The following excerpt is from “Summer in the Sunset,” by M.T. Dixon.  It tells the story of two people defined by heartbreak, tragedy and loss who, despite the urging of well-intentioned friends, are not ready to fully embrace recovery and rebirth. 

Ahlecia is a self-made woman. A distinguished graduate of prestigious schools, she worked her ass off to establish a highly successful studio-store, Virgo. Though successful as hell in the business world, personal tragedy has turned her into a homebody, much to the chagrin of her sister and closest friends. 

After a reluctant and less than successful night on the town, Ahlecia’s sister, Anika voices what has been the unspoken thought on the girlfriends’ collective mind for too long: “You can’t keep goin’ on like this, sis. It’s not healthy. When are you going to let it go? It’s time to get back out there…”

Anika’s provocation only serves to unleash her big sister’s constant companion—pain, and hastens her retreat back to the safety of work and solitude. 

Derek, a self-described techie and designer of his own ‘smart’ home, faces a similar situation. When confronted by his best friend and frat brother, Chance, “You been in the city three years since you moved from Brooklyn. You come to hang with the bruz once in a blue moon. You don’t date. The only place I find your ass is either at the boxing gym, home or in your office,” D has to admit, Chance is right.

For healing to occur Chance, serendipity and a host of friends must intervene. The result is a story you don’t want to miss. 

“Summer in the Sunset” reminds us that love often lurks in the most unpredictable places and when found can be hot as fuck.