We found each other on social media.  A number of decades had passed since we last spoke.  There was a lot of catching up to do.  The conversation turned to present circumstances.  “So what do you do in your spare time?” she asked. Wondering for a moment just how forthright I was willing to be I said, “I write erotic romance.” “Hmm, well, I’d like to read some of your stories, mister, if you’re OK with that.” “Sure, I’d love to share them with you. How about if I send some via e-mail.?” A few days later, she wrote back, “I love these. Please send more!”  

Planting the Seeds of Finding Erotica

  At that moment, five years ago, the seed for what would become Finding Erotica was planted.  I promised I would write more stories for her. She promised to be my reader and editorial critic. A month from our initial exchange, she wrote, “you need to publish these stories.”Taken aback by her suggestion, my response was, “I write them for you, let me think about it.” “Yes, I know you are writing them for me, but I took the liberty of sharing some of your pieces with three of my friends just to make sure others shared my reaction and they loved your work as well.” “I can’t believe you did that without my permission.” “You wouldn’t go along with it if I asked first.” Once I calmed down and absorbed the excitement in her voice I decided to go along with her suggestion.  Five years later I am proud to be the co-creator of two websites, two books, 30 blog posts, numerous meetings, infinite number of conversations and business partner of the woman who inspired the world of Ms. E and MK. I am forever grateful that I had the good sense to listen to her five years ago and even more grateful that I continue to do so each day hence.  

The Decision to Write Books

  When we decided to write books together and form a business partnership to support our work, many well-intentioned voices cautioned us.  “A partnership is like a marriage, make sure you have a solid exit plan in case it doesn’t work and chances are it won’t.” What they didn’t say was that a partnership can be the ride of a lifetime.  If two people can learn to meet the regular challenges brought on by the ups and downs of their journey while remaining true to each other and their common vision, a wild ride can be a joyous adventure. I am grateful for the adventure, the characters we have birthed and for the partner who makes it possible. I am also grateful for those who helped us along our way, those people who the universe presented when we felt lost on a journey that was often, to borrow from the poet Adrienne Rich, new and unmapped, arduous and strange. We want to thank a number of people.  Jefferson, you helped us launch the expedition.  Jessica and Mitch at ataria.com helped us regroup.  As a result, we started over and found our way when were at a dead end. Thank you to old friends and new ones who believed in us, read our books, and wrote reviews.   They allowed us to feature their stories in our blogs, and add their comments to content related web discussions.   To those who joined with us on Reddit and follow us on Facebook, thank you. Thanks also to our family members who after first asking “you write erotic what?” have become our biggest fans.   You continue to encourage us and our alter egos, Ms. E and MK, to stay true to long held dreams.