Welcome to the World of BDSM

BDSM It was a chance encounter. I was seeking a place to sit in a crowded lunch spot and there was an empty chair at her table.  She was standing, bent forward, long sculpted dark brown legs extended down from a green and blue plaid mini-skirt. I couldn’t see her...

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Sex During Menstruation

Taboos There are certain things we learn that we’re just not supposed to do, most of them for good reason. Things like don’t have sex with your best friend’s ex or leave underage girls alone even if you are a hedge fund billionaire and no matter how lonely you might...

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I Have What?

I Have What? The phone number wasn’t familiar.  I almost didn’t answer the call. At the last minute I decided to see who was on the other end. It was an assistant from my urologist’s office. “Your test results are in and the doctor would like to see you.” What? You...

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