Welcome to date night and suggestions about how to best use your new Lelo Sila clitoral massager.

Introduce yourself to the Lelo Sila. Take a few moments to get to know your new sex toy.  Sila is a toned down more affordable version of the Sona Cruise 2.   But that doesn’t mean it’s less pleasurable. Sila is designed for women who desire “masturbation sessions where putting off climax for as long as possible eventually leads to a world-shattering O.”

In a word, it’s for women who want to edge. If edging is your thing, read on.

Before you become intimate, become familiar with each other.  Introduce Sila to your clitoris. Let the device explore your clit in its entirety. Try different placements, angles and pressures until you find what feels best.  Adjust Sila’s intensity until you get it just right.

Now, close your eyes and focus on Sila’s soft silicone surface. It feels just like skin.  Take a deep breath. Focus on each of your body’s different sensations.  Let the Sila’s sonic waves help roll through your private parts. Settle in for a pleasure filled stroll down orgasm lane.




FE Book 1 Cover


Without interrupting the dance between your legs, open to the first page of Finding Erotica Book One and read the following passage.

He lies between her thighs; his face inches from her most sacred place and takes in every detail. He sees her beauty in the nuanced delicacy of her brown sugar lips and his quest for Erotica begins with that single simple detail. Like a solitary note in a song that hangs in the air and is so resonant that it makes his heart ache, a note so rich, so full he never wants it to end. When it does he wants to hear it again. The single note is accompanied by another and the new note enhances and extends the initial sound.

Her beauty is like that. A single detail of her body: glistening moisture gathered on delicate lips resonates between her golden thighs like a single note so rich in its depth that it makes him yearn. He doesn’t ever want to lose the thrill he feels every time he sees her.

It’s always like the first time his eyes beheld her, naked, lying before him offering herself entirely at that moment and she let him breathe her touch her taste her knowing that at some point the moment would end but hoping against hope that it will go on forever and she offers more details, more notes and together they create a melody and the melody causes his heart to break because it is so fucking beautiful and the melody becomes a song and the song is her and she sends vibrations through him, touches the untouched recesses of his soul and it leaves him with a single utterance: oh my God how I love this heartbreakingly beautiful woman.



Lelo Sila


Listen, the soft moan you hear is your voice. The contended sigh is you falling into a deep sensuous space.  Feel the moisture gathering between your thighs, the Sila sucking on your clitoris.  Pull it closer.  Focus on each delightful vibration spread well beyond the tip of your clit. It’s like a massage scene from Finding Erotica: Happy Ending.

He works slowly, purposefully, from her shoulders to her lower back, from her lower back to her bootie, from her bootie to her legs, her feet, her toes, and then back up the insides of her thighs. His hands are confident and so fucking tender.  They know every intimate detail of her body; exactly where she wants them to touch.

When she hungers for the softest of caresses, he eases his pressure upon her and when she wants to feel him in her soul; his fingers dig deep into the core of her naked body. When she hopes for his hands to cup her ass, he already has.  When she wants to say “spread my cheeks”, he does so and when she imagines his fingers flirting with her pussy, she feels him gliding along her sugar lips.

“Put your fingers inside me or is that not part of the package?”

“It’s up to the client.”

“This client says ‘please’.” He penetrates her mid-sentence.

Gentle, loving strokes bring her to a slow, steady aroused state she hasn’t experienced since her time with her former lover. As one part of her sweet sugar tightens around the base of his fingers, the rest opens wide inviting him deeper into the wet, pink recesses of her sacred inner shrine.  She feels like she is about to squirt months of unrequited longing into his hand.

“I want to cum… in your mouth, is that…?”



Lelo Sila


But you’re not ready to climax. You want to extend your euphoria a bit more into the night. Turn down the Sila’s intensity to a point where the sensations soften.  Keep it at that setting until you’re ready to climb back up the feel good mountain and flirt with a full blown orgasm.

His tongue joins his fingers.  Her body rocks against him. Her hands reach for the back of his head and yank him hard against her sated red stripe.

Increase the sensation to its highest level and toss the book aside.  With one hand pull Sila hard against your clit, with the other pinch your nipples before penetrating your queendom with your middle and index fingers.  Happy Ending’s words become your expressions.  The main character’s experience mirrors your own.

“Oh yes, fuck yes, just like that, oh please don’t stop, oh fuck that feels so fucking good!” Waves of dormant pleasure wash over your being. It seems that every orifice, every pore collectively celebrates extended moments of intense orgasmic delight. You cum and then cum some more. Your climax stops only when you want it to, only when your body simply is too aroused to take any more and then you cum one last time.

As you lie in an extended afterglow, you pull your pillow close and drift into a place of satisfied dreams.  Sila offers a final kiss upon your satisfied sweet spot.

“Until next time.”



To make a date with the Lelo Sila, visit our Shopify store.  If you want to read more of the Finding Erotica books, visit our website at www.findingerotica.com

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