He slow dances her over to a quilt spread before the hearth and lays her face down upon it.  A bottle of oil from FE’s Best Oils for an Erotic Massage sits by the edge of the fire and waits for them, nicely warm from the toasty flames.  He rubs his oil laden hands together and caresses her fit naked brown body from head to toe.  MK whispers in Ms. E’s ear, “your skin glistens before the fire like moonlight on black ice.”

His hands circle her ample curves, ride the slope of her bottom to her lower back and follow her spine to her shoulders and neck and then back to her bootie before moving to feel the tender insides of her thighs.  MK grabs both of her sumptuous cheeks and caresses them, squeezes them, loves them. Ms. E moans in response, “Fuck yes MK, this feels so damn good.”


Massage and Intimacy


Massage is a great way to explore the depths of intimacy with your partner.  The above scene from Finding Erotica Book One describes Ms. E enjoying a full body massage from MK.   As you might imagine, his tender touch leads to a night of glorious love making.

Massage can be a very sensual way to connect with the one you love whether it be sexual foreplay or a simple act of loving touch.  And, it’s easy.


Here’s what to do:


  • Create a soothing space. Soft music, candlelight and a comfortable place free of distractions are essential.


  • Take time to explore your partner’s body. Glide your hands over their skin and feel where they are tense, where they are soft, feel their curves and their different textures.


  • Avoid the places that bring discomfort and focus on the spots that will bring exclamations like “this feels so damn good.”


  • Initially, concentrate on their neck and shoulders. It’s where you will find the most tension. Knead their arms, back and legs.


  • Last, but in no means least, select a great massage oil.  In the end, it makes all the difference for the outcome you both desire.



Here’s what FE discovered:



Best Organic Massage Oil

Buddha Blends Essential Oils advertises that their massage oils originate from “organic and wild-crafted plants and resins.”  Their products contain no additives, fillers, or bases.  In addition, they add no carriers.  They are simply pure therapeutic grade ethically harvested really good oils. The company offers a wide variety of options to choose from. We tried the Cinnamon Leaf. Both parties were extremely pleased with the results.  Indeed, it was a very happy ending.


Best Oil for Aches and Pains

Olbas Aromatherapy Oil was put to a true test when I injured my lower back. Made from a blend of six essential oils, including peppermint, eucalyptus, cajuput, wintergreen, juniper and clove oils, this product brought much needed relief to help me function throughout the day and its calming aroma helped me sleep at night.  It alleviated my pain and made a happy ending possible, a benefit which is not to be understated.


Best for Everyday Use

Hoba Care 100% Pure Jojoba Oil is a winner on both fronts: it helped with the back pain and provided a satisfying massage. We liked the consistency and the fact that it did not have any overpowering aroma. Upon my partner’s request, we added a couple of drops of lavender to the oil and the two fit quite well, much like we did throughout the evening.


Best Stimulating Oil

M3 Naturals Ylang Ylang and Ginger Massage Oil has to be on this list. Infused with ginger, among other natural ingredients, this oil had terrific consistency that lasted the duration of an erotic massage and resulted in a very soothing end of the day experience, even with a little prostate massage.


Best of Both Worlds

New York Biology Clementine and Jasmine Massage Oil was a terrific find. Made from high quality ingredients, New York Biology Oil offers a silky smooth massage. Its aroma is pleasing and natural. The product offers the best of both massage worlds: it soothes aching joints and muscles while providing an intimate seductive connection. We found it be an excellent product.


Choosing the Right Oil

If you’re searching for a great massage oil, you’re in luck, you have a wealth of products to choose from. We chose five that we found to be excellent options. Our guess is that if we were able to sample more, our list would have been longer.  Regardless, the products listed above would still have been on the top of that list.