Welcome to FE’s exciting coming attractions for 2020.  Join us as we kick off a new decade with the premier of “Celebrities Speak”, interviews with prominent public figures.  For example, subjects range from relationships, to intimacy, to sexual well-being and overall good health. To begin with, our first interviewee is actor, martial artist and former professional football player, Mr. Sherman Augustus.  Thankfully, he was kind enough to share his thoughts and time with Ms. E in a conversation you won’t want to miss. Not surprisingly, readers of the FE blogs and social media posts deal with issues like cancer’s impact upon sexual intimacy, interracial relationships and fetish.   In addition, they are also challenged with the realities of being a woman of color, sexual taboos, religion and bedroom behavior.   Thus, an offshoot feature of “Celebrities Speak” will be “Ask the Experts.”  Authors, counselors, sex therapists, and many others will share advice about whatever issues readers bring to their attention.  

Be on the Lookout

  Many of our readers are involved in book groups.  In response, FE released a Finding Erotica Discussion Guide.  Its purpose is to facilitate conversation about the many topics found in Book One.   Coincidentally, a Book Two Discussion Guide is available as well. So, thank you for your support during this past year.  We will continue to reward you with books, blogs, story excerpts and much more. In return, we ask you to stay with us for the years to come.  At the same time, invite your friends to join our communities of followers on Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. Accordingly, podcasts, YouTube channels, an e-store and additional partnerships with a variety of intimacy experts are for the future. Again, we appreciate those of you who are taking this journey with us.   Trust us, our never ending goal is to make the trip worth your while. Ultimately, when all is said and done, have a Happy New Year!  Please, stay safe.  Remember, never lose sight of your dreams no matter what comes your way.