A Greater Appreciation of Health and Fitness: Ms. E and the Pole. My mother said beginning when I was age three I danced in the mirror to assorted hit songs on the radio. As a result, she put me in ballet.  Growing up, I grooved in the various genres of contemporary, jazz, modern, African, pointe, break dancing, hip hop and cheerleading.  I was also very athletic, enjoyed good health and fitness.  In order to maintain my youthful shape, I ran, swam and did aerobics.  Two of my favorite hit songs were “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John and “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara.   All this ended, abruptly, in my early 20’s when new adult responsibilities kicked in.  By the age of 37, I gained enough weight to cause pain in my knees and joints.  It was time to make a choice.  I had to do something to get the additional weight off.  I decided to reenter the game and began working out on my own and whenever possible with friends.  Hitting the gym, doing yoga, hiking, running, and stretching, I added whatever else I could afford.   One day I received a random email offer to take pole dance classes at a local pole studio in Los Angeles.  I asked a close friend’s daughter, jokingly, to join me in a class so that we could get a taste of what the stripper life was all about.  She agreed and we signed up for several classes.  

Pole’s Tainted Image

  Entertaining a bunch of men was my naïve image of pole.  I imagined myself stripping clothes off an already half nude body, next to a pole, wearing super-colossal heels.  Taking my first class, eyes wide open, I immediately understood how much strength I lacked. I was unskilled in the area of erotic dance.  Quickly, I realized the skill level needed to do magnificent, athletic, crazy ass tricks.  It takes real dedication to be a true pole dancer.  My initial image of pole dancing was extremely misguided.  Yes, it can involve stripping.  More important, It is a true art form and competitive sport.  Furthermore, it is an inclusive artistry.  Men and women of all ages, body shapes, interest and skill levels can participate.  

A New Understanding of Pole

  Pole dancing for me is an absolute “A-lister.”  Not only have I learned to dance sexy, but I stay in great shape training in the fundamentals of what amounts to gymnastics.  Augmenting my poling with stretching and personal training with weights I soon reached my desired weight and built a new found confidence. At age 41, I made a decision to aim for the stars and committed to the pole dance community.  Two years later I became an instructor and soon after that entered a pole competition.  I won first place. Anyone who is looking to get their groove back and take a bit of a risk in an ageless empowering environment, give pole dancing a try.  I can’t guarantee you’ll take home a first place trophy but I can guarantee that you will lose weight, gain confidence and find tremendous support learning the beautiful art of pole dancing.