A key aspect of Finding Erotica’s mission is to highlight the differences of humanity through cultural experiences as seen in the work of Mr. Phillip Kemp. Showing our support to Black Lives is one of those objectives. FE will feature a number of blogs devoted to small Black business owners, their work, struggles, successes and plans on how they will continue to move forward amidst the current crisis.

Our first post is dedicated to a gentleman who lives and works in the Los Angeles area and is one of the most authentic, genuine, hardworking body builders and fitness trainers in the Black community. He has given his life to this craft and has devoted his expertise to his clients. Being a competitor and champion himself, his skillful and creative training methods have made believers even of those who’ve spent most of their adult lives avoiding physical training. FE had an opportunity to sit down with Mr. Phillip Kemp of Everyday Physiques for an interview and this is what he had to say.


Phillip Kemp of Everyday Physiques Interview:


Fitness Training and Cultural Trends


FE: How long have you been a personal fitness trainer?


PK:  20 years total. For the first nine years I was training part-time along with my day job until I was a bit more confident that I could survive as a trainer. The last 11 years I’ve been a full time trainer.


FE:  How did you get into fitness training?


PK:  A workout partner of mine planted the seed. She told me I would make a great personal trainer. So, when my job became a headache it was time to weigh my options and since my passion was fitness and I also loved to teach about the full potential of what their bodies are capable of, training seemed to be the perfect occupation for me.


FE: What trends have you seen over the years?  Have those trends impacted you in a positive or negative way?


PK: Fitness trends come with each generation. I’ve been around long enough to see and experience most trends so I’m able to learn something from each one, giving me the opportunity to stay ahead of the learning curve as well as develop my own creative approach to fitness. So, it is always a positive impact to be able to see and experience the trends of the future generations.


FE:  Has the current pandemic or Black Lives Matter movement caused you to consider closing your doors?  Why or why not?


PK:  I would never close my doors. Fitness is my life and passion. How could I?


Health, Sexuality and Well-Being


FE:  Explain the importance of health and fitness when it comes to relationships and sex.


PK:  Health and fitness makes everything better, just the amount of stress that you release after a good workout makes you feel good. The better the mood the more the willingness to be seduced. The more energy you can call on, the longer the game of seduction, the healthier the individual, the healthier the libido.


FE:  When it comes to bodybuilding and competing in fitness is there an age where this should not be taken into consideration?


PK:  No age should stop anyone from doing anything. The only limit to competing is physical ability and patience.


FE:  What are some recommendations for those who want to work out but are not able to due to Covid-19 and gym closures?


PK:  Recommendation for workouts in this day and age are really easy. You’ll find everything you need online between YouTube and Instagram. What you choose doesn’t matter, what’s important is to stay active and consistent. Choose a program or string a few together and get at least 30 minutes in. When the 30 minutes gets easy, go to 45 minutes, then an hour. Keep it simple.


Fitness and Poling


FE:  Your gym sits next to a pole dance studio; do you train any of the pole dancers? If so, is training any different from the way you would train someone who’s not a pole dancer?


PK:  Yes. Training a pole athlete can be different only because the training would be specific to the goal of the athlete. They’re mostly looking for more strength in particular areas and endurance without gaining the muscle. Where the average person either wants to be more fit or lose some weight.


FE:  What is your overall approach to getting a person fit, not just looking good but feeling good?


PK:  My overall approach is to learn my client and kind of build the program around the individual. Everyone is so different and has different energy levels to keep them interested. I try to give them choices by exposing them to a variety of exercises and constantly work on their mindset to fitness as most people seem to not enjoy it as much as I do. My experience has taught me that people who have never had health issues seem to neglect their health or people like me growing up sickly from asthma really know the value of health. Most of the time people won’t take their health serious until they start to experience the decline of their own.


FE:  What would the process be like for someone who’s starting out new to fitness?


PK:  To someone starting fresh, I would prepare them mentally for this journey. If your mind isn’t in the right space, they’re never going to succeed. It starts with the mind.


Humanity Through Cultural Experiences


FE:  I understand clients find more than just working out here, they find counsel, connectedness, and community. How did you create that type of environment that fosters greater humanity through cultural experiences?


PK:  I always want to keep an environment that I would want to be a part of, never wanted that intense drill sergeant training personality. I like getting to know and connecting to people on a personal level as everyone is different and needs different ways to get motivated. To me, my clients become my family and that’s what I like – the family environment.


FE:  What do you like most about your work and why?


PK:  I guess in a way I have created my own fitness community. Most of my clients see me as more than just their trainer. They see a friend, a brother, a counselor as well as an ear just so they can be heard. I love that my studio is a place that my clients feel they can come and just be themselves and feel at ease. What I love most is all the different people I am exposed to because it’s an opportunity for all of us to see and understand each other on a personal level, to ask questions about things and develop relationships that go beyond fitness.




If it’s physical training that you’re seeking in a supportive and friendly environment and you’re in the Los Angeles area, contact Mr. Phillip Kemp at [email protected].  You, your body and your spirit will be glad you did!