Justice for All


But to name a few:

  Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Atitiana Jefferson, Jordan Edwards, Stephon Clark, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Botham Jean and George Floyd I toss, I turn, my eyes open wide, my lower back aches, my stomach twists in knots over and over and over again. My head spins, racing, flooding with overwhelming thoughts of this could be my son, this could be one of my brothers, this could be my father, a cousin, a friend.  The feelings seem to have always been there, but my awareness of them has become more perspicacious.  Now this affliction is burns through what I covered up for so long. This nagging, throbbing and tender wound that had laid dormant, housed under my skin that had become permeated with numbness and forcing the organs underneath it; my brain, my lungs and my heart to embrace bravery, courage and fearlessness in spite of the pain. IT happened…IT happened again, to one of my own.  I’m in distress. This is why I’m unsettled in my rest.  Why? How? Why do those who are white continue to do this to my people? Why do my people have to continue to watch our folk die at the hands of those who have not given a damn about us for centuries?  


  How much longer before our pain and suffering ends?  This agony, this kind of anguish I have felt for far too long, longer than I can remember. What if this happened to me? Would I go get a gun and shoot the mutha-fucka who openly executed my son before the public? Would I somehow put a hit out on his family and make them suffer what my very own child suffered? I could only imagine what Ms. Floyd in the heavens is feeling about her own son. I could only imagine what many of the Black mothers are and have felt for the death of their own child and the ones who are still alive.  

I’M TIRED…. I CAN’T BREATHE…until I see change!

  NOW is that time to get it right.  If we don’t start implementing what needs to be done to break the cycle, that white supremacist system, I’m afraid the next time around will be worse. I believe there will be a rebellion and many innocent lives will be taken. Those lives now will become the politicians, their families, men/women with uniform and their families.  Innocent lives will end. This pattern of injustice has made its way through our lives and not just with deaths of Black folk but in our daily living. Racism against Blacks has always been present, embedded in our society’s DNA. The principles outlined in our founding documents were never put in place for US Blacks to thrust forward and succeed, but only for US to remain repressed. This is here is a call to action! This is here is a call to change! The continued sacrifice of Black lives in the name of white supremacy is a crime, a shame, a stain and it needs to end.  

I can’t breathe!

  Mama! You’re going to kill me! Let’s not ever hear these words uttered from another Black soul again. It is OUR responsibility as a nation to not let this be a habitual outcry. And as U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald stated “One team, one goal, one mission!” Let’s stand together and see this corrupt system undone and changed.