When searching for your significant other’s holiday surprise, consider MK and Ms. E’s top five holiday gift ideas.


1. Finding Erotica Book One and Book Two

The Finding Erotica Book Series is an explosive adventure of love between Ms. E and MK.  Both books hold such creativity, wittiness, passion, seduction, playfulness, love, fantasy and truth.  One moment takes you into a world of lustful desires and the next unfolds to the realities of life.  This is sure to wet your imagination and spark a deeper understanding of what commitment truly is. T’is the season to be provocative with a 40% discount off on both books from now until January 2, 2020.  

2.  We-Vibe Discover Gift Box

One box full of ten stimulating orgasmic toys for both him and her.  This is a sure way to set the mood and prepare your lover for what’s to come in the new year.  Young or mature, vanilla or a kinkster this curated package will seduce a variety of senses.  A value box of $350 is on sale now at www.we-vibe.com.  

3.  A Twist on the Holiday Tie

Got a shirt or a suit that needs a little boost?   FE could not go without showing our support to a young up and coming fashion designer Peter Jean Marie.  We recommend his handmade, high quality, eccentric designer neck and bow ties.  The colors, patterns and materials are unique and are a sure way to bring the zest back into your best! Take a look at his collection at www.peterjeanmarie.store.  

4.  Music from One of the Greats

Last year Impulse! released John Coltrane’s Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album, a remarkable collection of recordings made by the 1963 John Coltrane Quartet.  It is now followed by another new release entitled Blue World.  Neither one is to be missed.  

5.  Date Night at Home: Dinner, Wine and Whatever Follows

  Like most memorable evenings, it starts with good music.  And the good music starts right before the cooking.  I like listening to something that gets the creative energy flowing and sets the stage for a delicious meal and joyous celebration. I begin my meal preparation with the Crusaders’ “Keep that Same Old Feeling.”  Alright!  Let the feast begin and let it begin with one of my partner’s favorite appetizers: fresh Dungeness crab dipped in butter served atop Saltine crackers, salted side down, a little cocktail sauce heavy with horseradish should she prefer it on the side. Pair the crab with a crisp white Italian Pinto Grigio, properly chilled, to help her taste buds savor the flavors. My main dish creation, a spicy red curry with shrimp, scallops and fresh vegetables with Jasmine rice  calls for a little spiritual vibe from Pharoah Sanders’ “Thembi”. A California Pinot Noir, a bit heartier than its Oregon counterpart, stands up well with the spicy food.  

More Music for the Special Occasion

  Earth, Wind and Fire ease the transition to dessert and dessert centers around summer’s fresh berry bounty. A medley of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries served on a home cooked biscuit slathered with whipped cream, ice cream or a non-diary alternative like frozen coconut is a fitting exclamation point to the meal. A nice Prosecco will mix well with the final course. While we’re eating, the music changes. Instead of sounds to enhance the work of food prep, I want music that will set a mood to deepen the resulting experience. The crab appetizer calls for Niia’s “If I Cared”.  Her song lets it be known that we are about to get serious. As I serve the love of my life her favorite meal, I let Gallant’s “Gentleman” remind her how she deserves to be treated. In the time between the main course and dessert as we savor the lingering tastes in our mouths while we finish the Pinot Noir, I play “P.U.S.S.Y” by Johnny Rain to help it all sink in and slide us into the sweet stuff. We feed each fresh berries and cream while being serenaded by Tank’s “Dirty.” And if Tank, dessert and some bubbly isn’t getting us to where we want to be, “Straight F***” by The Transitions will get us there.