For as long as there have been webcams, there has been sex camming.  Once a small part of a larger industry, camming has become a driving force of online adult entertainment.  As increasing numbers of people find themselves out of work due to the pandemic crisis, many, in particular women, are compelled to give online sex work a try.  Increased demand coupled with increased supply has contributed to a live sex cam boom. In order to get a sense of what the world of online sex camming is all about, Finding Erotica poked around a number of sites for free as ‘guests’.  Models usually perform for tips only. If customers want to see more, a system of tokens or credits is in place to pay the models for their work.  

No matter what you’re into, you can find it online.

  Many sites use the same format and feature many of the same models.  Other sites offer very different viewing opportunities.  We witnessed everything from a female model deep throating a real penis to women asleep on disheveled sheets. Finally, we settled on a site and went private with an attractive, sexy young woman who was quite adept at satisfying our simple desires.  The experience was fun, discreet and despite costing $2.99 a minute, left us wanting to know more. Fortunately Ms. E was able to connect with a successful popular model who graciously agreed to an interview. Here’s what she shared about the world of live sex camming: a view from the inside looking out. Meet Goddess Fiona, Slutty, Sensual Dominatrix & Cock Tease Extraordinaire  

Finding Erotica (FE): Describe a typical day on a live Cam site.

  Goddess Fiona (GF): A typical day on a live Cam site can be very exhausting! You really have to work your way into it, and it’s great if you’re a natural multi-tasker and entertainer. The reason it’s so exhausting is because you basically have to be “on” the entire time you’re live. Nobody wants to stick around for a cam show that’s boring. A typical day would consist of waking up and doing my hair and makeup, and getting my outfits ready. I would want a couple different outfits because sometimes one outfit works for you and another outfit doesn’t. You get your setup all ready (monitors, laptop, toys, backdrop, etc.) and then you log on, and then you sit and look excited. (laughter), there’s definitely a LOT of sitting. Sometimes you turn on music & dance. Sometimes you just get naked and start sucking on a dildo, playing with yourself…

Anything to draw in the customers.

  Once you have customers in your room, you start hosing goals so that people have a reason to tip you – goals like “20 tokens for showing my feet” etc. Then people will be excited for a while, and then it’ll die down. When it dies down you might take a 10 minute break, change outfits, change rooms, change music, change your vibe, etc. If you’re new, you have to keep it interesting to get people to come into your room.After you have a following it’s a lot easier to keep people in there by just talking or playing with yourself.  

FE: How much control of your time and your activities do you have when you are live?

  GF: Complete control! You decide when you want to log in and out, get to make your own menus, decide if you wanna do “privates” with a viewer, and make your own schedule. Everything you do is up to you!  

FE: Would you recommend live camming to others? If someone you knew was considering live Cam modeling, what would you tell them?

  GF: My recommendation would completely depend on the person. I would recommend it if the person is ready to work hard and long. Camming is a lot of work because you’re constantly having to be “on”, think of new things to draw in customers. It’s really not a money maker RIGHT AWAY. It takes a long time to build up that following. You need to dedicate a lot of time and energy to marketing and branding yourself, promoting your sites wherever you can, cross promotion with other sites etc. My main advice would be, it’s not easy… be ready to work long and hard and be in it for a while before you start making real money. This is for the typical person. If you’re someone who already has a HUGE twitter or Instagram following, you’d obviously have an upper hand in the camming industry.  

FE: What did you learn about the industry from being in it that is not common knowledge to outside viewers?

  GF: How long you have to work to make $$. It really can just be up to luck.  

FE: What made you want to become a cam girl/do live cam?

  GF: I love attention! It’s fun to host your own room that you control, and provide a “show” for people. I also thought it would be good promotion for my other multiple streams of income.  

FE: What is typically asked of a cam girl?

  GF: People ask all sorts of things! Depending on the person; some people are there because they’re horny, some are there because they’re horny AND because they want to get to know you. Probably the most asked question though would be, “what’s your favorite thing to do? (Sexually)”  

FE: What’s been the best request asked of you?

  GF: There’s no way I can choose just one! My favorites are the ones that bring me the most money – so long custom videos, long sexting sessions etc.  

FE: Have there been requests asked of you that you have not wanted to do? How did you react?

  GF: Oh yes. I was getting so many pooping video requests every day that I literally had to put it directly into my menu: “I DO NOT DO POOPING VIDEOS. PLEASE STOP SENDING ME ANY POOP RELATED REQUESTS. I’M NOT INTERESTED.” Not even kidding, like 5 guys A DAY would ask me to send them a video of me pooping or doing something with poop. It’s just not something I’m comfortable with – my husband doesn’t even see me poop (laughter). I don’t want that video out there and it’s just not something that’s sexy for me, so I don’t do it.  But, while I don’t really understand the fetish – I never shame them for it. I just say I don’t do it.  

FE: You mentioned that you used to be on a corporate site but left it to do your own work on Skype, what motivated you to make that move?

  GF: Money money money! I already was doing my 1:1 cam shows and sexting shows and I make far more money doing that in less time and for less work. I can easily make $100 in 1, 30 minute sexting session, whereas I’ve done a 6 hour cam shift and barely made $100. A pretty easy decision to make (laughter)! Also because camming all day every day is really really exhausting for me. I did it for 3 days in a row once and I had to recharge myself for 3 days after. It’s just like stripping at a club. You will get really burnt out if you aren’t a FULL extrovert. I still like to cam once in a while because it is pretty fun and sometimes it will draw in new customers, plus now I do the cam-site that is connected with one of content sites, ManyVids. And when I do it on there, I can promote my cam show beforehand, send a mass message to all my followers, etc. AND any new customers have the option to checkout my pre-made video store where they can purchase all my high quality content.  

FE: Is this type of work lucrative? What are some hidden costs that you had to put out?

  GF: It’s definitely lucrative if you enjoy it and are dedicated. You have to be willing to do the work, and you always have to be growing and doing research in terms of new ways to market yourself, what works for you what doesn’t work for you, which sites work for you, technology, etc.  I’m constantly working but I love everything I do! In terms of hidden costs, I’m not sure if they’re technically “hidden”, but basically because technology advances so fast, you’re going to do better if you have a really good webcam, good laptop, good camera…. you need to put out a little bit of money in the beginning at least, and you’ll probably need to upgrade those things at least every 5 years or so. I’m always investing in new outfits, hairstyles, decor, makeup, etc.  

FE: Given this is “live” video, would you say that can also have a corporate career alongside the cam work? Do you worry that people will recognize you on the street or finding out that you are a cam-girl?

  GF: I think you can have a corporate life alongside cam-work for sure! You might want to wear a mask or an eye covering (Mardi Gras style), or you can always do cam “neck down” and not show your face at all, if you were worried about your corporate-life contacts finding out. But you will make more money if you show your face. Personally I do not care if people see me camming, or they find my twitter or video sites. I don’t advertise it blatantly on my “vanilla” accounts, but if someone comes across it, oh well! I am very proud of what I do!  

FE: From the outside live camming seems like a safe way to make money, is that an accurate perception?

  GF: I think so! If you don’t advertise your address or real name, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be safe. You just have to be smart about not connecting your real-life accounts to your sex work accounts.  

FE: If family members and a significant other know about your cam work, how do they feel about it?

  GF: My husband is incredibly supportive! It happened little by little, and in the beginning we discussed EVERYTHING. And he made it clear that as long as I’m comfortable, he’s comfortable. He’s very proud of me too. He knows that I’ve always kind of been this way, as we started dating when we were 19. At that time, I also got my first job as a Hooters Girl! I later auditioned to be in Playboy when I was 20, I often did Playboy and Playboy Live events. I’ve always done nude modeling… so this was an evolution of that. So he has really always known that I had this type of persona about me. I just love to show off and bring joy and arouse people (and myself). It’s fun! Both of my parents are also supportive. When I told my dad I was stripping he was like “oh can you ask them if they know of any male strip clubs around because I would like to audition” (laughter). Then he just told me to be safe. I think he has always known this about me…honestly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I definitely inherited these traits from him!  

FE: If you have children or plan to do so, would you let them know you were a live cam model?

  GF: Oh definitely. My husband and I have discussed this and we’re both very open and plan to discuss sex/ sex work openly with our kid at the appropriate times…I think its important to be frank, genuine, and truthful with kids, because then they learn the right information and it eliminates stigma. Of course there’s no need to go into minute details!!! But I think that when children are told the truth from their parents and the relationship is just open, it will be stronger and more genuine. We don’t want our kid to feel shy about anything when it comes to sex or sexuality. It’s normal!  


  What started as an interest in finding out more about live sex camming, resulted in getting the inside scoop from a popular experienced performer. Of the many insights Goddess Fiona shared about live-camming, we want to emphasize one of her comments in particular. Goddess Fiona affirms a basic element of FE’s mission when she shares what she wants her children to know about her work as a live cam model: it’s normal! We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Goddess Fiona.   For those would like to contact or follow Goddess Fiona, she shared the following information: