Introducing FE Product Reviews

Finding Erotica is a big fan of the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie.”  The final episode of season two, in particular, hit a nerve with us and a host of other followers. 

Grace is gifted a vibrator, her first one ever.  Once she is able to read the instructions with the help of a large magnifier, her maiden voyage results in a brace for an injured wrist.  As a result, she decides to launch a company with her partner Frankie specializing in sex toys for seniors.  After all, a frustrated Grace declares when she breaks the news at a family gathering, “Older women masturbate too!”

Her announcement is not received well by those in attendance.  Amidst a collective chorus of family groans, Grace’s daughter says, “I highly doubt there’s a vibrator market for geriatric women with arthritis.”


Vibrator Market for Mature Adults Introducing FE Product Rev


“There is.”  Grace shoots backs while presenting her beleaguered wrist as evidence.  “I’m in agony.”  Her injury doesn’t convince the doubting naysayers of a glaring market oversight.  So, she rattles off a long list of additional reasons for their decision to design their own product.  “We’re making things for people like us.”

Indeed, people like us are actively scouring various markets for a number of sex related products that can enhance our sexual experience.  Mature adults with a deep desire for intimate connection face a number of common sexual and relationship challenges.  They range from health issues, race related realities, loss of passion, misconceptions about sexual taboos and fears about sex and dating.

Finding Erotica grew out of a frustration similar to the one aired by Grace and Frankie.  After an extended and often fruitless search of erotic literature, we found little that featured mature, diverse adults like us. So, we decided to write our own.  After all, mature adults have sex too, and want to read books that contain characters whose stories are much like their own.

FE’s vision has expanded beyond writing books to soon include online discussions, advice from experts and comprehensive sex education.  The challenges involved in finding resources and products that best meet the needs of our readers have expanded as well.  


Reader Request Introducing FE Product Reviews


For example, a reader asked us about lubricants.  She wanted to know what we thought were the best on the market.  Another individual asked us about sex toys.  Yet another wanted to know how to find other African American authors who also wrote erotic literature. 

In order to best answer their questions, we considered purchasing top rated products in the areas requested.  We thought of rating them ourselves and sharing what we found.  It didn’t take long to realize we weren’t equipped to take on an operation of that size.

Plan B was to rank products based upon our own online research.  We spent a lot of time trying to find the best information we could to provide reliable, informed advice.   As a team we decided to rethink that strategy as well.


In Conclusion Introducing FE Product Reviews


Then we had an idea.  We can summarize what leading experts in requested fields have found.  To save our readers time, frustration and aggravation, we would highlight a sample of online reviews for them.  Products designed for a diverse community of mature adults was the clear cut choice. 

That is exactly what Finding Erotica is going to do.  Starting with lubricants, vibrators and massage oils, FE is going to do the research for you.  When finished, we will tell you what we find.  The final decision as to what is the best product to buy will be left to you.  We will invite you to share your reviews with us and will add those to the research we compile.  In the process, we will spearhead a collective effort to enhance your individual product selections.