The brief conversations that follow are the result of a simple request for information regarding relationship status and older men made to a diverse group of respondents:  

In a word or two describe the current state of your love life.

  While the answers the men offered reflected their diverse experience, a few common themes stood out: most men were reluctant to speak in detail about their sex lives; aging presents challenges to sexual activity in a number of ways; challenges to satisfying sexual activity are not limited to mature adults; intimacy is an essential ingredient to sustained healthy relationships.  


  Age: 76 Relationship Status:  Long term relationship with co-habiting partner Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Answer: Better than ever, better than I deserve at this age. Response: That’s more than one or two words. Answer: That’s how much better it is. Response: What makes it better? Answer: I thought this was just one quick question. Response: Inquiring minds need to know. Answer: I’ve gotten laid more in the last three years than I did in the previous 10. And that’s a wrap.  


  Age: 72 Relationship Status: Single/Divorced Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Answer: What’s a love life? Response: That bad, huh? Answer: Bottom floor of the elevator. Response: The only way is up. Answer: Exactly, the shaft doesn’t run up anymore. Response: So have you given up on relationships and sex? Answer: I don’t see either in my future.  


  Age: 58 Relationship Status: Poly Sexual Orientation: Fluid Answer: Lively. Response: How so? Answer: Can I say more than one or two words? Response: Yes, you may. Answer: With the internet and the growing embrace of non-traditional relationships, there are, as you might imagine lots of options and I’m enjoying sampling what’s out there.  For years I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t be monogamous but I’m finding out monogamy was the problem, not me.  


  Age: 52 Relationship Status: Married for thirty years to same woman. Sexual Orientation: Straight Answer: Interesting. Response: How so? Answer: We got married when we were young, had kids early, we’re just now starting to know each other and it is very interesting to say the least. I love it. We were in a rut. I reluctantly went to see a counselor with my wife and we started talking about sex which is not something we had previously done. It’s made a real difference. We’re both open to trying new things. Response: Like? Answer: Like my wife admitting after all these years that she’s bi-sexual. Response: And? Answer: She is free to have sex with other women. Response: You’re OK with that? Answer: At first I wasn’t but once my fears about losing her subsided, it’s made our relationship a hell of a lot better.  


  Age: 55 Relationship: Married for 18 years to same man Sexual Orientation: Gay Answer: Just keeps getting better. Response: Please tell me more. Answer: I’m not sure how much more you want but just let me say this: whatever challenges we have faced that come with aging, the depth of our relationship more than makes up for them…and Levitra helps as well. We are partners in the full sense of the word and the older we get the more we appreciate what we have.  


  Age: 48 Relationship Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Bi Answer: Sporadic. Response:  How so? Answer: Drugs I have to take for prostate issues keep the bald headed champ down but sometimes other drugs, in particular Cialis, get him up off the mat to go another round or three. Response: Are the drugs something you are willing to live with long term? Answer: For the time being I am but I’m looking at less invasive procedures like Uro-Lift and Rezum—each promise relief but each brings its own set of side effects.  I’m waiting for more research to come out about their long term impact. Right now the only studies are those from the drug companies, can’t say I trust their findings, especially when it comes to my dick.  


  Age: 32 Relationship Status: Married Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Answer: I can’t put into a word or two. Response: Take what words you need. Answer: I never really dated before marriage, just hook-ups. My wife was my first real relationship. The sex was hot and frequent. We couldn’t get enough of each other. Then things began to change. The sex was less frequent, more routine and then got boring. So, if I had to describe my sex life in one word, it would be “boring.” Response: So what are you doing about it? Answer: Good question, my wife wants more intimacy so I’m trying to do that without always making it, as she says, about fucking all the time. Response: How’s that going? Answer:  Hmmm….the jury’s still out. Check back in awhile. We invite you to share your responses to the above blog and/or prompt– In a word or two describe the current state of your love life–on our Forum page under the category ‘Sex and the Mature Adult: