FE’s Top Five Women Vibrators

While researching FE’s top five women vibrators, we found that our search turned into something different than we originally anticipated.  The search is not about the best vibrator out on the market but about how a vibrator gets rave reviews.  In short, what makes a product popular enough to generate sales?  To note, there is no perfect vibrator. All vibrators have pros & cons.  No matter what product, some will love it and others won’t.   As a reminder, all toys are travel friendly.  That said, all toys are not small and discreet.  Furthermore, safety is an issue.  For example, silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone toys.  An upcoming blog will explore the pro’s and con’s of lubricants in more detail.

How are sex toys rated?  Where do the ratings come from? What method is used to determine those ratings and whether “that toy” should be considered a number one playmate?  So, when you read about a product with five-star reviews, ask questions. For instance, was the reviewer compensated to share their opinion, good or bad about that product?



Compiling Our Top Five FE’s Top Five Women Vibrators


As we compiled our top five, we chose Amazon as a main source for likes and dislikes about the specific item. They are one of the few who consistently include both critical and positive comments.  Most online retailers and/or brand sites only show five-star reviews which don’t allow us room to learn about the defects of a product and/or quality of customer service.  In addition, Amazon regularly checks review authenticity.

Next, we researched other reputable resources like Women’s Health magazine (womenshealthmag.com), Oprah.com (oprahmag.com), Health.com, AARP, seniorplanet.org, NYmag.com, Men’s Health magazine (menshealth.com), verywellhealth.com, and healthline.com.

Once we obtained the top ten to 15 vibrators from each of those sources, we then, categorized them according to the type, kind of use and rank.  Then, we narrowed our search by sorting which toys were listed most consistently among the resources.  Finally, we asked which are available for purchase within various online sex toy stores, (dameproducts.com, we-vibe.com, womanizer.com, lovehoney.com, tracysdog.com, pinkcherry.com, lelo.com and Amazon.com are some of the online stores we searched amongst others)?

As mentioned in our first product review blog, FE offers you the “TOP FIVE” female vibrators along with pro’s/con’s, cost, ranking/reviews and age appropriate use.



Here’s what we chose for women: FE’s Top Five Women Vibrators




For starters, the product is small, compact and portable.  100% waterproof, travel friendly, it also has a rechargeable battery.  Once fully charged, the battery should provide at least two hours of vibe time.

Made of silicone with a base of ABS plastic, the Mimic to stands upright.  Better yet, it fits into the palm of your hand and mimics the way your hand curves onto your body.  So, there should be a natural hand/finger movement when in use.  In addition, the external vibrator can be used as a body massager as well as for clitoral arousal.  The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Notably, one couple noted on Amazon “this has been nothing short of a blessing…and it’s easy to clean…exactly what I expected.”  All other reviews on YouTube and various blogs stated it was a great toy that its did its job with multi orgasms.  Also, this toy is suitable for all ages.  It is ergonomically designed and playful for all body types.



We read only one negative criticism.   The Mimic Plus was an “awkward hold/position, needed stronger vibration.”  Other reviews said the vibration was too much for them.  Although the vibration could be a bit much for some, the feature was a plus for others.  Also, it indicates that the company’s new version is more powerful than its original.

It costs anywhere from $86 on Amazon to $135 on Clandestinedevices.com.

Reminder this is the Mimic Plus, not the original one.  So, if you choose to do your own research make sure you research the one you plan on purchasing.


https://gayontuesdays.com/2019/06/11/mimic-plus-review-gay-on-tuesdays/, https://clandestinedevices.com/  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Mimic+Plus+by+Clandestine+Devices





The Pro Penguin is travel Friendly, ergonomically shaped, and suitable for all ages.  It is especially great for beginners, and waterproof.  Make note, the company provides a 15 yr guarantee, not warranty.  Made of silicone with a rechargeable battery, it is quiet when powered up.  The device is an air-plus stimulator (pressure wave) and not an actual vibrator.  In essence, it simulates oral sex.  The mouth of the penguin sits right on top of the clit and mimics sucking.  The Penguin is most effective when left in place to do its thang.

Get ready to squirt.  69% of Amazon reviewers stated that this will definitely happen.  For example, “It’s like a tsunami, earth shattering…we will never give him/it/the penguin up”.



Although not a lot of cons, one user noted a problem with the removable silicone nozzle gasket coming off in storage.”

Still, 17% of Amazon reviews were one star.  Short battery life was the most noted comment.   Dissatisfied uses claimed the battery went too fast or had little life at all after charging.  In addition, the Penguin was too loud and had a weak pulse/suction. “It’s just a knock off of the Womanizer.”

Item is available at Amazon/Walmart for as low at $39.11 and up to $$49.95 on us.satisfyer.com or pinkcherry.com for $59.95.


https://eliawinters.com/satisfyer-pro-penguin-review/, https://www.amazon.com/Satisfyer-Pro-Penguin-Next-Generation/dp/B071CPR2V7?th=1 https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Pro+Penguin+by+Satisfyer+





100% waterproof and made of silky silicone texture, the We-Vibe has a rechargeable battery. The company provides a 1 yr. warranty.  The device is eco-friendly/carbon neutral and can be cleaned with soap and water.  The Touch can be used as a body massager.  As a plus for arthritis sufferers, the Touch Massager fits snuggly into the palm of most hands.  Thus, it is comfortable to hold and glide on you or your partners love snug.  As a result,  this toy works for all ages.

The power packs a real punch and a noticeably quiet toy.  Still, only 58% of Amazon customers gave it five stars.



One reviewer on Amazon suggested internal use, however, the body of the toy is for external use only. The reviewer stated that if placed internally, just use your Kegel muscles to push it out.  Some might consider this a pro, but from our perspective it’s a con.  For instance, some users may not have strong enough Kegels to push it out.   As a result, users will have to use their fingers to manipulate to do the job.  All 15% one-star reviews noted that the power/charge doesn’t last long.   Also, the vibration is weak.

The Touch is $99 on we-vibes website. You can get this item on Amazon/Walmart for as low as $94.05 and on Pinkcherry.com you can get for $93.95.


https://www.amazon.com/Touch-We-Vibe-Rechargeable-Clitoral-Massager/dp/B07N6F932W, https://we-vibe.com/touch, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=We-Vibe+Touch





Made of high polish 316 stainless steel, the Vesper offers three different finishes.   In addition, customers choose a personalized message, name or initials.  One button controls the on/off and four speeds.  The Vesper will not change colors or tarnish with use.  It is slender enough for use as a beginner and it is travel friendly.

79% of Amazon reviewers awarded five stars.  Even though some said “it did not give it a lot of power”, they still gave it five stars. Please not, it’s splash proof, not waterproof.



Advertised as discreet, however, wearing a vibrator around your neck and between your cleavage doesn’t say “discreet”.  Given that it is unique, people might grab for it and ask “what’s this?”   If so, a random person’s fingers will touch something intended only for your cooch cooch.  How many women would have a problem with wearing their vibrator out in public?   But hey, it is one of the highest sellers for sex toy vibrators.  So, I guess that’s my answer.

On Amazon, 6% of one-star reviews complained about battery usage. That once the rechargeable battery ran out, they were not able to use the vibrator necklace again.  Therefore, the Vesper was a waste of money. For our mature ladies, be careful that gripping this thin, sleek trinket doesn’t  become a burden to your fingers while squeezing.   You don’t want to agitate your arthritis should you need to hold it for a long period of time trying to get off. On lovecrave.com, some reviewers shared their frustrations with short battery life.

Also, the chain is thin and has a specific kind USB cord. If lost, a replacement must be ordered. It takes 40 minutes to charge.  That’s an hour and half of play time!  In addition, the toy is stainless steel.  So, be cautious of it warming up while you’re panting hot and heavy.

This can be purchased on Amazon for $69 and on lovecrave.com the price starts at $69 and goes up based on the type of finish you get.


https://www.lovecrave.com/products/vesper/, https://www.amazon.com/Crave-Vesper-          Vibrator-Necklace-Silver/dp/B00PR3QK3G, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Vesper+Necklace+by+Crave





Water resistant, medical grade silicone, rechargeable battery, feels like a part of your hand and allows for different ways to hold it between your fingers. It too is travel friendly, easy use for all ages, quiet and discreet.

53% of Amazon customers said that they were glad that they bought this toy. The Fin’s silky silicone can almost give you the feel that it’s wet.



34% of Amazon customers who gave it a one star said that it basically broke after one use and that it did make a loud noise.  One customer stated that it was to smooth to provide any type of stimulation. This product rated a 3.3 out of 5 on Amazon. The band apparently, easily pops off.

$85 on Dame Products and Amazon.com $69.99 and is $80.75 on jackandjill.com.


https://www.dameproducts.com/collections/all/products/fin?yoReviewsPage=13, https://www.amazon.com/Dame-Products-Vibrator-Fingers-Navy/dp/B07DY2QTW2,




Please read one positive reviewers experience at https://couplestoystore.com/couples-review-fin-by-dame-products/


This is one blogger’s feeling of her try with the Fin Finger giving it two thumbs down:


The next “Top Five” vibrator review will be for men. Stay tuned.


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