Sex Confessions and Taboo Talk with Ms. E and TiffTALKTV


Welcome to sex confessions and taboo talk with Ms. E and TiffTALKTV – Tiffany Ramm.  Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and savor a full hour interview with Ms. E, the co-creator and co-author of the Finding Erotica Literary Series.  Most important, this is your chance to learn about FE’s vision, purpose, and main characters, Ms. E and My’Kuyah.

By way of introduction, Ms. Tiffany Ramm, the host of TiffTALKTV, has a Masters of Clinical Social Work with a concentration in Adolescent Mental Health.  Currently, she specializes in anxiety, depression and sex therapy.  More specifically, she works with the LGBTQ+, sexual fluidity, people of color, gender and sexual identity, non-monogamous relationships, and the kink affirming.  In short, it is a fabulous interview involving discussions surrounding eroticism, intimacy, age, and health.

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