of the Finding Erotica Literary Series you know that Ms. E finds great pleasure when MK eats chocolate off of her body. Why not you?  Here is a list of the bestselling chocolates during this time of year. Godiva, Dove, Ferrero Rocher, See’s Candies and Lindt.

While you’re sipping wine and feasting on chocolates, give the following romantic tunes a chance to enhance the mood. One of our  favorites is Carmen Lundy’s “Good Morning Kiss.” It’s a song MK has always wished a beautiful woman would use to seduce him along with Tuck and Patti’s “You Take My Breath Away”. Stevie Wonder’s  “For Your Love” and “Ribbon in the Sky” also hold a special place in his heart.

If the above songs have not achieved their seductive intent, maybe the following will: “S.E.X.” by Madonna, “Tonight” by Black Atlass, “All the Time” by Jeremih, “I Can Go  Deep” by Silk, “Seduction” by Usher and “So Gone” by Jill Scott.

If none of what we offer works, then you’re beyond whatever suggestions we can imagine…lol, just kidding!

Bottom line is whatever you end up doing, do it well, with lots of genuine love and passion. And if you need an extra boost, read aloud the following passage from Finding Erotica Book One.



Finding Erotic Book One:


He lies between her thighs; his face inches from her most sacred place and takes in every detail. He sees her beauty in the nuanced delicacy of her brown sugar lips and his quest for Erotica begins with that single simple detail.

The detail hangs like a musical note in the air, a solitary note so resonant that it makes his heart ache, a note so rich he never wants it to end. When it does he pines to hear it again.

To his delight, the single note is accompanied by another and the new note enhances and extends the initial sound. Such is her beauty.  A single detail, glistening moisture gathered on delicate lips, echoes between golden thighs and leads to orchestral splendor.

Each time is like the first time his eyes beheld her, naked, lying before him offering herself entirely at that moment and she let him breathe her, touch her, taste her; each time offering more details more notes.

The notes blend into a melody; the melody into a song; the song into a symphony. The symphony is a concert celebrating her beauty and it vibrates through him touching the untouched recesses of his soul and leaves him with a simple single utterance: oh my God how I love this heartbreakingly beautiful symphony of a woman, my Beautiful Ms. Erotica.


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