What images come to mind when we think of cuddling up with two of the Lelo Male Sex Toys?  Of the people to whom FE posed this question, only a few mentioned anything close to a cuddle. Most shared images of a quick climax, enacted in private, accompanied by a fear of getting caught in the process.

What would flipping the script be like? Instead of sneaking off hiding both your favorite masturbator and fear of getting busted, what if you did the opposite?

Imagine it’s a Friday night after a long week at work. You live alone. CoVid makes you feel isolated. You crave sex, not just an orgasm, but a night of extended edging. And one more thing, you’re a guy.  What can you do?

Masturbation with Sex Toys Is Normal

Lelo Male Sex Toys

First, get past the shame, unless it’s something that gets you off.  As stated in a previous FE blog, “masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity with few side effects.”

For example, Web MD reports that “95% of males and 89% of females” report pleasuring themselves on a regular basis.  And not one respondent reported suffering blindness, warts or running out of sperm as a result.

Still, many men continue to carry around the stigma around with them.  Why not enhance the experience rather than shrink from it?

Many excellent reasons for masturbation exist

Lelo F1S Demo

  • It feels good. Masturbation is an easy way to relieve stress and tension by allowing your body to release of ‘feel-good’ endorphins.
  • It can reduce the chances of developing prostate issues, including cancer.
  • Masturbation can be a healthy alternative to sleeping aids for those nights you can’t fall asleep.
  • It can help you become a better lover with your partner. By learning more about your body, you can control your orgasm and last longer.
  • It feels good. I know. We said that in the first bullet but it’s worth repeating.

OK, we’ve rinsed some shame from the topic.  Now, let’s explore the best devices on the market that are guaranteed to help you live out your dream, albeit a wet one.



Lelo F1s

Let’s narrow the device choice down to two excellent and very different contenders.  Ultimately, the choice depends upon your desires.

If your mood calls for a proper penis stroking, look no further than Lelo’s F1S V2.

You might ask, what is a penis sleeve and how does it work?

Penis sleeves are designed to fit over a penis and to enhance sexual pleasure. They can help with erectile dysfunction, improve sexual performance and stimulate what Lelo describes as the “ultimate sexual pleasure”.

Lelo describes the penis sleeve as the “next generation of the ultimate pleasure.”

Reviews from those who use it agree.

And, as for the F1S V2 guaranteeing a night of edging, a pleasure console connected to the Lelo app lets you control the pleasure.  In case you miss some of the details during extended ecstatic moments, the app provides feedback that promises to guide you to your “ultimate orgasm.”

As a result, you just have to slip the device on your willing penis and enjoy the ride. Lelo will take care of the rest.  Its two encased motors provide both vibrations and sonic waves to double your pleasure. In addition, the soft silicone interior feels like a place your penis wants to be.

All you have to do is lube up, slip your dick in the sleeve and play with the 10 different sittings.  Don’t worry, you’ll find one in particular that sings to your penis just as you like it.  Link your F1S V2 to the Lelo app and you can return to your preferred place whenever the mood beckons.


Lelo Hugo

The Hugo is not as easy to use as Lelo’s penis sleeve.  But, it doesn’t take a sex toy scientist to figure it out.

Unlike the F1S V2, the Lelo Hugo is not a penis sleeve. It’s a prostate and perineum massager.

The device looks like a wishbone turned on its side.  The upper side is a bit thicker than its counterpart and has a more pronounced bulbous top.  When anally inserted, the bulb massages your prostate. The lower side looks the same, just smaller.  It’s for stimulating the perineum. While the larger size massages the prostate, the smaller part plays with the erogenous zone between your testicles and anus doubling your pleasure. Believe me, the combination feels really good, really, really good.

The Hugo has six different strengths and vibrations. Take time on your maiden voyage to play with the tilt of the remote control. You will find a lower intensity when holding it horizontal that increases to maximum strength when completely vertical.

If an extended evening of edging is your goal, you can tease yourself by playing with the intensity. When you want to flirt with a climax, turn it up until you’re just about to ejaculate then return to remote to its horizontal position. You won’t lose your erection. Instead, you will add to the pleasure of your eventual climax which users describe as “incredible”.

The more you play with your Hugo, the more you will discover what best pleases you. For instance, if you tilt the remote back, the inserted bulb will massage the back of your prostate.  It’s a rare opportunity to fully explore your erogenous zones and be able to return to the sensation whenever you like.


Lelo Hugo

The Hugo is an effective way to introduce yourself to your prostate. It can also help you overcome any reservations you might have about anal play.  Get to know and feel comfortable with your whole body.  Explore all the ways you can find delight in places you never imagined could feel so good.

Do yourself a favor. Like masturbation in general, milking your prostate can improve the organ’s health. Plus, it will introduce you to an entirely different kind of orgasm, one that you can share with your partner.

Speaking of which, the Hugo is great for partner sex, especially during CoVid. It allows for contact-free pleasure either in person or on a Zoom date.  Of the many misconceptions we have about masturbation, one is that it is something we do alone.  Masturbating with a companion can be a huge turn on.

What is often the masturbator’s greatest fear? Getting caught.  Confront that fear head on by having someone watch you do your thing.  And, watch them as well. Oh baby!


What are you waiting for? Get busy setting the stage for Lelo date night. Get the light just right. Open up your favorite lubricant. Choose the device that fits your mood. Put on some sexy music and make a reservation for yourself in pleasure town.

Just don’t wake up feeling guilty in the morning. The new you no longer has to feel that way.

To purchase the Lelo product that is right for you visit our store at: https://shop.findingerotica.com/

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