Here are the 32 Sexiest Movies on Prime in case you need a break from reading books featured on FE’s list of recommendations.  It’s the perfect time to indulge in a sexy movie or three.  FE has some suggestions that we think will satisfy your erotic viewing pleasures no matter what they might be.  Just in case, we have compiled a list of diverse selections that offer options to meet your respective tastes. Enjoy.     32 Sexiest Movies

1. The Handmaiden

Set in 1930’s Korea, a Japanese heiress hires a young girl to her handmaiden. But the girl is not as innocent as she seems. She is part of a plan to swindle the heiress and lock her away. But then the two women discover an unexpected emotional connection.     32 Sexiest Movies

2.  Under the Silver Lake

A young man discovers an enchanting woman swimming in his apartment complex pool late one night. By morning, she is gone. As a result, he embarks on a road trip to find her. Along the way he finds a whole lot more.     32 Sexiest Movies

3.  Black Snake Moan

Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci star in this movie from the director of “Hustle and Flow”.  Jackson plays a God fearing bluesman named Lazarus who discovers Ricci badly beaten by the side of a road.  Trying to cure her of her nymphomania, he holds her captive in her home until he decides he does not have the right to do so.     32 Sexiest Movies

4.  The Lover

The setting is French Indochina in the 1920’s. A young French girl awaiting a train to return to boarding school catches the eye of a wealth Chinese businessman. As a result, a torrid affair follows but towards what end given their differences, the times and his prior commitments? Based on the story of author Marguerite Dumas.     32 Sexiest Movies

5. The First Time

A teen romantic comedy about a boy who spends most of his time pining after a girl, his best friend, who leaves him unrequited. Then he meets someone else who has been discarded by an older boyfriend. What follows is two young people discovering love for the first time.     32 Sexiest Movies

6.  Untold Scandal

A South Korean romantic drama loosely based on the French novel “Dangerous Liaisons” tells the story of a young man promised by his cousin that he can sex with her but only after he is able to seduce a virtuous young woman.  Blinded by his lust, he accepts the challenge only to find himself caught in a precarious situation he never imagined possible.     32 Sexiest Movies

7.  Sex Drive

An 18 year old boy, mocked by his homophobic brother embarks on a road trip… in the car he steals from his brother in search of an online heartthrob by the name of “Tasty.” Along the way, love is found when and where he least expects it.     32 Sexiest Movies

8.  Two Night Stand

A man and woman brought together online for a one stand end up getting unexpectedly stuck together by a sudden snowstorm. One night turns into two and the dynamic between them changes.     32 Sexiest Movies

9.  Disobedience

Rachel McAdams stars in the story of a Jewish woman shunned by her Orthodox community because of a relationship with another woman returns. The feelings between her and the woman she loves return as well.     32 Sexiest Movies

10.  Bound

A single mother and chairperson of a failing real estate firm begins an affair with a man she meets at a restaurant.  He introduces her to BDSM while seducing her daughter. When the truth becomes apparent, the mother gives full meaning to “payback is a bitch.”     32 Sexiest Movies

11.  The Babysitters

At 17, a female high school student plans for college while running a babysitting service that provides teen call girls to the fathers of young children. It all starts with an interaction with the father of children she babysits.  And, as they say, one thing leads to another.     32 Sexiest Movies

12.  The Escort

A 1997 erotic thriller about a dangerous female escort who rents a guest room from a nice couple in order to exact revenge for a perceived injustice.     32 Sexiest Movies

13.  Sirens

After a painting is declared blasphemous, a young minister and his wife visit the artist and meet not him but the three sexually playful artists living with him as well.     32 Sexiest Movies

14.  Adore

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright star as childhood friends living in an Australian coastal paradise with their respective sons. It’s a place where anything goes. As you might imagine, the 20 year old boys, well…let’s just repeat ourselves, it’s a place where anything goes including escapades between friends and each other’s sons.     32 Sexiest Movies

15.  Keep the Lights On

Ira Sachs’ “Keep the Lights On” follows a long-term relationship between two men who are not well suited to each other.  Although their sex life is successful in the physical sense, it begins to stray in emotional meaning.     32 Sexiest Movies

16.  The Virgin Suicides

Sofia Coppola’s first film about two sisters, the Lisbon girls, who are lusted after by every young boy in their hometown.  It’s a terrific study in adolescent desire and the loss of innocence in particular when it comes to love.     32 Sexiest Movies

17.  The Graduate

Mike Nichols debut as a director starring a young Dustin Hoffman who after having an affair with an older woman, falls in love with her daughter. A timeless classic that if you have not viewed, you must.     32 Sexiest Movies

18.  Scent of Green Papaya

A beautifully sweet film about a young servant girl, Mui, in French colonial Vietnam whose fortunes change when the family for whom she works descends into disarray and misfortune.  Mui ends up in another household headed by a man with whom she falls in love.     32 Sexiest Movies

19.  Belle de Jour

Luis Bunuel’s 1967 film starring Catherin Deneuve as a respectable 23 year old surgeon’s wife who secretly works in a brothel once or twice a week. It is the best erotic film of its era exploring sexual desire from the inside out with a focus on the role imagination plays in lust and romance.     32 Sexiest Movies

20.  Secretary

James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal star in this 2002 S&M classic.  During her interview for Spader’s open secretarial position—one he has had tremendous difficulty keeping filled—something unspoken is communicated between them: he an obsessive dominant man and she, a troubled submissive.     32 Sexiest Movies

21.  Magic Mike XXL

This film could be described as nothing more than a couple of hours of a bare chested Channing Tatum and similarly clad hunks flirting with woman and merrily bumping and grinding their way through life but it has a certain playfulness that lends the movie something more.     32 Sexiest Movies

22.  Eating Out

When a young man in desperately trying to improve his heterosexual sex life is told that straight women are attracted to gay men to lay some sex on then so good that it will turn them straight, he pretends to be gay. Then he meets Gwen who will only to talk with gay guys and he plows full ahead with his plan to convince her he’s not straight.     32 Sexiest Movies

23.  Euro Club

Three American guys who perpetually strike out with the ladies travel to Europe and embark on an adventure through the continent filled with drinking, dancing, and partying while dodging gypsies, gangsters, and soccer hooligans to get to the world’s hottest club.     32 Sexiest Movies

24.  The Client List

A young woman takes a job in a massage parlor to help support her family in this 2010 film and once she gets established finds her life spiraling out of control.     32 Sexiest Movies

25.  Rose and Peony

Set in the 1950’s two young women compete against each other to win the adoration of their male boss. He loves the competition but things get a little thorny as the story progresses.     32 Sexiest Movies

26  Torment

Paul, an irritable and stressed-out hotel manager, begins to gradually develop paranoid delusions about his wife’s infidelity. As he succumbs to green-eyed jealousy, his life starts to crumble. Each step on his downward spiral to madness seems to accelerate, driving him further along the path to a personal hell. Finally, the former shell of his personality cracks completely, with tragic consequences.    

27.  Able Danger

In this contemporary take on film noir, Tom Flynn, the idealist owner of a left-leaning radical café/bookstore and the quixotic publisher of a hard hitting 911 conspiracy expose, finds himself entangled with a mysterious Eastern European beauty, Kasia, who is on the run from strong hand of a global 911 cover up.     32 Sexiest Movies

28.  The Third Wife

In 19th Century Vietnam, a young woman is ready to become the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Hidden desires surface to put her in a situation where she has to choose between personal safety or freedom.     32 Sexiest Movies

29.  Woman on Top

Penelope Cruz stars as a woman from the enchanted Brazilian state of Bahia, who is an artist with food. When she cooks, aromas waft from her pot and under the noses of men, and it is love at first bite. She falls for a macho hunk, marries him, slaves in his restaurant and is happy. There is one technicality. She was born with motion sickness. It doesn’t affect her if she’s in control. In a car, she must drive. She prefers the stairs to the elevator. And in bed, she has to be on top.     32 Sexiest Movies

30.  Blue is the Warmest Color

The story of a same-sex first love told in epic detail. While there have been plenty of movie romances not unlike this, there’s never been one told in such an ambitiously immersive way.     32 Sexiest Movies

31.  Love

Gaspar Noe’s sexually explicit story about an affair between a young man and woman pursuing romance. The viewers is shown deteriorating love through a series of flashbacks that unravels after an attractive female neighbor is invited into their bed.     32 Sexiest Movies

32.  Shall We Kiss?

Gabriel and Emilie meet by chance. He offers her a ride, and they spend the evening talking, laughing and getting along famously. At the end of the night, Emilie declines Gabriel’s offer of “a kiss without consequences”. Emilie admonishes him that the kiss could have unexpected consequences, and tells him a story, unfolding in flashbacks, about the impossibility of indulging your desires without affecting someone else’s life.