Whether your thing is Top LGBTQ erotica or you’re simply curious and ready to explore new worlds, Finding Erotica has compiled an annotated list of 50 of the sexiest lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer reads to take to tantalize your diverse pleasures as found on Amazon.   Like FE’s previous product directories, we take care of the footwork for you. So, as you contemplate how to spend your next Saturday night, consult the annotated FE guide beforehand. Trust us, you will find the kind of sexy tale that your fantasy desires. Who knows, you might even some your fantasy didn’t even know existed. Whatever might be the case, you’re in for a treat.         Top LGBTQ Erotica

1. Dirty Daddies by Maren Smith

Twenty-five brand new romances! Penned by some of the best authors in the genre, there’s a Daddy for everyone! Whether you like Cowboy Daddies, Boss Daddies, Dark Daddies, Military Daddies, Stern Daddies, Shifter Daddies, Alien Daddies, or LGTBQ Daddies, this deliciously naughty collection of all-new stories is bursting with HOT, raw, Daddy Dom action that’s sure to leave you breathless.       Top LGBTQ Erotica

2. Gutter Mind by K.A. Merikan

Mike is always on the lookout for a fresh fling, and there are more than enough chicks for a stud like him at the Smoke Valley MC clubhouse. But the pretty little thing he spots at the gas station turns out to be a boy, and that triggers all sorts of confusion. For Mike, what starts as a game turns out to be an awakening he’d never expected. The ice prince in lace is actually hot as hellfire, with a gutter mind to match Mike’s, and all of a sudden, his scarred heart is not as safe as he’d thought it was.       Top LGBTQ Erotica

3. Ruthless Daddies Sex Stories by Nicole Golden

Stories of these controlling men going long, hard, and unprotected with these innocent ladies…SEXY STORIES THAT MAKE PANTIES WET AND MEN HARD AS A ROCK! 150 scorching hot stories of all things dirty, taboo and sexy!!! Can you resist the temptation?       Top LGBTQ Erotica

4.  10 Steamy Adult Sex Stories for Women by E. J. Layne

Like your stories red hot with a little heart and romance? Then look no further. You’ve found the one. Don’t miss out. Turn the lights on low, grab this hot bundle and enjoy your night.       Top LGBTQ Erotica

5.  So You Want a Baby by Anna Wineheart

Elliot Rutherford has a hundred problems, and Lance is ninety-nine of them. Actually, that’s not true. Elliot’s biggest problem is his dark past, but when he agrees to babysit his niece, his brother’s ex-husband becomes His Single Biggest Problem. The closer they grow to each other, the closer Lance gets to uncovering Elliot’s past. When he finds out, will their blossoming attraction be enough to make him stay?       Top LGBTQ Erotica

6.  Erotica: Naked Taboo by Beckie Bloomwood

Why was my mother sharing inappropriate information with me? I didn’t need to know the intimate details of her love life. I turned my attention back to the TV…When the program ended an hour later, Mom was fast asleep in the lounge chair. Her beautiful breasts rose and fell with each breath…In the flickering light of the TV screen I swore I could see a wetness oozing out of her. Was she dreaming of sex?       Top LGBTQ Erotica

7.  My Mom’s Best Friend by Nikki Crescent

Tyler has a new crush: not on a cute girl at school or some super model in a magazine, but on his mom’s best friend, Minnie. She’s a mature woman with a nice body and a dirty mouth. She often spends the night when Tyler’s mom is out of town, making sure Tyler and his sister are safe and cared for. One night, Minnie finds out Tyler’s mom never had The Talk with him. Tyler, now eighteen, thinks it’s silly that Minnie wants to have The Talk, but she has a lot more to say than Tyler is expecting—and she has a lot more to show.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

8.  Wild Futas Unleashed by Madeline Dusk

Futa (noun): a woman who when aroused grows an unexpected surprise between her legs—an insatiable male endowment of size and stamina that no man can hope to match. But while a night with a futa is a wildly intense experience, becoming one is something else again! Not every woman can handle the strength of her increased libido or the combined power she possesses between her legs. And if the transformation is unexpected, brace yourself! Sensual chaos is about to be unleashed.       Top LGBTQ Erotica

9.  Taken, Forced and Transformed by Her Fertile Best Friend by Samantha Cox

Innocent, nubile Carrie was enjoying her day at the waterpark, soaking in the sun and waiting for her best friend to get back from wherever it was she’d wandered off to. Little did she know that short, petite Linsdey had been off having an amorous encounter- and she’s got a thick, hot surprise between her thighs for the unsuspecting Carrie that she can’t help but share…Before the day is out, Carrie will find herself taken, forced, and transformed by her fertile best friend!     Top LGBTQ Erotica

10.  His Birthday Wish by Phoebe Nix

Tomorrow was Nick’s Birthday and he just recently got dumped. Jason has been his best friend since they both were young. Jason wants to cheer Nick up if he can, and so after Nick’s early birthday party he decides to hang out with him for the weekend. However, after Nick makes a wish, Jason’s life and gender turns upside down. Find out how Jason handles the situation in this steamy short gender swap read.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

11.  MMF Experimenting by Natasha Wallace

John and Brittany are trying to keep their romance alive by having regular date nights. But one date night things take a strange turn when they run into Travis, a handsome stranger who makes some unsavory comments toward both Brittany and John. But when Travis’ remarks hit a nerve with the couple, Brittany starts to wonder what it would be like to share her husband with the handsome stranger.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

12.  Billionaire Body Swap by Gal Horne

Hank works as a gardener to the rich and famous. One of his clients — a sexy, mysterious billionairess named Patricia — has designs on him. Hank has never been shy about his body. In fact, he happens to think he’s quite a catch. But what Patricia asks of him is shocking, to say the least. Let me swap bodies with you, Patricia tells him, and in return, you can have everything I own. But can Hank give up his most prized possession? And what happens if he starts to fall for Patricia before the transformation is complete?     Top LGBTQ Erotica

13.  Sissy Pain by Tina Majors

Punishments. Humiliation. Panties. Don’t Forget The PAIN too…Look Inside now and see what’s in store. The superior, cruel, dominant women in the second of Tina Majors’ new standalone series (can be read in any order) are taking complete control and have their sights set on inflicting pain and degrading their feminized sissies, blowing their boundaries away and taking their final taboos all the way.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

14.  Swingers Couples by Alison Parker

Do you like erotica books and sexy love stories? Get a copy of this book and watch your secret desires and fantasies come alive! A world of sexual adventures awaits you…it’s just a flip away, get this audiobook now to start listening!     Top LGBTQ Erotica

15.  Purple Panties edited by Zane

What happens when “The Finest Man” you have ever laid eyes on is a woman? What happens when a woman comes home to her man after a hard day’s work with “Lipstick on Her Collar?” Or when a married woman runs across the love of her life — another woman — who insists that “It’s All or Nothing?” Is there such a thing as playing too “Hard to Get?” When “Mom’s Night Out” turns into group sex? What happens when you discover your true sexuality “At Last?” All of these questions and more are answered within the pages of Purple Panties. Written by women from all over the world, here is a new level of lesbian erotica, compiled by Zane, that promises the most exciting and steamy reading experience possible.      Top LGBTQ Erotica

16.  Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic by Tobi Hill-Meyer

A trans woman watches her sleeping lover and contemplates the moment of his departure. A genderqueer sissy fantasizes alone about connection in their hotel room. When a trans woman adjunct professor and sex worker is hired for a sex party held by her college’s philosophy department. A trans boy has a Craigslist hookup with a queen embarked on detransition. Bodiless AI announces its gender, takes a lover, and works to revolutionize the world. Presented here are thirty stories—edited and with an introduction by Tobi Hill- Meyer—that offer revolutionary erotic fantasies by trans people, about trans people, and for trans people at the crossroads of history, biology, anxiety, and love.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

17.  52 Fridays by Kamala Devi McClure

Passion. Sex. Love. When voluptuous young Violet comes on the scene, Raven is heart-broken that her weekly trysts with Damien will have to end. Violet, it seems, isn’t down for open relationships and polyamory . . . at least, that’s what Raven believes at first. But it soon turns out that what Violet really wants is to be taught. And disciplined. She joins Raven’s theatrical class and learns how to express her sexuality in public. And the real lessons begin after class. Every week, Violet and Raven (and, soon, Damien) explore their hottest, most delirious fantasies. As they change and grow, they discover that love (and sex) has no limits.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

18.  Wicked Lesbian Erotica: A Sexy Adult Coloring Book by Natalie Tate

Plunge into a realm of wild desire, lust and fantasy… Peek behind closed doors into private, hidden gardens and bedchambers to witness the secret goings-on therein…Dames and Demoiselles inciting each other to a peak of excitement, pleasure, and ecstasy…Inside you will find 23 wickedly sensuous scenes of women in the throes of erotic desire. Each is exquisitely drawn by Natalie Tate, and ready for you to apply the rose and lavender…     Top LGBTQ Erotica

19.  Not Just for Halloween by Jenna Braveheart

Jay and Beth have been married for five years and their sex life has become stale. After frequent oral sex during their courtship, Beth had soured on the BJ experience after marriage, much to Jay’s disappointment. Then one day Beth offers Jay a deal. If he dresses in drag for Halloween, wearing a naughty nurse costume to work, she’ll grant his wish for oral sex. Jay consents but discovers that the female clothing his wife provides him with do more than just make him look like a woman, they actually transform his whole body into a very beautiful woman, a surprising turn of events that Jay had not been prepared for at all.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

20.  Explicit Lesbian And Bisexual Women Erotica Sex Short Stories by Juicy Moaning: 75 Books

In the small town in Indiana where I grew up, lesbians were a myth, something men watched on movies and wished they could experience, not like here in LA where women openly admitted their taste for the same sex. I wasn’t sure if I was used to it or not, and Carla certainly made me wonder if I ever would be…     Top LGBTQ Erotica

21.  Playful in Public with Her Fertile Stepmother by Samantha Cox

Nubile, experienced, pale Hailey isn’t at all surprised when her stepmother wants her opinion on a new swimsuit- after all, Jennifer’s wearing it to attract Hailey’s eye. Mature, voluptuous, ebony Jennifer can barely fit herself into her newest bikini–her hard, throbbing rod simply won’t go down! But luckily she and Hailey know just how to handle that- and Hailey just loves being playful in public with her fertile stepmother!     Top LGBTQ Erotica

22.  Not to Be Borne by N. J. Lysk

When his twin brother presents as an omega, Michuá feels like the world is ending. In a way, becoming an omega himself seems almost fated…Choosing an alpha from a faraway pack who can afford to take them both is the only way to stay together, but Zybyn’s new alpha wants a lot more than they have bargained for and in a journey towards a strange land, there is nothing to stop him from taking it. Omegas must obey and follow, but can the love they bear each other be stronger than instinct?     Top LGBTQ Erotica

23.  The Ritual Switch by Ava Hayes

Ryan and Kat are fresh out of college and they’ve already landed their dream jobs. They’re two young, nerdy archeologists who, along with a few older colleagues, are traveling to Egypt to study the pyramids. When they arrive they meet an older man from Cairo who has a wild theory about a hidden pyramid deep beneath Cairo. He’s already started on his excavation and he wants to show Kat and Ryan what he’s been up to. While doing a little exploring of their own Kat and Ryan fall into an ancient chamber and awaken a supernatural power. After unwittingly performing a sacred rite the two are forced to switch bodies! There’s only one way to switch back and it involves exploring their new bodies in the most intimate ways. Kat and Ryan will have to live out their wildest fantasies if they ever want to set things right.     Top LGBTQ Erotica

24. Hear Me Daddy by L. Michael and M. Elton

Victim’s Rights Lawyer Caden Evans has a tedious life. Work. Home. Repeat. He is ready for a change. What he desires more than anything is someone to fill the empty void in his heart. A man to cuddle and care for. A man who is into age play and will be his Little Boy. Can a chance encounter at the Rainbow Room be the answer to his silent prayers? Henry Reed is a bestselling author who writes age play novels. But what he wants most is a Daddy Dom. Just like in his stories. But a terrible accident at fourteen left Henry deaf and with other chronic medical issues. He thinks he’s broken, and that no self-respecting Daddy will want a broken Boy. He’s afraid that his dark past and medical condition will keep him from finding a Daddy. Caden and Henry meet, but can they look past the broken pieces of their lives and find love?       Top LGBTQ Erotica

25.  MMF Hard Lesson by Natasha Wallace

When I caught my husband looking at some VERY unthinkable videos and images on the internet, I decided that it was time to teach him a lesson. We’d been involved in the cuckold lifestyle for three years by that point, but apparently, it just wasn’t enough for my curious, subservient husband. So, I decided that if Robert enjoyed watching videos of men, then he would just as much enjoy the real thing. After inviting over Anton, one of the biggest studs I knew (figuratively AND literally, if you get my drift) I decided to let my husband have a go. Next thing Robert knew, he was the star of the show. I grabbed a drink to sip on while I watched my sneaky husband receive the hardest lesson of his life. It wasn’t the easiest lesson for Robert to learn, but it will certainly be the funniest for us both!