The Kindness of many has shaped my life in positive ways.  The malice of some has shaped it in negative ways. Soon after discovering I had prostate cancer, a number of friends reached out to me.  I don’t know how they knew to do so.  When I asked, their answers were similar: “You’ve been on my mind so I wanted to see how you were doing.” Upon hearing the news, one dear friend hooked me up with one of the leading prostate cancer clinics in the country.  I was gifted an extensive phone consultation, two books* and a reference for another clinic closer to my home. Their information and kindness led me to a clear conclusion.  If I wanted to heal from my cancer diagnosis and avoid invasive medical procedures, I would have to make major changes in my lifestyle.  I would have to heal myself and would do so with the loving support of others.  

Healing Myself

  I knew that self healing was possible from a previous issue I had with recurring growths on my spine.  An initial surgery didn’t work.  As a result, I was told that more surgery was necessary to fix the problem. I  decided to seek alternative solutions.  First, I had to ignore two surgeons’ derisive comments.  Then, I worked to find a study that reinforced my choice.  The process was grueling, arduous, painful, and tested every bit of my resolve but it worked.  Over time, I healed.  

Healing from Cancer

  If I could heal and walk away from my back issues, I could heal from cancer and restore some semblance of ‘normal’ sexual function to my life. The first dramatic changes began with choices about what I put into my body.  I stopped drinking alcohol and stopped smoking cigars.  Next, I stopped eating processed foods, and began eating a variation of a Mediterranean diet rich with whole foods. I stepped up my exercise routine to seven days a week and added yoga and daily meditation.  Without consciously trying to lose weight, I lost 40 pounds.  

Writing Erotica

  I took prescribed medication to assist my efforts along with various supplements.  The meds did a number on my libido and ability to have  an erection as predicted. Writing erotica helped fill the void.  If I couldn’t have sex I would create a character, My’Kuyah, who could and chronicle his adventures in my Finding Erotica books.  It was at that point I met a woman who became my friend, confidante, business partner, and sex therapist.  

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