Consider the following:

  • Have you had one of those moments lately lamenting the good old days when you were younger and could make love all night long?  Many of today’s younger generation are making sure they won’t be plagued by similar late life longings by simply not having much sex.  Studies say that millennials are having less sex than other age groups.  They are also having less sex than previous generations of young people.  So much for good old days.


  • As the millennial trend may suggest, relationships can get messy.  Countless individuals at some point wished for what the author Erica Jong decades ago called a “zipless fuck”.  They want all the pleasure with none of the strings attached.  Wish no more.  Selected brothels offer clients a seamless solution, a roll in the hay with your choice of a life size doll.  Slam, bam, thank you M’am, I’ll be on my way.


Life Beyond Dolls


  • Maybe, you’re one of the many people in this world who has been through the relationship wringer.  You’re not into dolls and you desire just a simple human touch.  If you happen to be in Portland, Oregon with a wad of money burning a hole in your pocket, you’re in luck.  A local establishment offers hugs by the hour.


  • Or maybe you just want to go it alone or at least at a bit of a distance and are curious about sex toys but wary about shopping for them and avoid sex shops like youngsters are avoiding relationships,  Clio, a small company that makes items like hair trimmers, is on track to become the “Kleenex” of sex toys merchandising their plusOne line of affordable adult products in Walmart, yes, you read that correctly, Walmart.  And if you aren’t a Walmart shopper, just visit Target, or of course, Amazon. Is there anything Amazon doesn’t sell?  Maybe hugs but don’t be surprised to see them featured in the future.


So what do we make of all this?


Millennial sexual habits have received a lot of attention of late. The younger generation is too busy, too obsessed with work, living in a hook-up culture which has neither time for nor interest in romance plus it’s the “me too” era and romance, which has never been as simple as any generation hoped it might be, has grown even more complicated.  When it comes to marriage fewer make the leap and those who do wait much longer than previous generations.

Even though they lead the pack in wedding bell avoidance, millennials are not alone. America’s marriage rate has been in a steady decline since the ‘60’s for all age groups. Coincidentally, during that same period, cohabitation and divorce have increased.

As certain traditions fade into the past and new ones emerge, one thing has remained consistent: regardless of age, geographic location, gender identification, cultural background or race, love remains the number one reason why individuals choose to make a leap into the future together whatever that leap might be.