FE’s Top Anal Lubricants. Previously, in a blog posted on May 5, 2020, entitled FE’s Review of Sexual Lubricants, we shared the results of our research into the world of lubes.  In this current blog, we draw upon our previous work to focus on anal lubes.



In all honesty, the perfect lubricant does not exist.  No matter how popular a particular product or category of products is, they all have detractors.  That said, some sexual lubricants products stand head and shoulders above others.



Whereas, most lubricants claim to be free of significant side effects, those same products might cause reactions like itching, swelling, infections and physical discomfort for others.   Above all, if a negative reaction occurs you should stop using that product immediately and wash the affected area with soap and water.



However, negative side effects of lubricant can be minimized by steering clear of products that contain the following ingredients:



  • Glycerin
  • Nonoxynol-9
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate
  • Polyquaternium-15
  • Petroleum products
  • Parabens



Types of Lubricants



Not only is there no perfect lube, but a wide variety of options are available.  To begin with, lubricants fall into five major categories:


  • Silicone
  • Water based
  • Hybrids
  • Organics (including natural oils)
  • Petroleum based products



Silicone Lubricants

FE’s Top Anal Lubricants

To begin with, silicone lubricants are effective for penetrative vaginal and anal sex.  Dimethicone, a manufactured silicone polymer, is the main ingredient in silicone lubes.  Also, it appears in a surprisingly large array of products including a number of skin moisturizers.  In short, silicone lubricants:


  • Tend not to irritate sensitive body parts
  • Are generally more expensive than their counterparts (especially those with higher amounts of dimethicone)
  • Shouldn’t be ingested during oral sex
  • Don’t play well with silicone sex toys
  • Are compatible with some condoms
  • Generally clean up fine
  • Can be used in water
  • Last longer than other lubes



Water-based Lubricants

FE’s Top Anal Lubricants


Undoubtedly, finding the right water-based lubricant is a challenge.  Even though they rank as top sellers on Amazon, far more users complain of problematic side effects than their silicone counterparts.  As a rule, water-based lubes are:


  • First, they are more affordable than silicone products.
  • Second, they’re easy to clean up and don’t stain sheets.
  • Third, are compatible with silicone sex toys as well as latex condoms.
  • Fourth, can be ingested in small doses during oral sex.
  • Fifth, don’t maintain their moisture as well as silicone lubes.
  • Sixth, don’t work well in water.
  • Then finally, some users say they carry a higher risk of irritation, others claim they’re safe.



Hybrid Blends


Accordingly, hybrids try to combine the best of other worlds.  Nonetheless, be aware of all ingredients.  Some may simply be a silicone-water blend.  And, others might include oil.  Importantly, oils can break down sex toys and condoms while staining sheets in the process.


Organics FE’s Top Rated Lubricants

As one might imagine, organics are a good choice for those who are sensitive to certain additives and preservatives common in water- or silicone-based lubricants.  Organics, given that they are oils, also make sex easier in water, they’re naturally moisturizing, they last longer than other lubricants and can enhance oral sex.


On the other hand, oil-based organics can’t be used with silicone sex toys or latex condoms, since oil degrades the latex.  (They’re fine to use with polyurethane condoms.)


Definitely, certain oils may increase the risk of urinary or vaginal infections.  However, most women don’t experience this problem.  Coconut and almond oils are the ones most mentioned as a safe personal lube option.  Yet, oils also can stain your sheets.  So, lay a towel down before experimenting.



Petroleum products

FE’s Top Anal Lubricants


Avoid them.  We did not find one solid recommendation about petroleum based products.



FE’s Top Five Anal Lubes



FE sifted through numerous articles, reviews, customer comments, friend’s comments and sampled as many lubes as possible.   As a result, a number of products stood out as consistent favorites.   Below, are our top choices:



1.  Uberlube



Uberlube, as one reviewer stated, is the industry standard.  Initially, we shared samples with various people and asked for their reaction.  One couple, together for ten years, with a new baby, smiled from ear to ear and said, “simply amazing.  We have never experienced anything like the experience we had with this lube.”  They smiled broadly.  They seemed almost embarrassed to share how much this product enhanced their intimacy.



Their only question was, “Where do we get more?”



Uberlube uses Vitamin E to leave a soft, moisturized feel upon the skin.  Gynecologists recommend it and prescribe Uberlube for a wide variety of patients.  It not only facilitates penetration but it soothes irritated skin.  The product is free of animal products, parabens, alcohol, gluten, glycerin, scents and flavors.  It will not harm healthy bacteria or affect pH levels.  Some people even use it, with success, to heal body scars.



Uberlube is unscented and water friendly.  Great for fun in showers, pools, and tubs, it leaves no scent and is completely flavorless.



Clean up is easy.  There is no sticky residue and no stained sheets.



In addition, Uberlube is latex compatible and safe.  It does not not harbor yeast, bacteria, or mold and is eminently affordable.



You can’t go wrong with Uberlube.




2.  Pjur Backdoor Anal Silicone Personal Lubricant 8.5oz



As much as we liked Uberlube, Pjur Backdoor Anal was a close second.



It softens skin and enhances the comfort of intimate sexual activity while supplementing the body’s natural lubrication.  High-grade jojoba extracts relax the sphincter and make the skin soft and smooth.



Pjur offers an especially long-lasting lubricating effect.  And when it comes to anal sex, especially for newbies, you want to take your time.



Pjur products are made with medical grade ingredients and appear to be free of parabens, glycerin and other additives.  They are compatible with natural rubber, latex, synthetic polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.



A whopping 94% of Amazon reviews gave Pjur Backdoor a minimum of four stars.  We have never seen a higher rating for any competing product.



Pjur’s biggest drawback is price.  It’s expensive.



3.  Sliquid Sassy Water Based Anal Gel



Sliquid H2O Original Formula is a water based personal lubricant.  It is formulated to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication.  Sliquid H2O uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent, instead of glycerin or other sugar derivatives like most other personal lubricants on the market today.



It does not contain any parabens, and is 100% vegan.




4.  Aloe Cadabra Natural Organic Aloe Vera Personal Lubricant and Vaginal Moisturizer



Aloe Cadabra is made from 95% food grade organic aloe vera.  It is stain free and PH balanced, 100% vegan and edible. 100% rubber and plastic toy friendly, Aloe Cadabra will not damage toys or condoms. It helps eliminate painful penetration, doesn’t cause irritation and lasts so you can’t relax and take your time.


Aloe Cadabra prides itself on being completely free of harmful additives.  It does not contain, parabens, petroleum, silicone, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, glucose, propylene glycol or chlorhexidine.   In short, it is safe to use and can soothe irritated skin.


Amazon reviewers actually ranked it as high as Pjur with 93% giving Aloe Cadabra a minimum of four stars.




5.  Lovehoney Enjoy Water Based Lube – Vegan Body Friendly Formula – 8.5 fl oz

Lovehoney offers a light, natural feel that lends itself to toy play and is compatible with all sex toy materials.  Similarly, Lovehoney is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms.

In addition, it is vegan friendly, long lasting, free of irritation (for almost all) and quite affordable.

Worthy of Mention:

Wet Uranus Silicone Based Anal Lube

Wet Uranus Silicone sex lube was specifically designed to provide the best lubricating experience during anal intercourse. This paraben-free formula is clear, odorless, non-sticky and latex friendly. It is formulated with premium, high grade silicone and offers a thick slippery glide for seamless play. No matter your experience, be sure to enjoy your play and go to the unexplored with ease and pleasure.


Wet Uranus Anal lubes are thicker than traditional silicone based formulas, providing you with the extra cushioning needed for backdoor play. Never sticky or tacky, this pure silicone based formula does not absorb into the skin and they are anhydrous so they do not evaporate like water-based formulas


This lubricant provides exceptional durability. Uranus Sex Lube Works under water and will not break down. Unlike water based formulas, Wet Uranus Silicone is long lasting and won’t evaporate or break down in water; perfect for use in the shower or spa.


It is a thick silicone blend doctor recommended as an over-the-counter solution for personal dryness and has been cleared as a Class II 510(k) Medical Device to be used in conjunction with all types of condoms.


Swiss Navy

All of Swiss Navy sexual lubricants rank high.  The major drawback of their anal lube is that it contains clove oil.  Users reported problems with the scent and with irritation.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s your first time or you are a return backdoor visitor, the lubricants listed above will gracefully welcome you in.   Give them a try.

To learn more about anal sex, visit our blog: https://findingerotica.com/2021/04/08/anal-sex/

And remember, get a taste of that bootie.  Who knows, it might be right up your alley.  If not up yours, maybe your partner’s.  You never know until you try.  The lubes listed above will do nothing but enhance your experience.