There are certain things we learn that we’re just not supposed to do, most of them for good reason. Things like don’t have sex with your best friend’s ex or leave underage girls alone even if you are a hedge fund billionaire and no matter how lonely you might be in the high pasture, stop leering at those sheep. But some taboos, well maybe there’s another side to the story. For instance, consider the following scene from Finding Erotica, Book One:  

Chapter 28 – Bloodlines

  Ms. Erotica rolls over on her side, extends an arm across My’Kuyah’s chest and says, “Let me ask you something. Have you had sex with a woman when she’s on her period?” With no hesitation My’Kuyah says, “Yes, I have Sweet Beauty.” “And you were OK with that? I’m asking to make sure you wouldn’t be grossed out if you saw some blood leak from me.” “Grossed out? Never. I love it. There’s something very intimate that happens.” My’Kuyah smiles and kisses Ms. E’s forehead, “To be honest, I get hard thinking about making love with you while you are leaking some blood.” Ms. E releases a tension filled exhale. “Wow, thanks MK. I just wanted to make sure. Honestly, I’ve never done it before during my cycle…I get really turned hearing you say you want to fuck me and give oral while I’m on it. I’d like to try.” ”Hmmm, I just might have to make that happen.”  

A New Way of Thinking

  Now some folks might read that passage and say, “no way!” in the process affirming and age old taboo that says not only should a woman not have sex during her period but she should be banished to some untold location. Then there are others who might chime in and shed a new light on that kind of thinking and counter with “Wait, while there might be a chance of transmission of an STD when engaging in unprotected sex during that time of the month or, for that matter, any other time of the month, there’s a whole different side to many tired taboos. Sex during a woman’s period can offer a lot of positives. Female orgasm heightens, menstrual cramps lessen, the lid will stay put on the lube ‘cause it won’t be needed tonight, and lovers can reach an unimagined deep connection sharing full blown womanhood during one of its signature moments. So, when it comes to taboos, as J.S. Bach wrote, may sheep safely graze and as, Ms. Erotica and MK wrote, may womanhood be embraced each day of the month in all its wondrous manifestations.